Robert Reich: Is America Becoming a Third World Country?

Robert Reich: Is America Becoming a Third World Country?

Decades of widening inequality and political
corruption have brought America to a breaking point. But just how far have we fallen? In some regards, America has more in common today with the developing world than industrialized nations. Many people are asking, “Is America
Becoming a Third World Country?” Now, while that term may be antiquated, it’s
a question worth answering. When economist Peter Temin of MIT applied a model to measure how various societies are doing, the results were staggering. Temin
found that America resembles a developing country in 6 ways: Number one: Political power is concentrated in the hands
of the wealthy and corporations. They use their influence to set the rules of the economy
for their own gain, giving ordinary citizens almost no say. America resembles a banana
republic. Number two: Another way the United States resembles a
developing country is the wealthy and corporations keep wages low by gutting protections for
workers, busting up unions, and blocking increases in the minimum wage. The typical American
worker now earns around $22.65/hour, not much more than what the typical worker earned 50
years ago, adjusted for inflation. Number three: Meanwhile, as in the developing world, those
in power stoke racial, ethnic, and religious tensions in order to prevent a coalition of
the working class and poor from rising up against them. Consider Donald Trump’s attempts
to scapegoat immigrants and play into the hands of white nationalists. Number four: Developing countries have few human rights
protections. Here in America, mass incarceration strips millions of people of their rights,
often for non-violent offenses. The United States imprisons more people than Russia or even China. Number five: It’s often the case in the developing world
that wealthy elites and corporations pay little or nothing in taxes, and disregard regulations. For decades, America’s wealthy and their enablers in government have lobbied for lower taxes and fewer regulations. America’s rich are now paying a far lower share of their incomes in taxes than at any time since World War II. Number six and finally, developing nations have a low
level of social mobility. Children born poor in America have less of a shot at economic success than children born poor in Canada, Denmark, or the United Kingdom. In order to reverse these trends, we have
our work cut out for us. But we can’t lose faith in America. Those of us who love this
country must demand political and economic reforms to strengthen our democracy and create
an economy that works for all. For starters, we must get big money out of
politics and stop corporations from bending the rules of the economy in their own favor.
We’ve got to also make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes in order to ensure the
gains of the economy are shared more widely and ordinary Americans can get ahead. We can, and must, make America work for all. What do you think? How can we save our democracy
and economy? Let us know in the comments. If you found this video informative, please
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100 thoughts on “Robert Reich: Is America Becoming a Third World Country?

  1. Thanks for watching! If you found this video informative, be sure to also watch our video on the real American story:

  2. The looting of the entire world so that a few can have what is yours. Turning each and every country into a broken shithole to make yourself feel better than others. Who gave these rulers permission to ROB and RUIN the planet?

  3. America always was a 3th world country for a large part of the population. Its almost like is multiple countries at the same time along side eachother. When I first visited I was shocked to see how downtown LA completely transforms into a sort of zombie apocalipse when the offices close in the evening and all the homeless come out and wander the streets. Or a suburb thats really nice but then you cross a bridge over a highway and suddenly you are almost in a completely different city with pawnshops , paycheck advance shops and complete poverty all around. The difference in quality of life between Americans is shocking for somebody from Western Europe.

  4. I agree that money should not be in politics but I get so many emails asking me to pinch in for different candidates. I don't give!

  5. When trying to point people to the Scandinavian countries and their democratic socialist or socialist democratic government styles , obviously with elements of capitalism,in USA tRump and republicans go into McCarthy style rants and see communists everywhere.
    Education in USA seems to try dumbing down the public and then faux news fill in the gaps.
    Just looking at the infrastructure between Scandinavian countries and USA it's obvious that this system in USA isn't working for the ppl and their taxes not used in proper ways. Orangblob reign has revealed the flaws in even starker ways. I hope USA can come out of this but one of most important thing is that they get money and lobbying out of Washington.

  6. Robert, where is the legal strategy to get Trump out of office now or prosecuted after he leaves office. Isn't there a list of Trumps crimes before and during his presidency? Should we be tallying Trumps crimes up on a big board somewhere? Where is the Democratic agenda of
    how all of the above is being handled by congress? What is the timeline? Everything is crumbling as we sit here… stuck with this crook as our president!!!

  7. Becoming? Ask the lower financial 50%. We've been a banana republic "shithole" country since Jimmy Carter left office. And, never were great. Besides a small post WW2 boom, this country always has been pretty miserable to live in. It really is too bad it's so hard to move to other countries. Half the World exposes the USA as the cringeworthy joke it is.

  8. your adjusted for inflation is incorrect, It goes by the top 10 mandatory items you must have. so what $20 got u now takes $120, depends were u reside. Coastal is at 1,000% inflation, mainland is @ 500% inflation. skilled wages are same since 1978, Steel workers union hasnt had a raise since or UAW, if so its been meager. UAW shop floor supervisor made 300% more than assembly line worker until 1968, after its 1,000% more. corporate and management team vs skilled and unskilled tradesmen. LAZYNESS, ENTITLEMENT, GREED….BABYBOOMERS. WIOA standards is unrealistic, Veterans One Stop doesnt operate any different than civilian One Stop, no special perks. Prez O-buma stole the veterans preference for votes and $65 million in taxes to fund it. Now we the unneccassary taxed wage earner pays the over inflated government salaries and facilities upkeep indefinate. A black hole thats unneccassry, these Veteran One Stops are empty for 2 reasons one is Department of Economic Security ignores transportation assisstance, second is babyboomer supervisors relucant on approveing financial aid for bus passes, start up union dues and approval to cover job training fees of EDU dept accredited approved schools such as Bartending academys. its a fucking scam needs to be shut down. Fiat currency is stolen purchaseing power, also the government is to big at city, state, county and DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS level. they approve a dept existence then freeze mandatory services for growing population , raise taxes and print fiat currency coupons to fund it. KICK the CHAIR system has failed !!!

  9. I agree that the US is more and more resembling a Third World country but not only for the reasons mentioned in the clip. Thanks for the liberals like these who are for open borders and heavy immigration the country got filled with people from the Third World. People do not acquire a First World mentality and culture by simply experiencing a brief flight or crossing a border.

  10. When things do implode… The wealthy will move to another country where there is no chaos. Somewhere in Asia or Europe. The normal Americans will bare the brunt.

  11. When the wealth concentration was taking place during Reagan and Bush the first and accelerated during Clinton, you didn’t say anything. Now that we are in a full blown political crisis since the 2016 election. You are now saying we resemble a third world country. How about when Clinton signed NAFTA and opened the flood gates to outsourcing of manufacturing and production? How about when Clinton gutted welfare? And when Clinton signed the policy to get rid of Saddam Hussein? I am bringing Iraq into this debate because Iraq is a large part of why this country is in this financial mess. Trump used ISIS to rise up the ranks among the Republicans.

  12. The open corruption and malfeasance that is taking over Washington is decades in the making. When Reagan and the Republicans pushed to destroy the middle class, they set the stage for this transformation. The democrats instead of pushing back tried to find a nicer way to push this agenda. With nicer words and gestures but the end result is the same. A nation that doesn’t resemble a third world country. It is a third world country. Our labor force participation rate is the same as Ecuador and Bolivia. Our infrastructure is collapsing. Our income inequality is worse than any in the developed world. Now you are crying about this. When Obama was in power you said nothing.

  13. This is so unbelievably skewed to the left. In no way is America even close to a 3rd world country. People who have no food to eat at night and sleep on dirt floors would love to live here. Even the poorest, welfare recipients have iPhones in America. I agree there are issues with our government, but the quality of life here in America is still EXTRAORDINARILY high. You made a point that minimum wages have barely changed when adjusted for inflation?? So what? If everything is adjusted for inflation that means the minimum wage has continued to have the same purchasing power. Which is the point. Some other social justice warrior type points were utterly lacking in evidence as well.

  14. Perhaps we should march on Washington and remove them from power. It’s within our rights to do so.

  15. Immigration and taxes are always the dividing line everywhere you go. More so in western societies. So I believe education on these issues is exactly what’s missing in our politics in the west, and through education people even on the right will eventually come to understand how politics should work

  16. I don't have to turn the volume up.The core message never strays.Big government is going to save us all.The guy has spent his entire life either in government or academia.He is like the guy who is always toting a book yet knows nothing.

  17. The Constitution cemented oligarchy and has prevented the investigation, let alone the prosecution, of a President guilty of a wide variety of crimes. The experiment is a failure. There's not much more that can be said.

  18. FYI under Eisenhower the top earners were taxed at 90%. And that period was considered the “Golden Age of capitalism”.

  19. Too late for that. God is going to destroy this place, for all the blood on America's hands and for America's sorcery and witchcraft and oppression of the the Israelites & Judah which are living within the new Babylon, Sodom & Gomorrah also know spritually as Egypt. Look at the pyramid on the dollar bill and understand what this place is. Jeremiah 50, 51, Revelation 18, Isaiah 47

  20. The us is turning into a third world hell hole gun violence mass shootings bullying illegal immigration wildfires evil white supremacists. The list goes on and on

  21. It's the New America. Everyone for themselves. Undoing the last 40 years is not going to happen. Yikes.

  22. Educate the people and fix the flaw system is the first step in saving America from becoming a third world country. How can someone like Warren Buffet paid less tax than his secretary. The system is built to benefit the rich and penalize the poor causing a massive wealth inequality.

  23. Personally I really look forward to seeing it's collapse and eventual decay rather than any meaningful so-called recovery. Every tyrant has what's coming to them.

  24. When u got people from the southern border flooding in to California (millions) who come from families with 5 or more children that they CAN NOT PAY FOR AND TAKE CARE OF PROPERLY, that is a huge part of the problem, at least in California, those kids end up poor and suffering, no education, working for slave wages, and too often, as criminals. BIRTH CONTROL should be free for all.
    It is downright cruel to bring kids into the world that u have no clue how to take care of properly or the resources to do so. It is totally understandable that many want to leave dangerous homecountries, but don't have kids u can't take care of.

  25. What we can do is build clean water infrastructure clean energy infrastructure & clean Transit infrastructure. these three things would promote healthy economics with in our National infrastructure. Waves go up and down Tides ebb and flow geothermal and solar steam combustion desalination can push the steam up the mountains. After embracing the steam energy from low to high we can Embrace condensation all energy creating clean water reservoirs. With clean water reservoirs in higher altitudes we can then create irrigation canals waste water and blood water Canal's and we can utilize hydroelectricity combined with the explosion and implosion energy of the water to steam and steam to water. Ocean induced maglev Transit infrastructure from sea to shining sea and border to border. Clean water clean energy and clean transportation from sea to shining sea and border to border. With healthy irrigation canals we can grow plenty of resources to build 100 million hempcrete homes from sea to shining sea and border to border. Affordable housing clean transportation and abundant clean water clean energy clean transportation infrastructure make squirt a healthy economy. Furthermore we should invest in education Healthcare and as I've already mentioned infrastructure. What will be by 2024?

  26. Answer: yes.
    A Violent fascist state where the poor self medicate their misery with drugs and alcohol, turn against scape goats so the rich can get a free pass

  27. Its so easy to make 6 figures here in the usa its pathetic… You can join the unions ,,, you can get a degree espically if you poor its about as free as your gonna get … you can use google trends and find a market … You can use invoice factoring and purchase order financing to do large products … use these techniques to build an internet business… If you get off your ass you can suceed here in the usa … As long as you stop making excuses to fail … The only reason people fail is being stupid and lazy

  28. SOUNDS LIKE A COMMERCIAL FOR BERNIE SANDERS ! That being said, as a Conservative, I actually AGREE with several of Bernie's ideas. #1 Priority is ELIMINATE lobbying by corporations & the banking / financial industry. #2 is CUT the Pentagon budget (I think a 50% cut is feasible – if we close most of our foreign bases). #3 is TAX corporations & the wealthy at the SAME rate as middle class wage earners. It is patently UNFAIR to allow those who earn BILLION$ to escape paying their fair share ! IN ORDER TO ACCOMPLISH THESE : we must have TERM LIMITS on Senators & Congressmen ! "Professional Politicians" do NOT serve the public – they are LEECHES which feed at the public trough – 2 terms and you are prohibited from serving again !

  29. If you know how capitalism works then you know that unless you're filthy rich you're a third world citizen and it'll only get worse. Plus our politics are all a farce. The constitution is a joke, if it weren't the central bank wouldn't have been established, they wouldn't be trying to disarm us and imprisonment for things like hate speech would be considered tom foolery.

  30. this registered republican female just registered as a democrat and will do everything possible to register votes and drive them to vote as well.   huge history buff and this Trumptastrophe fraud on American people is just disgusting and dividing the country and politics its also coming between families and friends have seen many things from viet nam and Watergate divide people but never anything like this its maddening.  if we must protect the truly vulnerable rural and urban we will fight through peaceful protests and civil disobedience never gun violence but its becoming the norm and scary.

  31. Becoming? BECOMING?
    Already there folks. My hometown (Miami) became third world in the 1980s. Now it's a banana republic.
    The US is going the same way. The rich keep us down by distracting the ignorant into thinking it's a racial divide. Or it's the immigrants. So the rich get richer. Trump is just one of the outcomes of this distraction. And his presidency is a glaring example of it. By pandering to the racists and the toxic nationalists, he got voted in. And is now fleecing this country to enrich his family AND his mega rich peers. Like Putin.

  32. I think something good will come out of the current mess. Sooner or later the Americans are going to stop believing their own bullshit and see themselves and the world as it really is. I think that the Trump experience will be a kind of catalyst.

  33. The first thing America must do is to 'de-brainwash' its population. But this change needs humility and respect for other nations. So, as you can understand, it will take a some time to happen…In the meantime, you will pay for your stupidity.

  34. The Current systems can only continue to exist when the population remains ignorant and blind to reality. It would appear to be a Cultural Condition in America, until people wake up nothing will change for the better.When 80% of nation believe that they are the greatest on the planet, there remains very little incentive to change.

  35. America will NEVER be a 3rd world country. That doesn't mean it won't end up like they think one is. The term First World was a term showing allegiance to NATO even if you were "officially neutral" and might have bought equipment from the 2nd World. The term Second World was not about those countries being poorer, but being on Moscow's side. The Third World countries were the ones that were not aligned.

  36. Welcome to fascism America. American greed is destroying your america. Free country? Think again. It is only a free country to the 1%, not the rest and the 1% want to keep it that way. Remember you pay taxes the 1% does not. Seems to me not paying is a freedom the rest don't have. I have been saying that america is more like a third world country for some time now. It is not getting any better, it is getting worse.

    America could never be destroyed from the outside, if we falter and lose our freedoms it is because we destroyed ourselves.
    – Abraham Lincoln

    It seems honest Abe could predict the future. Good luck with that america, your going to need it. You can try and make your bed look as pretty as you want, but eventually you will have to sleep in it.

  37. Not so much a third world country, More like moving closer to a 4th reich nazi America. Our leader is a WHite supremacists racist bigot. He is at the moment putting 1 particular race in camps and they are dying there, Our antichrist president is hunting 1 race down and imprisoning them where they are dying. He has lied over 12000 times now. Every word he uses is against a Democracy. Our antichrist president is against facts, science, and truth, He wishes to be like putin and un, He wants to be a dictator, He has actually said it himself LIVE on T.V. One last thing did any of you know trump raped his first wife? Yep he is also a rapist.

  38. Meanwhile. Trump supporters:

    "Best economy, and best President ever"

    If America does not stand up and reject this paradigm wholesale, then collectively, we get what we deserve.

  39. Reich and all his fans are free to move to another country. Of course they won’t because know this is the best country on earth.

  40. Cleveland Oh is already a 3rd world them east side neighborhoods are abandoned about to start looking like detroit

  41. Leftist have fucked everything. We leave in a republic. Government shouldn't make the rules of the economy that's the problem we have know. Lobbying is one of your 1st amendment rights. We're a banana republic nowadays thanks to useful idiot voters that vote democrat.

  42. Question blind faith in capitalism and “the markets,” and prepare to have your own patriotism, masculinity (or femininity), religious beliefs, and personal integrity questioned. The New Deal didn’t remake the USA in the mold of the USSR, but after Reaganomics and pre-Bernie, America was basically a one-party system on economic issues.

  43. I remember Robert Reich from Adam Ruins Everything "Adam Ruins Work" episode.
    I was just watching "Adam Ruins America" & this power presentation has similar points also.
    Consider me subscribed & look forward to seeing more of your work here on YouTube.

  44. When you have no self discipline, don't take responsibility, rely on what others think and are doing, then, allow others to determine the course your life should take, then you invite this situation.
    The lowlifes in high places, who are given control, and placed in charge are just taking advantage of an opportunity given to them by fools.

  45. If Hillary Clinton had won the election we would be well on our way to third world status😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  46. Yes sir!!! The americans don’t know what is the socialism, the propaganda of the right spin the false idea of this economic system. The social democracy isn’t a communism. The Sweden, the France, the Norway, the Danemark and the Canada aren’t the Venezuela , China, North Corea or Russia.

  47. Leftists want to import as much 3rd world to the USA as they can.
    Hypocrites .
    Trump is right. And this guy's a Democrat clown.

  48. If you are looking for the music name from the end THE CRYPTOLOGIST

  49. What you are listing are the results….the consequences…..the symptoms.
    This isn't hard.
    It's a psychopathic system, run by psychopaths. Which in turn creates a psychopathic society. Every empire implodes the same way because in every empire, the masses give over their power, to them. They refuse to take responsibility for their own power and psychopaths are more than happy to take it and ultimately destroy the civilization because insanity of that magnitude is unsustainable in any time-line.

    Freedom, is a responsibility. The masses refuse to take responsibility. Therefore, they are abused with their own power, inverted and turned back on them by the very psychopaths they gave it to.
    The collective has *chosen*, year after year, millennia after millennia, to keep themselves enslaved. Based on their consistent choice, I can only deduce that they prefer slavery and devolution, to taking responsibility for their own power, growth, expansion and evolution.

    Horrifically tragic, for we were not created to be slaves to psychopaths.

  50. We come from a nation of immigrants. I appreciate RR’s effort, but its easier just to leave.

    I’ve been in the other Georgia for 5 years now. They let anyone in, its the cheapest place in the world to live, and there’s no crime.

    As long as you work remotely and don’t try to compete with the local labor market then life is beyond good.

  51. Yes…we’re acquiring property outside of this country this year because of the reasons you’ve laid out…and the racism that we don’t face when we leave here.

  52. Apparently this guy is an anti-Trumper and is also for open borders. Though a lot of what he says makes sense….it all turns to sh*t when he doesn't acknowledge the problem of immigration. As the people from lower IQ countries occupy America in higher numbers….America becomes lower IQ as well. It's inevitable that America's 3rd world status will come even faster if the immigration problem (both legal and illegal) is not managed. The immigrants/migrants coming into America now could care less about the country and these people are becoming the majority along with those ALREADY in America and America citizens who have become anti-American.

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