Right-wing politics has a new secret weapon. Can the Left harness it? | Jeremy Heimans

Right-wing politics has a new secret weapon. Can the Left harness it? | Jeremy Heimans

Jeremy Heimans:
The game of politics for many decades has been played as one in which you’re supposed
to keep your head down, you’re supposed to be bland, you’re supposed to be uncontroversial;
your job is to court as many people as you can in the middle. Donald Trump from the very beginning took
a different posture, everything he did was about unleashing the agency of a small number
of intense supporters. This was going to be a campaign in which you
could unleash the things that you’d been thinking—maybe your mad uncle muttering
at the television—and suddenly every mad uncle muttering at the television was empowered—was
sent a signal by this man that those private thoughts could now be made public. As Donald Trump’s candidacy unfolded he
built and created a symbiotic relationship with what we think of as a vast, decentralized
social media army that did his bidding during the campaign. These were mostly young white men on forums
like Reddit and 4chan and they developed a kind of culture of competing with each other,
vying with each other, to produce the most creative, the most sticky, the most intrusive
meme or message that would penetrate social media and then seep into the mainstream media. So every day they would do this and in response
to the events of the news cycle, be it Hillary Clinton’s latest comments, be it Donald
Trump’s latest policy pronouncements, they would go take that moment and elevate it. The mainstream media were generally confident
that Hillary would win the election: she was ahead in the polls fairly consistently and
because she had much higher favorables. While both candidates were unpopular, Hillary’s
favorables in public opinion polls were generally about ten points higher than Donald Trump’s. But the people doing social media sentiment
analysis, firms like ForeSee, were tracking and finding something very different. Their job is to track net sentiment on social
media in connection to political debates. And what they were finding throughout the
campaign was that while Donald Trump’s favorables were about ten points lower than Hillary,
his net favorability on social media was about ten points higher than Hillary. One of the most striking facts we discovered
when researching this book was that the day that Donald Trump had the highest net favorability
on social media was his darkest day of the campaign. It was the day of the Access Hollywood tape
being released. And it was because at that day his supporters,
who had such intensity of commitment to him, rallied around him. They surged to his defense. And even though it seemed in the mainstream
media like this was the day that was all losing for Donald Trump, on social media that day
Donald Trump actually won. He was elected because he intuitively understood
what we call New Power. And New Power is this ability to harness the
energy of a connected crowd. And while Hillary Clinton had a very traditional
relationship with her crowd, Donald Trump had a relationship that reflects what we now
know you need to do in order to really build depth of commitment politically. So the NRA understands intensity in the same
way that Donald Trump does. One of its great strengths is, in addition
to its old power brand (the fact that it’s a feared institution that politicians kind
of quiver at the thought of), it also has an incredibly powerful New Power arm. And that arm goes beyond just its membership,
it actually has been very effective at cultivating the most extreme elements of its support base. If you listen to an NRA ad now they actually
don’t really talk about guns anymore, they talk about this conspiratorial worldview,
they pit liberals against people with their values. They suggest that government is on a mission
to take away people’s liberties. And what they’ve learned is that the way
to keep intensity in their crowd, the way therefore at moments that really matter for
it—like the Manchin-Toomey bill, if you remember when that bill came to Congress after
the Newtown massacre, 90 percent of Americans supported background checks in public opinion
polls, yet the ten percent of people who opposed them won. And the reason they did was at that moment
the NRA was able to rally the intensity of its supporters to outnumber the gun control
forces eight to one in calls to the key senators who were the swing votes on that issue. And the way they’ve done that is not by
reining in their supporters, but actually unleashing their agency, by providing micro-grants
to small, highly extreme political organizations at the grassroots level all over the country,
by supporting the commerce, the culture, the politics, and the totalizing worldview of
gun rights supporters. And in doing so they’ve actually been led
by their extremes, but it’s their extremes that are helping them to keep the power that
they have. The question that those of us who want a world
that’s different to the world that Donald Trump is building is, how do we stop him? What will it take? It won’t be another candidate—who is marginally
more “favorable” or “popular” than Donald Trump—but lacks the intensity, that
capacity to immobilize new power, that Donald Trump demonstrated. It will need to be a candidate, it will need
to be a movement that has real intensity behind it. These are the stakes right now. We think of those Parkland kids, and to me,
they’re the hope; because what their showing is they understand this need to generate intensity,
they understand how to use new power. They’ve got this intuitive understanding
that it’s not enough just to be right, it’s not enough just to strut out the facts, that
you have to embody that message in a way that means that if you’re a kid anywhere in the
world you can take that, adapt it, and make it your own. These movements tend to be decentralized,
they tend to not have strict messaging associated with them, and they tend to be structured
in such a way, like the #MeToo movement, where you can take a frame, adapt it, and add your
own voice.

100 thoughts on “Right-wing politics has a new secret weapon. Can the Left harness it? | Jeremy Heimans

  1. Understood that preceding from a reality tv celebrity or someone who simmered in the lime lite, it was the perfect subliminal pre priming for a modern politico millennials vs baby boomers sort of campaign. Looking not too far from where one stands one can spot what the leverage oozes to give him automatically a "one of our most popular" Americans type hype status, Odonals feud ,the list goes ON, but this thus is not news…Reagan was before his political life a HOLLYWOOD celebrity himself too, and he well made history 2. BUt theres a gap between making history and being a historical entity….no doubt, do u think CLinton is popular at this times C what I mean? o_0

  2. DEM Strategy: Publicly call your opponents racist and sexist. Privately find creative ways to funnel money to your rich friends.
    GOP Strategy: Tell the public you aren't racist or sexist. Privately find creative ways to funnel money to your rich friends.

    Yup, that's pretty much it.

  3. Trump doesn't owe anyone and he's restoring the U.S. law and order. The american public is sick and tired of professional politician b.s. and Hillary was and is the most corrupt example of that sort of politician.

    Leftists tell you what you're allowed to believe and do. Conservatives leave that up to you. This video is complete b.s.

  4. Left wing = communism
    Communism = governments executing their citizens if they oppose them
    Does nobody realise the death squad governments of communist china and russia were left wing !
    They used to line up the citizens who opposed them and shoot them down with machine guns
    Dont people know they killed over 100 million chinese and russians ?

  5. Left wing = Government slave with no home ownership or rights.

    Donald Trump is not controlled by the Rothchilds Banking corporation who bribes governments and media to push the communist left wing agenda.
    Do people even realise that the UN wants to abolish home ownership just like communist china did !

  6. We already have background checks, as per the wish of the majority. The real question is whether you want more gun control than we have now or not. That's what truly seperates the gun-control crowd from the gun-rights one. And on this you'll find a more even split in the population, far from the 90% on whether background checks should exist at all.

  7. Let's not forget one thing. Clinton won over 2.8 million more votes than Trump. In fact, of the last 7 presidential elections, the Democrats won the popular vote 6 out of the 7! Unfortunately there is a weird thing called the Electoral College…and who knows how that works!

  8. this isn't a game for people to win at so stop packaging it as such. Stop capitalizing on people sports streaming mentality brainwashing with your clickbait horseshit. BigStink living up to that title as usual.

  9. Politics is a shitshow no different than WWF wrestling. Fake as fuck distraction and nothing more. A president's job is not to have power but rather to take attention away from those who do.

  10. let's see a show of Thumbs Up who's sick of this shit.

    It's time to take matters into our own hands and do what we can to change the world in an immediate capacity with a lasting effect into the future regardless of the bullshit distractions like sports, ego inflation, addiction to confrontation and cortisol releases or fake as fuck political shit shows. #WorldSculpting

  11. There are no right and left…

    There are totally fucking retarded, Jesus Freak, nonsensical cuntservative morons and there are slightly less retarded, fake as fuck morally pious irrational idealists.

    Every delusional self-affirmation of political identity can be correlated to a different level of mental complexity. At the very bottom are cuntservatives with their inability to change and completely delusional perceptions of reality with absolutely no ability for logical or rational, complicated thinking and then there is an increasing spectrum of Intelligence being displayed as we go towards the arbitrarily labeled "left".

    eventually, the most intelligent are those whom are actually intelligent and understand all of this is bullshit as well understand that all of these thoughts or perceptions are the product of fear-based cognitive bias, a bunch of blindfolded children whom Run With Scissors so they don't have to admit they have no idea what they are…

    actually intelligent people realize that politics is nothing more than making regulation a business and taking advantage of people's fear and mental weaknesses…

    A bunch of manipulative pieces of shit capitalizing on even more simple-minded sheep who beg to be dominated just so they don't have to make any decisions themselves or feel responsible in any way for the state of the world.

    psychological security blankets are the icing on the cake of logical fallacy layered with cognitive bias. Fucking delusional pieces of shit everywhere I look.

    Yet I'm the "bad guy" for pointing all of this out. #Fuckmylife

  12. When the Democrats become nationalist and stop preferring non-citizens to the USA citizens, the Democrats will start winning again.
    Show loyalty to the USA.
    Trump understands that foreigners are not out problem or concern.
    That is why Trump won.

  13. Trump was just a better candidate all around. He hustled harder, had a better message, and elicited excitement. Whether you like him or not, he outworked that entitled reptilian disaster of a candidate Killery. And he’ll win again in 2020. Why? Bc the libtards haven’t learned anything from their past mistakes. It’s all obstruction and identity politics. No real message. Good luck with that.

  14. If the "solution" for the left is to harness the indignant rage of their own conspiracy theorists, to counter the other side's howling lunatics, then the system is already broken and these tactics will only hasten our demise. If there is a solution it's for voters to start voting for candidates outside the two party system and demonstrate that we demand better and it is we who call the shots, not the parties.

  15. Isn't it ironic that Trump not only is illiterate but computer illiterate, I mean… Twitter…… Not exactly the preferred social tool of educated people! So he was able to use this tool to manipulate millions of very stupid people.


  17. 6:08 The Parkland kids are the future hope to defeat a Donald Trump? Those kids are bought by Leftist Big Money. They are controlled to do and say what they are told. They are not the future I want for anyone.

  18. Voter suppression in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania was the difference. She got 3 million more votes. Quit saying he "won". Cheating isn't winning.

  19. Clinton’s popularity went up after the blow Jon scandal… who would’ve thought that grabbing pussy would do the same thing.

  20. How You Can Talk To Right-Wingers & Just Everyone


  21. I do not think the jury is in whether Trump has won. Sure he is president and won the election. I do not think this will necessarily be a net benefit to him in the long run. I'm still waiting to see how it all plays out. As for me eh… his presidency does not effect me one way or the other.

  22. The way I see it. Donald bro is just doing his job. To some, change is a pain. To some, change is boon, required…

  23. After 2 plus years of scrutinizing, I’ve had a hard time not falling back on the theory that 3 million less voters were the equivalent of that old western mining town that fell for a slick-talking yankee, selling them snake oil to fix their problems. He’ll build you a monorail! The truth is, America let this demon take power because of a broken system and a civically ignorant populace. The two things that make me sleep better (as an American) are the ongoing special council investigation and the knowledge that 3 million less voters cast a ballot for this maladjusted piece of garbage.

  24. I like this channel overall, but as neither right, nor left leaning, this video is frustrating to watch.

    The speaker pretends to be neutral as first, but then goes far left at the end. Not even trying to cover up the biased narrative at the end.

    If that's not enough, there's no sources cited for the claims. It seems, if you're going to make specific claims like those, you should also post specific sources.

    But hey, the like/dislike ratio says it all. That's the most accurate version on YT of an unbiased poll

  25. The Democrats lost, because they are corrupt, nominated the most corrupt in their party, and are so detatched from reality, months after the election, they still were astonished. Now that is the genuine definition of stupidity. They simply don't learn. They listen to their own voices, not that of others.

  26. Left and right – pfft, they no longer exist, in the West. It's now nationalist populism vs elitist globalism. The rise of populism was an inevitable consequence of the left choosing immigrants over the Western working class, Trump just rode the wave, he didn't start it.

  27. It was never a strategy for success for politicians to be bland. That was merely what the voters were forced to settle for.

  28. I don't mind competition. But if left want's to be a winner, they need to stop lying and actually rely on truth for a change. Problem is, left currently pretends with gender politics, brainwashes people trough news stations, made up useless things to HARM people like political correctness, made racism hip again(more so towards white though)….and much much more. Left needs to learn, making up shit is never a good idea when you want to win the hearts of good normal people. Personally I stand in the middle, because we need both sides to be balanced, currently in EU it's massively towards the left, everyone thinking any way else is a racist and a bigot, no matter if you really are or not. This is why I can't stand present liberals, they makes our lives so much harder for no reason.

  29. Another example of seeing voters as the smallest groups possible and then ascribing some kind of power to them. Trump may have a "core" of rabid, mindless supporters but Hillary lost because a lot of people didn't like her message, her personality, and her history. And being told before the vote that Hillary is THE ONLY choice probably invoked a bit of reverse psychology too. Leftists need to stop being so dumb about this, Hillary was a bad candidate and a perfect opportunity for centrists to say "screw you" to holier than thou activist types in their party.

  30. I'm sorry but this video just gives Trump too much credit. Trump is a demagogue straight from the play book. They all follow a similar path. Look up demagogue on wikipedia.

  31. Dear God did he just suggest that the best way forward is to out Trump trump? I think he's fundamentally doesn't understand that both sides have been using these exact same tactics for some time now. Extremist voices have been amplified to an unhealthy degree. Trump isn't the cause he's the result.

  32. I am sick of NRA saying guns don't kill people people kill people. That's the most ignorant thing anyone could ever say. People are afraid of guns because they are used for murder. The NRA sucks!

  33. His supporters unleashed hatred. Our country used to be better than that. I don't care what he did or how he did it, we need sound minds to prevail again.

  34. In 3 to 6 months trump will be self destruct …when u did so much eventully it catch with you…. obviously trump is loosing it. Barr nor trump can hold the report… It will appear not now maybe next month trump wont lost…..

  35. Actually, Trumps secret weapon was the irrational behavior of the left that seems to think I'm deplorable because I'm white, male, christian and hetero sexual. That, and Hillary is an idiot, Trump won because he addressed the issues, not his vagina.

  36. Trump could win again because of bluster. He might be a POS but he is a "Master Politician" when it comes to "pushing the right buttons" This country gravitates to this mind set. Any candidate who is considered will lose to Trump. The Democrats better get their act together or Trump will get a 2nd term without even trying.

  37. Killary the crook was never ever ahead in the polls, the demorats communist network machine were her activist in lying to Americans she was ahead in the polls, do your research and get your story right

  38. Donnie Dorko will likely not win this next election. Everyone is overthinking it especially this dingus talking. Most likely we will get the winner of the Democratic party. They have the options and therefore the attention of the US and world. But whoever it is that wins, will have an incredibly low approval rating. The reason is that people come back to places with the largest number of options. They pay attention to it and attention converts to votes. I see Trump's N word drop happen this coming election too and at the perfect time during it to ensure that it stirs a strong left turnout and the presidential election is won by the democrats. This is going to be an interesting election. Best of luck to all. I hope that we get the type of leader that the world needs and not the one that the world deserves.

  39. The left created Trump, keep telling white people they have privilege, keep telling us we are racist, that it's in our DNA. You Progressives created the support of Trump and the likes of Salvini and Orban, that won the Brexit campaign. Thank you Progressives for your help in reawakening the right. 🤔

  40. Do you have any data to link online support with actual votes?
    If not then so what?
    Best information I have heard is that despite a general downturn in voting numbers Trump's support was bolstered by would-be Bernie supporters, and that the numbers that attended Trump rallies did not translate into votes.
    Effectively, all other things considered, the DNC handed the election to Trump by supporting Hillary over Bernie. And the Democrats appear to be lining up to hand 2020 to him too.

  41. He's right. Trump single handedly put a giant dent in FUCKING POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and defined that the 1st Amendment as it is WRITTEN. What a breath of fresh air!!!!!!. The good thing is now, the right can actually SAY WHAT WE THINK without losing our jobs, shunned in society and not being beheaded by the Muslins. The left is really pissed now and this will push us into Civil War 2.0!!!!!

  42. Right now the left HAS NO VIABLE Presidential candidates to defeat Trump due to MASSIVE EXTREMISM and HATRED FOR THE RIGHT (translate that into they hate the America that was for the last 240 years).

  43. Nah there are Black and Latino Pro Trump Youtubers that can deliver what the “white male” cannot say in youtube .

  44. 1:04 I love how he says "young white men" as if that group is inherently evil.
    Shows where he stands, couldn't expect any less from an "activist"

  45. The demtards are doing all they can to hand trump 2020 with their cringe, weirdo and limp dick candidates

  46. They said a billionaire couldn't connect with working class Americans. That he had nothing in common. Wrong he is us just with a lot more money.

  47. America already has the movement that can capture the imagination of the nation with strong policy for 2020 : Bernie Sanders.

  48. The reason trump won was because Americans love reality tv and the idiots who are on it like Kardashian’s and jerry springer. The IQ level is quite low with trumpies unless they have lots of money and only care about themselves. He will probably win again because of the disgraceful way he acts and ignorant Americans love it. What a disgrace our country has become. Hopefully we will get a better republican in office next.

  49. So wait, the left isn't out to take away people's liberties? Are you sure? Have you watched any news in the past 5-10 years?

  50. You are so clueless about why Trump won. You're like a blind person trying to analyze what colors look like. You know something: The problem with you Leftists is we on the right understand all of your Leftist ideological positions and way of thinking very well, but you, on the Left, cannot seem to fathom our philosophy at all.

  51. Why don't we return power to the
    Masses.Binding digital referendum.
    The will of the masses is served
    Quickly, at little cost and huge impact for society.This takes the power away from a privileged self
    Serving few.Huge reduction in the
    Size of a totally ineffective government.Just imagine a tool
    That would use technology to
    Carry out the will of people, not
    Self Serving , incompetent CORRUPT politicians.

  52. You guys on the left are STILL trying to rationalize HOW YOU LOST THE ELECTION!!!! Amazing!!! You JUST LOST!! Deal!

  53. Trump is a dangerous idiot. His policies are very bad. His policies are destroying the environment. He must go for that reason. I dont like the Repubs or Dems either. They both have gone completely corrupt, just money chasers that dont care about the working folks.Trump is totally against the middle clas, working class, and has totally disrespected the veterans too. He is nothing but a cowardly soft weak corpulent draft dodger. I cant stand the left or right. Surely in a nation of 300 million we can do far better than this!

  54. Hillary's votes where dead people voting wonder how that happened? And the head of the Florida's voting in some countys got cought adding votes! Hillary' was not close if it was legally counted, and why try to stop Trump his doing a good job !! In less you a globelest and you want to destroy the country ! And be a slave to the new world order (U.N.)

  55. I don’t care what anybody wrote here if we went by the popular vote Republican would never ever ever win again in this country. The numbers will always prove me right the Democrats and liberals always win the popular vote. This is so fucking known it’s pathetic

  56. By establishing and strengthening a non representative democracy and buying the votes of senators .
    A dumb , uninformed and uneducated electorate is perfect .
    The problem with this : it is a road to Fascism .
    Too bad
    But 250 years is about time for any empire to collapse
    It is time for the American myth to vanish
    Sorry Abe Lincoln .
    You tried but we are human after all

  57. I agree with pretty much everything said in this video. Unfortunately the people who supported Trump would never watch this video or be intelligent, or open minded enough to watch anything other than Social Media. People who think they are smarter or better informed are impossible to reason with, and unfortunately are a lot more proactive than the rest of us.
    If you want to get an insight into how these people think, just browse through the YouTube comments under political right leaning videos. Warning – It May cause extreme dismay and anger.

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