Regarding Populism in Canada

Regarding Populism in Canada

22 thoughts on “Regarding Populism in Canada

  1. I cannot listen to this guy any more,even though the points made are great. I had to unsubscribe
    Canada's Alex Jones IMHOFWIW

  2. Simple fact that socialism-communism pushed by liberals does not work because you can only take ONCE the money from those who have it because once you do that they too will be "moneyless"

  3. People who voted for this globalist, brace yourself for the destruction of the Canada we once loved. This country will be plunged into a crisis and division caused by this moron if re-elected. This incompetent man child will definitely be bent on destroying the culture and fracture the very ideology of this great country!

  4. Cut or reduce your intro and you don't need a pocket square if you're not wearing a jacket, besides that, good content

  5. story of life: uh… uh… uhhh! uh uhhh uh… UH! UH! waaaa wa wa wa wa shit my pants, uh mamma come change me, does it stink enough, wa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAA! feed me more!!!! just the opinion of some people in a country is near useless, only a baby gets rewarded for announcing every bawl movement. gated comunity's… holy shit living in the city for 2-3 years… the neighborhoods made up of welfare recipients demand things like i typed above. they drink, smoke and fuck over each other every time they get pissie for not getting something for doing nothing. POS elitist welfare pigs.

  6. yellow vest protests. only chance canadians ever had, or ever will have to step up and enact change but the indoctrination is so strong, they'll likely miss the boat.

  7. A former lawyer-friend of mine said the world would stop without them. Lol. I pointed out that farmers and construction workers were more important.
    That self-admitted elitist is working at the UN high commission now. God help us.

  8. I've heard they're holding one in Edmonton. My insurance expired today and I can't renew it til Monday. If I can catch a ride with someone I'd love to go. It's my responsibility as it IS yours!

  9. Explained, get rid off , liberals, globalist, deep state, ingrained , Down with Trudeau and Moreau, they had destroyed Canada all ready, Canadians get up and voice your self ,

  10. Turd has been directed to create divisions destroy economic viability and create anger. Chop the head of the snake and the body dies! Identify these dogs

  11. I hope every populist in this whole F'n country sees the clip of the stinkin elitist piece of dog shyte saying that construction workers are dangerous predators….I guess he has a point, if I ever see him in the same room as me….I will be dangerous, that's for sure.

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