Republican Abandoned by Party, Left Broke

Republican Abandoned by Party, Left Broke

I told you before our vacation last week that
our friend JD Scholten is once again challenging incumbent, disgusting Republican Steve King
and Iowa’s fourth district in 2020 we met JD Scholten down at netroots nation in August
of 2018 he ran against JD against Steve King in 2018 and lost by only three points. Very
sad because it would have been amazing to knock off one of the most and despicable members
of congress. A king is in trouble and j d Scholten is running a king has said crazy
things about abortion. King has reminisced about when white supremacy
and white nationalism weren’t offensive, saying to the New York Times during an interview,
white nationalist white supremacist civilization. How did that language become offensive? But
king is in trouble. Republicans have abandoned him and he has almost no money. This is so
funny. King hasn’t received one donation from a PAC associated with an existing member of
Congress. This is a common way that these guys fund each other. Corporate pacs aren’t
donating to Steve King. Special interest groups aren’t donating to Steve King. In the first
six months of this year, King received two, two donations from third party political entities.
One was from Lamar Smith, uh, an uh, a Lamar Smith associated pack, former Republican congressman,
and $2,000 from Todd Akin. Todd Akin is the guy who said that the body shuts down a legitimate
rape and thus the woman can’t get pregnant. That guy is saying, I want to donate $2,000
to Steve King. Republican party groups are also not donating,
so this guy can be defeated. Think back to 2018 j d Scholten lost by only three points
in 2016, I’m sorry, 2018 back when Steve King was still able to raise money. This guy, Steve
King, is someone who came to power as a tool of big business. Quite frankly, he came to
power because the bankers gave him money. He came to power because big builders and
companies like a t and t and big food gave him money. Big Insurance gave Steve King money.
They’re not giving them money this year and that’s really, really bad for Steve King.
So as usual, there’s the good and the bad. The good news is that without money he can
more easily lose to j d Scholten the bad, or at least the troubling part is how did
it take until 2020 to realize for Republicans that they need to abandon this guy? And the answer is they don’t really care.
They’re playing now like they’re, oh, they’re so disgusted with the things that Steve King
has said. No, this is the same Steve King that’s been around all along. And while this
wasn’t a problem for them, king was another vote in the house and that’s why they wanted
it. It’s not that he was, uh, someone that they disagreed with or agreed with or whatever.
They were indifferent. They just want someone to check a box and say, yes, I’ll vote Republican.
Now he’s become a PR problem. So they’re abandoning him. Let’s not attribute to morality and ethics,
what we can attribute merely to Republican seeing politics of sport wins and losses,
checking boxes and that’s it. But he needs to go. Hopefully he will in 2020 check out
JD Shelton’s campaign. JT is a former professional baseball player. Super Nice Guy. Hung out
with him, uh, in in 2018 in New Orleans. As I mentioned, he came so close in 2018 with
the loss of Steve King’s funding and the abandonment that Steve King is suffering from his Republican
party colleagues. This could be an amazing time to get a Democrat in the Iowa fourth
congressional district. Check it out, check out JD Scholten and hopefully we’ll be talking
to him on the program. We’ll take a quick break after this. We have extraordinarily
great submissions for the David Pakman show, EDM Dubstep, voicemail
remix theme song. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, uh, then I think you’re
going to like it even more.

100 thoughts on “Republican Abandoned by Party, Left Broke

  1. The problem is that both left wing and right wing media look at politics as a game where all that matters is which team you're on and how to win. There are almost no more news anchors and big media commentators who actually believe in a position and apply their criticisms and praise based on that position evenly. Even when I disagree with a position, I respect someone who holds it and applies it evenly across political lines. People like Kyke and David do this, and I follow them closely because of it. This shows integrity.

    Now MSNBC, CNN and FOX are some of the worst offenders of hypocritical application of their criticisms. MSNBC defends Joe Biden's demonstrations of mental faculty decay while criticizing Trump's. On the other hand, FOX defends Trump's attempts at meeting with foreign dictators after years of bashing Obama for the same thing. Thankfully people are waking up to the reality of our mainstream news media being propaganda pushers for the corporate oligarchs.

  2. This couldn't have happened to a nicer man. He needs to learn there is a price to pay for such abhorrent and offensive comments. The finale needs you be his unseating.

  3. Is it not normal in the US to leave the weak behind, glad we do not do it in my country, we help the poor and the weak, the lowest payment for the poor is 2000 $ a month, they spend the money in local shops making the shop keep happy, they pay the landlord the rent and he is happy, we do not think so much about healthcare its in the tax, hospitals do not have credit card machines, medicine is cheap, the kids go to to school and can become Doctors or Engineers all this is in tax, those kids will be grown one day and start to pay tax for the next ones, Bernie Sanders is the man you should listen to, if poor kids grow up in a poor family he or her will most likely be poor and have many kids, thank god i live in Denmark…

  4. the uneducated low life racists in Iowa, that have always voted for King…. will all just keep voting for the scum bag King. many of those Iowans support King because they LOVE HIS OPEN & BLATANT BIGOTRY…. and few will ever shy away from supporting him, just because he continually makes inflammatory remarks about race, women, Muslims, the poor, or other groups….. most of those Iowans actually LOVE those things King says. King will still likely be voted into office, by Iowans.

  5. Animals and their primitive, dumb-as-hell dynamics… Basically irrelevant (which makes it as good as it gets), and disgusting even from afar…

  6. 120,000 people asked for tickets to the last Trump rally and his re-election committee collected 26 million in 24 hours ! Suck on it hard, liberals ! lol

  7. The Republican party sold their souls years ago….wonder why they aren't backing this loser,considering how they have turned their backs on decency long ago

  8. Just the latest (along with tRump and Turtle McConnell, others) who leaves you amazed that there are fellow countrymen who would actually consider voting for creatures like this.

  9. As a millionaire Steve King could pay for his own campaign but republicans always want others to pay for everything… anyone but themselves

  10. Republican donors are being told to concentrate on the Senate because they've given up on the House, and the WH isn't looking too good either.

  11. money? really? his constituents know exactly what King is, what King says, what King believes. His followers will vote for him, regardless of the money being spent. Unless the democrat money brings out more democrat voters, the election results will be the same as in the past.

  12. ….this is bad and good. Politicians get dangerous when they're not in session and with a mind like Steve King, I'd be willing to bet that he will be working behind the scenes with exclusive groups to push his agenda. At least when he was in Congress, we knew what he was up to. If he loses his seat, he'll go into the dark and that's not where you want your political enemy……somewhere where you can't see them.

  13. David your pathetic…. while Republicans do the right thing (i am not republican ps. they can go [email protected][email protected] them selves) the Democratic party is aligning with two of the most antisemetic, racist, bigots in congress right now (and thats saying alot) … and no comment from you accept i disagree with their statements…. you are becomming pathetic!!! Coward!!!

  14. Crying that they need the electoral college to protect their interests. But it doesn't seem to me fly-over states make the best choices.

  15. King has a primary challenger that's receiving support, donations, and endorsements from the RNC. I still expect King to win that primary, even without money. But there's a lot of pressure on him to drop out and "retire" specifically because he's just a little too toxic for the national party to want to associate with and his performance in 2018 showed the party that it's just a matter of time before they lose that seat (which is gerrymandered AF). Mind, if they can blame the loss on King's stubbornness and toxicity while distancing the loss from the party, that's absolutely what they'll do and they're already trying to do it.

  16. If this is a Christian nation like republicans say, then republicans wouldn't exist in it! If Jesus were alive, he definitely wouldn't be a republican!

  17. I've said this before these old crazy ass Republicans are vile dead brain MORONS, his supporters are older white people who represents the way they think and what they believe. Steve king is nothing but the SWEAT ON THE DEVIL'S ASS.

  18. Steve King, abandoned and broke.

    This calls for a cocktail. And a party hat. And confetti. And a “go fuck yourself”.

    These people are vile and cruel. Their vision is myopic and their values are garbage.

  19. "White supremacy" and "white nationalism" have always constituted offensive language to decent folk. "Western civilization" (and equivalents), however, are only offensive in the context that people like him are using it, because then, they stand for something different than just neutrally describing some civilization(s) or whatever. Of course, feigning innocence and acting like a victim is just another political ploy.

  20. Career politicians, both left and right, become corrupt quickly. 6 year term limits will end the corruption as well as end wasted tax dollars on career politician retirement and their health care. The system should never have gone the direction of an overpaid get little to nothing done career. Mitch McConnell is a perfect example of what a politician shouldn't be. He needs to go and without retirement and health care.

  21. Republicans….look back to Nixon…..what ideas have they had? THEY destroyed the American Dream if it ever existed at all!!!

  22. His next gig is gonna be night cleaning crew at Chick- fil-a. Scrubbing toilets and writing his phone number on the women's stalls.

  23. It shouldn't be to hard for him to recover from bankruptcy.
    After all, Republicans are always saying how people who are broke, should pull themselves up, on their own.

  24. Hold up! The district he represents is mostly farmers and those dependent on farm subsidies. It is like every other single issue voting block. The challenger had to convince them he will toe the line with their welfare check.

  25. Anyone that would vote for someone like this are far from intelligent. But look around america has become a land of idiots they put trump in office and still endorse him. So sad 😂😂😂

  26. He been racism since he been in Washington it just that Trump behavior has piss even the real republican off now.

  27. steve king could live stream himself having sex with his mother and raise money through a pay per view kind of arrangement. Considering what republicans frequently view on the internet , it would be tame by comparison. Pedestrian even.

  28. you peeps got to get the money out of your politics. as long as money controls your legislation priorities. you are all FUCKED.

  29. Haha I see a repeat of AL when the majority , Republican voters had to chose between a democrat and Roy the pedophile …." oh man I am so confused , I don't want to vote democrat but he fondles children……how many children was it again? "

  30. It's to late to save the Republican party they are just now getting what we have said for years and they think it will save some of them. After all the American people have been through this should sink all current Republicans careers in politics forever. How dare they push this shit on us like we are stuck with it.

  31. Let's see if the spineless, vapid and useless constituents of Steve King have finally worked up the guts to throw King back into the gutter where he belongs. I don't blame "politics" or "Mental illness" for someone like Steve King. He's held that office for years, and people just vote him right back into office. Sorry, but the ones who are "responsible" for keeping Supercreep Steve King in office are The people who voted for him.
    Bad or awful "Representative Government" (what a joke that is!) is always and forever the fault of the people who vote for the putz in question. If Steve King was half as "bad" as some people say, the would have had One Term Only and then the people would have corrected their mistake. But the people must like what Steve King has to say because he's been in Congress since 2003. You cannot tell me that there isn't some sort of "sneaking admiration" for this slimeball among those in his district, because they haven't had the simple decency to throw him out for more than 15 YEARS

    Nope, this mess isn't on Republican Congressman Steve King's head. It's a few thousand people in Iowa who need to put Their ears under running water and flush the crap out of their Brains, and their district. If everyone Steve King "represents" were as "Sweet Polly Purebread" as they now claim to be, the people down there could run a parakeet against Steve King and beat him. But they haven't. So who's fault is someone like Steve King? I wonder how many mirrors there are in Iowa-4th, 'cause a lot of people should be looking into them for the cause of the "Steve King" problem.

  32. Iowa, where I grew up, is responsible for some truly rotten politicians. Brandsted, Grassley, Ernst and King. Absolutely scummy, corrupt, whites-only, religion-pushing, hypocrites!!!!

  33. Trump has given us a Roaring Economy / Record Unemployment / Taxes reduced / ISIS Destroyed / Gorsuch & Kavanaugh / Building a Wall / No Collusion, No Obstruction from Mueller Report / Over 400,000 Illegal Aliens Deported. / Great Stock Market / 25,000 jobs added every month ! Winning!

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