Republicans are Ideologically Bankrupt

Republicans are Ideologically Bankrupt

all republican party has become a joke you see me everyday man i struggle define exactly what is right and wrong
on both sides but they were part of the past few
months of luck with that well you know all right so now we go back to hardball and did it work has been a may
continue to make ridiculous comments when we met a rock really more years
like brought me here it is tagged i believe although i’ve got my
differences although i got my differences with john mccain i believe
you would have done a better job as an unannounced nano eight more years of the
policies of had for the last eight years anymore you’re saying i don’t think
there’s a lot the same policies that you guys in the
west asia as congress changes after death the economic policy let us where we are
right now we should in ways that we better off to everything that we should have
explored the tax cuts i fought for that i’ve worked on the way senator nunn has
anyone unless that’s part of it looks like is that on the white house for
eight years wouldn’t we’d be better off having eight more years of bad policy of the republicans for eight more years
would be better off low taxes a strong national defense of
good economic growth the i’ll take that from a number of someone got another economic effects of the other
heads of the last eight years less you know we have no money buying anything
with no but it’s all right now you know be selling cars if you don’t want to
know if it if you want to get the whereas you know this is what i can take
a look no while tell you what was bad the sneak attack our economy that dress
rehearsal that was the bottle of in debate with chuck schumer help get that
started had gone in the background george soros manipulating all the
currency you won’t mind know what’s going on here at the fact is you may see
as an exaggerated parents right now for is the result of nuns administration
policies goldie and i i i don’t think he’s
talking said i don’t know what you’re talking about this in our los angeles
economic model citizens we got today an unidentified resource we’re talking
about you know that i think there’s going to
trading office administration go back and take a look for his role as
he said on c_ span a couple weeks ago about how the economy gotten the message
was sent i’ll tell you this on balance sixty
eight years were strongest do we have a meltdown you bet don’t want to see a meltdown continued
no na american wants to see them but they have you set up a narrowly defined
a rear is that how how does it and i really should be running for the
civilian side of the specter is a moot point chris unhappiness in
atlanta alone with them and that’s why i stated for the past afterall with chris
this is live rock on monday i think it’s a really good idea of what is that it
was like this is one of the someone criticizes the president’s party tonight that’s where they prefer the policies of
the last eight years i think that’s a good question yet left these republicans intranet goad
chris craft is over but you know what it does look at those yahoo early as arlen
specter involving okay but matthews hamburger any with them very very simple question and the bottom
line is a look back clip was critical because heat and not answer the question he says that you better i watch the tax
cuts in the strong defensive about a lot but ben macintyre but that led to this economic disaster he said look at that point i want but that doesn’t make any sense man it’s like you’re so then so you can
understand simple evidence and facts and look what
happened the use some economical designed by bush was hectic bottle
appliance store and we’re looking at it now and without the what’s supposed of minded as proof and other something to charge you were
doing with indymac but i’m not sure chuck schumer did the right thing within
the mac we cover that story here but that was a people on their opens
that’s project yellow bruise that’s himself without the proper lesson is trying to decide whether the package
on sorrows the imprisoned okay pink are over yet on the today show said
the same thing although we have this thing figured out
but you know then the democrats and one is the regulate
%ah fannie mae and freddie mac and we had
everything would be just fine but %uh it’s their responsibility lies this copy this promoting forty is absolutely positively intellectually it’s funny because they’d let us who are
literal %uh financial bankruptcy for the whole country but the fact that left in the tank only dot is this do bleeds g_o_p_ tax
cuts from them at all what the problem is the little witch doctor answers which is will cover and what you have a totally
job right and he really does suck the economy dry with the tax cuts is demonstrably a bad idea we move into
eight years of nothing but tax cuts any kind of sad economic disaster j_d_ hayworth that earlier clinton had
said about bill clinton altogether for this tax increase in this
regard and then what happened with eight years
of tremendous economic success do the frickin mat man %uh you know to be enough to have to put
these guys in charge in all of them on the economy again but not all local level you are well beaufort charlie crist was there etcetera you know hey that’s a different question
shortening astronomy responsible in california to the best intensive bad that situation but on the national level to beaufort is
not good republicans you might not you must not like your
money you must not like %uh you know it was like where we are today that
economy in this disaster

100 thoughts on “Republicans are Ideologically Bankrupt

  1. Guess what America, you just got another 4 years of the exact same economic policies that you had in the previous 8. Nothing's changed. Republicans, Democrats- it's like voting for players on the same team. It's a Goddamn crime is what it is.

  2. I agree, but I think that was Cenk's point. Tax cuts have fuck all to do with economic growth, at least if the last 20 years are taken as evidence. Therefore, why should we listen to BS ideologues who only know how to parrot one tired idea? Better to reduce our national debt by raising taxes, and toss in a little Keynesian spending while we're at it.

  3. Happened after, therefore happened because of. Its a logical fallacy, saying that just because one thing happens and then another, related thing happens, the first thing cannot be proven to have caused the second thing. Unhealthy Salad is most likely criticizing the belief that our economy is broken because of Republican ideas.

  4. While they are certainly the same in a lot of vital areas, you can't honetsly claim they are 'exactly the same'. There are some key differences.

  5. I enjoy Chris Matthews and all, but I'm not a big fan of not letting the other person make their point and talking all over them. He does this more than I would like.
    That being said, I completely agree with the substance of what Matthews was saying. I just don't like all the interruptions. I don't like it when Hannity does it, nor anyone else.

  6. when things go wrong republicans will still defend thier position however wrong and then start the blame game. it's everyones fault but thiers….

  7. Arnie will run for president in 2012 mark my words. I personally hope Obama has done such a good job by then we are all still loving his administration because if not we are SERIOUSLY screwed. He NEEDS to get tougher on company execs that's fpr sure, otherwise what happened to CHANGE?

  8. That leech analogy hit it spot on. Centuries ago when doctors would apply leeches to the patients no matter what the problem was.

  9. What are you talking about? You may not like Obama's policy but he's doing exactly what he said he would do. And he won by a landslide. Obama is tremendously popular and to say that if he keeps it up he'll lose in 2012 is absolutely absurd. He's doing what the people who voted for him expected.

    The GOP is a party of the rich and the dumb. They don't give a shit about average Americans and are completely out of touch with the people. GWB a fiscal conservative? HA

  10. I'm getting my ass kicked by Chris Matthews so I'm gonna throw out a non sequitor because I can't really defend my stance to someone who is insisting on a real answer…..

  11. i think everything that happened in the last 8 years and especially the last year shows how there is no self reponsibility, its called tragedy of the commons

  12. First off very very few Canadians seek health care in the US because we pay for it through our taxes and everyone has equal rights to all necessary health care, however the free market in the US doesn't allow all americans equal health care those who can't afford the procedure or the health insurance to cover the expensive procedures don't get treatment. Tragedy of the commons will allways occur unless there is an intervening entity that seeks to stop corruption

  13. privatization is no answer, capitalism is no answer, the answer is defeating corruption and greed within private companies and governments, the solution is taking to the streets like in france which somehow you see as a bad thing to prove to our countries that the people are in charge and we won't stand for their shinanigans

  14. "illegals crowd"
    Thats untrue propaganda.

    Whats your point?
    That people should not be treated equally?
    That if you can pay you should have the "human" right to go before others that are less "valued/worth"?

    Nothings perfect, but I gladly pay a little more tax so that state hospitals have more resources to help other than just me.

    If a good system is a system that prevent the rich from standing in line while letting those with little money die off am not in favor of this "perfect" system.

  15. so was Reagan, and he's held up as an amazing president. (I'm not saying I necessarily agree, but a lot of people do, and he was undeniably good at politics. Which sort of sticks a whole in the 'actor, thus cannot be a politician' argument)

  16. Republicans are A-Rod, Clements, Bernie Madoff, Rod Blagojevich, & OJ Simpson…

    They're busted, habitual liars, & guilty as fuck; but appear to be the last one's to actually realize it…

  17. the difference between Gore and Bush were very little, a lot of people abstained.

    and besides, Gore won the election, but we have the stupid idea of the "Electoral College".

  18. The whole system has to get fucked, and we have to figure out a new one as we build it one step at a time…

    Same thing with money: we need a currency that didnt start with a monopoly already in place.
    We already know that our currency doesnt work because a few people at the top can cause depressions and recessions whenever they feel like watching us squirm.
    Selling those mortgages was a plan, and they knew exactly when the recession would occur because of it. and the rich got richer.

  19. Republicans are stupid. They believe in fairytales like god, which doesn't exist, and they have stupid ideas like rich people not paying any tax even though most republicans are poor inbred trailer trash motherfuckers. Why do we care about these idiots? Go to hell repubs, even though hell does not exist. 🙂

  20. It ends up benefitting both parties. Over the next couple years Californians will understand what services their dollars provided, and either live without those services or raise taxes and pay willingly. This is an opportunity to trim back inflated government and increase the bang for our buck.

  21. You're right, he's not a journalist… he's a commentator. Learn the difference and adjust your news sources accordingly. It'll save the rest of us from having to put up with your bullshit.

  22. apparently according to Republicans, Chuck Shumer and George Sorros were in the basement of the NYSE stabbing the economy to death.

  23. "Anarchy doesn't exist, never has, and never will"

    That's bunk. First of all it could be argued that before 6,000 years ago most societies were anarchistic. Second of all:

    h t t p : // en.wikipedia . o r g /wiki/List_of_anarchist_communities

  24. actually, i think that realizing the individual power u have, even just having an independent mind, is what is important. fuck powerlessness. I agree with you other than that tho. LETS BE ANIMALS AGAIN! IM GONNA KILL AND FUCK UNTIL I DIE

  25. No two things in this world are ever 'exactly the same'. The Republican and Democratic parties, however, pretend to be ideological opponents yet their results are no different. It's all one giant sham. Neither of the two parties have your interests at heart. It's all one big country club and the average American ain't invited.

  26. "Every community since since there have been communities even back to the hunter gatherer days has had a social structure which includes certain rules and expectations governing social interaction"

    That's not true either. That's an oversimplification. Some had no rulership.

    h t t p : // books . google . c o m /books?id = inmTyPPdR5oC&pg=RA1-PA158&dq = Neolithic+egalitarianism&lr = & sig = VOAK5WWAg2del4rIQKQIaQ4EGzQ # PRA1-PA158,M1

  27. "Anarchy suggests a lack of rules or boundaries"

    Anarchism means a lack of hierarchy and rulers. Not a lack of laws or rulers or interaction. You can have rules and laws and no hierarchy to lord over society.

    micahler –
    "You are equating the nomadic hunter/gatherer societies to the justifiably sophisticated, yet latent plutocracies running our lives today"

    Sophisticated? Class societies have launched the most destructive wars and policies in human history.

  28. Some terrorists from Gitmo went back to fighting. yes. But I'm sure some pissed off innocent prisoners started fighting for the FIRST TIME after being locked up for SEVEN YEARS and not getting a trial. So far, only about 10% of Gitmo released prisoners been documented as going back to terrorism. Maybe some are just waiting to attack us…so call it 50%. That would mean FIFTY PERCENT of Gitmo population was locked up for years and they were INNOCENT. As an American, I can't put up with that shit.

  29. If you're so sure all these Gitmos are guilty, let's have A TRIAL in court, and if they're proven guilty, we'll take em outside and hang em. Sound good?

  30. Yeah, Iraq is great! TWO MILLION refugees still have not returned to Iraq, mostly professional types, doctors, lawyers, who could afford to flee. Iraq doesn't need those kinds of people right?

    By military estimates, Al Qaeda only comprised AT MOST, ten percent of the insurgency in Iraq. I'll bet Karl Rove had you thinking Al Qaeda represented a much larger percentage, eh? We didn't defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq. They moved operations back to where the real action ALWAYS WAS….northern Pakistan.

  31. Dude, you obviously do not know the meaning of the word "fascism". Most Americans don't, and that's a scary thing. Can you tell me the meaning? Look it up. You'll be surprised.(Hint: Locking people up in internment camps is NOT fascism.)

  32. Wrong. The President is sworn in to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Everything else comes after that. Ever heard of the Bill of Rights? I'm tired of all these scared American cowboy pansies who think we need to abandon the founding principles of our nation because of a handful of bearded guys who live in caves overseas. Stop being such a pussy. There's 300 MILLION of us. Al Qaeda doesn't stand a chance.

  33. This fake war against terrorism will never end, so suspending habias corpus is NOT permitted. You're talking about Lincoln? Much more desparate times. He wasn't dealing with a fake fear war, he was dealing with a real CIVIL WAR. Don't trust ANY government official who says they're suspending habias corpus for our own good. They're lying. it's a power grab. Without habias corpus, there is NO AMERICA. All of the other rights we enjoy start with habias corpus. The gov't is NOT allowed to eff with u

  34. Typical uneducated American cowboy commenting in a way that proves they're clueless. The economy looked like it was doing great because it was based on economical fantasy.

  35. Global Jihad. Is that the new Karl Rove designed buzzword? Can't trust you to protect my country. You're a scared American wussy. I live in DC, let me tell you this. Terrorism is BIG BUSINESS. Trust me. Sure there's a handful of rag-tag bearded idiots who dream of blowing us up. But there's not a whole lot of them (as long as stop creating more ot them) They're the weakest enemy we've ever fought.

  36. This whole war on terror illusion has spawned a HUGE new bloated government bureaucracy which, as all bloated govt does, seeks only its own perpetuation. Yes, I call fake terror alerts FAKE WAR FEARS. Google "tom ridge terror alerts"

    it's the duty of the CIA and other agencies to investigate and thwart terrorists. But they are NOT permitted to infringe on our Constitution of Bill of Rights in order to do so. Sorry, wussy.

  37. Wrong. You're only describing the bitter results of a strong fascist state. Your answer could just as easily describe Soviet Union Communism.

    Fascism is basically defined as government in cahoots with big business interests to the detriment of the individual. We are definitely on our way there. Why do you think the banks are getting all this free money from you and me, the taxpayers? Why don't they just send all the stimulus money to us? We'll put most of it back in banks ourselves. Fascism.

  38. Amtrak reps I talked to here in DC tried to get security funding for NY tunnels for YEARS after 9/11 and got nothing. Why? Because Amtrak is known as a Democrat pet project. If terror was so real, this would not have happened.

    Bush administration REDUCED New York City homeland security funding while boosting funding to states like South Carolina?? All based on who voted for Bush. If terror was so real, this would not have happened.

    If it's so real, why the fake terror alerts?

  39. "typical uneducated american cowboy" was not an assertion, only a guess. My conclusions are only based on evidence gathered. To be fair, I try to base my heaviest conclusions on information from conservatives, not lefties. When, during a news conference, big Republican Tom Ridge says he didn't sign off on many of terror alerts, and then, the next day, a Cessna flies into DC airspace to steal the headlines.. any thinking human can smell some bullshit going on.

  40. Now you're getting somewhere. And did you know that Reagan promised the Saud family protection from all threats, INTERNAL as well as external? They don't hate us for our freedom.

  41. Despair, poverty, etc…yes. But who can deny that we meddle in the middle east for our own interests? We help keep these dictator creeps in power.

  42. My point is this – to what degree are we willing to endorse/exploit human misery abroad in order to sustain the freedom we enjoy here? Is our ideal Republic only possible if we can secure some cheap benefit from millions around the world who are not so lucky? Is freedom then only a mirage, completely un-natural, and only available to a small portion of humanity?

  43. I would love to see it. But I never hear anyone talking about the REAL villains in this game. International big banking. Hannity, Rush, Beck…none of these neo-clowns dare to whisper against the bigger forces. Go to google video and look for "money masters", a three-hour doc that shows in scary detail what we're facing today and what the founding fathers thought about it. The founding fathers had the idea of America so perfectly nailed..old Euro banking finally got its way in 1913.

  44. It all comes from bad central finance. All these people with their hands out for donations are the symptom, not the cause. Did you know that nearly every dollar raised in income taxes goes straight to paying the interest on our debt? Interest we should never have paid in the first place as our Constitution stipulates we are free to print our own money rather than paying interest to someone who creates it for us. Poor people on the dole are not the villains here. It started a hundred years ago.

  45. So you're saying African farmers should take responsibility for themselves and make rain? Look, shit happens. If I wasn't paying these illegal income taxes, I would be more than happy to crank off more dollars to African relief efforts on a private basis. Like I said, entitlement is the symptom, not the cause. It's all about the money. So strange that I started studying this stuff a couple years ago when all was rosy and now I'm watching the truth of what I learned unfold. Google Money Masters.

  46. No one to rely on? Do you know how many billions the US has poured into Israel? Can't say the same for some dirtbag african country, can we?

  47. Big banking obviously lobbied on behalf of what they got. If I am a bank with a trillion in assets and the gov't "forced" me to make bad loans, I would have more than enough resources, dollars, and lawyers to take my case to the Supreme Court. Rampant greed on the part of bankers, brokers, lenders made these bad loans happen. Do you think most schlepps can comprehend the math involved in mortgages? They were sold these mortgages by shifty used car salesmen who DID know the math and didn't care.

  48. Historically, it had always been the case that when you go to the bank for a loan, they look down their noses at you and you pray that you somehow qualify a mortgage. The onus was traditionally placed on the shoulders of the lender regarding your potential qualification. They were the experts, right? So far, we've not bailed out the mortgage holders – only the banks that got greedy and blew it! Surprise surprise!

  49. Back a few years, a mortgage broker friend of mine laughed that he was definitely going to hell for bamboozling so many naive people into bad loans. You or I may know how to do our homework, but people with less bucks and education, on the math side, were so used to banks saying "no", they trusted the brokers to know what they were talking about. After all, they are the experts. Whether or not people should be bailed out is another question. So far, only the banks get bailed out. Surprised?

  50. All republicans do is talk loud, point fingers and do nothing. They never take blame for their mistakes. All we Americans want them to do at this point is admit fault for their mistakes, shut the fuck up and work with the President to get this country back on track. Remember when the republicans said it was un-American to not stand by your president.

  51. No you are incorrect. Conservatism is against government getting in the way of innovation and personal values no matter what they are. Neo conservatism is what pushes its moral values onto everyone else and encourages expanding of the empire through liberal foreign policy.

  52. Barack Obama destroyed this economy



    George Wigger bush didn't even get as bad.

  53. I saw about 50 of your posts in the past two days and I love how you argue your points. Love it. Keep up the good work.

  54. Oh, I remember that like yesterday!
    Republicans were constantly saying this shit when Bush was in office… "If you're against our commander-in-chief you're not an american"

  55. the question at the beginning of the interview was kinda a no win situation. would 8 more years of the policies that got into this mess be a good thing? i mean i'm not a fan of republicans but how else can you answer except like he did

  56. TV people will say ANYTHING to make their point.
    Whether what they say is factual, or correct, or not;
    How sad and worthless these Republican pundits are.

  57. ummm, you can answer "not, it would not be good". But he did not say that, he said "you betcha, the tax cuts, the national defense blah blah".

  58. At least the republicans don't murder unborn children and support crack addicts and felons. At least the republicans don't punish success and reward failure. At least the republicans don't support programs that suck down the wealth and fail. At least the republicans don't force kids into government schools that have too much money and dumb down our kids At least republicans dont disarm law abiding citizens. At least republicans dont suppress dissent or assault people during rallies like the Dems


    yeah republicans don't murder anyone (except everyone who doesn't agree with them and unborn embryos)

  60. You call the Republican party a joke? There are some Repubilcans who are clowns like Lindsay Graham. You want to talk about a joke. How about Democrats running California into the ground for the longest time..

  61. calling one party a joke without addressing the faults of the other party is an epic fail in any debate on republicans and democrats. the better question to ask yourself when voting for a presidential candidate is: what flavor of shit do you want for the next 4 years?

  62. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama also have a heavy hand more so than Bush

    Also when Bush's tax cuts took effect there where more people working even though they weren't broad or large enough.

  63. YOu are supposed to say I am and alwayse was…

    "Not was and always was" Maybe I was and always have been against Bush.


  64. darkvampire: You are right, I dislike G. Bush for that he had started a war but can't finish, also he didn't try to stop the mortgage madness while he had a chance to do so. The US is in deep recession because Bush was preoccupied with the war, he knew all about the CRA (Carter 77), n Clinton's 1999 pressuring Fannie n Freddie further into the subprime investment (ck wikipedia under Fannie), now the whole world is suffering because Bush mismanaged the courtry.

  65. The Republican Party isn't ideologically bankrupt–it was founded over those opposed to slavery. Most people IN the party are retarded.


  67. Not that I agree with all of Obama's policies and spending in the past 18 months…..I agree that we CANNOT stay in the same policies as we have in the Bush Administration!!!
    EVERYONE agrees that even if Obama made every single godly right choice, the economy won't just turn around completely in 2 years.

  68. Saying that tax cuts to promote govt revenue is basically saying that corporations deserve 'a cut' of federal tax revenue like mafiosos. Isn't the simplest way to pay for services to cut out the middle-man? So isn't people paying income or consumption taxes for federal services is the most efficient way to achieve that? If one advocates for cutting federal services and match with tax cuts, ok fine… but cutting all services and all taxes still leaves $13T+ in debt that needs to paid.

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