27 thoughts on “Robert Paul Wolff Ideological Critique Lecture One

  1. Hi Dr. Wolff. Your lectures are so valuable in my current research in ideological critique and Marxism. Thank you very much!

  2. Thank you so much for these lectures. I am so grateful that you are willing to spend your time spreading knowledge for anyone to see, regardless of their economic status. You're a credit to humans. 🙂

  3. Thanks for these lovely lectures as well as your earlier series on Kant's critique of pure reason. I'm not a bit embarrassed to admit that they helped me greatly on my field exams. These lectures and your blog are inspiring.

  4. this is an excellent project. i am presently studying your kant lessons and do look forward to entering the very important terrain you treat here. wonderful is your selection of books and i thank you bringing the credibility of kant to that i missed in my studies years ago.

  5. have a quibble: Wolff refers to Ted Cruz, here, as a despicable human being. He also says something about Cruz being the most despised man in the U.S. Senate or somesuch, which, hey, I'll let that pass. But is this what to expect from a lecture on ideological critique?

    I will make a guess, that people like Barbara Lee, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren are more to Wolff's liking than Ted Cruz. And that more generally, he has a notion of small-minded craven politicians, and of big corporate interests, interests like the Wall Street criminal racketeering cartel, big Pharma, big Real Estate, big Insurance, big Agricultural interests, and the for profit corporate-controlled surveillance police state industrial complex. I guess with some confidence, at what might, for Wolff, be the hallmark of a debased and cravenly greedy politician. Dishonest, Corrupt, Craven, Greedy Politician. –and their apologists, and sycophants. Maybe I agree. But still, is this what to expect from a lecture on ideological critique?

  6. Dr. Wolf, I'm a philosophy undergrad major at UNC, and I immensely enjoy these lectures. Regarding the example of the sentiment "Capitalism is the most productive economic system known to man," You say this is not ideological per se in virtue of it being factually true, but does it not conceal an ideological presumption that "productivity" is an ideal criterion of an economic system? Is that presumption not inextricably tied to capitalist ideology? It seems to me that, if this is true, then it satisfies the 2nd pillar of the working definition of ideology you illustrate and use in your analysis. I'm splitting hairs really, but as radical leftist I can't let capitalism escape this small trifle.

  7. Scored your book "About Philosophy" Seventh Edition today, sign me up Dude! Subscribed. If you care enough to do this at over 80 years of age, when you really don't have to, I sure as hell will listen to you!! You are important.

  8. Professor… please on the next lecture, "outline what you are going to talk about in the description section." I follow a few professors lectures every month on youtube and would like to share it … without a well defined description, it will not have much impact on the share to build an audience. Thank you so much! Great lecture. – Marty

  9. Thank you, Robert Wolff, for these lecture(s): the ideas you engage with are stimulating and challenging.

    I regularly read your blog but these lectures, so easily accessible, will provide me with a banquet for thought !


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