42 thoughts on “Retirement Plans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. 401ks and 403bs can be tricky when it comes to fees, but usually the fees are lower than other investment vehicles. As a retirement consultant , my advice to newer investors is to contribute to your 401k/403b up to your company's match (take the free money). After that start your own IRA or Roth IRA and invest in index funds/ETFs & mutual funds. Try and max out your annual contributions ($6,000)to your IRA/Roth IRA .
    If you still can contribute more then go back to investing in your 401k or start an individual non-retirement account, investing in index funds/ETFs and mutual funds. if you can invest early and often and keep your fees low then you will be in good shape when you are older.
    Investing should be pretty simple for folks under 50. If an investment vehicle sounds complicated you need to walk away.

  2. 10:32 "If you stick around doing nothing while everyone around you fucks up, you're going to win big."

    – John Oliver

  3. Been in sales for a long time. Trust me. We are always trying to make money off you in any way possible. From the "throw in to pay for something else" to the warranty. Every part of my process makes me more money off of you.

  4. When John Stossel was on 20/20, he beat the “experts” by putting up the listing of most, if not all, the stocks on a wall, and throwing darts at them.

  5. 2019 anyone?

  6. In Australia, we had a Royal Commission into the Financial Services Industry. This video brings back recent memories

  7. All I keep thinking of is Australian superannuation and how good a system that is – come on America, keep up

  8. NIce, iv'e got my ghost hunting certificate, elf hunting certificate, and troll hunting patch…… Let's go kick some ass.

  9. J oliver. Now we have british know it all rich liberal telling us all what we do wrong!! Hard enough hearing snobby hollywood celebrities pontificating what we do wrong but with british accent it just sounds even snobbier!!

  10. I tested this out so i did 1 month of brokering on the "marketwatch.com" stock game and i ended with 11000% than what i started using live stock brokering for 2 hours daily.
    Its possible to make money like crazy with live stock brokering

  11. If we switch to tuition free education, universal healthcare and a livable universal basic income, all of this capitalist fear-based bullshit ends. 😀

  12. Yes there are fees. Yes you have to take an active role and educate yourself. But not investing and not planning is far worse than paying (reasonable)fees. I’ll pay someone 1% to keep me on track and ensure I reach my goals.

  13. $45 dollars A WEEK?  I would starve to death and I don't even have a car payment or a house. Every time I see someone mention an amount like it's cheap or trivial in a commercial, I realize how incredibly poor I am.

  14. why save for retirement ? instead get 5 cell phones,55inch flat tv, 2 xboxes and new cars. John Oliver doesnt know what he is talking about – stick to crumpets

  15. 1. Acquire enough housing equity so that you can retire mortgage free in, at minimum, a 2 bedroom condo.
    2. Save via a Roth IRA or 401k. If your employer does not offer Roth 401ks, complain to HR about that. If Roth accounts are not an option,
    you are better off saving for retirement by owning stock mutual funds in taxable form. Traditional IRAs & 401ks convert qualified dividends into ordinary income, a deplorable thing.
    3. Your retirement savings plan only requires 3 funds:
    a) A fund indexed to the entire USA stock market. Since 1949, the USA stock market has averaged 10.8%/year;
    b) A fund that invests in corporate debentures;
    c) A money market fund that holds any dividends you do not wish reinvested.
    4. If at all possible, (3a)-(3c) should be Vanguard mutual funds or ETFs. Vanguard index ETFs invested in equities (corporate bonds) charge a management fee of 3-7 (7) basis point per year. Vanguard is lean and mean by virtue of enormous economies of scale; it manages over US$5 trillion.
    5. When your youngest child graduates from college, save as aggressively as possible, using taxable mutual funds if necessary.
    6. Delay starting Social Security as long as you can afford to, but not beyond the month you turn 70. Starting benefits the month you turn 70 will increase your benefits by 24% over what they would be if you start benefits at age 67.
    7. Medicare is NOT "free health care". Free health care requires spending $400-550/person/month for Medicare Parts B & D, and a Medigap policy. Budget accordingly.

  16. Sweden privatized their pensions so it wouldn't be politicized and go bankrupt.It worked.Hhhhmmmmm, isn't that what the Republicans wanted to do to Social Security way back in the Depression.FDR and the Democrates were against it. The Democrates use it as a political football ever since,willing to let it go bankrupt for political points.

  17. I don't know who I want to meet more, John Oliver, or Janice in accounting, knowing fully well she won't give a fuck about me

  18. Do what John Oliver did and you will end up where he did. He made a bad mistake and paid for it, as he said himself, he was embarrassed. There are thousands of honest, hardworking licensed financial advisers who are very trustworthy. Ask questions and find one, and let John Oliver's mistakes remain a bad example of investing. Sour grapes, Mr. Oliver, sour grapes.

  19. i wonder if jon oliver would have come around as a voice of integrity if he hadn't worked for john stewart? I don't think Stewart meant for his career to turn out that way, it was more a condition of the state of the so called news that forced him to it, and as a result maybe oliver is now a continuation of this weird result? Just a wonder in a world full of wonders????

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