Reverse Culture Shock! China Back to USA

Reverse Culture Shock! China Back to USA

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  1. so many people are sensitive lol, i lived in china for most of my life and almost all of the things(althought exaggerated) is accurate lol, it is a comedy guys

  2. oh my goodness at lease i know there would be a reverse culture shock. i can somehow prepare. while some guys only know culture shock but not REVERSE culture shock then they really get SHOCK!

  3. The thing with the plastic bottle was a little off to me. I miss aunt and uncles coming to collect them from me when I was finished drinking from them. I felt so terrible when I returned and just threw them in the trash. The aunts and uncles did a lot more good for the envvironment in my opinion.

  4. 你们忘了一个最重要的,出门不用带钱支付宝微信扫码,回到美国必须得现金刷卡交易哈哈哈

  5. I was in a bread shop and I said San ge kandhari raglay (I want 3 Kandhari breads). I mixed Chinese with pushto and the bread shop keeper was looking my face. Hoho.

  6. 这有点过于夸张有点抹黑了吧 中国的出租车上一样不能抽烟喝酒 公共场合也不能抽烟 会被罚 一样没有素质甚至是违法的!话说回来,素质高低贵贱是不分国籍的,中国确实有个别人不是那么得体,但也不代表整个国家,同样的,美国人都很有素质奉公守法?那犯罪率怎么那么高?变态怎么那么多?你那么有礼,为什么会专门拍一个有误导性质的视频来贬低别人呢?!

  7. uh….I know it's an exaggeration to show the differences. But we don't bargain anytime, for example when buy some street food….

  8. 哈哈哈哈 内容过于真实 事实上中国很多人都不会注重公共场所禁烟问题 而且大部分的人不会去选择谴责那些人 真心希望国内这一现状能快点得到改善

  9. Ohmoo.. i already back my country almost 1 year after live in china almost 5 years..but still i still cant adapt back live in my country… wht happened to us who had live china before? Why do we have a more hard reverse shock culture than other people who lived in another country? Lemme know

  10. the "waiter" part was so true, it's usually one person driving the ordering, and the "fighting to pay" too. "friend price" part not so much, no Chinese would do say that, it's more of expats in China doing that to Chinese businesses, and I haven't seen any Chinese person haggling in years, maybe back in the 90s. and while recycling regulations haven't caught up with the US, people don't just throw plastic bottles into the river, it's just one bin for all trash.

  11. Some of what you‘ve described are privileges that are NOT reasonable. As more and more Chinese students studying abroad KNOWS how white treat us, that will be changed in several years. 60% more wages are NOT normal, foreigners, according to German „double“ contract system, should earn less than residents

  12. 哈哈哈,很搞笑,有一些其实慢慢在消失。这个影片甚至可以帮助我们记住我们曾经是什么鬼样子。哈哈哈哈。

  13. Haha this is so accurate! I must not have lived in China long enough because I still can't do that deep squat. Their response to the word "tip" had me in tears. Only thing missing is trying to pay with wechat. Great stuff guys!

  14. The thing is local Chinese (or Asian) rarely drink in public like that. We usually just go to a bar or restaurant. However, some of the Westerners really like to drink in public and get drunk and talking loud. Even breaking stuff on the streets. I've seen sooooo many of them. I hope you can stop doing that. Really annoying.

  15. 1:53…. lol $9 not bad but in china its 63.57 Chinese Yuan… people love cheap prices and discount especially friend price, getting it free is better… and the 3:40 tip, like what is that? only america leave tip but in other country its already included same as tax

  16. too expensive…
    give me cheaper price..

    friend price… !!!
    i think the chinese ghost has made a room in your heart….

  17. I'm Chinese moved into the u.s when I was 6. Culture shock is nothing new to me, I joined the U.S military after I graduated high school, been to Germany, Canada and Kuwait. After I did my time, I went back to China for 2 weeks as vacation, experiencing reverse culture shock is nothing because I got used to it

  18. Coming back from living in Korea it was strange for everyone to order their own meals and eat it individually- also tipping. I also missed being able to just go and pay up front when I was done instead of waiting an eternity for the check to pay.

  19. Every time I travel to states tips really make me nervous and almost drive me mad, should I pay? How much should I pay? ……Can we just keep life earlier just put the God D tips in the bill no matter what % it is!

  20. The white man in this thumbnail looks sooo funny! I don't know why I just started to laugh. I see KKK and marshmallow white boys everywhere. lol.

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