41 thoughts on “Red Band Society Season 1 Trailer HD – September 17th 2014 – Fox

  1. I just done watching the show it was one of my favorite show and I am so sad that they canceled the show 😭❤️

  2. We are in 2019 and I am still waiting for the second season of the Red Band Society. Someone else waiting for miracles like that?

  3. This bitch was taking meth and cocaine, but they decided to focus on the love triangle. No wonder this show got cancelled lmao

  4. When I went to hospital I thought it would be like that😂 they give out if you shake ur leg because ur burning calories…tf

  5. Loool kommt hier wer aus Deutschland und ist grad vollkommen verwirrt weil die alle anders heißen und Alex nh Mädchen ist???😂

  6. so heartwarming that i dont even think it can happen in real life. i dont even think that people in the hospital will allow you to do what you want. also, these patients seems privileged, they doesnt speak to how much under privileged is really going through. it's just me though, i could be wrong. maybe its not the point of the series.

  7. Wow this is kind of the same show like the in Germany hella succesfull Show Club der roten Bänder. Just with worse actors and a bitch who needs a heart.

  8. This is the English version of the German show“Club der roten Bänder“maybe some of you are interested in watching it with subtitles

  9. It's a nice show but i'd never watch a show about broken teens.

    hits too close to home…

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