Richard Lewis Breaks Down Media Reaction To Andy Ngo Being Attacked By Antifa

Richard Lewis Breaks Down Media Reaction To Andy Ngo Being Attacked By Antifa

you know I think the key thing that's changed for me and probably changed for a lot of people who watched my shit yeah I remember when we used to laugh about this too I remember when this used to be silly in 2014-2015 I remember we thought I'd just laugh about it I remember naively thinking this was like a fad and it would all go away and instead what's actually happened is we've with the stakes just keep getting risen every time so it's in 2014 we must stop the misogynist gamers right in 2015 we must stop the misogynist gamers / Trump supporters that could bring on a resurgence of you know right right-wing philosophy 2016 Trump gets in now we must stop the actual fascists and races that have took over America and a coup d'etat funded by Russia and then and now in 2019 Nazis everywhere apparently like it's like the communist panic of the 1950s Nazis everywhere and they must be stopped but then it's like when you start turning over the stones it's like wait you're calling it a Jew and that's you know it's like you say you know you're calling it a conservative Jewish guy and a Nazi you're saying he's an y'all right you saying he's an anti-semite inside fuck me man and it's it it just it is it's just exhausting it's just exhausting now because for five years you kind of felt it would cause correct and the silliness would stop and actually what we've ended up with is more and more hysteria or more and more silliness and though no actual it's it's now just two two sides flinging shit like you say all right they say but one amount they aren't left what about the ante furs and there is again like as we're about to explore there's there's like an unbelievable like tiny segment of the these you know anti-fascist group see generally are just peaceful protesters were out there LARPing protesting against people who aren't even Nazis but they just want to feel useful they're never particularly functional ma'am as a society in my experience but their hearts in the right place and they don't break any laws and they don't do anything wrong and they're standing up for a value we should all stand up for which is that of let's stop you know the rise of fascism the rise of hey you know whatever that's fine totally done I'm a problem with that but again the the the conversation gets distorted because you have these you have a lunatic fringe literally just going out and it's oh there's the gay Asian journalist smart who's taking pictures of us and we should totally smash him to own the flash like this this can't be a real thought process that's occurring and real argument that's being made but it is it really is and I was amazed well I wasn't amazed amazed is the wrong word I was I expected it I expected the press to try and spin it and and try and say oh but and ian's go is a you know he's an old right in a blur you know whatever it had to be to basically make the daytime assault again he's not a journalist he's not a journalist don't call him a journalist what out what else is he doing he's documenting something that's happening and putting it on the public record through the medium of film you know if and and he's written in he's been published in The Wall Street fucking Journal and he's been paid for he is a journalist like but they kept trying to shift it like I showed all up a map did all out in chronological order it's so this is just cray because it shows the the real disparity that we've got in terms of sort of coming coming to a consensus of reasonable values that like fascism is bad but you don't defeat fascism by calling everyone a fascist and saying it's therefore okay to assault anybody we label as a fascist you don't you don't fix it that way and you've never fixed it that way historically you tell it tells us this and again people always go but that's not true because what our people who took this quit and they always come back to the Nazis well if we'd all just tried to talk it out about Nazi Germany a completely different fucking situation of course we're not talking about we're not talking about an institutional superpower that decided to take over the fucking world piece by piece and constant consistently lied about right well we're gonna respect the borders now Morris but the rule we're gonna will respect the rules of engagement now and you know Chamberlain comes back well no this time Hitler means it you know there wasn't like bumbling buffoon world leaders you know around that I like well listen – this hate group says if we give them complete autonomy and we put them in charge of the country they won't do anything bad none of this is happening right so it's just a bunch of idiots and-and-and Andy and go a via a gay a gay Vietnamese photojournalist who's who dislikes communism because his parents I think will put in internment camps by a communist regime is not yeah night wiki do is not a Nazi by any stripe he's a fucking idiot I'll come to that I'm not I wouldn't I wouldn't describe myself as a fan but but he's not a Nazi and beating him up is is something that has to be condemned Oh or what are we saying where we're giving we're giving carte blanche to certain groups to assault other groups on the basis that we we're going to allow their labels to be deemed accurate and and adhesive but we're not going to allow other groups to liberally apply those labels you know it seems it seems crazy so yeah look I'm gonna I'm gonna get a drink I think alcohol is gonna be required for this all right I found a bottle of Absolut imma fuckin do the trick and the vodkas a fucking drag right so let's get into it let's talk about this whole ante for thing I'm sure you guys fucking didn't know is it that basically there had been an assault on a journalist called Andy Andy and go or Andy no I always forget how it's pronounced so my bad so I think just before we break it down and we start talking about it let's talk about who he is and he is it's a bit of a mixed bag because he'll always be known as like he's definitely written some articles that I think definitely have a like a bigoted component to them there's no getting away from that fact right so I mean um I mean just fucking see if I'm fine if first up today I talked about how he was published in The Wall Street Journal and the you know that makes him sound kind of respectable right but the article he wrote was fuckin garbage and it was it didn't contain a lot it was it was very light on facts and there was a lot of misunderstandings about it so let me see if I can just bring this up the the Wall Street Journal article that Andy Ingo wrote in 2018 kind of propelled him in the mainstream consciousness was this thing called a visit to Islamic England and as you can imagine there was some fucking you know Nicholas quotes in it you know like there was so many there were so many things wrong with with the article first of all it sort of I think he went to London and then I think you went to Luton and you know basically was taught he went to you know largely Islamic communities and he was just talking about things like you know the the niqab being worn and he was saying that like oh this is fucking you know this is would be people walking around wearing these like full-body niqabs and no one was looking at each other and it's like fuck man like dude I've lived I've lived in those neighborhoods I lived in Burma and I lived in spart Brook like you know it's fucking it's it's not sinister it's not sinister it's just you know there were a lot of fucking people that settled in in certain areas they haven't have the same faith and you know mosques and same culture so yeah they they behave in a way that makes sense to them on a cultural level it's not about you it's not to upset you or inflame your sensibilities it's just people living their lives it really shouldn't bother you at all but anyway so we wrote this article about it there was but there was some fake stuff in it and that was the key thing and he said for example that there was the there was these signs that said you can't have alcohol in certain parts of London now and he said this was because of you know the Muslims imposing Sharia in the area and of course that isn't what was going on what was actually happening is that there are some mandates by London councils that you cannot drink I mean first of all in the UK you can't have an open container you can't drink unless it's a designated licensed area full fucking stop worth mentioning but yeah they do also have signs of outside a mosque saying you know hey no no drinking not that there would be any way but then on top of that and that comes from counsels not like this it's not just like some fucking shadowy Muslim you know group all around the table this is how we will get sharing here into there's none of that and then the other problem was as well if you just look at sort of the licensing of how they have it in London there's loads of areas where you just can't drink and there's not a fucking mosque in sight but just if you cannot drink in this designated area so it was a lot of fucking fear-mongering I really think and Andy is someone who is prone to exaggeration I noticed this after the assault which again the assault is deplorable I absolutely condemn it journalists filming anti-fascist groups should not be been on even real journalism guess it was radical on that one shout out to all the cocoa shunters in check so but but I also know it's that he is really playing up the severity of his injury there's no doubt in my mind I watched all the interviews he did afterwards and right let's be absolutely clear a a brain hemorrhage is bad but hemorrhage just means you know a bleed and yes any any bleed in the brain area is bad but you know it sounds certainly way Massa bit say oh you've had a brain hemorrhage it's like yeah you go ahead on the head and there was a little bit of bleeding but it's all contained and controlled now and you'll probably have a bit of a concussion but you'll be alright I probably sad fucking countless concussions and fucking hemorrhages and also this issue which probably explains that they got to you know from boxing and from rugby and I've had a fractured skull you know and and a fractured orbital bone and all that shit and you know it's just yeah it's your ad it's fine so I saw him on fucking like doing these interviews and he was talking like he was fucking like in a k-hole and it's like there's no way there's no way there's no there's no way your cognitive function has been that impaired off being punched a couple of times there's just no way there's just no way speaking of some like he was talking like he was a fucking you know 50 year old fucking box or it was fucking CTE that of his mind so I you know I know from reading his work that he's you know he's just prone to exaggeration that he's got he does have an agenda to a certain degree now again the irony isn't lost on me of like all these other journalists that will get to saying oh he's got an agenda he's got an agenda he's not a real journalist tell me more about fucking Russia tell me more about how Russia hacked the election with 20,000 fucking Facebook page like tell me more about that right and then and then let's talk about agendas you fucking assholes but um but I mean he he also as well as had a big problem with Portland her Portland is a fucking shit all Portland needs to have fucking martial law replied to it like yesterday and you know I'm not just talking about from the ante for perspective I'm talking about this people using fucking heroin that's it reminded me a lot of like I've been a lot of fucking red-light districts down the years and when red-light districts get really bad and really out of control and they just have that CD scummy element in there and it's just like all the people who've got the misfortune live in that area I have to go to work and it's like the war or take the kids to school and it's like careful don't stand on a syringe you're gonna get AIDS you know this fucking people just like fucking you know in broad daylight you know down some alleyway in the trash like some fucking feral beasts and you're like this is this is like a terrible this is why all these fucking people then usually go and vote for a fucking typically conservative group that'll come in and shut them down everyone goes off thank God they got rid of that red light district yeah and a bunch of your own personal freedoms along with it you know what back when I used to go to Amsterdam the red like this you should be fucking huge in the nineties right it's fucking tiny now it's like three streets the Vallon it's fuck all so Portland has a fucking ton of problems syringes everywhere drug problem is a real journalism yeah you know taser boys how you doing rich I'm doing good but you know think about fucking like California with the fucking the brown out there shouldn't you shouldn't have shit everywhere you shouldn't have homeless people everywhere living in shit because there's no toilets or facilities for them cuz you spend all the fucking money on fucking vegan biodegradable straws like this shouldn't be happening in in a in a society is fucking educated enlightened and you know affluent is american fucking society right but it is important to shithole but and Ian goes relationship of sort of talking about 94 in the breakdown in Portland and all the problems for comport land has goes back to like I think 2016 because I'm gonna try and bring up another article again on xsplit so you never know how that's gonna fucking go you can do it anyway you wrote an article called what is wrong with Portland what's all what is the matter report and you published it on the spectator spectator is a notoriously right-wing leaning and conservative leaning publication no doubt there's some ads to load so expert will do this thing where you can fucking strobe to death for fucking 10 minutes or whatever and you can see yeah yeah oh no this is 2018 – so this is again when I was a bit early in this one ambien girl was kind of like coming to prominence as a journalist and he talked about how he's been documenting you know auntie for in Portland and here's a picture of as probably's against twitch tos I didn't know that was there whatever fuck it it's been one of those streams doesn't it this is the face of auntie fur side a scar get your band on fucking to it can it can a bit of fucking unexpected scroll past side ass get you banned on fucking twitch analysis where we're at photographic fucking journals idot's that's right get rid of the vomit but anyway so he's been he's been talking about this for a while he's been writing about it for a while and you know I'm just saying it doesn't justify what happened but you have to take Andi with a pinch of salt in the sense that he's very agenda driven right and I understand Portland has a problem I don't support what these fucking do you not even a real easy is I don't even know what fascist gruber standing up to but they're out on the streets every dance they're out on the streets every day just fighting police passers by redirecting traffic and the Portland there is basically told the police stand down let's not antagonize them you know let's not escalate and it's like guys for fuck's sake like if I'm trying to get to fucking work right and I've got nothing to do with none of this I'm not a fucking fascist I'm just trying to drive to my fucking job and there's a group of fucking pink haired morons kicking my car and telling me to go drive down the street the police should be fucking taking those people and arresting them and putting them in prison right till a fucking realize that you don't just fucking attack other people's vehicles for the heinous crime of being there while you're having a protest that's that's just how the fact that the police have been told to stand down and to not escalate the problem something that is actually sort of emboldened and empowered them and it's directly responsible in a lot of ways for why we've had this like violent you know I was actually my wrist clicking if you heard that um you know I we had that this violence and it's it's again remember this is this is a sort of hardcore minority element within a well-meaning peaceful protest movement but in Portland it's out of fucking control it's been out of control for a while and in the same way you know yeah evergreens analogous in a way in the same way that most colleges write free will have a very liberal progressive contingent who will occasionally want to have peaceful protests and do the hey hey oh oh song with whatever it is that has got to go usually things that don't exist evergreen got to a point where the fucking students had took over the college and were basically shutting down the day-to-day process of learning and attack you know intimidating the faculty now so evergreen had gone too far Portland's gone too far at this point someone has to come in and fucking correct the situation and given that these people are breaking the law I like the police to do it probably and and don't say that lightly is somebody that's like yeah not a lover of the police I don't believe a cap but in general I think I think especially in America there's a not unsubstantial contingent fucking out-of-control police and it's tough because you live in a country where you think everyone's got a gun but I doesn't mean for a routine traffic stop you have to fucking flash a peace officer come the fuck on calm down anyway the G is silent it is no good thank you Andy no so anyway that that that's who he is but there's a there's a little bit of there's a there's a little bit more to it than that because this is a guy who despite the topics he's writing about where he's critical of the Islam as I Islamization of England which is something he's largely imagined a made-up you're not even a real journalism that's right there was this article I I found on him when I was researching him and this was from also 2018 when he was sort of rising to prominence and it I think it'll give you a little bit of perspective about why this why he doesn't take all of the boxes that he should because he's he's openly homosexual he's a person of color and an immigrant or descended from immigrants so that should give him a lot of currency with the group that he is criticizing but he but anyway this was the article it said for immigrants unmanned trip led to more conservative worldview and he was talking about how his family was sort of labeled bourgeois because they owned their own business and when the South Vietnamese government collapsed their home was taken and they got thrown into a labor camp and because of these experiences and learning about it and you know that he identified the people as doing it as being communist he has skewed incredibly right-wing in his thought process so and listen go look it up yeah I mean bakery know is gonna recently dolly South Vietnamese it's fuckin I was some crazy ship you're not even a real journalism so anyway he's always enjoyed the content no worries thank you always enjoy having you here variables appreciated so basically this is this is like this is somebody who because of his life experiences and what's going on with his family he's sort of kind of he is a right-leaning individual despite having all of the hallmarks of somebody that would be most likely associated with a progressive aesthetic and as a result this seems to have really made him deeply unpopular because it's almost like a betrayal journalist and this has been said to him multiple times by Latifa guys that they've basically said you're a race traitor which you gotta love that you love that language being used you know it's like when fucking white guys throw around the term Uncle Tom to fucking describe black people who don't think the way they do it's unbelievably racist and grotesque but yeah it was on record with you know multiple people saying like you know he's a racist way race traitor your family are ashamed of you because he has this like sort of you know cut these in in their mind he should be having them he should have the mask on with them they think they're fighting for things that he wants his opinion is somebody that you know had experiences with what he considers to be not even a real journalism fine the end game that's right communism web property and you know assets has seized and redistributed he doesn't want anything to do with any of that and finds it morally abhorrent now again I think there's a lot of idiots out there who basically equate every progressive to being a communist and I'm so sick and tired of right-wing politicians in America also doing there but you know the Communists will never take over and it's like real you're not coming sound trying to take over the people subscribe to fucking communist philosophy the 20 year old fucking tanky losers that you know there I they'll grow out of it in fucking five years once they go up a tax bracket we've all been there used to be in the fucking Socialist Workers Party like a literal paid fucking member of the Socialist Workers Party they used to fucking go on the marches made you fucking grow out of it once you wait I'm all for redistributing your well unlike you want to take how much out of my paycheck whoa whoa whoa slow the fuck down slow the fuck down so a lot of you know the Communists are a real fuckin threat they're not they're not gonna take over America and most people who are progressive viewpoints understand the inherent flaws of the communist ideology I think it's a huge turnoff again to a lot of people because it's just childish it's just childish thinking that we always end up down the same thing where it's like can come in communism can work okay it can but why is it that every time it's been tried it doesn't well it's never been properly tried okay cool so let's just do this let's just do the circular fucking argument over and over and over again and and then maybe one time it'll get tried properly and until then you know let's just come me at least you safely say that it it doesn't work so but but i but i also think is well i think all of these like right-wing ideologues that try and score points by like dunking on communists it's like if you're and ironically like got a hammer and sickle and saying Stalin did nothing wrong you're not a fucking political threat you're not even fucking engaged politically like you're fucking delusional you're delusional in the same way that the people who think there's a Nazis everywhere a fucking delusional it's stupid those people are not fucking genuine politically engaged people they're just idiots with Twitter accounts and fucking they just like to laugh as a communist and yeah let's smash the system you know it's it's gibberish so II think people are a bit naive in a bit stupid when it comes to that stuff but anyway so that's that's who Andy is right now one this is this is this feeds into another thing which is this kind of normalizing of anti-fur in the the media and how you can't criticize auntie fur it became there was this very weird thing that started happening and again it goes back to 2016 which is kind of like the touchstone where it was like everybody was so quick to talk about this supposed rise of fascism that anybody that was calling out fascism was sort of a course celebra you know for for a bit and we you know we're being highlighted in the media and even mainstream media people were expressing admiration for the bravery of auntie fern and I picked out some examples just to give you kind of like a breakdown of the history of this so let me let me see if I can find these for you so you know Chuck Todd you probably just saw him doing the debates that were on an NBC acting as a host and so there was there was this interview we did where he had he had a talk he had somebody come on and basically talk about the thing I talked about earlier which is they always say fascism can only be defeated with violence because of the insidious nature of fascism and we'll just ignore that we consider anything you know right of the extreme leftist positions we hold to be fascism and we'll pretend that that isn't problematic we won't we won't dig into that but it was this interview that Chuck Todd did where he literally had somebody come on and basically say yeah we just gotta beat fascists up really and it was it was it was they had they they had this guest let me let me read some of these quotes for you so mark Bray was was the who guy who wrote the ante for the anti-fascist handbook can you explain this movement and its roots and he said well Annie fascism goes back to the beginning of the 20th century when leftists of all stripes fought back against Mussolini and Hitler the main perspective of an Tifa is essentially that rather than simply waiting for the threat to materialize you stop it from the beginning so again it equates this I it takes us back to this this is the only idea that they have that fascism you're not even a real journalism will eventually get to a position of power well thank you loving the content you shouldn't be Jesus I am bald Jesus that's true so there's this idea that fascism will always somehow get into position of power and once it does it's too late and the worst will happen a marginalized groups will be killed destroyed and and you know across the world and it'll it'll bolster itself unless you stop it before it gets to that point and the the the problem with this is an idea is that first of all the GNAT then the rise of the Nazis the rise of fascism in in Nazi Germany is such a touchstone moment in history with so many lessons learned from it with it talked about so often so frequently I think if there were any key indicators that were to suggest that we were moving into that era that would be the point where people would rise up and actually do something about it and will be justified in doing so you know for example Mussolini Hitler you're all totalitarian dictators what do they always do with political dissidents political dissidents I mean and they're doing this in China by the way so again if you want to look at what a totalitarian government will do with it with fascist tendencies you only have to look over at China no one will fuck with or even publicly criticize they are renditioning people off the streets literally disappearing people literally disappearing political literally rewrite in history Trump is the most criticized man in America don't you think that if he had that like dictatorial totalitarian fascist element to him don't you think some of these journalists would have fucking disappeared by now because let me tell you they do in other countries so III don't see the indicators of fascism under the Trump era I know that the big talking point right now is kids in concentration camps is that fucking recurring media phrase kids and concentration camps kids and concentration camps and you always come back to it and you go well those those there were still children in camps in the during the Obama administration a lot of the laws that enabled and specifically put those kids in those camps separate from those parents were brought in by the Obama administration Obama somebody who would the president who had deported the most people he deported the most immigrants of any president in history you know more than trouble isn't over an equivalent period of throwing a bomb somebody who said multiple times that if you come here illegally you will be caught you will be put in a camp and you will be sent home he said that he he expanded the powers of ice to do these things where were all of these people who were terrified of the rise of fascism then when it was happening I find this a little bit suspect now all of a sudden you've come out and now you're using this as a political football but when Obama was doing it in between drone striking innocent civilians you you didn't have any issues with it at all because hey we had a woke we had a woke day in the White House right so it seemed it seems to me that there is a huge issue with this thinking that suddenly we've got more fascists either America has been fascist for a while which hey you want to hold that opinion again logically consistent or um you're using hyperbole what happened you're not even a real journalism that's right what type of noise was it a loud beep there was an audio screech mic explored oh shit dude I didn't I didn't even hear that I didn't have it at my end let me check huh that's weird sorry well yeah maybe I'm hit the calls being recorded I used the phrase America is America has been fascist for a while but anyway so this had this idea that there would be this certain weird rise of fascism when everybody is looking at every government and every government power that gets brought in you know the the act of a fascist government was the Patriot Act by the way which everybody signed cuz add the word fuckin Patriot in it so um what was what was what did we do off the back of that the Muslims are attacking us you're either with us or you're against us said George Bush George Bush literally the most evil man by the way who's ever been in the White House was the Nixon worse and so fucking many others and I have to swallow this fucking line of shit about how Donald Trump is is some orange Hitler when George Bush literally did fascist things that we've just W just yeah we just a he's a war criminal and he's painting so it's okay he's oh it's okay he's an actual fuckin war criminal cuz he can fucking paint a portrait yeah that's fine we only we only lied when war killed all those civilians killed all those innocent Muslims he only did that that wasn't fascist was it that wasn't fascist to literally fake a cause for war with the country that had nothing to do with 9/11 based on a faked intelligent report intelligence report that you was fucking fatty but dick chaney wanted to do it anyway and you know what about Halliburton it's alright they get all those fat juicy contracts out there will literally run this war for profit that's fascism that's the ship miscellany was pullin but that's fine anyway so this I I don't buy into this idea that it's like we must beat up everyone we label as a fascist now we must attack and kill them I mean you are talking about killing them effectively you're not just beating them up and then like yeah you know you'll get better we are literally talking about killing them essentially and this is the only way this is the we must do it now so he says here what do you say to those that a concern that hey you're you're you're handling you're handing you're allowing this these white supremacists the claimed victimhood here what do you say to that criticism since the president is trying to essentially create a false equivalency here I mean again know at no point this Donald trum ever come out and said Oh boohoo the white supremacists like it's just never happened I know everybody likes to use that false quote about there was good people on both sides where literally the sentence before he completely condemns us I'm not talking about white supremacists here when they say this because they are vile and they should be universally condemned paraphrasing but it was pretty much that they conveniently cut that out it's like clipping a fucking twitch clip to make somebody look bad and this is your mainstream media doing this so no he's never tried to create that equivalence Chuck Todd but anyway this is the this is the key point here he was there he he added this is this is the host speaking the historical aspect of fascism has only been defeated with violence I assume this is the argument you'd make right mark so it's just bizarre and then the antique the guy goes on to fucking condemn the first amendment and he says I mean if no one is praising the Vimal Republic for giving that sees the right to assemble no one is really loading that and I'd rather have people confronting them than sitting idly there are no great memoirs written to people who start idly by watching Nazism rise to power which again Nazism isn't rising to power right now in America it's not it simply isn't it's absurd to say it is there's no evidence so anyway run about this time this was like pretty much a this was like a recurring theme that like sort of happened on all the news programs where they sort of gave a lot of prominence to auntie Ferb people who were embedded with auntie Ferranti for professors historians that would come on and say yes and Tifa or fucking you know a good thing and then and then this started to spill over on from MSNBC to CNN Chris Cuomo if you remember quite famously he came out and said that the the the the left when the left were violent they were doing it for the right reasons so it was okay because there was no moral equivalency between the Nazis and antiva which again understand right being anti-fascist good being a Nazi bad calling yourself anti-fascist and then just using that as in as a pretext to behave like a thug and assault anybody you disagree with including many people who could not by any stripe be called Nazis bad very bad very bad problematic there I say so he says I argue to you tonight and this was the famous thing I think we covered this on the show at the time but I argue to you tonight all punches are not equal morally Cuomo stated drawing drawing a moral equivalent equivalency between those espousing hate and those fighting it because they both resort to violence embolden hate legitimizes hateful beliefs and elevates what should be stamped out the bigots are wrong to hit an Tifa or whomever anarchists or malcontents or misguided they are also wrong to hit but fighting hate is right and then the clash between hate and those who oppose it those who oppose it around the side of right that's what he said so again the the idea is that if if an Tifa were actually fighting real Nazis that we're trying to seize power or real Nazis that were going into communities and killing but they're not it's like it's the fucking prow boys you know it's it's not real Nazis it's just people they're calling that cease because if you don't have an enemy of fucking fight if you like what is an Tifa if it has no fascists to beat up it's nothing is it it's fucking it's dress up it's bowel sock its LARPing so there always must be a fascist like in Portland I don't even know who the fascists are meant to be I saw an old man just get brained I can't even show you the clip because that it's too violent for twitch I saw an old guy just gets smashed to pieces on the basis that he is like a pro a friend of a proud boys I mean it's like fucking come on done like yeah you can see what that what I've been looking at in my spare time for these tiny it hats what you mean by and bulletproof vests again yep anyway so you know CNN CNN were pushing it pretty heavily then Don Lemon did the same on CNN again I won't bore you by showing you the clip but he basically said that like auntie fer were perfectly fine that it was a it was a you know because it was violence in a good cause there was there was no reason to be upset by it then the CNN ran a a pretty comprehensive article that basically was it was propaganda there's no there's no way of dressing it up it was basically an apology piece for the anti-fur movement I don't really understand what journalistic merits this has I don't which the Liberty Mutual because they let me customize thanks and it was basically I'm asking the leftist auntie for movement and this this doesn't unmask them what it does is it it it just pays it actually it's sort of I don't say humanizes and because I don't think anyone was dehumanizing and teef in the first place but it makes them sound like humble you know like actually the misunderstood that the violence is like really blown out of proportion and they're getting disproportionately negative news story new stories about them and and and there was one quote in it that was just trying to find their where it said I'm tea for activists who operate without any centralized leadership told CNN that their goal is peace and inclusivity and it's like you you you run that unchallenged like you're just gonna you know oh you know Hitler's said they won't they won't invade Poland so it's alright they said they have no plans to you know it's like yeah there's nothing peaceful are inclusive about what you're doing like me doing a stream like this and talking about this and being critical about this this gets clipped and then I get called a fascist apologist and then I'm on the chopping block that's where we're at right now so the the idea that this is about peaceful inclusivity it's not if it's about you it's about this useful inclusive it either everybody who actually believes Nazis everywhere and need to be fucking beat beating up everybody who disagrees with this is a Nazi and they must be destroyed and it's just like not everyone thinks like that dude like people can be fucking people can find Nazism reprehensible but not believe that this person over there that says yeah I'm not a big fan of feminism you know maybe they're not a Nazi maybe they just don't like a particular belief system maybe though maybe the misinformed maybe they're idiotic but they're not Nazis so yes so CNN did this there were there were a few other things as well let me just see if I can dig them out real quick there was the thing where I'm t4 when I took a Carlson's house and nobody condemned that and basically despite the fact you know how Jim Acosta the fucking clown that he is is always talking about how dangerous it is to be a journalist these days cuz Trump has said that fake news is the enemy of the people and this is encouraging hate towards journalists it's weird he was very quiet when an Tifa went to Tucker Carlson's home and terrorized his family in fact no networks picked that story up and and in fact I think the only one who did because ABC ignored it NBC ignored it did CNN run anything on it I can't but anyway you know I would have thought a group of mass people terrorizing the family of a journalist will be right up your fucking Street Jim because you know journalists are the real victims here and it's terrible when when they're made to feel unsafe so we had that and that lack of condemnation sort of again is a it's it's a tacit it's an implicit support of what they're doing there was and again whenever these videos like come up you know if it was a fucking if it was a good bunch of people in marga hats doing this it would be on mainstream news networks I think that's undeniable given that we've literally seen CNN track people down for making memes or belonging to Facebook pages like when they turned up outside that old woman's house which fucking boomer isn't signed up to some embarrassing fucking like you know and evacs you know just some fucking gibberish just because they're idiots and they fucking went to their fucking house and fucking you don't know you're signed up to a completely fake Russian Facebook page and she's like why am i on the news why is there a camera crew it's a mouse a little old lady it's ridiculous but yeah they yeah there was this story where again in Portland there was there was a big protest against this is when the abolish ice hashtag was turning and everything was oh and the they were calling a black man if I remember rightly I think he got called the n-word multiple times in the video so obviously I can't play it on Twitch but this was the only this was just the there is small local publication ran this small small local publication when a story on it didn't say anything about it I just didn't blow up at all and again it seemed it seems to me this is this is something worth documenting and talking about that's all it's a it's a it's the BBC of course they they waded in and they wanted a fucking let everybody know that I'm teef is actually good and it's you know not nothing or worried about with the seven things you need to know about auntie fur and again in the same way that modern neo-nazis have very little you know if anything to do with the World War two nazis they talk about the 1920s and 1930s anti-fascist movement and think about what they were actually doing and how dangerous it was and they say well auntie first started in the nineteen twenties in the 1930s and and then it been then it sprung up again and had a resurgence in the 80s and it's like no these things these things are not fuckin connected these things are not connected the people who were fighting fascism in the twenties and thirties risked their fucking lives they were brave they didn't just put on a fucking mask and hit somebody because they had a trump supporting on you know it's not the same just in case you were wrong you know you were struggling with it how do you pronounce auntie fur if you wanted to talk about it over tea how does one pronounce auntie fur and you can see according to Bray the guy who wrote the anti-fascist handbook which this is plugging there are multiple different pronunciations in the United States most people say and teeth and Tifa like I'm seeing it now in Europe it's sometimes referred to as aunty far which Bray believes has been influenced by the Italian word anti-fascism oh he says auntie fur but doesn't correct people who pronounce it differently how very noble of him why do they all dress in black you know what I mean like what is this what are we talking about it this is a group of people in masks on the fucking streets like attacking people under the guise of like smashing the fascist system we've fucking create why do they all dress in black it's so you know to a certain degree this like really so it takes to Bob out of it and kind of like normalizes this idea that a group that has by various law enforcement agencies around the world and called a terrorist organization is is it's perfectly fine it's benign it's nothing to worry about have you seen them on the streets if you're not a fascist why would you be afraid and you know we've seen clips of them actually like beating up somebody and then going wait wait wait you look like a Nazi though and it's like now I've just got your hair like thanks for punching me in the face really appreciate that you're the good guys so you're not even a real journalism that's right what was the other stuff that was just a ton of this like over the years yeah so yeah like and weird publications were sort of do it doing this Teen Vogue I don't understand like teenagers have changed a lot evidently because Teen Vogue um you know they bring stories like fucking how to enjoy anal sex more and I'm like what what like I was pretty out there for a fucking team but Jesus like you know like what fucking haircuts to have what bands to listen to you know like not fucking I would have hit two dicks in there like this fucking mental like what this isn't this isn't suitable for teens come on but Teen Vogue journalist Kim Kelly he like wrote this article like what the media gets wrong about antifa now keep in mind the media weren't getting anything wrong wink wink it was all very positive about the the coverage it was positive right from the get-go because it it actually helps the media's narrative right if the orange ran bad fascists are in power the anti-fascists are on the street fighting fascism there's been a problem in America you know there actually has been this rise of fascism so I thank God that we've got an auntie for out there and a rise of anti-fascism too and instead of observing that this is a problem of labeling and really what we what we have at the crux of the issue is we're just fucking tribal and polarized we just tribalistic an polarized in a way we haven't been polarized for a long time to the point where it's again I saw another article just the other day what was it fucking my my I told my friend you can have the make America great again hat or you can have me and they chose the Hat and it said of course they did she sound like an insufferable Bell and so yeah Teen Vogue what the media gets wrong about on t for this is a pretty long basically justification of violence because it the the author evidently believes the idea that there is a fascist group rising to power before our eyes and look this is not a time for civility this is a time for action and they talk about how bad it is that an T forget doxed you know that somebody will film them and get their face and then there'll be some real life consequences which by the way listen I hate the way that social media is used to constantly like hey look there's somebody you know they're there at a pro-israel March so and they say on the same weekend not ten Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces so let's get them and you're like fuck you know there was one the other day from the the fourth of July thing where a woman took the sign and only saw the picture of the azure for the the dead the dead man with the dead kid facedown in a river and they tried to get into America and they died and she had that on a on a sign saying caution and she she got filmed with it and she was smiling in the picture she didn't know she was having a picture taken and Twitter which by the way they were supposed to doing this on Twitter raised against her fucking in terms of Terms of Service they were going find this woman look and I look at it and then somebody had actually interviewed her and she was protesting Trump I'm protesting the regime and she took that fine to show the flippancy with which this dead immigrant and his dead child was treated but I didn't stop I didn't stop the mob trying to ruin her life that's that's where we're fucked social media get off it I would you know I'd have nothing would I if I if I surrendered my audience but for all you functional people get off just get off it so yeah Teen Vogue like no it's quite sad that the auntie forget get held accountable for their actions The Daily Beast they did the classic of the the army that there was some leaked army documents from the defense from the Department of Defense in the US and what they said there was basically that like anti-fur were you know that they were they were a joke they were they were out there attacking people you know but then they concluded they didn't really pose a threat right so but that was that was deemed to be all the American military are repeating talking points uttered by racists and went wink the American military's racist America's racist the fascists the fascist totalitarian happening is here this dis this will stop strobe and eventually like holy fucking shit how many ads that they fuckin putting on The Daily Beast these fucking days each flash is an ad each flash is an ad it's miracle all the fucking ads is he still going it's still going oh fuck right okay new rule archived only for Daily Beast okay new rule will implement that industry so anyway this was their word they found some documents and where they talked about how an Tifa were increasingly violent I think that's a fair statement I think that's observable but they concluded that the group poses no threat to the military because of course they don't because you know sucker punching a fucking 72 year-old man in the back of the head might make you feel like a big man but the reality is that the military improbably is a little bit tougher than you all things told but but this was this was the again the daily beast had to come out and they used anonymous quotes from an T for activists and see if your auntie antifascist that just means your fascist so if your auntie auntie fur you don't like what I'm T for doing it means you are a fascist the question that arises is why is the US federal government casually using a term originating in neo-nazi circles said an anonymous source that just so happens to completely line up with our thought process on this particular issue and keep in mind as well that this story came out from ProPublica which is the brainchild of louise mensch somebody who still maintains russia hacked the election somebody who still maintains that this Russian agents and Trump is one of them somebody who literally said my sources have told me Steve Bannon will be getting the death penalty for treason and I take no joy in reporting this how's that working out for you Louise you might wanna fucking lay off that sniff will be my fucking you know he's in a real journalism that's right my wanna lay off cause you better relapse so there was that there was but but here's what's interesting hands up in the chat if you heard about this story because again I don't want to be one of the guys who's like look at all the videos out there cuz it's all manipulated bullshit right like you are fed you are fed whatever the fuck they decide that thinks they can win you over will feed you and you never try and sift through it all and we're all susceptible and even a wily old fucking journalist like me who likes to think you can see through the bullshit in the lies they get me sometimes to friend knows it so don't be ashamed the the the best thing you can do is disseminate as much information as possible and take a stance based on all the evidence you've been able to find and sometimes even when you've gone about great lengths you'll still be wrong because that's the fucking rigged game the truth it's did the fuck the truth right the truth is that we can't afford the truth we've got two sides that believe only their way will save society save civilization save the planet there can be no room for the truth when the stakes are this high guys so even the media are just fucking lying everyone's lying everyone is running game so sometimes small lies white lies lies that don't really matter sometimes lies by omission sometimes huge unbelievable lies I'm actually working on a video I'm scripted in a video right now called the media lies right it's gonna be part of a series it's gonna be like four parts it's gonna be so bad I've like literally since 2016 took all of the big examples of just flagrant media lying it took me forever there's so many of them it's not even like how it used to be ten years ago where would be like if one if a network got a story wrong it was a scandal anyway hands up if you heard this story if you will do it properly so here it is this is the story this is from Philadelphia from Philly mag not known Fanny Pope political persuasion one way or the other right and it's two Marines who got assaulted by an Tifa so two US Marine Corps reservists got attacked because they were walking past a We the People rally and basically armed Tifa it's worth mentioning as well Hispanic gentleman told they always fucking like when I'm tea for fuck's up they always fuck up bad it was like when they burn that fucking limousine and it belong to like a fucking Muslim immigrant who'd come America and it was like his entire livelihood they always fuck up big right but anyway Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres were basically assaulted by an Tifa people while they're in public and and they tried to explain to them like we are just Marines and we have nothing to do with any of this and we're just walking past and and the anti-fog people who assaulted them kept saying you're proud boys you're proud boys though you're proud boys you're in the OLT right proud boys and the marine said I didn't know what the proud boys even meant so we had two military two Hispanic military people beaten up in public by an Tifa this story did not make any of the mainstream popular media publications why so can't show hands who heard who heard about this story cuz don't you think two Hispanic fucking military people being beaten up by a group now imagine two Hispanic Marines beaten up by two people wearing marga hats I think we're still hearing about this story today so my entire point of this little segment here which I know it makes it look like I am a fascist sympathizer and I'm super down I'm fucking antifa is just to say that the mainstream media have definitely done a good job of running covering fucking fire for antifa let's not pretend that they're being like condemned now and it's always it's been so tough for them and the media's actually playing Trump's game and all this no no fucking way they've done some reprehensible stuff members aren't even again I am NOT condemning the entire anti-fascist movement because I'll never do I'll never do that to any movement with it you know if you've got lunatics in your fucking group right you got to weed them out and you eat them out by having a more structured approach like wow why'd y'all have to wear masks if you're not doing anything fucked up like real talk I went on so many protests when I was a when I was younger I went on so many protests I've been on marches I stood up to the fucking people coming into Birmingham and trying to fucking you know EDL BMP I never wore a mask to do it never never had to why what am I doing wrong but I see your fucking skin and attacking a Muslim and now I'll waiting and give them some digs I'll but fucking I'll bet dollars to fucking doughnuts like a cops gonna be like yeah I'm not open now fucking piece of shit fuck him give him the digs I'm alright with that I don't think anyone's gonna convict me even if it went to court so what more wearing a mask for you guys be on the other hand a beaten up fucking off-chip of chewy fucking military reservists Hispanic no less and you're wearing masks and you beaten up Hispanic babe I I don't know that kinda sounds like trumps America to me but your auntie fer it's ridiculous so um III wanted to I just wanted to frame that because it's important to know you're not even a real journalism how we get to this that's right story oh not the content why it kicked off as badly as it did so oh and there was the other classic thing just in the spirit again of shit that's absolutely outrageous was it this one you know what I got you know I got to show you this I'm not I'm not fucking going anywhere phone this one yes yes yes yes Brian Fallon did this a few people made the same tweet actually made me wonder if it was fucking if it was fucking planned like he was like because we have to remember out Chris Cuomo is his brother is a democratic fucking politician who actually has ties 24 to a certain degree would bring that up in the second leg to leave we're doing this chronologically but this tweet went around and a few people did this so Chris Cuomo again the CNN anchor said let's not forget and it's anti-fascist disrupting a large gathering of white supremacist and it's the d-day landings this is so fucking beyond the pale to me again I fucking cannot stand Americans that play fast and loose with this shit I cannot I fucking cannot because if you know anything about what went down on fucking d-day and you know you might have watched some of the movies those fucking boats with the with the flip down fucking doors you got fucking just pinged you just got fucking mowed down he's got fucking absolutely obliterated and if if you were lucky you could use your fucking friends there's a fucking human sandbag to fucking get out on the fucking beach and the water in the fucking sand was just red with his shit just fucking dozens of kids fucking killed will machine guns right and I'm supposed to fucking think in my mind that these cunts were running around the mask sucker punching people know anything about sacrifice to the same fucking degree if fucking sickens me and I'm not even a patriot or a nationalist and I'm anti-war but fuck me come on read the fucking room it's fucking unbelievable there's a fucking descendant of an actual veteran of an actual World War two veteran fucking hero it is so ghastly to compare auntie fur to the d-day landings the funny thing is is well Chris Cuomo denied he made that comparison how on earth am I supposed to read how on earth am I supposed to read that tweet but what's it what's interesting is as I said a few people made this same tweet and about the times of the d-day anniversary now you might have heard a Brian fowl and Brian Fallon is a former aide he very well known in democratic circles he was an aide to Hillary Clinton he was an aide to Chuck Schumer identical tweet like identical tweet also confronted the Nazis without a permit and you're like yeah let me know when the fucking Nazis in Portland are entrenched on a fucking hell with a fucking machine gun and they're mowing down dozens of brave auntie for super soldiers charging at them trying desperately to just call them with the dead so we can finally fucking rid ourselves of this global scourge how fucking dare you it's fucking I don't even get offended that's fucking outrageous that's out fucking rages anyway I'll put my right wing snowflake hurry away let's talk about why this blew up because you might have heard about this and this is like quill axe no quill at has a reputation of being a right-wing publication and in the sense that it publishes people with right-wing ideas but you have to remember it's trying to be a throwback to it's trying to be a throwback to back there was a time where you could be like a contrarian or somebody was argumentative somebody who didn't go with the mainstream and you could hold ideas that word you know they weren't radical they might have been offensive but you could hold those ideas like for example Christopher Hitchens he'll always do my go to example I it's no secret up on my bookshelf I have everything Hitchens ever wrote I I think he was an incredible writer I think he was incredible talent I think it was an incredible mind and I fundamentally disagreed with loads of shit I fundamentally described loads of things he said and did fundamentally like with with his support for the Iraq war unbelievable to me that a man that intelligent a man who profess to be on a war can justify a fake war that killed innocent civilians because it overthrew Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein was a tyrant he was an awful beast but he was he was a beast that was created by the America that Hitchens loved so much and he effectively apologized for that right crazy crazy down a man that intelligent so bright would support that war and I didn't like the pony when he wrote that article where is uh why women aren't funny and he tried to proffer an anthropological explanation of why women can't do comedy and why no woman can be funny which you know look there are funny of female comedians that's not even up for debate and I think trying to draw like inferences and trends and stuff I admit we're all different I think a broad stroke statement why women aren't funny is is pretty ignorant and it was begging and yeah you guys get in the chat it was a article yeah I'm just designed to be incendiary and trolling but wasn't it nice that back then you could write an article like that and you didn't get called an alright misogynist and and and II platformed instantly cuz Hitchens would be would be banned now you understand it Hitchens for his view of him Pro Iraq war anti Islam and writing an article that says women aren't funny he would be de platformed there would be no there would be no Hitchens we wouldn't we we would we would go to see his tweets they wouldn't be there we go to his Facebook page it would be deleted Hitchens would not be part of the global social media conversation anymore no chance no chance but there was there was a time there was a time where people of different beliefs you know like say Galloway and Hitchens used to clash all the time and they could come together and they could like write articles at these publications and the publications would run them all and it was like if you just wanted to go and just read something like exciting spicy interesting brave bold you could go to certain publications and find them New Statesman used to be like that before it went super lefty slate used to be one if you can even fucking believe that and they don't exist anymore and they're not allowed to exist anymore and koala is trying to be that now I should have brought this up earlier Andy no actually he actually said that there was some truth to not phrenology but the idea that skull measurement scandalous things about about people yeah I know I know it's fucking brutal it's so brutal but this is what I mean no one holistically no like somebody can be a victim and be a piece of shit and I'm not saying I need is a piece of shit I just think he's an idiot I think his life experiences have been formed that idiocy so I'm trying to to understand it and being an idiot last time I checked not a cause to being a solid battery so Collette has got this reputation as being this you know right-wing publication this Nazi rag and it's not it's just trying to be a throwback but that such of the times but they've published some articles on him just like this is terrible but one of the things they did there was this Twitter account and it was run by a guy who will talk to in a minute and he wanted to explore the connections between these journalists and the ante for movement and why it is that antifa was getting all of this unbelievable praise again hilarious TiVo journalist saying oh the media again get all wrong about antifa meanwhile every article is an excuse or an explanation nobody thinks anything about having that ante for handbook by the way still sold on Amazon meanwhile bookstores are banning mine camp which listen it's a it's a super important historical book fucking you don't have to agree with the historical books you don't have to but you don't burn them get home anyway so they ran this article that basically was an exploration of the data that suggested there were a lot of connections between an t4 and these journalists and the mainstream media and everything else and this is it here it's not your imagination the journalist writing about auntie for often they're cheerleaders and again Andy no features prominently in this this is the dataset basically it sort of shows the connection of you know journalists that are kind of writing positively about auntie fur and why it's going on I'll reach of the and this is based on social media so I'll read you the I'll just read you how they created this so you can because looking at that doesn't tell you much so anyway in October 2018 my research partner and I decided to investigate the truth of the impression of the King learn you know the connection between the journals on TV by using a mix of Network mapping and linguistic analysis to see which prominent journalists who covered auntie fur also were closely connected to leading auntie for figures on social media so one of the things that you'll find is like that you know the journalists that are out there going no no no and teef is fine it's all fine it's like wait you follow all these certain members of antifa this is kind of like a comedy this is a complex of interest is what we call it in the business you know and in the same way that if a journalist was saying no no no no like Donald Trump dumb Donald Trump's you know cabinet is fine and then it's like this journalist was seen coming up at Donald Trump's house at like 4:00 a.m. covered in pain you know you you you have some fucking questions wouldn't you you got some fucking questions anyway we then inspected the ante for related stories that the journalists had written we create a dataset of 50 8250 for ante Ferranti for Associated Twitter accounts based on the follower or based on the follows of 16 verified ante forc'd accounts using a software tool that analyzed the number and nature of connections associated with each individual account we winnowed is that a word fuck I've never heard that word we winnowed the 50 8250 for ante for auntie for Associated Twitter accounts down to 962 this represents a core group of twitter users who were connected in overlapping ways to the most influential and widely followed auntie four figures of these nine hundred and sixty-two accounts 22 were found to be verified which 15 were journalists regularly work with national level news outlets it should be stressed that journalists closed social media engagement with any particular group should not be seen as incriminating per se many journalists following even interact with all manner of figures online neither on a personal curiosity professional interest or even as it means they're developing sources you know that's why I like follow 6000 people on Twitter and everyone goes your timeline must be a mess and yes it absolutely is but my DMS are fuckin stripe fire in identifying this group of 15 journalists whose engagement with antifreeze especially intense our goal was not to accuse them of bias out of hand rather to identify them for further study is to determine whether or not there was any overall correlation between the level of their online engagement 94 in the manner by which these journalists treat and i'm Tifa in their published journalism the correlation turned out to be half of all 15 verified national of a journalist in our subset we couldn't find a single article by any of them that was critical of aunty fir in any in all cases their work in this area consisted primarily of downplaying auntie pylons while advancing auntie for talking points and in some cases quoting auntie for extremists as if they impartial experts these journalists include for instance Kadokawa self-identified proudly and a fascist gonzo journalist cringe is fucked by the way and I say that as somebody who's fuckin gaming name used to be fuckin gonzo so trust me if you call Java gonzo journalist first of all except you know hunter as Thompson he was a one-off he was a genius he'd fucking hate you too you don't even practice gonzo journalism because gonzo journalism was so antithetical to what objective journalism was and don't me wrong I'm not saying you do objective journalism but what gonzo journalism was that you inserted yourself into the story and became part of the story through the means of reporting on it and it was done in a very off curved and aloof and erratic fashion that's all gonzo journalism is you are not that you are a blogger you know blog blogging cunt would be a better a better label anyway whose work often reads like an FAQ that one might find on a 94 website in one piece for instance he wrote that protesters wear masks so that they may create a sense of you this is fucking real dude that they wore masks because that they may create a sense of unity and I've got to do it you know no one kid who I was till I put on the mask to create a sense of unity and you think this gives you control over me mainstream media so it was to create a sense of unity and common purpose nothing to do i new identity folks it's about it's just a uniform relaxed and common purpose as they protect other activists from attacks by police and fascists another article is bluntly in somewhat ominously titled nonviolent activists must never work with police Patrick Strickland another journalist among the group 15 specializes in reporting on the far-right in Europe notably Greece his book alert alert alert that alert snapshots of Europe's anti-fascist struggle has a blurb written by mark Bray um that gun again author Avanti for the anti-fascist handbook which reads as a fascist darkness descends over Europe Patrick Strickland and covers the bars squats fight clubs and street corners where resistance burns brightest oh yes because nothing says our cause is righteous more than squatting in other people's property and fight clubs each page of his journey breathes with the tumultuous struggles of brave anti-fascists who risk imprisonment assault and even death to take a stand unlike O'Connell Strickland presents himself as a serious mainstream journalist and has written for The New Republic and Politico as of his as of this writing he's listed an Al Jazeera's website is a senior producer files using why didn't these people have a problem with Qatar by the way any any EO able answer that because Qatar is pretty fucking evil and it's using literal slave labor I just don't understand why anybody would want to you know be like hey I'll take I'll take the Qatari money banks on a principal person a more prominent example is Jason Wilson a Portland based writer for The Guardian one of his recent articles focused on a u.s. Regional Intelligence report whose authors concluded that on t4 in the far right share responsibility for street violence experts say the report mischaracterizes the dynamics of the street violence Wilson complained one of Wilson's main experts in the piece it turned out was none other than the ante for handbook author mark Bray who predictably denounced the report contents as ludicrous in fact Bray makes regular appearances in Wilson's articles soldiers follow Portland resident and Eco extremists Alec eco extreme Alexander read Ross who regularly writes fronty for publications such as the it's going down anarchist news I was it was it's going down that organized it took a Carlson thing if I remember rightly in another column for The Guardian this one about the 2018 occupy ice protest important that was the one where that black police officer got racially abused called the n-word by antifoam because obviously well you work for you work for the police you work for I so it judge okay now to be racist we we feel so strongly about white to primacy will happily call a black police officer the n-word because it's really caught or what belief systems and we're not just you know look I want to tell you a guys an anecdote and it stuck with me and I think it's the most profound and way to explain antiva right because as you know I used to be a fuckin lefty I used to be a being all sorts of shit I look back and I cringe a little bit right now one of the things I would I don't really cringe about it it's questionable but hunt saboteurs right some of y'all motherfuckers won't know about this fox hunt now Fox huntin is it's literally what it sounds like basically in certain parts of Britain it used to be the case that rich people would get up on horses like little little and they'd make it a bunch of dogs right and they would go after a fox on the premise that it was pest control and they would ride and ride and ride and ride and chase the Fox until it got side and the dogs eventually got it and then the the Fox will get torn apart by the dogs and then they'll go over and they'll take the blood of the Fox and they'll put it on the face the young hunters that were there and that's getting blooded and all of that stuff so fox hunting I didn't like this when I was younger I mean I don't like it now I don't like cruelly to animals but I'm a fucking meteor so we're gonna reconcile a lot bullshit you know like early new animals well how do you think you snake that's on your plate yep I know I get it and I get the hypocrisy it's fine okay but I fucking love steaks and what the fuck am I gonna do so I used to go on fox hunting Sabbath cause hunt saboteurs because I lived in an area where where these cunts were doing this shit and it was pretty heavy like it sits in arguably a criminal act what people used to do first of all you would get pheromone sprays and this would fuck with the dog's ability to track the scent so this was one way of doing it in kind of a you know benign fashion but generally what we would do is we would fucking scare the horses we would throw fucking stones the fucking guys on the horses you know you would you would do whatever you had to do a disrupted some I'm sure it was violent in nature and I remember I remember talking to a fucking saboteur one time while we were like bedded down waiting for a fucking horses to go past some kind I didn't know and he was like some swampy looking motherfucker you know or crusty is fucked red Xena and I said to him like you know fucking how did you um you know how did you get into all of Aysen you know cuz I live locally you know I see these guns all the time and he just said like um you know I'll be honest with you me I don't give a fuck about foxes but when else am I gonna get a chance to throw rocks at rich people and it always stayed with me that it always stayed with me cuz I think I think there was a lot of people who hunt saboteurs who were doing it for that way it was it was it was a it was part it was an extension of class war it was nothing to do right okay you know that got that geezer next to me in the fuckin trench by the side of the field Fox to him as a ginger rat which obviously makes it worse than a rat doesn't it because it's ginger I love redheads so I'm just kidding just playing with you he doesn't care about the Fox he cares about getting one over on fucking the wealthy bourgeois cunts so that to me is what the majority of auntie fur is I think I think they're angry about stuff I think that I think a lot of it goes back to class and disenfranchisement and I think they create this fucking fantasy in their mind like you know fucking Jonathan Pryce in Brazil where there are fascists everywhere for them or attack and they use anti for as the means for getting now this frustration I think I think the the phenomenon I got to observe as a young man you know stop trying to stop fox hunting hearing that anecdote I think that taught me a lot anyway Wilson quoted local activist Louie Marquez to the effect that I think this occupation is a beautiful thing a wonderful thing he's got the Trump he's got the Trump linguistics doesn't he it's a beautiful thing it's a wonderful thing we got the best every single person here is a hero Marquez is in fact a prominent and Tifa leader in Portland and it's been arrested on numerous occasions Jewish militant behavior he's actually in some of the videos from this and II know stuff including alleged theft and assault it's anyway I won't read you the full article but basically qualit run this piece where it was a data set that proved that there were connections between journalists and antifa this is a head of Andino going to Portland and you know is an editor aqua let you hopefully you can start figuring this out now how the pieces are all coming together for this video well the guy who created the dataset and qualit themselves started getting attacked for running this article which nobody could find anything that disproved any of the statements in the article what people are upset about was well you kind of you're kind of saying that they're the bodies you know how come antique for me the bodies it's in their name and t fascist so so what are you doing here so you had that guy like nathan bernhard seriously mentally ill man posing as a journalist but you know there's there's there's there's a few out there who would just click like they have real problems and people should ignore them I never like bringing up that guy's ship but anyway there was a another article got brought up can we can we fit this in yeah baby yeah uh and it was this was the guy who published the article and call that and he talked about the smear campaign that came out because they said he was a troll they said he couldn't be trusted they said he was a liar he said his data was flawed and this was going mainstream so he did a blog here called how they ruined you inside a smear campaign run by activists and journalists so he said him in a recent article for qualifies nted the results of a study looking into the concerning relationships between auntie for a national level journalists this was never the sum total of anything I had set out to do but simply a consequence of separate academic research had conducted into the left-wing radical group but as expected directly after publishing my article there was an immediate and coordinated backlash from those same journalists mentioned in the report for me this experience demonstrates an ideal example of how these groups cooperate to target dissenters my initial threat on Twitter which had published on May 15th mapped out the relationships between 15 Twitter verified journalists from publications such as Ivan impose the Guardian and CNN and it was met with days of derision and abuse from auntie fur accounts on Twitter Jason Wilson of the Guardian and one of the chief examples and outlined in my study we just read that mop mop me and said getting lots of traction with this thread I see best laugh I've had in a very long time can I ask what your PhD was on and indeed this guy does have deserve a PhD we'll get to that in a second it wasn't until red state P PJ Media and qualit picked up my research that the mockery and abuse quickly turned into character assassination and suppression two days after the thread was published I was asked to appear on al Jazeera's flagship political show Inside Story on an unrelated issue I even asked to come on the show and speak about the exceptionally important Christ sure it's called action a multi government or commitment to eliminate terrorist violence an online-based extremist content it was an important subject for me and the show went well surely after filming to produce a message meet say how proud she had been of the panel there's the message there not too long after excitedly phoning my family in Ireland see if they had watched the show I realized that had been taken down from Al Jazeera's YouTube page and removed from their homepage I contacted the show's producer have been so pleased with the show the producer indicated that she had received an email from Luke O'Brien of the Irvington Post who had made very serious allegations about me being on the far right she also noted that Michael Hayden had written a tweet to al-jazeera stating that I ran an alts account whose primary schtick is the mock feminists and immigrants and you see here al Jazeera pop prog dad on TV is an expert on extremism his primary schtick is the mock feminists and immigrants by pretending to be a social justice warrior who exactly booked this show I did indeed run a political satire account called Prague dad TV I used to follow Prague dad by the way so I know this is a legit thing that was pretty funny and it ran it from November 2017 to August 2018 with a few sporadic appearances thereafter it was intended to spoof modern outraged culture across the political spectrum and managed to build a fan base in doing so I even managed to gain praise from leading comedian Joe Rogan who said he found the satyr hilarious on his popular podcast my biggest hit is Prague dad mr. prank it was a prank which took aim at vegans a duck heart in a kinder egg spoof intended to start a conversation on ethical meat consumption with a small child and this went virus viral on Christmas Day Prague dad is never abusive it was never racist never criticized immigrants women or religious minorities it was a parody intended to mock the ridiculous tone-deaf attitudes of white upper-middle class progressives that have become the hallmark of that demographic and you guys all know theirs one thing he can't criticize it's those fucking blue cheque white upper-class progressives you can't you get banned always I found it interesting that Michael Hayden claim that Prague dad was a racist sexist account not just satire when he and I directly interacted at one point and he told me how funny found Prague dad after I pranked him there's that screenshot there he said law you got me dude she'll play that mall okey but definitely one of the better trolls I've seen for a little bit full admiration of your trolling ability and I mean I am legitimately impressed here why didn't you commit longer I found it more interesting that Michael Hayden claimed and let you maintain that Prague dad was a racist sexist account when in later conversations I informed it directly that I was an extremism researcher and I was using Prague dad as a vehicle for research in too far the far right you're not even a realtor no prob dad had begun as a spoof and it's generally a lot of a genuinely a lot of fun I spent more time online and I was able to pinpoint is small but noticeable function of followers who interact with my post not out of comedic enjoyment but hate they hated people on the left very lonely and I put on my professional hat became interested in developing a set of interventions to prevent some of these people from drifting into extremism Haydn interviewed me in mid 2018 these fucking guys and though I was worried to break cover and put my far-right research at risk I did let him know my intentions were proud that he said hey give you the last question when he said well we're not too far apart in this regard I started out doing YouTube videos for comedy I didn't really foresee the degree with which I would become a bit of a cult hit with the far right being invited into chats to give me a heck of an insight and the types of characters that are there and going on this this is my interest in my real life job looking at the profiles of extremists and looking at interventions that might stop a lot of these especially younger ones sliding so far right that I have no doubt the journalist who is now condemning him and calling him fucking right-wing okay I'm good here you really helped me out which is really interesting no worries good chatting and I waited to talk to you in a future about something working on my big reason for still being here it's not about Prague dad but extremism and working on those interventions yeah you really dimension interventions didn't you so why did he only two days after my Twitter thread on connections between the media 94 suddenly contact al-jazeera and misrepresent the prog that account who we knew damn well to be satire and who he knew was my research vehicle why did he suddenly deny finding humorous what urged him to instead discredit me and conflate Prague dad the satirical account with n Lenihan the researcher it only got worse on Friday morning three days after my threat on journalists 74 I received conversational and unsolicited DM from Luke O'Brien telling me he'd contacted the producer al Jazeera I was confused O'Brien knew Hayden I don't know shared information on my background that's right Luke O'Brien isn't well then how shall we proceed did you can allow to zero I've sent an email positive or negative lay the producer texted me and stated that O'Brien and said he covers nationalists neo-nazis fascists in Islamophobes and he told us you are one of those extremists so more messages here this is from another Huffington Post reporter he covers nationalist neo-nazis fuckin neo-nazi fighters in the slammer folks said you wanted extremist The Post reporter also says you about numerous other accounts that you used to troll and harass people you work with an alt right harassment crew called of the shed and they are deeply racist homophobic in Islamophobic some are also AM e somatic he replied part of our exchange last night where Matthew Hayden realized that we had spoken over a year ago and while I was undercover and I told him about my intentions he realized they did tell him at the time and he said he would email you let you know while I was explaining myself to out the al-jazeera producer about the O'Brien accusations I was in contact with Hayden who I believed to have some decency base in his position at the SPLC that Southern Poverty lost him and that's going down the fucking toilet because of all their bullshit and I'm not in friendly history Charlie Prague dad even though he had reservations about my act I asked him after remaining with previous conversations to intervene him help me I gave him the produces email and he agreed to contact them I felt relieved but I was quickly washed away when I found out they used the opportunity the trust I had placed in him to lie this is him asking the Al Jazeera producer did he did he send you anything positive about me Al Jazeera producer he did the complete opposite he discredited you he misrepresented me in Prague dad to Al Jazeera the producer was explicit that he had taken the opportunity I had given him providing him with a personal information of the producer to discredit me fortunately for me al Jazeera had a level of professional integrity these journalists did not try to invite me to the panel they'd already fed my experience –all expertise and now they demanded evidence from Haydn and O'Brien and back up their accusations well you're asking journalists for evidence these days your mind al Jazeera anyway she confirmed that O'Brien never produced any evidence Haydon produced two pieces of what he called evidence the first being three links to the daily stormer when famous neo-nazi website which had featured Prague dad links at various points in time Prague dad did appear in The Daily stormer understand by the way the daily storm it does this fucking thing where it like trolls a daily storm or has been they did run positive stories on Ilhan Omar all right because that that's what they fucking do they're garbage Prague dad did appear in a daily storm you're spared in several Polish newspapers the Pope the pluralist of an imposed pj media and Joe Rogan the second piece evident evidence from Hayden is far more absurd he provided a tweet from a trans Paul who Hayden referred to as an overt white supremacist the tweet stated that Prague dad had been banned from Twitter as part of a spoof campaign to stage bleed ins in public pools across America this is this is the bleeding's about the whole free bleeding movement that's not fortune anyway this is untrue which could have been confirmed at any time Prague dad had been suspended for mocking a literal white supremacist the Lucid hurricane acts this individual was so vile that he was later banned from gab a free speech platform with very liberal standards on speech for doxing a liberal activist in his only two pieces of evidence for his allegations that I am a right-wing extremist Hayden could not produce a single tweet by me a on Lenihan or Prague that demonstrating any suppose of affinity proud dad was satire he was meant to be ludicrous and absurd and he parodied privileged white extreme progressives in the social media outreach merchants for whom new parody accounts popping up like four-leaf clovers he was not extreme or coming from a place of hate and Hayden knew that still he attempted to undermine my reputation through slanderous guilt by association claims and misrepresented what he knew Prague dad to be it's anyway they show some other connections here and some other evidence some other connections they sent some stuff to the Daily Caller and then if I remember rightly yeah that's actually in but yet basically it ends it says any statement suggesting have no connection to these organizations at fam'ly tree require media filtration so this is what happened to a guy who was just a parody account you'll notice as well has been some notable power of parody accounts and been banned on Twitter the aoc press corps account that got fucking banned outta nowhere right like because we can't criticize her you know and and and prog dad got banned for arguing with white supremacist kind of similar at the time soglin's and gay porn interracial gay porn a trigger T to trigger all right people that were you know going after him it's just ridiculous but this is all linked because Quiller and Andino were now fucking targeted because when his got deleted quill that basically picked up run that article and this is the torch paper and the know knew something was going it was going to happen because ahead of time he said this he said I'm nervous the day before the assault I am nervous about tomorrow's Portland antifa rally they're promising physical confrontation and have singled me out to be assaulted and when I took a Carlson last year to explain why I think they're doing this the seeking meaning through violence and let me bring up the thing here you can see Oregon City probably blah blah blah blah local far-right Islamophobic you know participate in the Patriots rare and proud boys attack on side a riot on May 1st 2019 so he was named in it and then and and then this is just also something from from the Antibes we realized that there are many valid reasons why people cannot engage in physical confrontation although the moral one right no there are plenty of other ways to help be a medic stand together with others to create shield that people can duck behind after assaulting somebody create a distraction go watch out for cops use your imagination there are any number of creative things that can be done to help but we all must work together to defeat the rising tide of fascism is in the u.s. it is important we leftists of all stripes stand in solidarity we encourage people to come out and show their opposition in whatever capacity they can and definitely help people commit random acts of violence because that's fine anyway so and ii know knew there was some shit gonna go down and i think i can show you the video of the assault I can't show you some of the other stuff cuz there's blood but I'll show you the video video of Andy and you know being beaten up let me just find this the one that's the aftermath all right I'm have to go at my Twitter likes her man I've got some fucking unbelievable fucking likes dude I have some unbelievable likes it's fucking out of control I gotta get a grip of myself we need to do a Richard Lewis oh I gotta get fucking sound back in there's just too much crazy shit going on right this is the I got a fucking porn star doing the you know this Paul fucking bald cap challenge that everyone's doing I have a porn star literally doing it with his penis he literally that's number one he fucking does it big time anyway yeah I get some fucking fucking video don't have to do it though yeah I can't show that one obviously I'm fucking what was that one oh yeah here Biden guy whose head got fucking bust open and we're getting close to doing it is this the video no that's another journalist Ben being a banty for it's a guy wearing some gauntlets it's another guy getting kicked in on the floor that's a fucking Bollywood video of just muscle-bound Indians doing kung fu' fuck I've got problems dude what else can I say you're real fucking problems that's some Tariq in the shade bringing him back democratic debate people accusing I went through all those likes and I haven't even found the original video is this oh yeah yeah here we go this is actually so this shouldn't violate twitch tos there's no blood there's no gore it's just someone getting fucking punched so just in case well you get it together pretty quick that's Andy the journalist right in the blue t-shirt he's in typical attire for doing this job which is he puts a big backpack on a those spare batteries and cameras and everything else and he has a body cam and he's usually filming with his phone and what what a media immediately stood out is like a lot of people will come all the lies in the bullshit that came out in the aftermath of this both sides in him and it but a lot of people were trying to like make it out that he just got milkshake even though the video clearly shows someone giving him repeated digs in the face so see alright similes it there's a kick another kick egg all right and then he walked off me so just in case you missed the actual right there's a kick punch taking a punch here there's boom boom [Applause] yet fuck you Andy people still throwing stuff at him and then fucking own bitch so his here's the thing a lot of people really try to play down the violence in that clip and that always used to be the sort of harmless humiliation I just did just to show you just to show you the aftermath just just so you guys know like it definitely did fucking hurt the dude these were the photos that came out from the hospital assume an expert opens them what your cost is not gonna cause it's fucking ex alright here we go I got a patent one anyway show some of the cuts on his ear come on you can do it put your ass into it man I fucking how hard is it just a fucking right this one should do it yes thank you so you can see here you know that's a pretty oh it's a pretty serious contusion to the left eye above and you know the the right eye has a little bit of bruising and stuff that's a cut we can see the ear lobes come away I mean this is quite common if you get again talking from experience a lot of scars on my ears and actually you know one of the reasons my eyebrows kind of fucked up a little bit I have again you can't see it on streem but from just years of headwork you get little cuts and Nick's above the eyebrows one of the things I'll happen is a miss if a punch misses and skims off and it catches the ear well these little bits down here if you have ear lobes not everyone does some people actually that it's fucking weird but there is sort of connected to their head but if you have actual lobes super easy for them to get ripped I got I got scars on my earlobes and this years abuse so this is that that's quite common that's that that's consistent with a scuffed punch you know like you went for somebody's head and you just skimmed and there's this down here again it's just consistent with you know kind of friction from from a forceful blow but you know this is this is the one where you can see you've already got a bit of a hematoma going on in the in the eye you have swelling got a bruise bleeding mark to the eyelid shows it was like very direct very you know a big punch you know I'm not going to go all fuckin CSI on you but this is a guy who was punch pretty fucking hard that was a guy who's playing pretty hard if you start getting if you did the capillaries in you in your eyes pop and you get that like you know what was it he column eight-ball hemorrhages cuz your eye all sort of gobbler after the blood sort of starts to ease off and go rotten the if you get one of them you've been punched pretty fucking hard like pretty hard that's talking from experience it's also science so I think we can see there that it wasn't just sort of harmless fun right that those punches connected and did meaningful damage to him so at this point you would think like fuck it dude like you just gotta fucking come out and condemn it and just say like this is bad like and Ino might be a twat but no what actually happened was and it was interesting because we started to see the divide CNN came out and actually condemned the violence if you if you can believe that given that some of the people it had earlier stances but I think they recognized like shit we've actually been we're a little bit connected to this so let me see if I can find tweets they put out because you know that journalists so they just delete them all the time yeah there was this one so after the video was sort of going viral and trending Jake Tapper CNN came out and did again it's unbelievable ya know right when sit when they the act he actually came out and said on Tifa regularly that journalists and it's reprehensible and he linked other times that journalists had been hit or reports about journalists being it covering an t for events and some of these work for big networks this is not a new thing the system and that's been percolating for a while so Jake Tapper did that and called it out and Brian stole I did too squeaky Brian he fucking came out and called it out right so credit to him he said on his show roll-up reliable sources try not to laugh kids reliable sources he said you know even critics of Andy know should have no problem at all in saying that the assault against him was unacceptable where take a break this is a protest that turned violent against a member of the media in Portland Oregon this weekend conservative journalist Andy know was out there covering rival protests on Saturday and teef on one side right-wing figures on the other side but as the demonstrations classed protesters it appears to be antifa protesters then attacked know he's been out there in the past he's been covering protests in Portland for quite some time his critics say he's there to cause trouble but that's unacceptable the idea that he would be attacked that he would be bloodied in that way unacceptable period and it's important that every make that clear even left-wing critics who don't like him and things like that just uh just want to point something out it's got nothing to do with anything this guy it's like four or five years younger than me and I'm not even in great shape my holy fucking shit holy shit life hit you like a ton of bricks motherfucker what's going on like use my the toughest fucking paper round ever East Maine Easter Easter yeah 33 34 can you believe that yeah oh yeah he's younger than me yeah oh yeah I just always like I look I'm going bald I'm overweight but come on dog this is men all like legit like 42 come on 42 he's got to be at least not dirty 33 so just saying he's out he's I can say this now because I don't work at Turner no more he's at it fucking tough he must about it tough I don't know what he's been doing himself straight catfishing with his profile pic as well like fuck me I know it's easy to forget I'm an old man you know what I mean I mean I'm past the fucking threshold I'm heading into my late thirties now guys I've been around a long time but I think I still look young I think I still got it pink I'm still hip think I'm still cool young at heart I look around for you fuck up don't look anything close to for your mad country talking about fucking talking about I still get asked for ID motherfucker what you talking about fucking bitch slap that fucking xxx flying through a force motherfucking get him fucking come on muds there you go you look like my uncle Easter you know and okay well that's about right you know couple he is on the wrong side but I'll take it I definitely do you ask for idealism in the u.s. you definitely do that's a fact that's right rich doesn't look a day over 21 don't know what any of y'all mean I definitely don't look like I'm pushing 50 this I can tell when there's kids in the fucking audience you don't know what a fucking 50 year old guy looks like cuz you got some fucking the only 50 year old guy that you knows like your fucking dad you got some mad idealized version in your fucking mind about how he's my dad I've been around him all the time he's not even old he's gonna live forever get ready for sadness cunts like fucking mocking people for being all this so fucking dumb like oh you lived long fuck you you know yeah alright let's hope you do the same eh let's hope you make it as far as I did anyway how old is joe rogan getting on nah man he's like late forties he ain't 50 yet he's not 50 Joey 50 no I know chance yeah he's fuckin 51 any fuck looks better than me alright well you know buddies and he's an outlier and he he's a fuckin outlier and he you get cunts like that nothin yeah and he's doing really well for 51 no doubt but you know he looks after himself plus what do you he's talked about it as well as money gonna see he bangs that fuckin human growth hormone in by me like me and Sam when Sam's next out here in Vegas its stem cells stem cells for me I'm getting the fucking stem cells pumped straining let me dog like might do all that shit to bang banging the HGH or he's on fucking TRT as well fucking do it do the trt alright yeah that'll be brilliant yeah Richard needs to be fuckin how you progressive anyway so Jake Tapper even calls it out right from CNN brian Stelter called it out from CNN I think Charlie was L did too my notes are correct Charlie was a lose from the New York Times and we know they fucking don't mind a bit of this ship but he said this doesn't discount the situation is fucked and that violence should be unacceptable but there are also serious risks involved in putting yourself in volatile situations which is true but it didn't invite but it's true but welcome all this stuff but the problem that we then had was because these mainstream fucking journalists had decided to have the audacity to say hey maybe journalists shouldn't be getting beaten up and I'm T for rallies there were people who came out wanted to fucking correct correct Jake Tapper and one of that one of them was there's this guy called fucking Vegas and I'm not even a real journalism he replied no-bake Vegas town xfk and go yes lat vaguest an old apartment about he's got a fucking great name it's the best name I've ever heard since the main villain from the first mission of legendary get a spectrum came laser squad sterner reg Nicks that's a fucking great name but yeah Vegas tan old he said dear Jake a thread and he had dressed the other instances of assaults in his thread which were first of all an egg lobbed into a crowd where a journalist happens to be isn't attacking a journalist you're being silly I would say that if we're agreeing that what would it's not about agreement the law states if you throw food at someone it's it is an assault if you throw an egg into a crowd and it hits a journalist you have assaulted a journalist if you throw a brick into a crowd and it hits somebody on the head who happened to be a journalist she wouldn't go I wasn't trying to assault the journalist that I mean come on fucking you know I threw a brick into a crowd like what the fuck are we doing why why we why are we creating a framework where that's all right second stop your pearl clutching and then so someone swats away a camera rips out a microphone it happens and just so you know in in the other videos that was there it was a fucking journalist tried to put a mic somewhere they tripped it out there was also an instance where a journalist was covering on t first somebody sliced the recording equipment up with a knife I've seen videos of Journal you know there was a journalist it and then Tifa Reilly going way we're back when it was about the whole black lives matter thing and there was a guy who got like really badly as well and then so what he decides to do to just sort of justify and II know being beaten up he says listen I'm at a camera broken by Tea Party members and I'm at a camera drowned in goats blood at a voodoo ceremony you don't hear me griping about violent Midwesterners or Haitians I had a gun pointed at me by a Klansmen I'm in shot at by Israeli security forces and I'm in pelted with rocks in Jerusalem these things happen when you cover volatile situations I don't blame these people I know the risks yo Doug like if you anyone pelted me with rocks I blame them I hundred percent blame the people throw in the rocks I know it's volatile I've been out there covered race riots you know what I mean Doug like I've been there but 100 percent if I get assaulted I blame the person who assaults me I don't blame me looking going out and trying to cover it that's mad like what is that like I understand it's a risk but that's like that's like so fucking crazy that's like the short skirt fallacy it's so fucking unreasonable also clearly you don't understand what auntie fur is they don't hold bi-weekly meetings when they discuss their relationship with the media they are people like you and me some addicts some on some don't like journalists some do and then this is the most ironic fucking tweet ever get ready guys this is gonna fucking seriously if you're allergic to irony to turn off my screen go if you have an irony allergy right now you will die this will kill you he says maybe if you stopped lumping people together and calling them reprehensible and started actually asking yourself how we cover vulnerable communities and counter protesters then the mean kids would stop taking your camera away you mean if you stop lumping people together and calling them a trans well you like fucking all Trump supporters a fucking Nazis you mean like that you mean like that fucking mainstream narrative pumped into my fucking skull for fucking three years do you mean like that Vegas panel cuz I'm fucking ready fucking inside how'd you type that how do you fucking type bugs fuck how do you type that and then go away actually yeah that's what we've been doing sorry sorry I was about to say it's a bit really fucking dumb and really hypocritical how how do you type that how does any like whatever good old good old Vegas tan old good guy maybe if you stop calling that auntie fat group reprehensible and lumping them all together we can get back to fucking saying anyone who's ever wore a mug is is banished someone in the fucking SS and you know a border a border camp is the same as Auschwitz you know let's get back to the real truth people anyway I think as well there were a couple of other people who sort of quickly jumped in and wanted to correct Jake Tapper because he was abusing his platform a lot of people who condemned CNN for even having handy know on on the show I thought this was good by the way that's a separate thing I'll bring that I'll come to that in a second what about was was this thing you're not even a real journalism that's right less than three oh yeah less than three helped me appreciate this up I know this was just a video of sorry so anyway they did the arrests they finally investigated it and did the arrests for the incident I just want to bring this up because whenever I'm t forget arrested some universal truths about antifa almost always white almost all fuckin unwashed and almost all like dysfunctional in some way and like very very apparently so and so the arresting they arrested three people to which were women so you know you got that going for your sisters keep up that equality but there was just one thing that really stood out this was the Portland Police Bureau put this out this one on the bottom her head to face ratio is just off it's just fucking off to me it's just you know the there's something it's like when you do that fuckin trick you know what I mean where you fuckin you take somebody's photo and take their face add you go on a Photoshop and you just shrink it down fifty percent and then put it back on over the head do you know what I mean you ever done that it's like their faith like look at all this free real it's very real estate look at all this fucking free real estate around her face now what's good yeah straight dead Fox in and she she's fucking dead Fox in our control and then the the the did other things like okay her her is right like this isn't normal is it like I maybe I've got small is but my is go from what my eyebrows to like like hair like like hey look at his eyebrows to like top lip what's going on what's going on I don't know man I'm just saying maybe if you have that type of face to head discrepancy maybe you are more likely to join an extremist movement maybe that's something we should be looking at it's fucking wild in it you know and then we bleed purple top like fine it's all good no I'm gonna see here anyway so yet those that was system and I wanted laughing right so what do you think happens right you're not even a real journalism a gay Asian journalist because reward a like by your group you'll not sighs face JK love everything that you do yeah this is what you fuckin sub there nah stray you know you're only two months in your journey you know now you're all right I'm not like fucking destiny I'm not gonna ban you from walking me it's fine marker as long as your sub mockeries okay not gonna give you an IP ban or anything like that you're good people you go people thanks for the money appreciate it right so let's let's start breaking down what happens because for me this is just clear it's just unequivocal it's just so easy it just come the right conclusion here that look by all means be out there protest protest your fictitious fascists do it have at it right once your protests involve punching people in the face especially non fascist gay Asian journalists who are there to record what you're doing which by the way is also their protected First Amendment rights nor the banners the end the answer just the end the Fox is gone you know you you have to understand that like so I would have expected this is what we would say is fuck they've got a fucked it up how do we how do we spin this when we can't spin this buckle have to condemn them but what we'll do is we'll go with not all aunty fur that was where I honestly thought we were gonna go not all aunty fur not all I'm Tifa makes sense it's very easy it's a layup sort of true fuck it you can style that outright mainstream media not all auntie fur just do that no no no no no no they went it was like watching the fucking stage is a grief with these cunts they went through so many fucking phases so the first thing that the fucking journalists the fucking blue checks came out with was auntie fur didn't commit an assault Tom fucking video but it didn't happen here's what they said to begin with this is Dan Errol he came out and said Andy no deserves to be milkshake hit with silly string and honestly much more over it's exactly what he wants because he knows he can turn a small act of getting milk in his hair into massive donations and sympathy for his fascist cause well we saw actually from the injuries he didn't just get milk in his hair he got two fucking black guy he's a torn earlobe and several other scuffs so yeah but you know this is Dana oral this is a guy you fucking fantasizes about being fucking Indiana Jones and thinking he's ever gonna punch a Nazis when I'm fuckin I don't even know I did those tattoos will probably wash off and fucking warm water the fucking pussy that he is but anyway that's okay Christopher Mattias from The Huffington Post he fucking said this boom milkshakes have this special power of revealing how fascists in there enable as a giant fucking snowflakes so Huff Post journalist remember remember what we were talking about earlier with all of the whole connections with auntie fur and the journalists that run offense for auntie fur and how those Huffington Post guy who did this just saying so sure and eNOS did put this tweet out same peaceful protest so I'll give him this and it looked like a bird on his bag or whatever but let's be real this is this these tweets were coming out after we knew that we were getting to that that's him and far far worse it happened so he said I ate milkshake his milkshakes I'll introduce you again I'll reintroduce you I should say to the seriously mentally ill Nathan panada I talked about earlier this is the guy who says that if you've ever used a picture of a clown or a pepper your urine at sea I caused himself a free speech activists he wrote a bernard meteor i don't even know what that is he runs a blog if you can bring yourself to do it have a look there are so many false stories on there it's like horrifying it's like it is just like a window into a seriously mentally ill person but instead of talking about aliens or CIA giving him fucking missions through the fillings in his teeth it's instead ease he's just talking about fucking you know fucking the evil fascists or everywhere one of those you know so yeah after relentlessly baiting and harassing ante for far-right purpose oh he deserves it in other words far-right provocateurs andino finally got his wish of being milkshake far-right simpletons like temple will milk this victim story for the next week at least and this is after ii saw that he was beaten up and you can see and he did tweet now in the year now listen as i said earlier just to reread it I think I mean both things can be true I think both things can be true I think I think Andy no milk dick he's gonna milk it yes doesn't mean deserve to be punched in the face do you see what I mean we we we we exist we exist in this fucking time of only binary thinking no no no Andy no can milk it but he also didn't deserve the thing that happened you see how those things aren't contradictory are mutually exclusive good cool come aboard come aboard fucking logic sense reason um yeah I don't even know what else like just not being fucking reactionary knee-jerk fucking twat like I come on like it's not one or the other it's not one or the other it's fine anyway Nathan Bernard there Emily Gore Gore sanski got chin ski I was feeling I pronounce her name she's another person with real mental health problems says here let's I have a moment of silence for the single paper towel that gave its life to clean this nylon waterproof bag Proteus Maureen qualms for food re she was very open about it and Tifa didn't assault anybody they are good people they would never do such a thing then there was Talia loving Talia loving by the way it's incredible to me because they thought there was a policy now I thought there was a policy on Twitter where if you publish straight news you got banned I thought anybody publishing a fake news got banned Talia Lavin is the person who fucking smeared a disabled veteran in a wheelchair who had a navy tattoo on his elbow and said that it was an Iron Cross neo-nazi symbol when actually it was from his unit in the Navy she then got a job lecturing journalism technique at a New York University which it got cancelled cause no one signed up to it she should be banned on Twitter under the new rules that story is the most egregious example of fake news and just lack of due diligence of any journalist like I seen in the last two years it's far worse than any other Trump smears or any of that she said a disabled veteran was a Nazi and had Nazi tattoos on his body because she was too dumb to fucking too lazy and didn't give a fuck to actually go and check what the symbol was um and of course she gets to write a book and gets to lecture people on journalists just like that other feminist fucking journalists who lied about temple and conspired with three other people it's ok when journalists lie guys just get used to it it's it's like it's like we've just cut the part out where it was like again 30 years ago undoubtedly if you were a journalist and you were caught lying in print you ever did anything wrong go look up what happened to Pierce Morgan Pierce Morgan he's a twat but Pierce Morgan lost his job at a Daily Mirror because he published a photo that was fake but it was a faked photo of something that was really happening now still inexcusable but he published a fake photograph of something that was happening of abuse in of Iraqi detainees by US military and he lost his job and he never worked in journalism again and we still have the occasional story come tumbling now about how papers he worked on it fucking hacked mobile phones or whatever you know he's a piece of shit it's fine but he lost his job over that he lost his job over that now that to me is like the standard that we should be held to this is junk these days journalists cut out time stamps and go yeah just been one of these camps on the fucking board the kids are in cages like you cut the time stamp bow that was from Anna Boch that was during the Obama administration that's really tiny was only 2014 were you talking about and they dr. day doctor shin it's fine it's just it's just it's just par for the course it's just par for the course anyway Talia Lyman said you know that feeling when you're pre exhausted by what should be a round of predictable myopic savagely irritating disgust oh yes yes I call it every time you open your cunt mouth yes yes I'm very familiar with it not gonna comment on the current thing I'm just not not on the main anyway oh good you're so fucking brave you have a fucking all account that you Bensimon about on fine and then there it was somebody point out you already did though and then you delete it and she deleted when I 94 bird poos on your backpack because it's okay it's okay to assault gay Asian journalists in public because you're the good guys right so that was the first angle that was the first angle MTV didn't assault anybody then when it became clear from the fucking video and in fact everyone was going hey they totally did assault him ah they said I right okay don't worry don't worry let's deflect and say well Andy's not a journalist so it's not that bad because he's not a journalist so here we go we have who's this Dan O'Sullivan formerly a vice I think Rolling Stone – he said Andy no is not a journalist and in any event he went there hoping for exactly the outcome and for tweets like this from Jake Tapper so hey it's fine right I mean you know he went to film antipholus so he's kind of asking for getting beaten up by antifa really can I ask him for it and he's not a journalist so it's okay near no need to panic we're journalists people like me some cunt with a fucking marshmallow forehead um I'm a real journalist because I write fucking lies about the rise of fucking fascists I've imagined for vice and Rolling Stone and he knows filming on tea for either cunt so you know his real chick and he's not a journalist so don't get said about it Noah balot Ski NBC gonna get NBC NBC have for me a much greater responsibility right now to be publishing the truth cuz you're hosting the Democratic primary debate you paid for it you got your exclusive fucking content so have a fucking journalistic standard knowable Otsuki from NBC said the following about why Andy no isn't a journalist because I don't know the details 1upon I love when people preface I'm about to make a value statement I'm about to make a value statement about the thing that happened but I don't know any of the details you're a fucking journalist Dawg like I don't know what to tell you you should you should probably look up the details before you fucking tweet I don't know the details woman in Portland but calling Andy no journalist is an accurate doing so gives fascists a propaganda victory he then followed it up I don't know why that's true I don't know why calling Andy no a journalist he is a journalist I don't know why that gives fascist it's a propaganda victory cool uh polotsk II then went on this weird fucking tirade several folks have said no is a far-right activist who pretends to be a journalist to spread hatred against Muslims and a target journalists for hatred and potential violence by fascists he pretends to be a journalist specifically to get journalists to treat him as one of their own in situations like this rather than treating him like should Spencer at neo-nazi Richard Spencer that's Richard Spencer who co-opted the term all right and gave birth through it that admitted white nationalist Richard Spencer which is most much more closer to being who he is that doesn't mean what happened to him was right though his own testimony about what did happen is not reliable but reporting on this is if he's a neutral journalist rather than a far-right figure doesn't reduce further violence on the contrary it helps fascists organize and target people on the left you don't talks about Charlotte's ville he says Charlottesville wasn't a one-off fascists and far-right street gangs have been holding rallies and marches some frequency yeah we all know I mean y'all condemn that too the goal is in Charlottesville is to physically harm intimidate possibly kill marginalized people and people on the Left people who organize against these rallies to try and reduce the harm they caused are regularly demonized in the media I've just demonstrated that that is a lie they're not regularly demonstrating the media in fact media figures consistently run PR for them and presented as perpetrate as though they were fat risking their safety people who organized in this way don't always make perfect decisions they're in very tense situations confronting people who openly want them dead it's okay it's okay that people punched of the gay Asian journalist in the face repeatedly because they make bad decisions cuz they're under a lot of stress cuz everyone wants them dead so it's okay that they be of the person because you know the stress auntie Frida stressed out guys they're just stressed out we prove by the way when we look at the fucking mug shots my teeth Nair a person of color to be found never fight it's it's just white middle-class fuckin college dropouts every time what's almost absent from mainstream discussion is the sense that the real threat we face is from fascism that people confronting fascists in the street are putting themselves at real risk and that if you throw if you throw solidarity to fascists free speech will not benefit that's what he said so it's fine then we had this Gary Legum he writes for something called the contempt or I also have to say it it's fine you're not even every when it's now near impossible to get verified who the fuck it is I myself lights which stuck in place I guess it would have fuck are these cunts because it's it's insane to me that you know you you you see people who were verified you write for publications that have no credibility these people have done nothing they have no following me I'm gonna work like how the fuck you verified this mind-blowing literally and he no rights for a fascist friendly website in just a couple of weeks ago was on his standing for a phrenology that's something talked about earlier it's okay they're not induct him in the journalism Clubhouse I think that's less egregious but when you contextualize it that he was tweeting that after he was assaulted it does read as a an implied approval of the of the violence Karen gaya if Andy knows the journalists and your shitty aren't with the two long Christmas newsletter and the four words about Sharia law as a journalist stop equating is shit disturbing for money with actual journalism especially if you're a motherfucking journalist yeah only we the journalists get to decide what journalism looks like by the way did we mention that we we're even gonna call out CNN then we have oh just as a reminder as well about this Karen gaya this was a classic hopefully this is gonna open you can do it come on come on all right we'll try this again don't give me your fucking don't give me a 404 your fucking smelly asshole area there it is this was this was her in just 20 18 this is an ancient history she literally write said this was during the peace talks which for some reason loads of liberals are against with North Korea my thoughts and prayers are with Kim jong-un today hopefully he will drop a bomb on CPAC CPAC is the conservative political that it's a group conservatives coming together so she advocated for a foreign totalitarian power to it to kill Americans on American soil with a bomb she did this on Twitter she's still allowed to tweet by the way even though again in arguably a violation of Twitter's tos this is this is her talking about what's reasonable and how we absolutely you shouldn't empower fascists you shouldn't empower bad people now let me tell you about that Kim jong-un and why should kill Americans yeah they're not hypocrites folks so then the the narrative oh by the way yo I don't mind we can just cut this out grip your parmesan pistol what what what is your what is your intention like what are you what are you trying to achieve you keep you keep typing your you go to me he's just doing his best SOG and impression right now how am i doing the SOG and impression was anything he said how diverse are my demographics you know it's it skews mostly male you know based on what I've seen it's pretty pretty well mixed though in terms of race and geography certainly sexuality so I don't I don't really understand that question so what what is it you're trying to do what are you trying to apply how am i doing an impression of Sargon I'm interested kind you got my attention you wanted it why aren't you typing I'm dunking on all pose or no clear objective all point how am I this is this is stuff that happened well like a week ago this this I'm not you don't think it's relevant that's someone that's like talking about how extremism is wrong you don't think her saying that North Korea should blow up them and kill and American American citizens who disagree with her you don't think that's an extremist position you think that's reasonable yeah country is from February 2018 so are we pretending that a year ago is ancient history now do I seriously take that literally do I think everyone else will be held to the standard that they that it would be literal I've ever seen all right shit post yeah I don't cut them all the time I'm guessing you don't believe that though right guess and you think I'm a fucking alright apologist just because I fucking don't like morons on either side and I value truth nah you don't think that what the fuck do you think what did you mean by the sargan impression and more and more interested in that I don't give a fuck who you follow how am i doing I saw an impression dunking on all posts again I've explained the relevance to the argument of Explorer I've explained that how is that doing this Argan impression you're not even a real journalism that's right okay so I'm somebody who is going to publicly advocate for a journalist being extra extreme right by filming things that are actually happening and I'm gonna say it's okay he's assaulted meanwhile I am saying conservatives should be blown up and killed but hey it's just a fucking joke man so no one no one take any action against me you don't see the inherent contradiction you know cuz III do pride myself on not having absolute fuckin cretin 's slither into my fucking chat and think that we've like got something in common cuz we don't cuz you're fucking dumb you don't even understand what I'm talking about but you are gonna sit there and type and try and fucking goad me and then you get the response and you just fucking back up is that it that's it you're 100% out fucking stay out right I don't care what fucking platforms you follow me on to nominee fucking idiots out the fucking deal with if you can't understand the the reason why she doesn't get to call out extremist positions based on saying something like that on fucking social media like there's nothing for us to talk about buddy but but good job good job typing repeatedly in chat your fucking nonsense I'm fuckin distracting me from trying to entertain the rest of the fucking stream good job fucking garbage fucking humans man right so apparently that has no relevance I shouldn't I shouldn't fucking remind you about how the journalists that saying Andy no is an extremist called for the death of fucking conservatives I shouldn't I shouldn't point that out apparently cuz that's just I'm just dunking it's just low hanging fucking fruit right so anyway then we move on to it's just and II know who's a solid so this was the next line of fucking defense Andy because it was just Andy no and Andy no is now established to be bad and is in the journalists and there's a fascist apologist it's perfectly fine to assault him you can totally do that and this is what we ended up with here CG world man CG world man again another person who actually used to be really anti-muslim to the point where it was just unpalatable who now is bringing himself out as the most progressive human who ever fuckin lived said anti-fascists you know you know like Second World War veteran so you've still got a we've still gotta push this smile that some fuckin unwashed in a mosque in Portland is is anything like my grandfather like it's mind-blowing to me attacked him not because of his race or sexual orientation but because he's a Muslim hating fascist who pandas to and promotes white supremacists and then he followed it up by going okay in no way am i interesting or condoning the violence with the above tree I mean by literally explicitly condoning and endorsing the violence I'm merely explaining why and Ino was attacked now let me just show you it's CG world man massively overcompensating from what I from what which I am one second we'll get to I think I got a few tweets by him oh no this is this is separate dude so ignore this for now welcome back you're not even a real journalism that's right this one this is what CG world man used to fuckin type it's all fun and games until the party seating next year yells our act Mars right today I take whiskers to get moving for daddy Richard the vet says she's not a virgin tomorrow White's donut Allah Akbar the madrasa alphabet a is for Allah G is for gun this is this is the shitty used to tweet he's not overcompensating guys he's not overcompensating by calling and II know in Islam is fascist then again this is just low hanging fruit isn't it just low hanging fruit to fuck I'm just dunking on these old tweets right I'm just dunking on these old tweets because it's not relevant is it it's not relevant if we say things in the past and do things in the past it's not relevant or what we do today we just get to be woke now it doesn't matter what we used to do in fact listen I think I've come up with the ultimate solution for all parties why don't y'all right just say fuck it we'll walk now that's it listen when I go woke down the ye boo that's it problem solved right I mean cuz that's all you have to do there's no point in in looking at anyone's past actions for context to their present behavior not at all I've been told it by what was his fucking name again Parmesan pistol what a fucking genius what a genius that guy is a columnist from Middle East Middle East I says I'd argue that the fear-mongering and he know is done against Muslims plus the work he's done discredit hate crimes he didn't discredit a crimes he pointed out there's been a ton of fake ones which is true it helps you to create an atmosphere of violence that vulnerable people all have to live through just for being who they are this is bad this week as ins the assault some Lewis timestamp the lowest torrent thumb in Lewis time some things from this is bad in the words him being assaulted is bad but he's guilty or worse he's guilty of worse he's never beaten anybody up never beaten anybody up never assault was anyone but he's guilty of worse than than the people who assaulted him because he wrote some articles that we didn't like a staff writer it's late Andy yeah this this is actually let me scroll down here yeah cuz it's it's embeddings they deleted it so it was this Charlotte climate thing persistent one yeah so Andy no intentionally provokes people on the left to drive his content being attacked today on video taken by an actual journalist because Andy no is definitely not one is the greatest thing that could have happened to his career you know it I know it he knows it we all know it violence is completely wrong and I find it sad and weak to allow a sniveling weasel like Andy know to get under one skin like this but I'm also not gonna pretend that this wasn't knows goal from the start I mean let's cut the shit here this is what they do then you had this guy Shane Burley now Shane Burley is a guy who literally covers auntie fur but covers auntie fur I mean he goes 24 rallies and he basically writes positive stuff about them he's an author at a publication called fascism today and they said weird how I in about 100 other reporters were down covering the anti-fascist protests today and literally nothing happened to us the narrative that protesters were attacking reporters is a blatant lie there's a video of you for attacking reporters there's a video and somebody reply to here this is another report about is it Andy no and I thought I thought my boy neon taster if you should if you don't follow him you should he recently just did a month treating pretty much only about baseball and dogs but he's backed politics now he said weird how the author of exploring an teef has asked with my tongue didn't get assaulted by auntie for fucking it's true dog like absolutely ridiculous so they so basically they were like listen we weren't attacking all journalists it's only Andy Andy no but then here you see there was this guy so graphic images about to come up I don't know can I can even show this can i show a cut on someone's head can I show a scar is that against which to us yeah these are way worse well okay look I'll just tell you the fucking Google it I can put it in the chat probably it's a go from me this was this was a guy who guy called Adam who got assaulted and I can't show the video of it happening it's is really graphic but he basically got he tried he stopped an old man getting beaten up by an Tifa and then as soon as he turned his back he smashed him over the back of her head will fucking sticks and he had to have stitches so they did a fucking go from me to pay for his medical costs so it wasn't just Andy no got a solid and this guy wasn't a fucking journalist him is just a fucking innocent bystander wasn't a proud boy didn't do anything except stop why he saw an old man getting hit and as soon as he turned his back he got fucking jumped an attack so that that was a lie it wasn't just Andy no let me just him I can show you this video yeah this is just I mean a warning by the showing it's not that exciting but this was this was a sort of zoomed out version right of of the guy you that that they put the thing to in chat but this is so far away it doesn't violate us so so here it is alright that's the guy getting swatted on the back of the head see it again big bowl of food and then he gets hosed down will fucking bear mace like he like Dog the Bounty Hunter's on him just there now this guy understand this guy is not a fascist he is not gonna do with the proud boys he was stopping fascists from beating somebody else up trying to be a good fucking bystander and yeah you can hear somebody screaming fuck that de-escalation shit here someone kill the flash this isn't this is not a fascist so again the these videos didn't blow up with a weird weird that a totally innocent dude is is had unbelievable damages that are like far worse than Andy knows and no one was talking about it but you know again we got a fucking stick with a narratives right guys like it's all about fucking narratives I'm T for a good they would never do anything right so then oh and then just one of the thing on this regard not surprised remember again right back at the start about how the Guardian had fucking journalists that were kind of like gone constantly reaching out to the guys who wrote narrative Hamburg constantly fuckin promoting an Tifa well this weird things started to come up and this is where again you start to see how the right-wing that were pushing back against on TV he couldn't just let the fucking truth just speak for itself what started happening was there was this rumor that got circulated because Portland police said they'd heard one one officer had heard that there might have been cement put in the milkshakes that were that were thrown at Andy no and and other people and as we no milkshake if I cannot see is replace punching Nazis if it's in any way you've grown up you know but this was what Portland police they tweet out saying Portland police advising crowd to clear the streets throwing substances and objects at people constitutes harassment if you participate in this behavior you a subject to arrest of course in Portland that's not true you just don't get arrested like they only managed to arrest three people when I think I'm showing about like thirty people all committing serious crimes but the word substances the word substances stood out right so people were like what do you mean substances and then this was happen police have received information that some of the milkshakes thrown today during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement we are encouraging anyone hit with the substance that I had report it to police now quick drying cement I've worked on building site anyone who's worked on building sites and know this too if you work on building sites and you've ever worked with cement you can get a little burns and stuff like because once you add like because it's quick dry and it's got like a alkaline fucking thing and you put the water in it and it heats up kind of rapidly and that's how the whole process works and you get some of this on your fucking skin when you mix in it because you have to break up all the powder and keep it even and get the lumps out you typically do it with how we use the shovel you know occasionally a little bit pop up catch one the arm and you'll end up with a little fucking burn right you under listen I I call it a little bit ii-i've worked with this shit before I don't have any permanent scars off it and I got caught a few times it wasn't Pleasant you know it pops up if you you got your big gloves on gets right on the fucking bit that like the t-shirt doesn't cover and the gloves don't cover it gets right here in the forearms you know it happens it was it was not nice it was like but you know fucking it wasn't the end of the world and now I'm not saying what the fucking wanted it in my face I'm not saying any enough rain fortunately that never happened but I'm just saying it's not like fucking Drano or something it doesn't sleep through you you know yeah imagine it in your eyes yeah obviously completely in a temple I mean look fuck even powdered cement in your eyes it's fucking unbearable that a few times you're not even a real journalism that's right so Louis beer yes so police have received information some in the milkshake throne today so this was an official tweet made by the police and then what happened was this this weird Battle of disinformation started to happen so leftist journalists started saying that this was a right wing conspiracy but it was actually the police that had said it but the right were the the right wing guys wanted a condom anti-fur and make it look worse you didn't have to didn't have to they started doing what they do and that was like fucking we're gonna take some pictures and present them out of context and and this was was this Jack perso bigger problem probably was probably was Joe Cooper sobic let me just see so this this picture started doing the rounds you can see here this was this was the people who were making the milkshakes that they were handing out the vegan milkshakes and this picture was actually taken by a pro and t4 reporter one of the guys we quoted earlier and this one image here of this this was presented as proof unequivocal proof that they were putting quick-drying cement in into the milkshakes no come on come on guys this isn't an ante for loving but that is not proof is it so I think I think like say I think Jack Poe Sobiech fucking started spreading that around saying that big crack of a case they had fucking prove you're not even a real of it that's right and then this didn't help because obviously we've just had Pride Month so anybody who knows the history of Pride Month and how I ended up with it probably heard of fucking you know Stonewall and the people were making the milkshakes tweeted out going we hear folks are dying to know what was in our delicious vegan shakes today we're happy to share our secret recipe you have to follow it exactly get the desired results in honor of the 50th anniversary we are calling it the Stonewall's a real journalist so people will go in I listen they're trying to be too fucking clever there you see they're trying to be too cute and it's what they're doing is they're alluding to the faded cement in the shakes guys stonewall sermons and we can't tell you the secret recipe so between this tweet and between that picture none of which is unequivocal proof of anything it was just reported as fact that quick drying cement was in the milkshakes and it was hitting people now there wasn't a single report of anybody being hit with any sort of chemical related burn which if they were putting this on mass in milkshakes somebody would have got burned there was there was no proof of that but people were literally jumping on it I think was I can just show you as well the bit where the the the pro ante for journalists who are equally can't be trust this is what I mean it's a shit show on all sides this was an insider protesters through milkshakes containing quick-drying cement as far left and far right groups clashed in Portland according to police but the pro the pro ante for journalist Shane Burley here we talked about earlier said that he took the photos and the photos of the milkshakes being made it we've been taken out of context and then place this rumors didn't see his jabber so be extolled this vote will mine and tweeted it with it with a question that suggested this is where they put the quick-drying cement into the cups and what you to prepare the robit there's zero evidence of that no one has found any concrete anywhere now listen no one has found any concrete anywhere and I'm about to show you why this becomes very oh hey holy shit thanks for the five gifted sub super God and I appreciate it done you're about you're about to see why this probably is a load of bullshit but again nobody reported any burns nobody did any of this other stuff let me let me just find this for you you're not even a real journalism that's right you're not even a real journalism that's right so after the police had tweeted out a journalist had sort of reached out and basically it was I come from the name of the journalist now Katie okay someone fuck because she's still protected I think she weren't protected on Twitter so let me let me just show you this and you guys can again use your own assessment as to whether or not this sounds real so she reached out to the police and said listen there's a lot of people talking about quick-drying cement being put into the fucking milkshakes but there's no proof no one's complaining of any burns or anything but so why did you tweet that out well why indeed and so the police replied they said Katie prior to this event there was some information circling circulating that some participants plant thrown milkshakes at others this is a crime so they're just talking about milkshakes no no not with cement in ppb that's the Portland Police received information during the event that some people were mixing a concrete-like substance in and the milkshakes this caused this concern for people's safety both an event of ingestion or exposure especially to the eyes we put out the tweet to bring attention this potential hazard and to encourage people to contact us if they were a victim of a crime so they she asked for the fucking evidence she said well you know you gained this information you gained this Intel how did you gain it a lieutenant in the field broadcast information information of his observation of a cup which appeared to have material on it consistent with a quick drying cement after the tweet was sent out we received an anonymous email with a recipe for the milkshakes milkshake recipe the recipe for the milkshake used today is soy milk quick read cement mix other chemical additives to cause long-term injury and burns we hope the piggy officers and prowl boys enjoyed shake back I'm gonna say this is a false flag I'm guys I'm calling it the button to pin in it I'm putting the pin in it but as soon as you see Sawyer you know if it says soy I don't think someone's I'm gonna fucking land that's a troll and the police the ketubah Sikhs they have to it's not that job is it you me him fucking troll if you call in a fake bombs guys they'll evacuate the building right but this fucking idea about the milkshakes was really overplayed considering there was no injuries no burns what is mental by the way and again remember how many times I have told you Jack PO Sobiech is a hack in an activist and a fraud and a liar and it doesn't matter how much of his journalistic credentials he tries to claim he'll always be the guy to me who did the fake rape Mulaney Melania Trump signs where he literally went to an event planted signs took pictures of the signs and then reported the signs it's fucking unbelievable like again you you you have lost at that point you can never be a journalist but he tweeted it out new Portland PD share additional details somehow concrete chemical laced milkshakes used by a deeper he and ironically put out the soy milk recipe as if it was not even a question doesn't even ask a question doesn't even say guys like I mean take this with a fucking pincher soy he doesn't even say that fuck off that's ridiculous that's so irresponsible come on so there's no fucking there was no proof of any cement ever being thrown at anyone and it was reported like all over the fucking place even like even and and I'm not even saying there's enough to sort of declare it a hoax I mean Jared Holt the other seriously mentally ill fucking guy who posed it pretends to be a journalist he just said the police like because they're that they're they're in on the whole fascist thing just I just threw this in these are the people we trust with authorized lethal force and I couldn't yeah these are also the people that are allowing an Tifa to operate with with fucking impunity in the city assaulting innocent civilians and disrupting things and vandalizing property so you know maybe they're not all bad cuz if they were fucking trigger-happy they'd gun them all down so you know maybe maybe it's not all that bad Jared maybe you fucking demented cunt I don't know maybe anyway so then after realizing that okay I'm Dino wasn't assaulted but he was but it was only an Dino and and he knows not a journalist but he years and it wasn't and all these other people were assaulted ah but look the right with the right-wing I'm making it sound way worse than it was because of the fake cementing they then just decided to fucking go with why we even fight in this this will all blow over in a day or two so why don't we just fucking stick what with what we always say which is listen anyone we call a fascist is a fascist and therefore we can just fucking it we can just assault anybody we call a fascist just deal with it so you had again while we're talking about it responsible journalism this is a guy called Matt binder from Mashable not binder from Mashable said it was a conspiracy theory just flat-out and remember again anybody promoting conspiracy theories on social media has to be banned and deep art forms it's irresponsible you know you can't say Sam the hook wasn't real so you can't say you can't say vaccinations are bad so why can you concoct this delusional conspiracy theory here he says weird how you can see all these photographers and journalists snapping pics in this video completely unharmed an auntie fur only takes issue with right-wing prophet provocateur and Eno also interesting the video starts right at the moment he gets smacked I wonder must be a bug on Twitter tonight conservatives reply to my tweet here with nothing but their name attached bless their hearts they don't know what a ratio is you don't know what a fucking following is but whatever so it was actually all a conspiracy it was all a plan and Ino deliberately provoked auntie fur off-camera that nobody saw nobody even declared not even the people who assaulted him called it is an alibi and then or everybody who was filming it were all right wing even though some of the videos were clearly coming from promt four viewpoints and it was all done as a coordinated fucking SIOP to basically make auntie 4 look bad so just saying so he came out with that Sam Tyler was a bit more egregious he just came out and he fucking just said listen if you beat your pan Dino you're a hero so this is a photojournalist Sam Tyler he said another exclusive photo find a different hobby anti-fascist heroes and there was a picture of Andy now looking a bit distraught with blood on his face and a black eye it's your hero if you beat up gay Asian journalists in public you're a hero evidently then you had this oh shit that was the that was the one I read earlier I was the thread and then there was this as well from will carless who said that they're being assaulted being assaulted it's a business model right it's actually a business model in journalism now to deliberately antagonize a teton get ants attacked by antifa take photo of your bruises and then ask for money on patreon and they say this industry is out of ideas and then somebody came up and said so it's okay for mt4 to attack someone because they are being antagonized and will carless us what do you think try walking into a Raiders crowd and shouting support for the opposition so what he's saying there is that it's not only okay for anti-fur to do as well anybody they want but also if you go to a football match and you walk in the me way and then you go yeah come on my team if you get the shit beat out of you that's also fine that's live alized behavior and you brought it on yourself so don't don't worry about that he's got a handle on everything it's just mental um so look there it is that's all the ante for shenanigans that went on I think the bottom line is with this I think you know I think I like to think most people would agree maybe nopales and pistol that these these journalists were it was like they had to find a way to rationalize it what I did what I don't understand is again what what do they think would happen you know if we start normalizing violence against journalists on the premise that well they're filming auntie fur like you know auntie fur don't care what publication you write for you know that's if they do any investigation of their own to find out who you are and Ino is well known in Portland but you but we've seen many instances of journalists being fuckin assaulted or having cameras swatted away or whatever and I'm amazed it's interesting isn't it these are the same journalist of course that say Assange isn't the journalist what Neely's fine and acceptable that's right it's it's it's mind-blowing to me that on the one hand they're talking about how dangerous it is to be a journalist right you know in a real church and the things that is really impacting our journalistic fucking freedom such as being assaulted or being fucking deported and arrested on trumped-up fucking charges quite literally as it might might might play out because you really sensitive information about the establishment that's what journalism used to be this is a matter of course yeah just sort of sub their profit and argue nice 57 to newt which primes pumping up the new friends category up there which is what we like I so appreciate that right I'm gonna start thinking about winding down the string because it's like midnight yeah but I'm just gonna have a look cuz I think I had some funny stuff to get some funny clips to plays we need a palate cleanser I can't just end on that we can't have a good laugh at the ante for super soldiers let's laugh at that first they think that's while we well I I just want to add that there's a lot of people out there right like again on the right wing that are always gonna like ante for a so fucking dangerous the reality is they're just fucking laughable they like most of them are just fucking virtue signaling LARPers the the you know why they just sucker-punched dudes in the back of a head and there's like just some guy doing his shopping or whatever you know it's like they're pathetic like they should just be arrested and dealt with and once they get it once they get in the system and then the rest will take care of itself but I figure played this last time I screamed but a lot of a lot of us missed it it's actually contextually relevant to this I have to chuckle every time you see in this video because this is the big bad auntie for Super Soldier that you're supposed to be afraid of if the right wing to be believed [Applause] now listen I don't think that you're necessarily gonna smash the fashioned overthrow the police if you need a fucking service animal well while you're doing it

31 thoughts on “Richard Lewis Breaks Down Media Reaction To Andy Ngo Being Attacked By Antifa

  1. Wow richard, your opinion that donald trump isnt literally equivalent to hitler is SO controversial. Much love rich.

  2. Hey Rich just a heads up this video didn't give me a notification nor did it show up in my sub box. I only found it by chance while going directly to your channel. Dunno if anyone else had this problem.

  3. There is no such thing as an absolute peaceful protest, those should be called parade.
    Protest, by definition, contain demands to the government, and is back by violence. Protest force the citizen to make a decision :
    – side with protesters and either join the protest or tell the government to comply so protest can stop
    – side with government and support the police to remove the protester by any means
    Problem is, when the government and the protesters is on the same side, you have a REAL SERIOUS problem, because that becomes a state sponsored terrorism.

  4. Once again, this never showed up on my feed, and I never got a notification, even though you're one of my top channels. Had to go search through my subscriptions.

  5. Andy Ngo is a perfect example of someone who likes to claim he is a journalist while he is largely just running about to try and fish for reactions or report yet another bullshit story.

    He is a small fish that no one with any sense cares about. Not that this justifies violence against him.

  6. can some1 tell me this is a reality TV show so everything wil go back to normal? coz boris and trump makes it really hard to believe this is reality

  7. Surely the ideology meant to deconstruct society will just go away if you ignore it. That makes sense coming from a gamer who is used to an environment with a working competition (mostly).
    Reality is a bit different, there are people who don't use reason because they learned to be emotional instead.

  8. Excerpt from a lecture given in 1969 by G. Edward Griffin of The John Birch Society on communism in the United States of America.

    “In 1943 the following directive was issued from party headquarters to all communists in the United States. It read when certain obstructionists become too irritating label them after suitable buildups as racist, fascist, nazi or anti-semitic and used the prestige of anti-fascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them. In the public mind constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell. The association will after enough repetition become fact in the public mind.”

  9. As a Hispanic I can say that Obama was a bullshit president for my people. Not only did he fucking lie to our face about an amnesty, as RL said, he deported the most out of any president in history. Only because he was well spoken and the whites were too scared to criticize him in fear of coming off as racist, is why he is still revered as a good president to minorities. Fuck Obama and fuck it, if imma be sent back, I want Trump-Sama to do it. Been voting Red ever since the democratic coco shunter played my people like fools

  10. “Yo Griffin, we can cut this out” XD

    This shit reminds me of when Richard said they’re cutting something out of the vod and it was to check if griffin actually does his job. It was still in the YouTube video.

  11. Communism doesnt work because of human nature. It only works in theory. Read Animal Farm if you want a great literary representation.

  12. Richard, to be absolutely fair, I have yet to meet a progressive who didn't praise Karl Marx and Lenin with glowing terms. Yes, Lenin and his ~8 million large body count.

    They might not be the Stalinist type of Communist but I guarantee you that if any progressive read up on Leon Trotsky's ideology, they would then say "yeah, I agree with Trotsky so I guess I'm a Communist".

    For this exact reason, I personally have no issue with calling progressives "Communists" until they realize that going anywhere NEAR that line of thinking kills people by the tens of millions.

  13. Still can't believe how people think antifa are the good guys, these communist bastards are evil and the only good commie is a dead commie.

  14. How to describe the first segment; That's outrage culture for you. Saw it, was a part of it, then came to my senses. (ie. Wasn't 16 anymore) People look for things to be mad about and get offended by.

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