Robert Reich: Why 2020 Won’t Be Won By Centrists

Robert Reich: Why 2020 Won’t Be Won By Centrists

I keep hearing that the Democratic primary
is coming down to someone who’s “electable” versus someone who has “ideas.” This is pure nonsense. Beating Trump requires getting out
the vote. And in order to get people to turn out and
vote, a presidential candidate has to be inspiring. Which means big ideas, a vision of an America
that could become a reality if we all got behind it — a sense of where we need to be
heading. Don’t be fooled. This primary is not a contest between electability
and ideas. Big ideas are essential in order to be electable. Something else I’m hearing is that the contest
is between someone who’s a moderate and a candidate who’s on the left. Well, that’s rubbish. All the babble about moderate or left assumes
we’re back in the old politics where the central question was the size of government. But today the real contest is between the
people and the powerful — the vast majority of Americans versus an oligarchy that’s
amassed most of the nation’s wealth and power. That small group of hugely wealthy and powerful
people got a giant $2 trillion tax cut from Trump and his Republican enablers, and they
want to pay for it by trashing Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care
Act. The oligarchy would rather we fight among
ourselves for the scraps they have left behind than see what’s really happening. Divide and conquer: Middle class against poor,
white against black, native-born American against immigrant, Christian against Muslim. You see, that way we don’t see that they have been
looting America. Trump’s followers don’t see he’s really
a tool of the oligarchy, doing their bidding, reorganizing America so they accumulate even
more wealth and power. And as long as we fight among ourselves, we
don’t join together and reclaim our economy and our democracy. One final thing I’ve been hearing is that
we should go back to the way it was before Trump. That’s baloney. The way it was before Trump brought us Trump. The way it was before Trump was an economy
rigged for the benefit of the few, stagnant wages, socialism for the rich and harsh capitalism
for everyone else, a health care system whose copayments and deductibles were out of control
and still didn’t cover 30 million Americans, and big money controlling our politics. No, we don’t want to go back to the way
it was before Trump. We have to go forward. So don’t accept false choices about who’s
electable versus who has ideas, who’s moderate versus who’s on the left, or whether we
need to go back to the way it was before Trump. In reality, what’s going to beat Trump are
new ideas that mobilize America, that let Americans see what the wealthy and powerful
who bankroll Trump have done to this nation, and get us looking forward to what America
should be rather than backward to an America that was never as good as it could be. So, what’s it going to take to beat Donald Trump? Let us know in the comments. If you found this video informative, please also watch our video on How To Build Progressive Power. As always, thank you for watching. And please subscribe to this channel for more videos like this one.

100 thoughts on “Robert Reich: Why 2020 Won’t Be Won By Centrists

  1. The middle class and poor are fed up with economic slavery. They are also fed up with corporate Democrats. They know that capitalists will not pay a living wage as long as it's legal to pay slave wages. Either the Democratic Party gets off its ass and insists upon laws that make it possible for the disadvantaged to escape economic slavery or else the economically disadvantaged will not even bother to vote. This election cycle is critical. Democrats must insist upon laws that mandate employers pay a livable minimum wage. They must insist that tuition free college is accessible to every American so that the lack of educational opportunities ceases to be the force driving poverty. They must insist that healthcare be free and accessible to every American regardless of ability to pay for it. They need to see the laws that destroy unions repealed. They need to have real access to the ballot box and have their vote count. These are what the middle class and poor need. And they need it now. Status quo Democrats who perpetually kick the issue down the road to the next election cycle are not going to inspire the middle class or poor to support the Democratic Party on election day. I don't blame them for staying home. Go Bernie.

  2. Expose their blatant greed & obvious corrupt practices. Shame about the credibility of DNC because of stupidity & Corporate straddling. Once in the pocket of someone you will never get out of it. You are owned.

  3. It does not matter who the democrat party runs. Trump will get re-elected. This impeachment misstep has sealed their fate. How stupid can you be to fire up the Trump base. They will take up arms for him, you think they won’t load up busses or march to the polls on foot if necessary to get him elected.

  4. You asked: IMHO what will beat tRump will be a Bernie & Elizabeth ticket: first term, Bernie POTUS, Elizabeth VPOTUS…perhaps Tulsi as Secretary of State; second term…if Bernie holds up…repeat the above, or Elizabeth as POTUS and Bernie as VPOTUS, again with Tulsi as Secretary of State. Third round: Elizabeth as POTUS with Tulsi as VPOTUS…Bernie retires as our nation's official Grandfather. Fourth turn repeats third term, then reverse everything again with Tulsi as POTUS, Elizabeth as VPOTUS, This will give America 24 years of solid, all around, progressive politics (that's a whole generation plus a few years!), which, again, IMHO, is what it will take to pull our great nation out of the abyss we have devolved in, rebirthing Her as the Progressive World Leader we could be, the world desperately needs.

  5. Bernie Sanders is an authentic trustworthy leader and an American hero who , I believe will be the most beloved and successful president since FDR.

  6. Good video, points out some truths the the majority done believe they believe that someone is taking their $100K job that they are not qualified to hold

  7. Thank you so very much for this excellent summation! Exactly as I have been thinking. I am curious as to your feelings about the Democratic National Committee? I personally am worried about their direction, although they say they are neutral.

  8. Andrew Yang is the only democrat that is pushing forward with a high tech America and strong borders along with Thorium nuclear power…..

  9. I still have a feeling the democrates are going to say "Ok guys here's our great opponent against Trump in 2020—It's Hillary Clinton!! 😒

  10. Greetings from the uk. Good luck taking the bastards down. Hoping you guys can become true leaders in the world for the rest of our example.

  11. Reading "Moneyland" and "The Meritocracy Trap" at the moment. Both lay out just how we've been fleeced by the .01%. It infuriates and frustrates me that I still have friends who always vote Democratic, but have bought into the idea that there are still centrists out there, or that they could get anywhere, if there were.

  12. I would like to think this is true, and it would be true if we democratically elected our president, but this is not the case. Our gerrymandered electoral college means that only a small handful of swing states (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin) elect the president. These states are in general more old school conservative (not crazy religious but fearful of some progressive ideas such as perceived socialism). So I’m not convinced that the candidate I would prefer (more progressive) is electable in these states. I live in Arkansas, a solid red state, and our electoral members are bought and paid for. It doesn’t matter how I vote in the general election.

  13. It is not about beating Trump. It is about exposing oligarchs and waking up everyday republicans and moderate dems as to where the money goes. It needs to happen daily.

    Detroit can’t fix potholes but once a company wants to kill jobs with autonomy whole sections of interstate get replaced.

  14. Bernie Sanders has the policy to take America forward. He is electable, he has a history of fighting for the common good and is ready to fight the establishment with the support of average American from every state. Bernie does not take the corporate bribes so he doesn't owe favors when he is president. He will reform the Democratic party and make it the party of the people and he will fight for higher wages and medicare for all. The elites hate him and he is proud to represent working people and welcomes the hate of the establishment. Vote for your future. Vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary and he will crush Trump in the general election! If you really want to drain the swamp, Bernie is your guy.

  15. Robert, you’re sounding like a communist. The truth is, none of these policies you are advocating for are realistic or beneficial. What you’re saying is blatantly false and you yourself and contributing to divide a conquer, except you’re doing it in the way of the poor. The truth is, under democratic control it is extremely difficult to run a small business. Democratic policies always inflate the prices of everything. I live in CA , the gas prices are ridiculous. You know why? Because of excessive taxes. The ACA has caused a raise in my deductibles and monthly premiums. I was never paying this much for health insurance prior to the ACA. You tend to forget one VERY important fact as well. The VAST majority of taxes collected in America come from the wealthy, not the middle class. They are paying for everything essentially. The tax cuts, common sense deregulation, and other economic policies such as tariffs have helped my small business in so many ways. If only CA would stop being so radical I would be doing much better, hiring more people and increasing wages. This is coming from someone who runs a small business and earns 75k a year. I am in no way in the 1% or even considered wealthy. Hell, 75k in Los Angeles does not even have good purchasing power. Please stop with this nonsense leftist propaganda. You’re spreading lies and deceiving everyone.

  16. We need a candidate who will bring Americans together. Give us something to good to reach for. Not one who makes us cower, fearful of our fellow Americans who are going to destroy us.

  17. From the start, you are talking about Marianne Williamson, who has the most game-changing platform I've ever heard, why I want to see her in charge; you are also talking about Andrew Yang. I keep seeing the two of them as a team that would no doubt accomplish something extraordinary and unprecedented.

  18. What will beat Traitor-tRump is TRUTH. Disclose all the cause and consequences and hope it take the blindfold of his fanatics. The Republican party reminds me of a revives SS. They will say, do, and propagate what the leader says for power, money, and station. Even if it changes the government, starts a war, kill the planet, and make the rest lose faith. I trust that people will not let evil live the gestation of this administration.

  19. Lots of big ideas are also insane ideas!
    Far left nutjob ideas will not not win the far left elections!
    Not until they finish invading this country with illegal aliens that will mostly vote Democratic
    for the phony and unrealistic promise of freebies from the Democrats. That's is the only reason they want all these illegals here! Then the DEMONKKKRATS will finally take control of Amerikkka Turning it into a socialistic hell hole, consisting of 95% poor smucks & 5% Elitistist, DEMONKKKRATS, HOLLYWEIRDOOS, ENTITLED ATHELETS, ENTITLED ACADEMIA, & The FAR LEFT PROPAGANDA DEPT, commonly referred to as the DRIVE BY MEDIA!

  20. i think the point he's missing is that some of the moderates are serving the oligarchy. so you can yell all you want about party unity but nothing is going to get through congress if we dont fight the moderates who are trying to block this progress. they are part of the problem.

  21. The only "middle class" left to care about so called "centerists" are the top 10%. There are not enough of these people left to elect either Trump or a centerist. Trump finished off the rest of the middle class. Even with the top 10% AND ALL BIGOTS he hasn't enough votes. We will win this time! I believe we can finally have equality.

  22. 26 of the richest people on earth have 50% of all money
    These kind of people meet at the bilderberg meeting discussing how they should run the economy and control society

    The human mind can only associate with around 150 different individuals before relations starts to get confusing, it's called "dunbars number"

    We should strive for making a society with laws where 50% of all money can never end up in a group of individuals smaller than dunbars number! So the richests doesn't have a chance to control the world as they see fit for their own selfish interests so easily.

    That's an idea I think is worth spreading

  23. This coming from a guy who served under Bill Clinton, the president whose pro Wall Street policies ushered in the mess that resulted in Trump.

  24. Joe Biden is incompetent, he has problems with memory and lacks any vision for change to better this country. Also I want to see Sanders or Warren win because my brother in law said if that happens he will move out of the country. LOL

  25. The successful Democratic candidate will have to be able to draw enough Republican votes to seal the deal on election day. None of the progressives look to be able to do that. Buttigieg and Gabbard seem to be the only ones with any kind of cross party appeal.

  26. Everyone who sees this video should be able to understand why we the people must stick together and vote together to protect our interests. We the people of the nation must stop being played by the wealthy who have been pulling the wool over our eyes while they rob the U. S. Treasury, leaving us broke, with big student debt and no healthcare. Medicareforall.BERNIE2020.

  27. Andrew Yang is the only candidate looking out for the 99%. He has ideas and solutions to the future which involves more job displacement with robots and technology. Vote Yang and he is not telling us bs! Sam

  28. As much as I hate to say this, in order for mass of people to move things have to get as bad as the 30's where you had hooverviles.

  29. This is exactly why JB needs to drop out now. We need new ideas and someone who might give us a bat squeak of inspiration, maybe even unite us again……

  30. Thanks to the trump tax cuts, the top 1% now pay less proportionate tax than the middle and lower classes.

    Billionaires now pay an average of 23% in Federal, State and Local taxes.
    The average american worker pays 28%.

    The American tax system is now progressive until the top 1%, whereupon it becomes regressive. The more you earn, the less tax you pay.

    Yet trumps base still think he's 'fighting' for the little man, and attack Warren – who is arguing for a very modest 2% tax on households worth between $50 million and $1 billion, and 3% above $1 billion – for being an 'elitist'.

    There simply is no point arguing or talking with a trump supporter. They have blinded themselves so much to the truth.

  31. "The future without jobs will come to resemble either the cultivated benevolence of Star Trek or the desperate scramble for resources of Mad Max."
    Andrew Yang, 2019

  32. Elizabeth has more energy than I do, more than a decade older. I love her plans, but am concerned if she will be able to carry out these ideas. Or if they die in the senate. People need to remember we have an uphill battle.

  33. The very people who steer us towards trump or Biden are members of the elite class themselves. That includes big media on both sides. Stop listening to THEM about how to cast your votes?

  34. Corporate Democrats and Republicans are destroying our way of life by killing Unions and keeping wages low. Medicare for All or Public Medical Care is possible if the Oligarchs are under control. Right now everything is slanted toward the one per cent and our tax system is a farce.

  35. We need another version of FDR style of government reining in the Oligarchs who are hell bent to get everything their greedy hands on. Wall Street and Oligarchs know their time in power will soon end with a government that is for the people and not the rich or corporations. A 21st version of the Glass-Steagal Act that will stop the greed and control the banks from another financial disaster like in 2008.

  36. Wish you'd appear on "Morning Joe", where they are certain that Elizabeth Warren as the candidate will re-elect Trump.

  37. Biden will be Hillary 2.0 and every single sensible partisan knows that. Republicans would love for him to be the candidate

  38. Yes, you are absolutely correct. More to the point, it's time for us to pass the baton to a younger generation and get us 'old folks' out of Washington.

  39. I have no use for anyone who's only gonna steer us partially out of the way of the iceberg.

    If we don't get someone who'll do the FULL and NECESSARY course correction, it might as well just be Trump again because we're all dead anyway. THAT'S what all these "Vote Blue No Matter Who" dipshits fail to understand.

    And NO, we can't just have someone NOW who'll steer it partially out of the way, and then another to steer it a little more. That's what we NEEDED to start doing FORTY FUCKING YEARS AGO, but didn't. It's too late for half-measures and incrementalism.

  40. Is your graphic for this video implying that Booker, Harris, and Mayor Pete are NOT centrists?

    Even Warren has got one foot stubbornly planted in the establishment camp. Enough to make me doubt that she'll do what it takes to fight them.

    BERNIE OR BUST! That's not a saying, it's an accurate assessment of the state of our country and the world's ability to sustain life in the future.

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