Republican Lawmaker Tells At-Risk Elderly Americans To Keep Going Out During Pandemic

Republican Lawmaker Tells At-Risk Elderly Americans To Keep Going Out During Pandemic

Late last week at a gathering at a senior
center in the state of Alaska, representative Don Young, who is a Republican in the house
of representatives, but also an 86 year old man told the gathering of senior citizens
at this senior citizen, senior center that they should ignore the warnings and they should
continue going out and living their everyday life as if nothing is going on in the world. Here is exactly what Don Young told these
senior citizens word for word. They call it the coronavirus. I call it the beer virus. How do you like that? That’s, that’s actually what he said. That’s a direct quote. It attacks us senior citizens. I’m one of you. I will say we have to as a nation and state
go forth with everyday activities. He then said that the media has blown out
of proportion what’s actually happening and that this thing isn’t anywhere near as deadly
as some of the other viruses we have floating around out there in the air. So, so go on senior citizens, go out, gather
in large groups. Go out, mingle, shake hands, kiss people if
you want to because hey, you’re old, you’re going to die anyway, probably. Right Don, is that what you’re thinking there? And then this happened last Friday evening. Then on Monday, Don Young’s office actually
announced that they’re all going to be working from home for now on for the foreseeable future. They’re not going to go out and meet in public
and that includes Don Young himself. So even though he’s telling these other senior
citizens, go out there and live your life, don’t be afraid of anything. He then went back to his office and said,
guys, I’m terrified. Everybody works from home. Nobody comes in. We’re doing everything online. We’ve set up on our website, a coronavirus,
you know, list of things to do and not to do for people, which includes not going out
and living your regular life like he just told the seniors to do. So he lied to him. He lied to the most vulnerable group in this
country, to this virus. This man should be removed from office immediately. I mean, those seniors that he just spoke to,
those are his constituents. They need to understand that he just did them
a great disservice and put them in potentially deadly danger because of this horrid advice
that he gave them. And again, this was last Friday folks. There is no longer any excuse, right? We know the rules, we know what to do and
what not to do and we have for about two, three weeks now. So if you’re still going out there and telling
people nah, it’s okay, go ahead and meet in large groups. Go ahead and lick the door knobs if you want. No, stop it. Stop. We all have to take precautions. This thing is spreading faster by the day. We are not flattening the curve. We’re making it worse. Look, I’m down here in Florida, live in a
beach community. I can’t get home in the afternoons without
sitting in traffic forever because our city is packed with tourists right now down here
for spring break. Other counties are closing their beaches throughout
the state, but not my moron County here. Nope, we’re keeping it open. Come on people from all over the country bringing
your viruses and germs. And also by the way, eating up all of our
groceries, even though there’s a massive grocery shortage. Yeah, that’s totally super awesome, folks. Listen to the experts. Listen to what the centers for disease control
and health and human services and doctors out there are telling us to do. Don’t listen to Republican politicians. Take this thing seriously or else you’re going
to put thousands upon thousands of lives in danger, and that’s on you. And you may not care about that, but I can
promise you the loved ones of the people who fall ill with this, they are going to care. Please don’t be idiots and for the love of
God, don’t take the advice of Republicans.

100 thoughts on “Republican Lawmaker Tells At-Risk Elderly Americans To Keep Going Out During Pandemic

  1. All politicians should be subject to a psychiatric evaluation when they reach a certain age. Because as we've seen some of these elderly politicians decision making is suspect. Also it should be a criminal offence to lie to the public whilst in office or running for office!

  2. Remember, retirees don't work but still get cash. So they can afford to spend their money while the working class of working age don't get wages if they are furloughed from work. HE will get treatment at THEIR expense, so he doesn't mind.
    Oh, the other thing is that if they die, the corporation that is paying out that endowment no longer has to pay out and can keep the cash.

  3. They want us DEAD! HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU NEED PROOF? It's us or them CHOOSE. 13,000 Cases in the USA. STAY HOME DAMNIT!

  4. Yeah..sure. As long as they're pubicans.
    Sorry. I honestly don't mean that. But geeze louise, this is Darwinism in action.

  5. It's time for a HUGE CHANGE!!! The Republican administration has to be voted OUT!! That includes the "FAKE PRESIDENT"!!!

  6. All he is saying is that “it is going to be a great self initiated cut in entitlements for the beneficiaries of social security, Medicare Medicaid, veteran’s benefits to remove themselves from the programs instead of having the trump administration cutting benefits in the next term”

  7. I believe since 2016 , cdc ( driven by a small group of anti opioid dr-PROP) re wrote the opioid guidelines . This was government attacks on seniors disabled and veterans , with the reason was to kill all these ppl to grab their government benefits. Social security medicaid & medicare.. Those patients that haven’t died directly related to overdose of untreated pain , most will die or come close to death from this deadly virus. I am one of those disabled seniors who’s heart has now( three yrs without pain relief) has been changed. I also suffer COPD , also untreated. After I moved to Pa. from nj last March now lost my Medicaid I had for over 15 yrs. PRESANT fed government IS Doing their best to eliminate me & all like me. AWFUL WAY TO BE FORCED TO LIVE. UNDER ATTACK BY MY OWN GOVERNMENT

  8. There is a term for that, it's called "Senile".

    Also…as for the people still choosing to be outside, I don't know where they heard the news. Some americans still want to party their ass off outside with a lot of people, their response is "if i get it i get it, it'll go away in a couple of days like some flu, not a big deal".

  9. yet people vote for these nincompoops. hey you get what you pay for and evidently the dumb as a box of rocks crowd eats this up. you can't fix stupid. you are only as good as the weakest link in the platoon, and America has become ground central for this now celebrated condition…

  10. The only thing more dangerous than a doomsday cretin at large is said cretin with unfettered access to the ear of a scared, starving audience.

  11. I hope he will get it. Then they will believe it's true. Him and Mc Connell both. Only then will they believe when it happens to them.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💙💙💙💙💙

  12. Fortunately that uncaring bastard is in a position where he can get a dose of it from the other windbags….

  13. Why is it the leading cause of death in Italy a country that has the second oldest population on Earth if it's nothing these Republicans are scum and they're telling their elderly constituents to do things that will leave one in six of them dead

  14. That turned out so well in Italy. It's March 21 2020, some people still believe the Dear Leader said "The US was most prepared country in the world".

  15. This guy and Tom Perez will be guilty of murder by COVID-19, if people die from this due to their stupidity. –Cindi

  16. So WHO and CDC is wasting their time please don’t believe those morons that said this Viruses is hoax’s. Please people remember Coronavirus when you go to vote this November.

  17. You have to wonder if that guy is a sociopath in disguise. That sounds like the only explanation for his advice to Seniors!.

  18. Watched a few spring break 2020 vids after this clip. Gosh… America is f*cked. That's really the opposite of a smart crisis handling.

  19. Prices on medication, food and other essential supplies should also be on lockdown across USA to prevent gouging. Amazon, Ebay and similar sites please take note.

  20. He’s heading Agenda 21 leading to the NWO. I hope someone with the virus kisses him a lot. Why is he still working at his age with his riches anyway?

  21. Seniors plsss stay put don't listen to that crazy man. I work at a Senior Residental Center. This disease very serious, Even myself I suffer from a lung disease & asthma im not playing with my health and I'm 49yrs old!!! I would love to see 50 in June. God Bless us all!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😍😍

  22. This morom is gonna get his constituents killed. Imbecile. If he wants to see just how bad this could be, look at Italy. The death rate there is just under 8% . 8%!

  23. Idiots like young are going to get ppl killed! My god, since when did hard science and facts become conspiracies?!

  24. Why should sane people care about Trump's 🤑 voters getting Covid-19, it will swink the republican base🤔 so……

  25. The more of them die, the less social security they have to pay out. They love talking out of both sides of their face, they make me sick

  26. This killer trump wants to kill everyone. That's how much he loves the USA. He wants to get rid of us all.trump is a dangerous criminal.the Republicans are all liars and corrupted watch out USA.

  27. My grandkids went on spring break in Floriduh and all they brought back for me is this lousy t-shirt….and the coronavirus

  28. CDC reported that majority of the ppl with Corona-virus ages range from 20 to 40. This is saying alot folks which Spring Break need to be SHUT DOWN.

  29. Goddam the Republicans hate their constituents. Too bad Congressman Young doesn't follow his own advise. It would increase the collective intelligence and wisdom by a nano amount.

  30. Listen to the experts that are putting their life on the line treating patients since they actually know what is happening regarding the virus……politicians are just that, politicians. Generally they are only worried about reelection… least the majority of the RepubliCon ones!

  31. Until scientists find a way to genetically modify young people to get them to vote we need all the help we can get. Just think of it as natural voter purge. We can have all these rabid old sociopaths safely in the ground before fall. It's reprehensible, disgusting and may leave a permanent moral scar but so does a Kale Cleansing and that doesn't even rid you of trump.

  32. Whan i lived in Fairbanks has a teen this dumbass was in office then! 40 years! Must be Mitch McConnell relative!

  33. Yes I think these Republican "seniors" should go out and mingle. When they start dropping like flies, then maybe they won't think this is "fake news".

  34. Are you kidding shut down ever thing! Only doctors have the EDUCATION to make these decisions. Politions want to inject people with drug they have no idea if it works. This could cause death if it go's bad. Would you do this to your family members?

  35. Removed from office and he should be prosecuted for endangering people's lives with the wrong information! Another assholes Republican!

  36. Start arresting these fools! From whichever political side they claim. I'd say do more to them but jail would be fine.

  37. But yet white people are still going to vote menace to society republican even after their lack luster and psychotic leadership. It speaks volumes of such folk.

  38. All while the Lt. Governor of Texas just made the comment and I quote, " Seniors are willing to die to save the economy,".. You just cant make this crazy shit up of these devils, you just cant

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