Retail POS Software Demo : POS Nation

Retail POS Software Demo : POS Nation

Complete a sale, win a customer, and now, POS Nation gives you the tools you need to grow your business fast. Quickly ring
up sales to get customers in and out of your store. And with integrated merchant
services, accept all forms of payment in seconds. Run sales and promos to bring in customers. And once the purchase is complete, immediately access sales and
profit reports. Know what products and departments are driving revenue so you
can start making decisions with confidence, instead of on a hunch. And when product starts moving, track inventory levels and set reorder points
to optimize your stock. Take the guesswork out of forecasting by knowing
which products are moving quickly and which ones are tying up your cash. When
reorder points are hit, automatically create purchase orders with your vendors
so you don’t miss a single sale. Now you can work faster and smarter. Track your customers’ sales history and run targeted marketing campaigns based
on their purchases. With integrated customer loyalty, incentivize repeat
business and increase customer lifetime value. Accept gift cards and start
letting your customers become your biggest advocates. Then, when your
business grows, protect your investment with employee management and security. Track employee hours and monitor activity to hold your employees
accountable. And with financial and business reporting, generate reports on
almost any activity performed at your business. From the store or the cloud,
find the insight you need to start making better decisions. With QuickBooks integration, seamlessly maintain complete control of your finances through a
single platform. with POS Nation, complete a sale, win a
customer, and grow your business.

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  1. Where do i order the pos product from? I look it up online and i get so many different choices its unorganized and im unsure of wich one is ligitimate.

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