Reclaiming Patriotism, Political and Social Life after Trump

Reclaiming Patriotism, Political and Social Life after Trump

When I wrote my book Reclaiming Patriotism two years ago, the last thing which occurred to me is that actually, it was a book about social life and political life after Trump. But that’s really what it’s all about. We have now, such a sharply divided society. Aside from racial and class differences, the political parties now have been tribalized to the point where Democrats don’t want their daughters to marry Republicans. Republicans don’t want their daughters to marry Democrats. And the divisiveness paralyzes the government so even on such elementary things, like fixing the infrastructure, which both the Democrats and Republicans recognize that we need to fix the infrastructure, and they differ on how to finance it. In a reasonable society, these differences would be worked out in five minutes, but we’ve become so divisive that working with the other side is considered betrayal and we have the social bitterness, and the paralyzed government. So where do we go from here? And I find it useful to think about it using two images. One maybe sounds a little odd, but I find it very very helpful. Fruitful. So if you compare married couples who are successful, who stay together, to couples who break up, it turns out two things are different. The successful couples Fight better. They don’t fight less, but they fight better. They don’t demonize the other side, they don’t attribute motives, they allow for cooling off periods. Second, they remember that we have some common goods, like the children We need to apply this on a national level. We need to return to the kind of situation we had in the Senate when it was a club where people differed and vied with each other. We’re not talking about suppressing differences, but they did so in a way which was constructive and civil we led to some resolutions. And we need to remember that we’re not just red Americans or blue Americans, We’re Americans. There are things, we do share like the infrastructure, like the climate, like racism, we all need to address. And finally, to highlight that point that when we talk about unity, we don’t mean suppressing differences I find an image, which is not mine, very helpful And that is of a mosaic. A mosaic is more beautiful because its pieces are different colors and different sizes. But they’re held together with a frame box and glue So, there is room for diversity in whom we pray, what is our second language, what cuisines we like. On the other hand, we all need to buy into the law, we all need to support the constitution; the democratic institution. So we need that kind of combination of diversity there is in unity. Now, I apologize it takes me 200 pages to spell out how to do that in my book Reclaiming Patriotism but the good news is in order to make it accessible, I’m not out to make money I’m out to sharing ideas, I made it an open source book so anybody can download it without a charge, and you can see if these ideas speak to you. And finally, if you go to you’ll see a place where many of us have come together to work on this issue. Thank you so much for your patience.

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  1. Oh Amatai, thank you for blessing us with your light! Communitarian NWO is the future! We love the JWO.

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