Remembering Daddy | Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

Remembering Daddy | Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

Dog Psychology Center in the Santa Clarita
mountains north of Los Angeles opened in 2009. And thousands of
dogs just like Luke have come here with their owners
to understand dog behavior. But there was one dog who was
with me before this place was ever created. My beloved pitbull, Daddy. This is the area where
I’m going to make sure before I walk into
the office I give my respects– my gratitude. Everything that Daddy
represents for our family, it just means so much. You know, for 16 years, ANDRE: That is a long time. Of pure beauty. CESAR: mm That’s why he’s had
so much meaning to me, you know. That’s the guy that raised you! He raised you, raised Calvin. He was there in the
beginning of my marriage, at the end of my marriage, at
the beginning of my career. ANDRE: He really was,
though, when you think about Yeah, 16 years. 16 years, yeah,
just full blown. CESAR: Daddy was what
a dog represents. Come on, Daddy’s was a pit boy
and never went into a fight. Yeah. Yeah, I know that’s a fact I didn’t know that he
was going to be so special. He’s not from this world ANDRE: Yeah, true.

37 thoughts on “Remembering Daddy | Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

  1. Daddy's role in Ceasar's dog pack was the Matriarch. He was a respected, laid back calm force for new dogs entering rehabilitation. Often humans can't reach dogs how to "be" or "behave" as a dog. Daddy's role was very much a daddy like role. #sweetdog #alldogsToHeaven

  2. I just Love Cesar Milan! I highly respect he's work. Honoring he's beloved Pitbull Daddy this way is so very heart moving. I'm glad I got to see Daddy on "The Dog Whisperer." He was truly the best ambassador for the show! He is sadly missed!

  3. It seams like Cesar's biggest achievement is his son. He is just like him, he may even be better at what Cesar has been doing.

  4. I totally miss DADDY. He was awesome & handsome. He trained Junior to fill his paws. I have a part Pit & she's awesome.

  5. I always find this sort of corny since none of them deliver their scripted lines very well. Love Cesar Millan all the way, but just wish his producers would stop making him look so cringy.

  6. daddys anniversary today so lets celebrate this pure beauty of a dog! the only fight daddy ever got into was the fight for his live and he fought so well~ daddys not only an icon, but he also showed how great a pack leader cesar millan is.

  7. I have so much respect hearing someone feel the way I did/do about my beloved Raiden…. my soul connection was so intense, it nearly killed me…. that individual was some other renowned being who taught me everything.

  8. I just came back, from Cesar´s show in Dom Rep. I held my tears for not to cry, when he honored Daddy´s memory. God bless you all.

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