15 thoughts on “Richard Lewontin – Biology as Ideology Lecture 1

  1. It's amazingly ironic that everything he says in the premise is true; but the elites who control science and mold it ideologically are not evil racist white supremists but the left-wing.

    The intellectual elite serve the interests of a globalist left-wing, capitalist elite.

    They gaslight us into believing, as Lewontin attempts in this series, that the "truth" is the mirror opposite.

    Also ironic: the internet has democratized knowledge(something Lewontin pretended to do!) and access to information, allowing the people to learn the truth without the distorted lens people like Lewontin forced on us over the past 50 years. God, what a time to be alive.

  2. 16:12 ish

    For an institution to serve the function of explaining the world, so as to make it legitimate, that institution has to possess several features. First, the institution as a whole must appear to derive from sources outside of ordinary human struggle. It must not seem to be the creation of political, economic or social forces, but it has to descend into society from some supra-human source. Second, the ideas, the pronouncements, the rules, the results of that institution’s activity must have a validity and a transcendent truth that goes beyond any possibility of human compromise or human error. Its explanations and pronouncements must seem to be true in an absolute sense, and derive somehow from some absolute source. They must be true for all time and all place. And finally, the institution must have some mystical and veiled quality, so that its innermost operations are not completely transparent to everyone, to the man on the street. It must have an esoteric language that needs to be explained to the ordinary person by those who are especially knowledgeable, and who can intervene between everyday life and the mysterious sources of understanding and knowledge.

  3. This is a brilliant series of lectures. Lewontin's ideas are a much-needed corrective to the narrow-minded scientism of today's science authors.

  4. I recently read the book in Turkish. It was wonderful. I want to read the book "dialectical biologist" too.

  5. I read the book form of these lectures some time ago and it's great to hear them. They should be hugely better known as they contain some powerfully important truths. Thanks so much for making them available!

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