20 thoughts on “Rio Olympics Volunteer Process – Road To Rio #1

  1. Hello Breanna, I'm really interested in applying for 2020 Japan olympics. But, I have no experience in voluntary work before ! And, do I need to pay the hotel expenses by myself? Thank u.

  2. How long does the interview, especially the part of group project takes?I can only speak basic English but I can understand the others' speaking or writing, can I still be a volunteer?😭

  3. Hello Breanna. Did you get paid when you work as volunteer in Rio? Because i want to sign up for upcoming olympic in Tokyo.

  4. Hi, please must you have the visa to Tokyo before you can apply for the volunteering position because I want to apply for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

  5. Hello! Thank you for sharing this precious experience. I want to apply for the incomingTokyo Olympic so may I ask what should be needed and focused the most in the CV in order to get qualified? I am really nervous about this

  6. This was really helpful in getting an idea of what the Tokyo Olympics volunteer process would be like. Thank you.

  7. I saw that Tokio 2020 will be open in mid September. I am from Germany and I hope I can take part in it. Thanks for your video about it. I am glad about every tipps.

  8. What types of questions are there during the interview? Do you know some things they look for specifically?

  9. Thank you so much for the video! I’m interested in doing the Tokyo Olympics! waiting for the info. Are you considering doing 2020?

  10. I want to volunteer for 2020 olympics and i was wondering if they provide a place for volunteers to stay in or do we have to search for it ourselves ?

  11. Hey! I'm not even sure if you're going to read this, but how were you interviewed? Did you have to come here? (I'm brazilian) Or was it online?

  12. the whole experience sounds really cool omg, but where did u find the application form in the first place (like which website)? and how many months ago were u able to apply?

  13. I really wanna go Tokyo but i don't kno Japanese but I kno Spanish. my other concern is money. what do I have to pay for? ???????

  14. Thanks so much for the video! I'm interested in volunteering for the Tokyo Olympics and I thought your video provided a helpful glimpse. I'm also worried about not being bilingual. It sounds like in your video you didn't need to know Portuguese very well. I can barely hold a conversation in Japanese. How much Portuguese did u use at the games? Was the language module helpful? When did you apply? What did you put down on your resume?what kind of skills do you think the committee wanted you to have? Do you think I should apply now even though my japanese skill is meager and i don't know what will happen in four years?

  15. Thanks for this video! I was searching for something exactly like this because I hope to volunteer or work in a future Olympic game. Hopefully you can make some videos about your experiences too!

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