Republican APOLOGIZES for Helping to Elect Trump

Republican APOLOGIZES for Helping to Elect Trump

There’s this former Republican congressman
named, uh, Joe Wolf. He’s really a disgusting guy, much like Steve
King, Big Tea Party guy is Joe Walsh. When he was in Congress, used to have a radio
show where he would say horribly inflammatory things. He is now apologizing, apologizing for his
role in helping to get Donald Trump elected in 2016 he wrote a New York Times op ed yesterday
where he said, quote and Mr. Trump, I see the worst and ugliest iteration of views I
expressed for the better part of a decade to be sure I’ve had my share of controversy
on more than one occasion. I questioned Mr Obama’s truthfulness about
his religion. At times I expressed hate for my political
opponents. We now see where this can lead. There’s no place in our politics for personal
attacks like that, and I regret making them so okay. I mean, this is good. Walsh is realizing how destructive and terrible
Trump has been. He’s realizing how destructive and terrible
some of the things he did, which are similar to the personal type attacks that Donald Trump
makes. Uh, how terrible those were. But he didn’t just help elect Donald Trump. This guy’s entire moral compass is completely
backwards. He wants tweeted, if Trump loses, I’m grabbing
my musket. That’s not a personal attack. That’s actually a threat of violence, a specific
threat of violence from a prominent Republican. He said on Twitter, a quote, I’ll just say
it, Sandy Hook parents. Your 15 minutes is up against, I guess, gun
safety activists coming out of the sandy hook shooting. And who even knows what he meant by that. I could give you a really long list, but the
point is this guy wasn’t just a supporter of Trump in 2016 and he regrets supporting
Trump because Trump has been bad or something like that. He was supporting Trump in the most toxic
and destructive way possible while simultaneously being a completely deplorable right wingers. So, okay, it’s good that he changed his mind
about Trump. His point, I guess, is to encourage a primary
challenge against Trump. He tweeted yesterday, quote, why did I write
this piece? Two reasons. First, I wanted to make clear that Donald
Trump is unfit to be president and he must be challenged in the Republican primary. And second, I wanted to apologize for the
role I played in helping to put an unfit man in the White House. So I, I’ve said before, it’s a problem in
our society when people become irredeemable. And we’ve actually, when we talked to former
extremists last week, I interviewed former Neo Nazi, frank mink. He said one of the things that helps get extremists
out of their views is becoming redeemable, being redeemable, and being re accepted by
society when they attempt to write the wrongs and move out of their horrible extremist ideology. That lack of empathy is what often gets extremists
into extreme views in the first place. And so it’s really important that people don’t
become irredeemable to society. And I agree with that, right? I mean, we, we need people to be redeemable
in order to encourage more people to reconsider their actions. At the same time, he still a toxic republican
who doesn’t like Trump and who was so ignorant or blinded by partisanship to a degree that
I guess he didn’t realize the extent of the damage that he was doing by supporting Donald
Trump. Good for him. I mean, it’s tough to own up to mistakes. If more people did, it would be better off
as a society. But this doesn’t change that Joe Walsh still
would put elected officials in power who want terrible policy and who, if they are allowed
to do what it is they want to do, would be hugely destructive in terms of the direction
of the country. If it were up to Joe Walsh, we would have
what? A slightly less insane, less toxic republican
as president. That’s not what the left is looking for. Beyond the one point of agreement that Trump
has to go. So let’s give him credit where he deserves
credit. It’s tough to say, I made a mistake. It’s tough to do it publicly. That’s great. At the same time, let’s not pretend like now
this guy is an ally of some kind whose political views aligned with ours. There’s also another angle here. The idea being Republicans are simply realizing
that Trump is a losing ticket. So it’s not that they’re abandoning Trump
because they don’t like Trump’s style, tone, tenor, or way of doing business. They’re trying to get themselves off of a
sinking ship before it takes them down. So they’re claiming that it’s moral grounds
that have them objecting to Donald Trump. But really it’s a lot of them think Trump
will lose, in which case this is actually even less genuine than we believe it to be. Let me know what you think. I’m glad giving credit where credit is due. We just don’t want to give more credit than
what is actually do

100 thoughts on “Republican APOLOGIZES for Helping to Elect Trump

  1. The Republicans will apologize now . but they don't mean it . they want everything trump wants . they are everything that Trump is ! They all have the same black heart !

  2. Trump is a mirror to this guy's ugliness and he apparently sees it now.

    So if Trump's most toxic and deplorable supporters are at the point of public apologies perhaps that is a sign Trump is toast.

    Let's hope Sarah Palin is next to dump on Trump.

    Of course we can now expect Trump to attack Joe Walsh for a week or two.

  3. What does he want. He is up something that only benefits himself. My thoughts for him are he is just as guilty of the hell he and the fellow republicans have allowed trump to get away with. They have shown not just Americans but all the people on the planet and those in space there is no low they wont go to get the best deals for themselves in there bank accounts. Yes they think " sorry " erases the wrongs. It only makes the guilty person feel better. It does not however make those whove suffered from there actions hate words and ignorance. . Remember this all of you will have to account for to a higher power. You have a long way to go and I don't trust you and why you is well you have done nothing to earn it. We were a once Proud country. We stood for doing right caring about all people. Looking out for all humanity. For making the world a better place. A safer place where other countries looked to the U.S. as a role model Now they either hate us or laugh at us. That is what you and this administration have done to our once great country. You should be so proud. If you are sincere in your words then prove to all Americans and the world you have changed.

  4. Finally all the crap is falling on trump head ,I hope more republicans wakes up to reality for the good of the country ,

  5. When they have insulted, intemidated, robbed , stolen, been assholes, distroyed our democracy, embrassed the US with it's once needed and cherished Allies, caused and DELIBERATELY created racial tensions among ALL of us (as a nation of immigrants) and I can keep going… destroying areas of health care, created deep tax cuts for those who have more money than they can spend in a lifetime, taken private lands and public lands for a senseless oil pipeline , an endless assault on the environment, given all Americans a higher cost for, medications….( at this point I'm getting nauseous ) and have generally been nasty ass pieces of SHIT. For a large portion of this, I'd like to give a Hugh 1 finger salute to "Moscow Mitch". My God look deeply into your soulless Heart and for all of eternity my you NEVER FIND ANY REST.

  6. While deplorable I think he meant that the parents and the US as well should move on. My speculation is that the issue of gun control has the citizens attention.

  7. Oh my, im really a republican but See ima have to go democrat totally down with getting these guns out of the old bittered grey headed ones hands and the young that became victims in certain areas like chicago for one NOTTA person shouldnt have a situation to live with like the ones in chicago just a party can kill you .. Right after HOLOCAUST and since first mama Harriet tubman passed 🕊🛐 fly high.

  8. Eh, after Glen Beck's 180, followed by another 180, I'll take any Republican politicians' apologies with a grain of salt. A tiny percentage of them may actually become consistently better people, but most of them won't.

  9. lmao wasn't this guy advocating for "kindergarten guardians" where kids get guns on Who is America with Sacha Baron Cohen disguised as Colonel Erran Morad? hahaha

    btw if you all haven't seen that show, definitely check it out, there are some crazy scenes like with Dick Cheney and OJ Simpson

  10. No forgiveness, no passes. These people must NEVER be allowed to have ANY power. They will ALWAYS destroy everything they touch even if it costs them personally.

  11. Joe Walsh is a horrible person and so is trump…we have to get trump out of office if we are still going to have a decent country to live in….trump and his supporters are trying to destroy our country and there are no checks and balances…

  12. This stupid ass clown can just shove it nobody will accept his apology least of all the Sandy Hook parents. Put that in your musket and smoke it!

  13. whats wrong with predicting the defeat of donald trump, in nov 2020, whats wrong with telling donald trump, "donald trump you horrible bag of shit, you are going to lose, and you are going to jail"i think America, needs to revolt and tell donald trump and let him know every second of his days in office, he is a loser, and he is going to lose, and he is not wanted and he is a bag of shit !!!

  14. This is like causing a train wreck and coming back and saying you're sorry little too late buddy you're a vile human being and nothing you have to say is going to make it right!!!!

  15. I wonder why he is doing this???? Walsh is a sociopath and psychopathic liar…Trump must have conned him and that is why he is turning on him…!!!!

  16. Most extremists are irredeemable because of the mental illness portion of the equation…they will turn back and forth between extremist ideas!!!

  17. Reminds me of RATS abandoning a sinking ship only after they gorged on all they could find to consume and realized that they are about to go down with the ship! The USS Trump is sinking! Abandon ship 🚢 !

  18. I believe that if this guy was still in Congress, he wouldn't be saying those things. A total bigot and hypocritical. I don't believe he's sincere.

  19. You're wrong by kinda putting all Republicans under the "toxic republican" banner. Lots of Republicans, including myself didn't vote for Trump in 2016. You're almost sounding like Trump's brainwashed fanbase. If you don't agree 100% with what they believe in, then you're evil. When this is simply untrue.

  20. This guy is a public figure with a big voice. He shot off his big mouth and did damage and should never be trusted for what he says in public again. When these guys get organised or broadcast their garbage they are dangerous.
    But I also hope that if he is sincere his family and community come to know him as a good guy. We all need forgiveness.

  21. To little to late. you dont get to APOLOGIZE for being that fucking stupid. and I dont feel sorry for you. Hes just trying to look better as the TRUMP SHIP sinks. Fuck that rat.

  22. This is what happens after they go back on their meds for a few weeks. The fog lifts, they take stock of the wreckage they've caused and more often than not feel so guilty they can't handle what they've done and quite taking their meds entirely from here on out. Either that or they just can't afford to take their pills because they fought against healthcare reform and now they're just stuck mentally unwell due to lack of care.

  23. People under estimate apologies – follow up is key and needs to be felt, seen and heard…authenticity! People will always show you who they are – believe them…

  24. Once this dirtbag and his entire crime family is ejected from our Whitehouse, I don't want to ever see his dumb orange face or hear his demented babbling spewing from his pie hole. This goes for all his apologists, enablers and sycophants that pop up on TV trying to explain away this administration's corruption, racism, stupidity, lying, hypocrisy and treason. To hell with the whole lot. Let's flush the overflowing steaming toilet and never see or hear from them ever again.

  25. David, have you considered finding Joe Walsh on Twitter, Facebook, etc to discuss this with him personally?

    I believe that would be the best way to determine if he's redeemable or not. I think it would be very constructive, and who knows? Perhaps you guys could come up with a way(s) to get Cheeto McDumbfuck out of Office!

  26. It's not genuine. It's for selfish reasons because they know they are all toast once we get Trump and the Republicans et al out of office. Persona non grata – all of them… and they know it. Let them say what they want, but don't ever turn your back on these ppl.

  27. One of the key components of cognizance is the ability to see the likely results of your actions. Republicans cannot seem to do this which makes them by definition, stupid.

  28. Why do these people get a conscience only after they leave. To hell with them, they are all complicit, especially when silent.

  29. Yeah everyone is a worldly, atoning, born-again-humane fkng honorable person when they see that their convenient, temporary "leader" will inevitably go down in flames very soon and they wish to start detaching their sweet-talking ass from him as early as possible before he also inevitably takes them all down with him. Redeemable, my ass. The same, FAKE, lying scum, just trying to put on a prettier, cleaner skin.

  30. Walsh, like any other Republican, is hellbent on doing real and intentional harm to the vast majority of Americans and to all Americans that are struggling to get from one end to the other. The GOP is nothing more than a crime syndicate posing as a political party.

  31. Yeah, big f-ing deal. He criticizes and apologizes NOW. But did he vote against his policies when he had the opportunity and any ethical representative would have? No. Just another RethugliKKKan politico covering his ass.

  32. Yeah joe…fuck you from the very bottom of my heart. We're not making nice with the right. The era of turning the other cheek is dead.

  33. He probably didn't get his promised kickback carrot, get in the looong line with all the other suckers!!! 😄😄

  34. I think he's trying to smooze his way out of having to answer for his evil deeds & save his own political butt while he has a chance!! & He won't be the only one! They decided to go ahead & run wild, after he was elected, & fully intended to be "reformed" & throw him under the bus for all their misdeeds! That was the plan after he shocked the hell out of them for the nomination…as soon as it starts to back fire on him, we see the error if our ways!! & They knew it would back fire, eventually. Come on! With HIS history of bankruptcy & false boasting, of COURSE it's gonna blow up, sooner or later!!

  35. Joe Walsh is LYING, and people absolutely must distrust his phony apologies. Understand, he’s only trying to stage a personal comeback onto the political sphere again to polish his turd.

  36. No he does not deserve credit. I know certainly that Walsh is lying. He WANTS to come back, but must remain where he belongs, on the outside looking in but forever unwelcome.

  37. So, ex-cons who are people of color can't be redeemed, but white supremacists and other extremists can be redeemed? How about have them all earn redemptions instead of giving it to them by default?

  38. To late for the repubtarded bullshit show now idiots! We the people will dismantle your “treasonous party forever” You’re done! now get the fuck out ! Of this country you’ve been selling out for years ya fucking treasonous cockroaches!!!!!!!!

  39. It's irrelevant, I guess, but he does look like Epstein a lot. More relevant, I think this video makes an excellent point about bigots who say bad things cannot jump ship from Trump and be baptized pure in the water.

    Yes, thanks for recognizing Trump is a bigot. But that is hardly his sole sin. Recognize, above and apart from his bigotry, what damage he is doing to our economy and our environment. Recognize that dozens of women have accused him of harassment, even assault, and that he was taped claiming he likes to grab women he wants. "When you're a star, they let you get away with it."

  40. Racism is a commitment to ignorance. Middle Americans are cowards. They know mr bone spurs is lying. These are the ‘pro-life’ people…providing the child is a white American. If they’re Hispanic they go in cages and their parents are stolen away on the first day of school. These are the people who think they’re good Christians. They go to church on Sunday but have a psychological disconnect with the Middle East. They hate Muslims and the Middle Easterners. But hey, remember…your God was born there.

  41. Too fucking late now to apologise the damage Trump has done to America is irreversible all other countries are doing around the world now is lagging at the clown in the White House. Nobody will take America serious not for a very long time.

  42. I wonder if there's a big shift coming from Republicans . I called my senator's office, a GOP snatch who's been in office for years, Bob answered. He said he normally doesn't answer the phones, he regularly works in the finance team and was helping out that day. I expressed my dismay at the bigotry this man in the White House represents and my senators failure to speak out against it. Bob thanked me for my comments, promised to deliver them himself and then asked me if I'd be willing to call him back after the summer break. He implied some changes were coming in the GOP's support of Trump and he'd like my opinion when it happens.
    I don't know if it will be some polar shift but I hope it's something more than "oops our bad". It will be tainted by their prayers that constituents get amnesia and forget how they capitulated to King Trump.

  43. President Obama is the most educated and intelligent honesty respectful she never cheat his wife and he's married only once he loved his wife they married so many years, and that's why he's a most popular lovable person in the world,

  44. At this point one Republican apologizing about helping to elect trump is NOT newsworthy. Republicans taking their conscience to the polls to overthrow this madness is where it COUNTS.

    Proof: As this election year closes, watch as the Independent and the "undecided" vote becomes a more newsworthy topic.

    If Republicans are willing to give up power (which they will not) then waiting for us Independents to cast the final lot wouldn't be such a lifesaver.

    Personally, I want no more of Trump in office. But we NEED TO VOTE.

  45. Joe walsh another self appointed douche bag. Attention seeking pile of crap.. bla bla bla..nobody cares..he's a useless eater,…another societal parasite..

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