Right-Wing Populism Is the 'Herpes of Capitalism'

Right-Wing Populism Is the 'Herpes of Capitalism'

42 thoughts on “Right-Wing Populism Is the 'Herpes of Capitalism'

  1. Neo Liberalism is fascism, it's just individual determinism opposed to national determinism. Neo Liberals express all the traits that fascists do, they just express them at an individual level

    Putting yourself and your family above all else – your greed above the greater good – is not so different from putting your race first, or your nation first.

    Naturally in times of economic stress individual determinism will lead to race and national determinism. One leads naturally to the other, because ultimately
    they both belong to the same ideological genepool.

  2. Hillary won in a landslide owith the people who got into the country yesterday. Where she didn't do so well was with the children and grandchildren of people who died fighting for this nation.

  3. I think most rational thinkers didn't vote for Trump. They either voted for Hillary or didn't vote at all. Anybody who votes with their feelings voted for Trump. YES! Most of Trumps base is deplorable, but they don't like being called on it. Just like stupid people don't like being called stupid.

  4. Yes. Internalized misogyny (something many women cannot even articulate as it is basically an unconscious byproduct of living in this society) was the reason many women who had not examined it within themselves would not vote for Hillary.

  5. It's a year later and you WORTHLESS Communist Democrats who view life
    from the ruins of a failed coup are still clinging to a deflated raft in the sea
    of corruption that was created by your own malfeasance. Just keep on
    drinking from the pool, it will soon be over. NOT!

  6. ISLAM is NOT a RACE so stop calling anyone who asks questions about ISLAM a RACIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is BEYOND ANNOYING    HILLARY called MR & MRS average THE DEPLORABLES  & this pushed many MR MRS average towards TRUMP because they fell their OPINION has no VALUE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Fear of the future. Makes 100% sense. Apparently a large amount of his voters were men making comfortably middle class wages but no college degrees.

  8. Populism is no more than the reaction of ordinary non extreme people to crazy extreme left wing ideas – simple. The left wing ideas are the danger.

  9. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the working class the GOP was on their side.

  10. I can give you plenty of reasons to hate Hillary. Should we start with her blatant corruption? The fact that she rigged an election? That she has admitted that she is NOT a liberal and that she is RIGHT of center? That she only supports LGBTQ rights because it is to politically toxic for her not to? Or that she seems to lie at every opportunity.
    She ran a terrible campaign that ostracized many working class voters and is seen as the 2nd most disliked candidate in history. She would have been 1st if it hadn't been for the fact that Donny Tiny Hands ran.

  11. immigration is economics ! the more people u bring the less jobs will be available. …..I am a 1st generation American and I VOTED FOR TRUMP

  12. What is happening in US is almost same with what happened in South Korea 4 years ago. A new president who elected by blind supports, nostalgia, rage against wrong people, fake pro-low and middle class policies with no detailed explained. The president knows almost nothing about how real political works and not even intended to work for the country but for her or himself. I guess the only difference is that Geun-hye Park exploited large companies' leaders to make money for herself and a shaman, but Donald J Trump put companies' leaders into his cabinet.

  13. Of course, they voted for those reasons. Unfortunately, this country has been racist since its inception. Look how it was built, on the backs of African slaves. What can we expect? This mystery of why the orange man won, only exist in the minds of white people, non-white Americans have known or knew that the orange head man was going to win.

  14. Michael is right on the money we he talked about black voters. a no one cares anymore. Neither side is doing very much to change the current circumstances in most black neighborhoods.

  15. One minor thing I'd disagree with: We should fight neoliberalism because of the direct damage it does. We should not fight it because it leads to an increase in extremism.

    The KKK did great in the 1920s, but fell apart after the Great Depression. The John Birch Society started in a time of prosperity. Hamas suicide bombers are on average wealthier than the average Palestinian. The wealthy ruling class in Saudi Arabia is, if anything, MORE extreme than the middle class and immigrants they rule.

    Not to say that there's nothing to this theory, I don't have the data either way to say there is or is not a cause/effect relationship. But until I do get that data, I'm going to oppose neoliberalism because it leads to poverty, pollution, ignorance, and death; not because it leads to David Duke.

  16. Very, very well put Mr. Fletcher. I never quite understood the hatred of Hillary. You put a lot into perspective. Yes perhaps she did not offer the pie in the sky cure for everything like Trump did, but at least I think she was being more honest. The truth of the matter is that jobs are gone that will never come back. Technology and a vast workforce of younger people are just a few examples. I learned that well at age 52 when I was laid off after having worked since the age of 18.

  17. when Trump's voters find out that there will be no great wave of high-paying blue-collar jobs coming their way, that many will lose the shitty jobs that they already have, and that the GOP intends to eliminate their educational upward mobility, free healthcare and safety net, that's when the real populist revolution begins, only I fear it will look like France 1789 or Russia 1917.

  18. By "failure to mobilize the base" you mean purposely neglected to mobilize the base because itd mean losing to Bernie.

  19. READ MY LIPS ANTI ESTABLISHMENT I saw this coming 6 months out. Dems would of won with bernie. RIGHT AND LEFT WANTED NO MORE STATUS QUO I did not leave my party my party left me. And the final nail was at the convention when bernie voters started to leave on mass, feeling betrayed. It was Hillary waving goodbye on stage laughing as if she had no need for us. The corruption at the DNC and her hiring schultz the nano second she stepped down was Hillarys F_ck You to the half the party not happy about it. Well what comes around goes around. The CFR is the mothership and Hillary Clinton is the alien that stepped out of it. She is as establishment as you can get. eight years of bush the tongue tied weed wacker that could not pass up a photo op.and eight years of Obama the world loved eloquent chosen boy came from nowhere, but leads from behind, hope and change yes we can, turned into mostly the same and high hopes crushed. Don't even get me started on SJW's Thirdwave Feminism, Race Relations some of these things need to be excised from the democratic party like the cancers they are. I will let you guess which ones.

  20. The USA is largely a wantonly ignorant society, so a wantonly shit society.
    Think poorly, vote poorly, get governed poorly.

  21. Basically that. Although I would call it more a mix between herpes and the clap.

    Maybe simply a "super-gonorrhea", if you will.

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