Rival political parties, ABC undermining basin plan: New Liberal MP

Rival political parties, ABC undermining basin plan: New Liberal MP

new Liberal MP James Stephens will accuse the ABC and rival political parties of trying to undermine the murray-darling basin plan in his first speech to Federal Parliament Emily Burley joins us live now from Adelaide and Emily what exactly is he going to claim well he says labour the greens the center alliance and the ABC are all trying to undermine the basin plan in draft notes for his speech he refers to them as a coalition of forces that could see the plan completely blown apart of course James Stevens took over from Christopher Christopher Pyne in the East Adelaide seat it stood at the May election as he said it is his maiden speech and he'll deliver that in Canberra this afternoon in those draft speech notes he says the basin plan in its current form will secure the future of the river but he claims calls for a Royal Commission or other further inquiries put that future at risk as we know relevant ministers will meet during next week's cohaagen cans to discuss the basin plan just last week South Australian premier at Stephen Marshall who is mr. Stevens former boss called for national leadership to develop deliver rather the basin plan in full now of course the murray-darling is a hot topic and it's likely mr. Stephens comments this afternoon will only further heightened pressure ahead of that meeting next week annalisa Kieren

3 thoughts on “Rival political parties, ABC undermining basin plan: New Liberal MP

  1. Rich irrigators seem to benefit the most when it come to funds from the Murray Darling basin plan with the help of the totally corrupt LNP looking after their mates and families farming operations while sucking the system dry to the point where it is today they should be in jail but no their in government.

  2. The squabbling over water has been going on almost since settlement began, so far the Darling/Murray basin plan has been, while far from perfect, the best they've come up with. Ever since it came into operation people, farmers, politicos, the media etc. have been chipping away at it trying to undermine it. Too little care about the future, and too much greed in the present seems to be the main stumbling block.

  3. Emily Burley is gorgeous. Look at her natural beauty, conservative media outlets always have natural knock-out beauties on camera. Now I understand why viewers of the gAyBC, 7, 9 & 10 are so cranky, because they have to look at vegan feminists while conservatives watch Sky & we get these adorable & naturally beautiful beauties. Thank you Rupert for hiring intelligent women who are naturally beautiful also.

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