Roaming The Outback – Australian Touring Inspiration | National Parks, Wildlife, Bushwalks & 4×4

Roaming The Outback – Australian Touring Inspiration | National Parks, Wildlife, Bushwalks & 4×4

G’day I’m Brett, and this is Roaming The Outback
your source for Australian touring inspiration. Join me on my travels as I explore epic outback
destinations, national parks, wondrous wildlife, bushwalks, and 4×4 tracks in a slow laid back
travelling style. How-to videos, gear reviews, and Land Rover
Defender modifications are also covered. I think it’s a shame most people wait until
retirement to begin living their dream of travel, their someday in the future. So I’m
not waiting it out 30 years with the hope I’m still physically or financially able.
I’m living my somedays today. So whether you’re an Aussie, with a dream
to complete the big lap, a foreigner wanting a taste of outback adventure or an armchair
warrior, you’ll find something here to inspire, educate or entertain you. Click subscribe
now to join us, or join me on one of my future tagalong tours, Roaming The Outback.

20 thoughts on “Roaming The Outback – Australian Touring Inspiration | National Parks, Wildlife, Bushwalks & 4×4

  1. For more touring inspiration, visit my travel blog

    Tagalong Tours aiming to begin late 2020/21.

  2. Best channel on youtube. Inspiring. Was planning a marree trip from sydney this month, but have had to push it back a few months. Miss the outback

  3. Nice little inspirational video Brett. 
    LR (Discovery) owner here as well and have done the big lap (2015/16) with our children also – best education any kid will get. Keep up the quality content and every so often we'll be watching. Love the bird footage BTW. Cheers.

  4. Where the f*** have you been? I thought we lost the best youtube channel on travelling Australia. Nice promo vid by the way. No exaggeration or wank…just what you do. Thanks, that is something i really appreciate in this over hyped world we now live in.

  5. Hi brett. You have one of the most inspirational videos on YouTube. I can’t wait for your future video’s. if Im near where you have a tag along. I’d love to join in. 👍

  6. Brett, good to see you and hear from you again. Thought you'd gone walkabout for a bit… We get some top ideas from your videos, from gear and vehicle modifications, to destinations, and to the general attitude and approach to outback touring. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. One of my favorite journeys of my life travelling Australia and spending money in these small towns to keep them going and seeing nature at its worst and best,l have a grin when nature gets angry because l am sure our boss tests us to see if we stand up to the plate to help others when it strikes.

  8. Hey Brett, how r u? Just wondering if you are planning anything like an East West Australian crossing anytime? You seem to be a bit hooked on these National Parks! How’s the new tent, comfy?

  9. Awesome mate. I'm glad I travelled up the west coast and into the outback of WA when I did.
    Now with a wife a 3 kids travelling from the UK to do that again is near impossible 😭😂

  10. Time to get back in the saddle you've had enough time away from utube,we are relishing more ,i dont watch propaganda tv anymore because of you,,one question why landy over Toyota similar vintage just curious as they seem to get slagged off in Australia don't they,got a 86 landy myself i find if you have a little mechanical sympathy in usage they are fine,anyway good luck from isle of man

  11. We've just come back from a long drive west across the Nullarbor and up through outback WA back to Central Oz and back to the far east. You can't beat sleeping under the stars. I'm finding it hard to adjust to sleeping in a bedroom! Our 2009 Defender went well BTW.

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