Republican Says Trump Is Committing Political Suicide

Republican Says Trump Is Committing Political Suicide

49 thoughts on “Republican Says Trump Is Committing Political Suicide

  1. LBJ was right: Tell the poorest bigot he's better off than the most well-off black man and you can pick his pockets clean and he'll still love you.

  2. Back in the day workers were offered shares in the companies they worked for – they were assets. Now its different- they pay you less, offer no incentives. Big companies feel hindered, when workers are share holders. They cannot make the massive wealth with employees having voting voices in their corporations.

  3. Trump's tax cuts helped more than 85% of ALL Taxpayers and his tax cuts and deregulation are why unemployment is at a 50 year low at 3.6%. When he won unemployment was close to 6% and most dems predicted it would back towards 8%. Yet it's incredibly low at an amazing 3.6%. And it's Trump's policy's that explain why black and Latino unemployment are the lowest in America that they've ever been and women's unemployment is at a 60 year low. Ana K knows almost nothing about economics.

  4. Cohn says hurricanes are the reason for the lack of growth is just kicking Republican voters while they are down.
    I suppose Trump can always build a wall to keep the hurricanes out.

  5. I have never seen so many people enjoy being wrong for so long. Every thing you have said for two years has been completely wrong. Are you even paying attention? It's like watching someone beat their head into a wall and laughing about it.

  6. The Young Turds no Republicans alive today has the following and support that Trump now has. This story is crap and everyone knows it

  7. The young Turks spreading lies. gary cohn is a democrat for 1, 2 the cuts to social security are for disablity claims that skyrocketed during the financial crisis. its a cut to waste and fraud. nice try TYT. im sure your informed listeners knew this already

  8. I'd like to see Mr cohn living on the social security check I receive each month after paying in for 53 years. Luckily I also have some small pensions and savings.

  9. I keep thinking how is the economy is great when ppl working two an three jobs and still broke!!!!?!## please tell me how

  10. What!!!!!!! I thought he said he wouldn't cut social security ooh wait that's trump the lie and cheif

  11. We are SICK of hearing ANYTHING whatsoever that comes out of the mouth of this FAKE "president". He LOST the election fair and square. It was only Russia's intervention that made him our illegitimate "president"… yet he STILL couldn't even come close to winning the popular vote. He is one hell of a DISGRACE.

  12. I first started paying taxes at age 14 and now that I am considered disabled, I have been completely denied disability insurance benefits. I can only start over and/or file a lawsuit against social security. I filed a claim in 2015, and now I have to start over which starts the clock. When you file a claim and get denied, you can file an appeal and have a hearing. My hearing was in April 2018, 41/2 months later, I was denied, so I filed an appeal to the Appeal Council, they denied me just in February. I just found out. I lost 4 years of time and possible income that I paid into. While you're waiting for social security to make a decision, and you get approved, they have to pay you back from the date of the original claim. This is why we have a homeless problem and we need to vote this idiot out of office in 2020!

  13. The question for the rich is how much is enough? The answer is for as long as the poor can still wake up the next morning and go to work , it’s never enough!

  14. But are the jobs coming back? I don't think so. From what I've read they're moving to Vietnam and Thailand etc. Unless Americans are willing to accept wages lower than those countries you can forget jobs coming back here.

  15. The idiots supporting Trump are just racists who could give a shit what he does to the U.S. as long as he remains racist.

  16. You all know he is !! And he will drag you all along with him. You will not win when you disrespect and ignore the Constitution, you are not above the law !!

  17. If you haven't noticed, everyone working or that has worked for Trump is committing or has committed political suicide.

  18. Trump never wanted to be president it was a practical joke that
    went spectecularly wrong. Now he is trying to think of anyway
    he can to lose…

  19. The man is a narcissist so consistency or reliability in what he promised is not an issue for him. He will always take the shortcut to achieve his perceived goals at the moment. Unfortunately this narcissist has many flying monkeys and enablers

  20. I think that the logic in what he said is that if the government tax less the big corporations they will expand more and create more jobs with the money saved, but the reality is that they don't usually operate this way, there are dividends to be paid to investors, bonus for executives, this expansion becomes an issue only if there's a very strong demand in a certain market.

  21. Trumpets will vote for him even if its drastically against their own self interest. It's an insane cult

  22. Trump supporters might still vote for trump even if they cut Medicare and social security just to prove a point that they are loyal and to show us “libtards”!

  23. "We think we can pay…" Remember the repugnetons [contract with Amarica] all the wonderful things they were going to do. Then didn't… And then said; "we didn't say we were going to do… We said we were going to [try]!!! When dealing with the sleazy repugnetons you must make extra effort to be sure all the Is are dotted and all the "T"s are crossed!!!!!!!! Sleezy, sleezy, SLEEZY!!

  24. Trump committing political suicide.. interesting idea. Can someone leave something sharp on the counter and see if he goes for it? We might get lucky

  25. Trump makes everything sound so simple when he says "we are gonna fix that" problem is, he knows nothing about the subjects he talks about fixing & with confidence just like a conman he makes out he knows the ins & outs. Truthfully I don't think he fully understands what social security is all about,he doesn't understand numbers as well like when he said 138million dead in terror attack in sir lanka, he wished that many died so as too say "see I told you so".

  26. Sovereign citizen Donlad has said he’s never had an alcoholic drink in his life—largely, apparently, on account of his elder brother Freddy, who died at the age of 42 of complications associated with alcoholism.

    Donlad was ever so sensible in his decision to be teetotal—for instance if he had started the alcohol habit then he might well have become chronically irrational in his behavior and in his speech and in his scribblings. Phew! That was so lucky for the USA and for the rest of the world.

  27. I just wish Trump and his whole family commited actual suicide and do the world a favor. Wastes of skin the lot of them.

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