Romanian Socialist Vlog #1

Romanian Socialist Vlog #1

You are clicking away I am afraid this is a common symptom You have Attention Deficit& Hyperactivity Disorder I can’t seem to get this off… Welcome to what I like to call the Eastern European Vlog About Nothing I know the idea of a show about nothing was already taken but here, on the Eastern Bloc of what used to be the great Soviet Union we are known for ripping things off… …your body. Nowadays, it is hard to be original. I wanted to wear these glasses, but the idea was already taken. I also wanted to wear an eye patch, but the Ukrainian SSR beat me to it. No worries, however- I can always wear a blanket. Now- I am filming this from the former Socialist Republic of Romania. For those of you who are not aware of the existence of this country Let it be known that Romania is just like China The only difference: In China, humans consume dog meat. In here, it is the other way around. Literally. Put that aside, Romanians are honest people. Every country is corrupt. In here, we do it- as you would say- straight in your face. We have nothing to hide here. We have no secrets from each other. So We can all agree that this vlog is going to be a lot of fun. *CROWD CHEERS* I’ll see you in the next episode.

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  1. @radu iordanescu

    pai cum pula mea , sa incerce si cu o tipa goala , si cu q&a , cu virale si daca se poate sa-si numeasca vlogul raywiliamjhonson2.

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