#RichLife: The Millionaire Project: New Documentary about achieving financial freedom

#RichLife: The Millionaire Project: New Documentary about achieving financial freedom

41 thoughts on “#RichLife: The Millionaire Project: New Documentary about achieving financial freedom

  1. The only way to beat the greedy riches and the system, is getting rich and help others to get rich as well

  2. they say we are going to be rish in a matter of time but it is a lie, it gets harder everyday every minute to become rich, so use that minute before its late. and get motivation be wise and you will be boosted.

  3. Very Good and Inspiring — Implementation is indeed a big achievement — How to successfully implement needs lots of efforts and energy.

  4. Very timely ..best video so far that I have watched… I will ensure I read all yours books and subscribe to your channels…you guys are full of wisdom… God bless all of you.

  5. we can be rich if we want. the most important factor is strong desir. remember , to be rich is broad , you have to do someting beneficial to the socity , then you can be rich.

  6. An IDEA is worthless if you can't implement it. Everyone can have a million dollar idea, but not everyone can implement it.

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  8. I never imagined someone would actually take the time to condense the ideas of all these great people into a comprehensive documentary.
    Thank you very much.

  9. Hey guys, I am embarking on a journey to becoming a millionaire in 6 years. If you are interested to follow me on my adventure, you can check out my web journal @ www.milliondollardiary.com

  10. Very good job guys, pretty much summed the whole mother lode I've found not too long ago. Thanks a lot for posting

  11. Wow!!! Great information shared, I am so inspired. I want to be rich in my heart and financially. I think we have one life to live so it depends on each one to try and make your own dreams come true. Thus I ended up here because I need to make my dreams of becoming rich come true before I'm over 30, I'm currently 24. Thank you for sharing this video.

  12. this is a very specifically put together video. one of the best I have seen. the points are very spot on and provoking. excellent post thank you! definitely one for me to grow on…😀

  13. The Book mentioned in the documentary… Great read

  14. "Price is what you pay; value is what you get." -Warren Buffett

    Losing money can happen when you pay a price that doesn't match the value you get — such as when you pay high interest on credit card debt or spend on items you'll rarely use.

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