23 thoughts on “Romila Thapar on nationalism and the role of public intellectuals #RomilaThapar

  1. This lady has converted whole Indian glory into sycophancy and eulogy of foreigners who robbed India.

  2. This black and brown pseudoEnglish couple ugly as they come forget what happened during the final years of the minority appeasing sickular congress government.these assholes forget with change of ideology comes change in the governance style in other words the Modi government is a right wing not the left wing socialist government therefore the institutions need to change otherwise what is point of having elections if we want just one way of governance. such is the ignorance of these people. This moron picked up one word critical thinking without any iota of understanding . My question is what has your critical thinking of 65 years given to India except for poverty,ignorance,corruption, dirty India,minority appeasement. how many Nobel prize winners did you have in 65 years? this fuck is fixated on intolerance,he is talking about citizen,s being gagged . This motherfucker asshole has a very low intellect.

  3. Thanks, Siddhartha. You have brought the most complicated issues facing us in the right perspective. You have always broaden our understanding.

  4. Siddartha Varadarajan is contributing to our collective consciousness in a very important way through The Wire . It is so vital in today’s times. We all should support such independent media.

  5. Critics, Critics & Only Critics. Its your business to spread DISTRUST amongst institutions. You people got so much critics, that you have lost the rationale mind.

  6. Cheap, very cheap prejudiced nonsensical poisonous weeds trying their worst in their best way

  7. i ager with ma'am we have people like subnit putra glorifying the channels…..the three planks on-which the RSS AND COMPANY EXISTS AND WORK ARE SPREAD HATRED SPREAD CONFUSION AND SPREAD INSECURITY AMONG HINDUS AND MUSLIMS AND RULE THE FOOLS

  8. your British accent signifies how out of touch you are. Your party and the left had the control of this country till 2000s, and now you talk about education. You should have demanded primary education for all after independence irrespective of religion, caste and sex. So now this rising middle class is being radicalised and i hate that, but you all are to blame for. India should have liberalised much before 1991. This is the irony that the left invited the right in India. 🙁

  9. Critical Thinking = Criticize people where any form of conformity exist but don't do it if it is in the academia itself or only do it when academia gets the jolt by public collectively (Like the right-wing swing all over the world.)

    For a large time History was written in the form of meta-narrative & the modern departure is to divide it into 'Micro-History' & 'Macro-History'. Thus when the goal post keep changing in academia it is not hypocrisy but when historical texts provide the similar dilemma then 'Historical Narrative' given by 'Pundits of History' is the one to go with.

    What i heard – Historically things move from A to B to C & thus we are seeing A to B phase & there is a possibility of C phase but i am not sure.

    Basically keep picking the periods which support your arguments without providing proper contexts so that your point comes out on top of all other 'non-specialist' people about History because you are 'Pundit of History'.

    I love the honesty in the last 2-3 minutes of the video where she does questions the historical narrative that became the meta-narrative of India's history so i wish she will brings new perspective in her new books & all the best to her for future endeavors.

  10. Witch lady of India to destroy its fabric by communist money through NGOs with her intellectual propaganda which targeted on poor and intellectuals to destroy its history with distorted information fraud exposed of the wire a off shoot of Ndtv agenda for black money

  11. So called intelligent people who said that Ram is just a myth. Mrs. Thapar is one of them. They always realized us that Indians are inferior than Brits. Finally, I can say that she is directly dependent of British empire in India.

  12. The Wire, I have two requests:

    a) Please get Professor Chomsky on for a freewheeling, wide-ranging interview on global issues.
    b) Enter the world of podcasting! (And please develop an RSS feed and, most crucially, an app.)

  13. nehru gandhi ke tattu………Nehru failed India and being his disciple this lady invented history to satisfy the needs and strengthen pro europinan/english narrative who recieved power from britishers….and italian rahul gandhi is that concept which came into being

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