Ripple/XRP: The Only Financial Glitch In The Matrix..WIll You Take The Red Pill? Ripple Q2 Report

Ripple/XRP: The Only Financial Glitch In The Matrix..WIll You Take The Red Pill? Ripple Q2 Report

Oh ladies and gentlemen welcome back this is the bearable bull here and I'm back with some more aggressively average content for you today and today I'm just gonna briefly go over some SBI updates queue to reports from ripple and that xrp will not be deemed the security now let's get started from SB our mate through its international remittance service SBI remit seeks to provide low fees quick remittance and services that fit the user's lifestyle in addition to safety owing to an alliance with MoneyGram international that's really what I wanted to point out MoneyGram international partnering with SBI two companies both linked to ripple both going to use two XRP both working together there's no coincidences in this space when it comes to ripple the company guys we are in line to be rewarded handsomely because of the hard work behind the scenes of these talented ripple individuals next from the q2 reports if we take a look at the q2 highlights it states overall market capitalization of digital assets sharply increased in q2 ripples sold 250 million XR P and Q to 2019 and is substantially reducing future sales of X R P given the concerns about overstated market trading volumes crypto compare will be ripples primary benchmark for XR p market volume going forward guys this is the type of stuff who needed here the very fact that ripple is reducing future sales of XR p what does that mean I'll give you a second think about it it means that there will be more demand and less supply of XRP available to institutions if they're reducing over-the-counter sales of x RP these is tutions will have to buy xrp from exchanges which will affect the price as opposed to over-the-counter sales which doesn't affect the price next if we look at this paragraph institutional versus programmatic sales and we go to the last sentence right here going forward ripple plans to focus institutional sales on markets where the on exchange liquidity for XRP is insufficient to meet institutional demands guys that goes along with what I just said except this right here is blatantly stating that they are ready to flip the switch it can't be overstated let me say it again this sentenced going forward ripple plans to focus institutional sales this business companies with hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars on markets where the on exchange liquidity for X RPS and sufficient means low supply low supply I can't say it enough low supply to meet institutional demand this is cryptically saying we are planning to raise the price after quarter two we are in July this is quarter three we are in flip the switch mode we will be staying price action whether you believe it or not it's blatantly stated right here on rifka comm and the q2 reports and finally to cap off this video another segment from the q2 reports that blatantly states that XRP will not be the into security notable regulatory activity the SEC announced that it would establish nose on certain open source permissionless ledgers such as the XRP ledger to help its fin form its policy making why would the SEC use an unregistered security to do that they wouldn't X R P is not a security ladies and gentlemen get that idea out of your head it's blatantly obvious now and it's being stated right here the uk's financial conduct authority analogize XRP to eath which is recognized as a hybrid utility / exchange token not a security token ladies and gentlemen this is the bearable bull here we will we will we will succeed you must hang on for dear life because we're about to approach the end of this bear market the price will spike quicker than you even expect and it's just a matter of when not if but when I'll be back tomorrow with another video

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  3. Content is good but you’re blasting out my ears with your intros. Anyway you can adjust that? Does it need to be that loud? Also I have enjoyed watching these “people” get gored by the animals they like to torture.“Are you not entertained?”

  4. Dude, your killin it…I live on XRP YT and with the market doing fuckall, your positive attitude for what we all KNOW is coming helps me stay focused. Been here for 1 and a half years and have never been more optimistic about an investment as I am in XRP, keep the positivity flowing!

  5. I was under the impression Ripple had no control over sales of XRP? I thought the escrow was independent of Ripple?

  6. Bereable One day we Will talk in One of the beautiful places in this world about this and Will be happiness! Pure One!

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