27 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan TV Ad: "Foreign Policy"

  1. Isn't it interesting that any commercial, public figure, or President who speaks positively about America is derided and bashed by the so-called "progressive" left? 

    After these so-called Americans have benefited so much from the American way of life and liberty, why are they doing everything they can to dismantle both? 

    It's time to stop trying to "work together" with these hateful, bitter, miseducated, low-information, treacherous cretins and start working to relegate them to the political insignificance that is their rightful place. 

  2. Who gives a fuck about poor people , If you're poor it's your own fault and the president shouldn't bring down America in attempt to help poor gummy ass people

  3. I hear ya man. America elected Reagan because we had learned our lesson of what happens when a screw-up (Carter) becomes President. It's just sad though that America elected another screw up (Obama), but failed to learn it's lesson. And now we're stuck with a socialist until 2016. hopefully america will grow a brain by then and elect someone who embraces American Exceptionalism.

  4. The only good thing about this video is the actor voice…he sure was a good one..fooled all of us selling out America with his Reaganomics..decades later.. blame it on a black man what the heck.!!

  5. I decided to read the comments to see what Americans thought of this shit, and now I remember why I hate most Americans.

  6. @Seaworldexists The same here. I was just a year too young to vote for him when he got reelected in 1984. Something I've regretted very much cuz I was 17 that year. Neverthess, I am and I still consider part of the Reagan generation.

  7. @67nairb Well his foreign policy was actually quite brilliant despite blowback the fact is he ended the cold war. However his economic policies were based on the fantasy that low tax rates and social programs can coexist. This fallacy created the debt nightmare. His deregulatory policies also paved the way for the too big to fail banking system. I admit though I would have probably voted for him because of the shear strength of his larger than life personality.

  8. @67nairb You point to the hypocrisy of the Maoists when you can simply point to facts. Reagan was at the end of the day a great actor he fit perfectly the form of the president. His policies were a nightmare but I cant help but be inspired when I hear him speak.

  9. For those Leftist jerks who compare Ronald Reagan to Adolf Hitler, they're all a bunch of idiots. Those same radical Letist, Marxist students of the radical 60s who caused riots and fomented chaos on college campuses in cities in the Western world, especially Paris, they were the same people who embraced Chairman Mao Tse-tung of Red China who mudered 70 million of his own people. Chairman Mao mudered even more than Hitler & Stalin.

  10. @TheOnlineCommunity Dont count on it! Theyre nationalists as well! The Australians actually call us Yankee Doodle! Theyre scumbags!

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