Refuse Fascism, SAY NO!

Refuse Fascism, SAY NO!

join me in saying no Say NO! Start this New Year in the Streets and Don’t Leave Untill We Stop This Before it Starts New Years Eve i will be in the streets, Where will you be? it took just five years for Germany to go from being a model of democracy in the world, to a fascist dictatorship in the name of humanity we must refuse to accept a fascist America on New Year’s Eve join millions out in the streets on New Year’s Eve we must resolve to say hell no Donald Trump and pence NO pussy grabbing NO immigrant bashing NO neo-nazis NO white supremacist NO border building NO Muslim registry NO science denying, planet destroying NO fascist USA in the name of humanity. We are Millions What are we Doing New Years Eve? Stopping Trump and Pence!

15 thoughts on “Refuse Fascism, SAY NO!

  1. Just remember, you become disrespectful and disruptive, we will provide the SAME!!!! and there are A LOT more of us than you.

  2. If the behavior of those who attach themselves to you at the milo lecture are an example of your organization, then you should all go home and think about your behavior. Spitting on people who have a different viewpoint? Trying to silence individual opinions? This is not what we Americans are about. This is not what we Americans who protested in the sixties were about. Shame on you.

  3. As someone who lost family in one of Hitleers deathcamps, I find this rapid comparison of Trump to Hitler, personally veery offensive. Hitler esterminated almost 12 million people. To my knowledge, Trump has never killed anyone. Your movement is disgusting and obviously the brain child of just that, a brain belonging to a child. You all need to wake up

  4. If that was your spokesperson on Carlson's show this evening, let me say "Thanks".
    In my opinion her ranting did more for the "Alt Right movement" than a week's worth of Breitbart columns. Bravo.

  5. You people are deranged! We had an election, your side lost! GET OVER IT!! President Trump is legally implemeting policies you dont agree with? too bad!! this is how democracy works! respect the political process! We had to put up with 8 years of your bullshit! Its our time now! We took the country back, America will be great again!

  6. I'd rather say no to soros and the communists then say no to our patriotic president. We are awake, you want our country? Moab labe but understand people are now fully aware of your kind.

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