Republicans Blame Video Games After Mass Shootings

Republicans Blame Video Games After Mass Shootings

So once it became clear that the El Paso shooter
was a right wing or radical lies by many of the same ideas that have been
fomented by this administration leaving a right wing manifesto, Republicans had to rally
around something else, some other talking point. And the talking point they chose basically
was video games. We’ve got to do something about video games
with some vague mentions of social media in the background. Uh, for credibility sake, I guess. And we’re going to get into some of these
examples now just to reminder, this video is going to be demonetized on Youtube. Almost all of today’s show will be demonetized
on youtube because it’s a show about shootings, terrorism, radicalization, important stuff. I’ve spoke to some other shows. Some people are choosing not to cover this. In order to retain monetization, we’ve got
to cover this stuff. Okay, so I’m asking you, leave us a tip today,
become a [email protected] uh, to help out with the fact that today’s show is going
to be a Freebie in the sense of a no revenue show. So they bring this tired trope of video games,
caused people to become radicalized and violent and go out and act out all of that violence
in the real world. Here’s just one short example from Fox News. Darren, what about video games? So many of these school shooters and others
have been sort of raised on a diet of violent video games. Now this has been studied. Video Games may, may cause already a violent
people or people predisposed to violence to go out into the world in some cases and commit
a real world act of violence that they’ve already been predisposed to and potentially
have even been thinking about. But video games, by and large are not causing
violence in otherwise nonviolent people. They will not indoctrinate perfectly reasonable
people into the anti-immigrant, Zenith phobic white nationalists delusions of the El Paso
shooter. And this came up again when a Texas Lieutenant
Governor Dan Patrick went on Fox News, take a look at this. And I and I look at this evil act and let’s
condemn it for what it is. Evil, evil and I, and I, and I say, how long
are we going to let for example, and ignore at the federal level, particularly where they
can do something about the video game industry. You know, in this manifesto that we believe
is from the shooter, this manifesto, he talks about living out his super soldier fantasy
on call of duty, another Republican Kevin McCarthy also on
the Video Game Talking Point Bandwagon. And sometimes they try to temper it a little
bit by talking about social media, which does present a whole slate of issues societaly
but that really shouldn’t be mixed in with this video game talking point. Take a look. But what, what are your thoughts on that in
terms of understanding that words matter and that when we’re talking to each other on social
media or looking at video games where they’re using, you know, uh, videos of, uh, of characters
with these, uh, weapons, is there a conversation to be had about that, about the tone that,
that this country is using it to become commonplace, to say whatever you want to anybody on social
media? I think we should. And you want to see from these individuals
what they wrote in others. But I mean, um, this may be a place that we
could find this ahead of time. There may be a place of what what’s being
written. Um, can be changed, could be an indication
that an individual needs help and others that we can stop. But the idea of these video games to de-humanize
individuals to have a game of shooting individuals and others, I’ve always felt that as a problem
for, um, future generations and others. Uh, we, we watched from studies shown before
of what it does to individuals. Um, when you look at these photos of how it
took place, um, you, you can see the actions within video games and others. But what I’d like to do is make sure just
get all the facts so we don’t have to pretend that violence
in movies in video games has zero no effect on anyone culturally in any way. But the El Paso shooter is a guy radicalized
around specific radical right wing ideologies. People who play video games and aren’t radicalized
by the stuff that Trump has been spewing aren’t going to go out and commit violence like this. I did a twitch stream last night, by the way,
you should be following me there. Pacman. And people asked me, do I play video games? And I said, you know, I don’t play very many
video games, but the one that I’ve been playing since I was quite young are the different
iterations of grand theft auto, one of the most violent games that is out there. And there was absolutely no connection whatsoever
between the cartoonish violence and the game and anything that I’ve ever even considered
doing in the real world. And importantly, you know, other countries
have video games. Look at Japan and look at the fact that there
are basically no shootings in Japan. Uh, every country has racist people. Uh, every country has atheists for those who
want to blame the fact that you know, God is no longer in school. Every country has mental illness. W other countries don’t have the problems
that we have even though they have lots of these other ancillary characteristics and
there are also more general crime statistics to consider. Remember that video game playing in the United
States has gone up for decades. Violence in total has also been going down
for decades. The general trend is video games up, violence
down, so we have to look at the nitty gritty and the particulars of the types of shootings
that we’re actually having and again, just as importantly by proportion there is just
as much video gaming and other countries and those countries don’t have our mass shooting
problems. This same guy, Dan Patrick, the Texas lieutenant
governor went on another Fox News show and said we’ve got to really be careful about
antifa and TIF has got to stay away as if that has anything to do whatsoever with this
shooting. And again, law enforcement you on the basic
thing. That’s just been an amazing thing as your
guest. I just start a little bit of your previous
guests talking about the client scene and you know one does one or two people shot. You can imagine the size of this crime scene
and this will be an investigation that will take some time. Um, you know, this, uh, you know, I was, I
was, uh, looking at a story recently, uh, but just saw in the last couple of days where
antica is, is posting, you know, they want to come to El Paso and do a 10 day siege,
um, clear message, van t for stat of El Paso, um, stat a Texas basically, but we don’t need,
uh, them coming in on September 1st. We didn’t need them to begin with before this
happened, but I would, uh, I would say to Antifa, uh, scratch Texas off your map and
don’t come in. Uh, it is not the time and place for them
to come at anytime, but particularly in the aftermath of what’s just happening in El Paso. So antifa message from Lieutenant Governor,
stay out of Texas. Now, you know, I’ve never defended Antifa
or any political violence, but the idea of saying, given that a guy just mass shot and
killed 20 people and injured many more on the basis of this right wing anti-immigrant,
Zena phobic white nationalist ideology, uh, now I should also mention we don’t need antifa
here as if there’s some kind of equivalency between the two groups. And of course in the background of every single
one of these clips, what’s the elephant in the room? It’s never guns. And that’s likely the motivation for the fact
that so many Republicans are jumping on the video game talking point. It’s never guns and that we shouldn’t talk
about, but it’s also never right wing radicalization either. That also not coming up. It’s video games and we’ve got to be careful
about Antifa. And next we literally have the juxtaposition
of interrupting right wing radicalization to report on a right wing shooting. And of course never mentioning that the shooter
actually left a right wing manifesto. Let’s talk about that next.

100 thoughts on “Republicans Blame Video Games After Mass Shootings

  1. Conservatives have been blaming video games almost as long as they've been blaming music for the "downfall of society".

    I can recall when Mortal Combat and Street Fighter games were considered a prelude to the end times, according to conservatives. or the protests outside a Marylin Manson concert those were really "passionate" protesters.

    Conservatives will blame anything but the gun.

  2. Notice that the same Republicans that cry about pc environments and their 1st Amendment rights are the first to call for censorship.

  3. Typical Republicans, calling out evil to faceless videogame players to scapegoat the big orange domestic terrorist, but have no scruples to stand up to Trump ever. There's blood on their hands. Disgusting.

  4. These fuckers are reaching lol wow!! This shit is so crazy its sometimes hard to wrap your brain around. I seriously cant 😂 Bottom line no assault rifles no mass shootings has nothing to do with video games. And Trump is the one that's out there dehumanizing people with his words

  5. The Texas Governor just 7 weeks ago signed into law 10 new laws backed by the NRA providing for more freedoms and rights to gun owners. This includes free (tax payers dollars) legal help to gun owners who carry weapons into “no weapons allowed” businesses. Governor…you make me sick! Seeing you on TV talking about gun violence is a joke! You are just as guilty of murder as this man is.

  6. Yup – the nitwits can’t help but use a debunked 1980’s excuse for censorship – to blame the mass murder by Nazis on – but then claim that those who were influenced by Russians and duped Republicans in social media in 2016 were voting their conscience when Trump was elected (by the Russians).

  7. It's rather ironic how the people blaming videogames are the same people who buy military equipment and/or frequently go to gun-ranges. If anything, you'd think leftists would be the ones blaming videogames.

  8. Funny how he brings up Antifa and not the Nazi's… Not a fan of either but one has killed numerous the people and the other hasn't killed at all as far as I know… so which one is the biggest threat?

  9. In 2013 alone in japan the most gaming nation in the world there has only been 3 murders. FIND ANOTHER DAMN EXCUSE MORONIC FASCIST RIGHT

  10. I have this great urge to topple buildings and structures by slingshotting birds, some angry some mellow. We have a pig problem, huge.

  11. Complete and utter bullshit! Why are we even listening to Republicans anymore? We need to ignore them and just move on and continue to build that blue wall! The look on these malfeasants faces says it all. They look sheepish and are obviously lying. McArthur is nothing more than a Trumpanzee shill. The El Paso shooter was no more than another white supremacist unleashed by Trumpanzee and his rhetoric. All they want to do is distract from the reality of what's happening in our country. The true story of this country is becoming increasingly exposed. THIS IS WHO WE ARE! But we have to change it once and for good. This is all known to us. We have to stop playing their game and keep calling them on their lies. We need more elected officials on the left to open their mouths and start speaking the unsugar-coated truth.

  12. Hi there! I'm from Poland and I have a newsflash for GOP: we also have video games in our country. The last mass shooting in Poland happend over 90 years ago (there were no video games back then). Around 0,006% of our citizens has gun licence. Do whatever you want with these information.

  13. Someone should make a video game where you play as a white supremacist who goes around murdering anyone who isn't a white supremacist. Boy, that would REALLY make Republican's blood boil lol

  14. Ok so I read the manafesto that this boy allegedly wrote .
    He said he didnt target Mexican immigrants at first .
    He thought killing non white Americans is horrific.
    He murdered because of the use of migration on both sides Democrats for their votes and Republicans for their cheap labor.
    He didnt target the Mexicans because of their culture or their skin color he targeted them to prove a point to the political people not fixing the immigration problem a d the fear of all immigrants taking over the American idea .
    That being said I do not condone or think what the kid did was right . It was gross what he had done to prove a point .
    He attacked the wrong people to prove his point if he was so mad of the system going on he should have targeted the people who are controlling these divides the people who refuse to compromise the political leaders .
    The teranical government t we have today!
    As the media is filing this idea of this boy being a white NATIONALIST is not true he hated the political people benefiting of the mass IMMAGRATION people on the welfair system a d allowing American people being poor to benefit their pockets .
    As I read the manafesto a d seen the crime he did I changed my mind on what he needs to be charged with . He needs to charged with TERRORISM ! And put to death .

  15. You can tell who the fascists are when they decry, ban, and beg for people to renounce the anti-fascists while supporting white supremacists

  16. You can literally kill people with a gun but to a Republican we shouldn't even have better background checks. And also say Trump's rhetoric doesn't play a role in ANY of these shootings. But turn around and try to blame video games. 😒😒

  17. As a conservative, I can say I'm disappointed with the reaction of the Republican party. Blaming shootings on video games and attempting to solve it with red flag laws is, from a conservative standing point, despicable.

  18. lol video games… fucking republicans .. not ONLY are they cowards… they are completely ignorant AND as intelligent as a potato.

  19. I can't believe these motherfuckers are so desperate to deflect it's coming back to video games! If that doesn't embarrass them, why don't they go ahead and whip out heavy metal and gangster rap music again?
    And what exactly are they proposing beyond deflection? Legislation to ban video games, now that they're available online? Treat them as toxically evil as child pornography? Yeah right. They know damn well they're not trying to DO anything about video games, any more than they sincerely believe they're the cause of mass shootings. It's like the ridiculousness of it is not the bug but the FEATURE, because every second we spend arguing against the ridiculous, we're not fighting white supremacy or the gun lobby.

  20. It's funny that they blame video games because Fox News has been engaged with the kind of stochastic terrorism that causes these mass shootings for decades.

  21. Video games are a red herring. The right wing echo chamber refuses to admit that the easy availability of assault weapons used in these mass shootings is a serious problem. I can understand that some people have guns to protect their families and homes, but why do civilians need to have military grade weapons?

  22. See my friends won't let me have a gun..!!!!! They are right? right.?…it's important to have social controls

  23. We have to remember that hate crimes started with hate speech, the holocaust,Rwanda etc. Remember.words kill. Lets start talking to our youth, the new generations, about love, harmony and to live in peace w one another.

  24. 2.2 billion gamers worldwide. good luck pinnin it all on us and not… yah know the "come take Mah gun MFrs" who ACTUALLY own guns.

    its like "sir he has a high powered rifle and enough ammo to invade a small country.." well.. its his "right" to own all that ammo.



    2019 US government Nukes WoW to stop…guns?

    anyone who plays games understands.

  25. I am in no way saying video games are to blame. That being said, playing COD pubs is very often like walking into a Klan meeting. The N word can be heard more in one day playing COD than an entire lifetime of not.

  26. Trump feeds on their rage! He keeps stoking the flames of their hatred and what does he honestly expect them to do with all those violent emotions? It doesn't take all that much to trigger someone suffering from PTSD or some other mental illness …All they ever need is the right words from the wrong person and they're shooting up walmart!! But words themselves are weapons! And Trump knows it only too well… He has speech writers you know! This is a calculated move on his part. And it is with malicious intent that he riles them up! So, it's time to lay the blame where it belongs or if it were you or me to say such things and incite such violence we'd be thrown into prison! Freedom of speech does not protect malicious intents! Not even when it is coming from the president… He must be held to a higher standard because he is the nation's leader and number one representative. He has a higher responsibility to live up to. And is he really one of the best and brightest that our nation has to offer?

  27. I call bullshit. Anyone that grew up in this country in the 50s 60s even mid 70s remember playing army or cowboys and Indians. We had mock machine guns, pistols and most time real pocket knives in our pockets. We would pretend to blow the shit out of each other playing war games all over the neighborhood. We had G.I. joe dolls with all the weapons of choice at that time to deck them out with that realistic look. Very few adults back then locked their real firearms up or kept the ammo separate. No one went out and did this crap during those times when we were heavily influenced by the wargames and guns. So why would playing a video game be more dangerous that actually pretending to kill your friends with fake weaponry or lob a grenade at their make believe pill box. At the end of day we went home and called it a day no hate no violence ,just fun with the gang. Just saying there is hate involved in these mass shootings, where that hate coming from?

  28. GOP: Guns don’t kill people! Music, video games, and Twitter do!

    Skeptic: Oh, so your favorite album, video game, or Twitter account made him pull a trigger?

    (GOP head explodes)

  29. They ALL got the same talking points script! The OTHER argument is ONLY PRAYERS CAN HELP! God out of schools, lack of faith, foreign faiths. Evil, Satan etc. etc.

  30. Twenty years ago people were saying the very same things about how it was violent video games and violent music which spurred the Columbine shooters into committing mass murder. Here's a clip from the Academy Award-winning anti-gun movie "Bowling for Columbine" in which Michael Moore talks with one of the musicians singled out for his supposed "role": Marilyn Manson. (btw Manson comes across as an insightful and intelligent person. See for yourself)

  31. Video games?? Fuck off. Are you kidding me? Almost every modern country on the planet has video games. Go check out how many mass shootings Japan has. I rest my case. FOX news fuckwads.

  32. People all over the world play video games why one non violent but everybody plays. But the thing about America is anybody can own a gun. Forget about background checks go for it.

  33. El Paso shooter's manifesto had a bunch of dumb shit in it that could sound conservative OR liberal depending on which excerpt you pull out. He also thought killing people would lessen humanity's toll on the environment. He wasn't really politically affiliated, and he states that he had these views before Trump was elected. He was just an angry dumbass. I don't think right-wing talkers inspire violence any more than video games. Sorry if that's too level-headed for this channel ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  34. There IS a relationship between violent video games and 'aggression', but there was NO relationship found between video games and CRIMINAL violence. Here's the study I'm referencing. The Right can and will jump on this just based on the fact that a link was found, but what they wouldn't want to admit is that this study also finds that the relationship between violent video games and aggression is strongest among whites, and in Western culture.

  35. I've been playing video games since the NES. I've play COD, Gears of War, every GTA since GTA San Andreas. I've played and still do play GTAV online and recently I've been playing the hell out Red Dead Redemption and I have never felt the urge to go out commit violent acts. What I have felt in conjunction with all of the mass shootings over the last twenty-some-odd years is the need to restrict firearms in real life. That's because violent video games are not real life. Mass shootings are real life.

  36. Texas church shooter was an ex-soldier and I don't think he played video games. Tree of Life shooter also didn't post anything about video games. Elliot Rodgers wasn't a gamer he clearly said he killed people because he wanted a revenge on women and he got his guns legally!
    but if you still think video games are to blame – great, pass a law banning sale of guns to people playing violent video games and mentally ill or depressed people

  37. If I remember correctly this was a hoax started by an Italian politician who wanted to be relevant in an election. So they sent a public letter to all EU countries about this and then the myth took off.

  38. I grew up loving the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Yet somehow, it didn't train me to attack fat bald dudes with glorious moustaches, nor did I start robbing jewellery stores while tripping on acid. Weird, that.

  39. A lack of coping skills, a history of childhood trauma, and multiple stressors at once, are what triggers their response by coping in a really negative, and violent way.

    They have more in common with serial killers, in that they want to have notoriety through infamy. I don't think that there's any one, magical way to respond to this, aside from providing counseling to people in crisis, and increasing the barriers to accessing certain firearms, and drum magazines.

    If you can remove the motive for the people who are at risk of becoming a mass shooter, then there will be less mass shootings.

    This channel, (linked here: ) explained the common factors that these shooters had, and why approaching this with the same talking point policies, likely won't get us anywhere.

    I think given the nature of the issue, it will be difficult to solve without approaching the root causes for these acts of violence.

  40. Some stupid ass republican woman blamed lgbtq and the so called broken immigration system is why god is punishing USA with mass shootings! Wow the bigotry just got pregnant and had twins

  41. Aussie here. We have video games here… the violent ones, too! No massacres here though. Though we did ban most guns after our last mass shooting. Nah. Couldn't have been _that_, right Trumplicans?

  42. Guns kill people .. not video game guns!! They are so owned by the NRA.. IT'S DISGUSTING!! ( Yes guns are manufactured to kill that's why they are bought.. to kill)

  43. Video games < Fox spews as a trigger for violence. What are the most mainstream first shooter games? Wolfenstein series. 🤔 I don't see a bunch of nazis being shot, milkshaked yes, punched yes, shot? HELL NO!

  44. Yes, the video games are surely having all the blame and responsibility, but the Holly weapons and the sacred bullets not.
    Yes, the video games dehumanized the Mexicans and not Dotard Rump hate speech.

  45. Ugh Republicans are such idiots 🤦‍♀️

  46. No, not a maybe David, don't give these idiots a chance of doubt in a issue (video games) that's clearly not the real problem to address

  47. The gun lovers at my office are getting very nervous about all the mass shootings. They're terrified they will have to register their arsenals of guns and ammo.
    I'm quite serious.

  48. Pakman+GTA+Twitch? I'd subscribe if he did a GTA segment and him taking questions on which GTA iteration he likes the mosts.

  49. So it's video games destroying our youth. Remember when it was the lyrics in the Rock & Roll. Who can forget Dee Snyder and Frank Zappa testifying before Congress. Great stuff.

  50. so its not the real military actions america implements across the globe, its the pretend violence in video games?🤔

  51. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone create violence with their movies also??? Give me a break!! Mental adolescents and Fox Friends are bad!!!

  52. Here's me leaving a tip.

    Ignore David Pakman's Show. Go read the El Paso shooters manifesto. He wasn't a right wing guy, his political leanings sound like a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren guy and he even says that idiots like Pakman will try to make this about Trump, but that the shooter believed this type of stuff years before Trump became President.

  53. I've played violent video games since I was 11. I'm now 29. I've never had an urge to kill people.

    The way Republicans try and alter what this debate should be essentially takes the blame away from the killer and places it elsewhere.

    The shooters did heinous things, blame them. In the case of the extreme right wing shooter, the Republicans have to accept at least a part of the blame. They have an openly racist President who has told his supporters to be violent towards those that oppose him.

    Video games are international, they exist in nearly every country on the planet, most countries do not have the violence that you have in the US. 39,000 people died as a result of gun violence last year. 39,000. Imaging seeing 39,000 people in one place. That is appalling. Fix it America. Stop protecting your stupid, unnecessary guns and start protecting your people.

    The most commonly cited reason for gun ownership is defense. In other words, the reason so many of you have guns is because you want to protect yourselves from other people with guns. But the gun that is most likely to kill you and your family members is the one you keep in your house. Gun ownership increases your risk of death by gun. Get fucking rid of them.

  54. Video games don't kill people…people kill people. I mean if you don't blame guns it seems weird to blame video games. Talk about reaching.

  55. correlation does not equal causation. A lot of murder occurs when icecream sales are up. Does icecream cause the crime of murder? fuck no. What is missing from the picture is that most murders are found to be committed in hot weather. Do you what other stats are high in hot weather? icecream fucking sales. Video games is an age-old argument that has no real grounds so the real problem of gun control and domestic terrorism by white nationalists is not addressed

  56. Even with video games existing no one has the right to take anyone's life point.. and it's stupid to try to cover up and blame that …NO people it gets me mad it's amazing how they just focus on that 😷😤!!

  57. Let republicans counter this simple fact:
    Violent video games are all over the world, then how come almost no other country have mass shootings at this rate?

  58. You'd think the small, but very vocal republican gamer-community will turn on them for this, but i'll have you know they will gladly let republicans confiscate their video games, why?
    To own the libs, of course!

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