Republicans Want To Get Arrested For Trump

Republicans Want To Get Arrested For Trump

>>We’re gonna go and see if we can get inside. Let’s see if we can get in.>>Congressman, please answer the questions.>>We’re going in.>>Those were the political theatrics that
took place yesterday as dozens of Republican lawmakers barged into a closed door deposition
of a Pentagon official Laura Cooper. And that unfortunately postponed her deposition
but that deposition was eventually done and the theatrics would have been even more theatrical
if those Republicans got their way. They actually wanted to be taken out in handcuffs
for optics. That was what their plan was. So, Cenk, I know that you weren’t here when
the story broke. We covered it yesterday, but I just wanna
to quickly get your thoughts on what the Republicans did yesterday and I wanna know, again, reiterate
that there were Democrats in the room as Cooper was supposed to do her deposition.>>The Republicans.>>I’m sorry, there were Republicans in the
room. It’s just that the relevant committees were
in the room. That’s the way this process is supposed to
go down.>>I would have given them their wish. I would have let them out on handcuffs cuz
it’s really important. Why? Look guys, this is how they break down the
rule of law. This is exactly how fascism takes hold, where
it they slowly break one rule after another and then one law after another after another
during their opposition, they do something about it. And if their opposition doesn’t do anything
about it, they’re like, great, now we have free reign. In this they’re probably done this in the
past and they stole an election doing it. So it’s called The Brooks Brothers ride meaning
guys in fancy suits pretending to be real Americans. It was down in Miami when they were doing
a recount of the gore bush, election in 2000. And a bunch of Republican lobbyists and consultants
pretended to be regular Americans who are outraged that we were actually counting the
votes in a democratic election. And they banged on the doors and the windows,
until the people inside counting got so scared, they stopped counting, and the delay led the
Supreme Court to eventually say, this is taking too long. So you know what, we’re never gonna count
those votes in Florida. And by the way, later the news organizations
did count those votes. It turns out Al Gore had not just won the
popular vote, he had won the Electoral College.>>Jesus.>>He had won the State of Florida under every
recount of the state of Florida, so these thugs have done it before. This time, they use their own congressmen
as thugs. They break into a secret proceeding. And so think about a couple of messages they
said that way. One, if you’re secretly testifying in front
of Congress, we’re gonna expose you. We’re gonna out you and we’re gonna show you
to all the cameras. We don’t give a damn about any rules protecting
whistleblowers, protecting secret testimony. We don’t care. We’ll put you in danger.>>I gotta clarify one thing though, cuz I
know what you mean, but just in case people don’t understand the wording you used. Her testimony wasn’t secret, everyone knew
that she was gonna testify. It’s just that it was a closed door session
and it’s meant to be a closed door session. And so not only is it problematic for them
to just barge in like that, they barged in with their cell phones with electronic devices
that are not permitted in that room.>>But think about the message that it says
that’s exactly right. And in that case, look and there’s so many
leaks. Most of the time you find out the identities
of these people anyway. But if you’re a whistleblower and you don’t
want your identity found out, and you know the Republicans can burst in at any second
with cellphones and show people, this is the scum. That’s what Trump is now calling them. Anyone who opposed them in the Republican
Party, he’s calling scum. So they could burst in and go, I don’t care
about your identity, this is the scum, everyone go get them! Okay, second thing the message they send is,
we don’t care about laws and rules. So Democrats and Republicans, again, there’s
Republicans in the room! From three different committees, we don’t
care about your rules. We don’t care about norms. From now on, the only law and rule that matters
is our ability to act physically in this world. And so, if you let them get away with it,
they’ll do it again and again and they’ll break another rule and another law. So the next time they violate a law if it
really is something that would cause them to get arrested, I would arrest them immediately.>>So Fox News and the actual news part of
the company did break a story indicating that they wanted to be taken out in handcuffs. There was never any threat of arrest, but
a source said some members asked to be arrested citing the optics of being marched out of
the SCIF in handcuffs in front of throngs of reporters and news cameras. That would have surely supported a running
GOP narrative that Democrats have run amok with the impeachment process.>>No, it wouldn’t have you, idiot. It would have supported the narrative that
you guys are breaking the law, that’s why you’re in handcuffs. Like if look if from time to time progresses
do civil disobedience and then you get led away in handcuffs. Why? Because you’re saying, hey, this is so important. We’re trying to draw attention to this thing. Okay, you wanna do it that way, fine, but
you are breaking a law that is why you are in handcuffs. So then they’re, my god, you see this, we
break every law we want, even though we’re United States Congressman, and we dare you
to enforce the law and the Democrats like suckers don’t enforce the law. How many other meetings are they gonna break
into? Look, if we had strong Democrats, you’d like,
you wish to be locked up, no problem can do. All 35 of you are gonna stay in whatever prison
they send you to, for I don’t know, however long it takes. Let’s take mug shots. And so let’s see if next time you’re gonna
bust in here again. My guess is you don’t think twice about it.>>All right-
>>And every one of those guys from then on. If I was the leader of the Democrats, I would
say, the criminal Matt Gates. The criminal Matt Gates cuz then he would
be a criminal. Okay, you wanna break the law? You wanna be a tough guy. All right, suffer the consequences. Matt Gates, I told you before, is the leader
of the brown shirts. I told you that when fascism comes, Matt Gates
would be the head of the brigade. And there it is, exactly. They say, okay, look guys, I’m telling you,
read the history of the Weimar Republic and what happened in Germany in the 1930s. This is exactly what they did in the beginning. They dared their opponents to enforce the
law and their opponents were too weak to enforce the law and then there was no law.>>So I wanna go to one final part of this
and it’s Judge Napolitano on Fox News talking about this very story and he talks about this
particular law and where it came from.>>I read the house rules.>>Okay.>>And as frustrating as it may be to have
these hearings going on behind closed doors, the hearings for which Congressman is presiding. They are consistent with the rules.>>They can make up any rules they want.>>Well, they can’t change the rules, they
follow the rules. And when were the rules written last? In January of 2015. And who signed them? John Boehner. And who enacted them? A Republican majority.

100 thoughts on “Republicans Want To Get Arrested For Trump

  1. So when Democrats stage a sit in to protest gun rights it’s considered heroic but when Republicans stage a sit in of their own it’s considered fascism according to TYT.

  2. Matt Gaetz looks like someones errand boy or gimp..

    Seriously there is no accountability in the States.. and im from Zimbabwe.. Why aren't they in handcuffs??

    There is nothing in American governance I would want my country to emulate..

    Republicans are delusional ignorant cunts.

    Democrats are pussies.

  3. So wait? You’re upset because members of Congress are throwing a protest? Your side does that all the time. It’s ok for them but not for republicans?

    I this was a investigation into AOC and a Bernie, ilhan and the rest of the squad walked in you would be praising them!

  4. the most comical thing chuny Yogurt says is about the leaks and having cellphones there. lmfao SHIFTY SHIFT ADAM SHIT IS THE BIGGEST LEAKER OUT THERE. HELLO!!! On top of that the dumbocrats have been taking their cellphones in this whole time so why is it now that it matters. Typical left do what I say not what I do. FUCKN IDIOTS!!! LOL I CANT WAIT FOE THE ARREST TO BEGIN AND GO BACK ON HERE. LMFAO. (TYT) The Young Turds

  5. The Congress member is relevant. He cheers on the armed services committee. They were questioning someone from the armed services.
    But more importantly if Republicans were holding secret meetings the Democrats would be run around with their hair on fire. Double standards are not a good thing.

  6. just wanna take a few swings at mattress gaetz head with my Louisville slugger 32oz,,,,he and the whole gop are just so goddam UNAMERICAN. the reps came up with it and boener and the reps signed it into law-lmao

  7. Hauling them out in cuffs, while tempting, would have backfired. They would have said the Democrats were the fascists and say “This is what happens when you oppose them”

    They basically wanted to flip the script.

  8. The Republican party as it was known is now dead. We are left with a total perversion that is using the title of Republican for this party. This perversion of a party should adopt a name that best fits its ideals and actions. Divisive Obstructionist party, the Rouge party, the Self Interest Propagandists party, somewhere along those lines.

  9. Pathetic criminal acts of Demonic Dems. Arrestxcoming. Nope this how Obama's Administestion ran people!!! That's the truth

  10. The Durham investigation is now officially a criminal investigation.. with subpoenas and grand juries and possibly criminal charges…
    Can't wait to watch these numbskulls try to spin it away..
    Got my popcorn!

  11. They really looked like Lemmings, remember that old school video game? A bunch of idiots who made themselves and Drumpf look bad.

  12. They wanted transparency ? Well a Federal Judge just ordered the DOJ to hand over unredacted grand jury testimony from the mueller report.

  13. Americans are experiencing the good verses evils. The evils will always find ways to despise the good. Remember, LIES AND FABRICATIONS ARE BRUTAL THAN KILLING. May God guides and shows us the TRUTH.

  14. I don't mind their protest. I do mind they were not maced, cuffed, read their rights, taken into custody after a full cavity search. They should be in jail awaiting arraignment for their crimes.

    What PISSES ME OFF? These lawless fuckers are not held to the same standards of law and accountability as their fellow citizens. (That is You, and I)

    No need to haul them in front of cameras just like we don't give terrorist news. Use a 'tunnel' or secure a service entrance not giving them anything they want.

  15. Didn't we all witness felonies? Question? Can any citizen report these criminals to the authority, do we have to wait on an elected Representative to file a complaint?

    A felony conviction would result in their:
    loss of security clearances?
    rights to vote?
    rights to bear arms?
    they may even be forced to resign because of a felony conviction.

    Since this was a national security risk too, can they be treated like terrorists, and their phones seized and researched?

    Why do we have to wait on elected leadership to report the crimes they provided the evidence of on camera?

    Can't any citizen report this for prosecution?

  16. Gaetz on the way out of this charade said to camera that he 'loved' this president and that he hoped there would never be another president.
    In and of itself this statement is seriously dubious for an elected member of the US Government of ANY side.
    Secondly, this phraseology is eerily reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Nazi politics.

  17. This was some high school shit. Gaetz should be ashamed. Republicans should be embarrassed. But that would require a conscience, or some bit of decency. And I'm w Cenk. These guys seem to think this is a game. And are behaving like thugs. They should get what they deserve. And I'm still mad at Gore, and that whole situation smh.

  18. That's true lock them up that's why we need more strong democrats so democrats can follow the rules. they are weak everyone praising nancy like she is doing something she is not.

  19. What a bunch of slack-jaws…I hope their constituents loved this shit-show. Never try to do it legally, just break the law if you disagree, right? Repubes have NO RESPECT for laws or rules…they ARE scum! Of course Dems don't do anything…useless.

  20. Not good, way past time to start arresting people. They ignore legal sopenas, they are in contempt of Congress when they do testify, they lie to Congress, when are the Democrats going to start Sending people to jail? Because at this point it's like the wild west in D.C. It's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or killed because of these antics. And Gaetz and all other politicians helping this criminal president break the law need to be held accountable as well. These people are seriously endangering the United states of America.

  21. you all act like you don't wanna hear these testimonies or the cross examination, but rather stew in leaks and here say.🤔

  22. We regular Americans are going to have to arrest you Commie anti-Americans and put you in camps, before you put us in camps. In other words, BRING IT !!!

  23. The Republicans should have been treated the same way that normal protesters are, and if some have the misfortune to be injured I shall shed not one tear.

  24. There are what 47 republicans who should be in that room taking part in this but they wanna claim they're being locked out and bring phones in to a secure space to record what exactly?
    Members of the Oversight and Reform, Ways and Means,Judiciary, Intelligence, and Foreign Affairs committees belong in that room and if you are not in one of those then you should have other things to do for 5 hours. Why are these people not doing their jobs?
    And isn't Matt Gaetz on the Judiciary ? Maybe wrong subcomm ? But he knows damn well that republicans are taking part in the process so why put on a show? Oh yeah He thinks Trump is his daddy since they're both named Don.

  25. Let’s see if we can get in well the fuckin door was open so just walk in. Your seats were there waiting for your fat bums to sit on. Did anyone have guns to stop them NO

  26. Unconstitutional, unconstitutional? Lies, the opposite of truth, can sound just like the truth if you don't know better. So often the info is so befuddling that looking up the source is the only guide to figure who they're screwing.

  27. TYTs, so if the republicans do it they are thugs, if the dems do it they are patriots.  do any of you young terds remember corey booker aka Spartacus.  he threatened to take to the senate floor and read classified information.  where were you young terds then.

  28. I'm guessing Trump feels like a sad old twat compared to the strongman idols he bows down to: Kim yong un, Erdogan, bin Salman & co… Trump goes: if Vlad can make sure his political opponents aren't in town during their elections why can't I?

  29. Just look at these authoritarian-loving, Un-American, sycophants for Trump? Republican party, what happened to you people? Trying so hard to distract and steer the narrative away from the ongoing testimony, because they realise it's so DAMAGING to Trump. Talk about TDS? It's an utter embarrassment to all Americans.

  30. These people/republicans are on camera, we know who they are. Everyone of the ones that had a camera of any kind on should lose their security clearances & be required to go to court to get them back. Most should never get their security clearance back, they've shown they aren't responsible enough to have it.

  31. Break the law, hauled out in handcuffs; good idea. Refuse a subpoena, get the handcuffs out and haul them to jail. Put them thru the process, on TV, sell t-shirts and show which political party stnds for law and order.

  32. They're unsophisticated and clownish, so it's easy to laugh at them, but that's how fascists start out. There are many clueless, desperate and scared right-wingers in the US. It is a perfect foothold for fascist movements. Look at how fast things have devolved under Trump.

  33. I wonder how somebody so educated can be so damn stupid it used to be I was never interested in politics until Trump come into play I have been following this every since he started running it amazes me how many college-educated white men along with some African-American men to act so childish and immatureand these are the people we elected in office to protect us to help us to make sure nobody runs over but here is the problem they're the ones that is doing it we the people need to come and take our country backit is time to get this spoiled rotten brat out of office he has a lot of nerve pointing the finger everybody else breaking the law especially when Daddy's money bought him out of a DUI right after college vote him out Florida

  34. How ironic that they're begging to be arrested, in order to disingenuously claim martyrdom due to their stunted, puerile antics, while running a criminal obstruction of an investigation into high crimes and misdemeanors which seem to warrant actual legal/political consequences for them.

  35. Gaetz is a Bul l Dog face he snarls watch his mouth. Bul l y yup A T R UMPS MAN H E AND HIS BUDDES SHOUL STILL BE H E L D RESPONSIBLE. YOU GOT AWAY WITH THIS. BUT GAEITS BUL 'LL D DOG FUL L OF HATE YOU MORAN NEXXT TIMR U WIL L SPE N D JAIL T I ME. LONGER THEN U LIKE Tr u mp m ay or may notget i out. Joi n the rea l al l time scum group. Truth wins out Not for Republicans for u act li k s spoi l ed children do when u dont get your way. Do us al l a Favor Get back to work as thr people in Florida would want. I lived t their go to you r desk and start t h e day as an adult a person who gave your w o rd to do what you were voted in to do. Shut y o ur b i g mouth stop a c ting like a Bullyas Trump wants. He will use u t h rn dump u like so much trash . Thats what he is known for . your job there i s now re a lt Limited make that down for 2020. Move o. Before u get used up

  36. Republicans wanting to get arrested for Trump are silly. Getting arrested is one of the few things Trump can do for himself!

  37. I hope they get jail time like the rest of us would. Rich folks think that shits gonna fly .ur a public servant .u know u can't break into the room and can't have recording device u and ur colleges need a lesson .by which I mean like everyone else u should have be brought before a judge to defend ur actions and give a reason for y u just broke the law .

  38. There's plenty of pictures available to show who the lawbreakers were. Why not have them arrested now. The democrats need to protect our processes…peace.

  39. Matt Gates, the loser who stole daddy's beemer to look cool and gets arrested for a DUI. He's a total loser and always has been, with those beedy little eyes, he looks diabolical. Then he leads a protest with old white men. Disgusting!

  40. Cenk talks about civil disobedience saying that if something is important enough, it's worth getting arrested.

    Damn well this is important enough. Go ahead liberals, be fascist

    Matt gaetz is the new Rosa Parks

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