Receiving Financial Breakthrough

Receiving Financial Breakthrough

right now I'm going to address one of the most abused one of the most controversial subjects in the Bible and that is the subject of finances today I'm talking about financial breakthrough now I know this topic has been altogether abused to manipulate God's people but that's not what I'm going to do we're going to address this subject in a biblical and practical way so that you can find freedom financially as laid out in the scripture Stephen Moctezuma is with me as usual he's going to lead us in some worship right now and then we're going to get into this very practical very helpful message and I believe you're going to experience financial breakthrough here's Stephen Moctezuma father in heaven Lord hello beyond your kingdom come quickly your will be done the same enough father in heaven the hello beyond your kingdom come quickly your will be done I say on earth eyes is in heaven let come to earth as it is in and then ever then Evan come the and go Oh Oh the thank you let Evan right now hey and you're then having yo so let heaven come let heaven come then come as I said at the top of the program this is a controversial subject because it has been abused but I do believe that the Bible gives us the roadmap to financial prosperity now I am NOT a prosperity preacher I do not believe that your life is to be lived without any trials without any obstacles and I don't even necessarily believe that every believer needs to be super wealthy and I don't necessarily believe that wealth is a sign of God's favor however the Bible does give us keys to biblical financial prosperity and when you walk as the Lord wants you to walk with your finances you will experience a breakthrough now I know there are those that will tell you that if you saw a thousand dollars today you'll be debt-free in 30 days I believe God blesses the giver I believe in sowing seed into ministries I do it all the time myself but at the same time I don't believe it's my place to promise people how God is going to bless them whenever I take an offering whether it's on spirits whether it's at an event you'll notice that I talk about souls that's because I don't believe that the church needs to be manipulated into giving I don't believe that you need to burden them with guilt I don't believe that you need to burden them or manipulate them with gimmicks I believe that the Church of the Living God will give simply for the sake of the gospel and if people see the gospel being preached if people see value in a ministry they're going to sow into that ministry and that's how ministries are funded I get comments all the time very ignorant comments on my channel saying why don't why do you take up offering why don't you just do what you do without taking a buffering well because it would be impossible to do television broadcasts without any financial backing the truth is though the gospel is free the means to deliver the gospel can be very pricey now jesus said in matthew chapter 6 verses 20 and 21 he said store your treasures in heaven where moths and rust cannot destroy and thieves do not break in and still wherever your treasure is there the desires of your heart will be also so finances are a gauge of your heart now this is why people don't like you talking about money now I've already gave the disclaimer I'm not going to be manipulative and tell you no so 77 dollars over the next 77 minutes and you know nothing like that that's not biblical now I agree with with those who maybe God speaks to you about what you should give but I don't believe for the most part that God always speaks to people like that most people who do those sort of things and again not all but some who do those sort of things some are sincere and some may at times hear from God but for the most part that's just manipulation used to try to give people get people to give however on the other side there are also those who are so against financial sowing and they use that the doctrinal issue they raise that and they hide behind the so-called doctrinal issue because they don't want to get committed with their finances here's the truth you follow Jesus everything that you are needs to be committed to who he is even your money do you talk about the gospel if we don't invest in the gospel who do you think's going to invest in the gospel you think Hollywood's going to invest in the gospel you think the Democrats or the Republicans are going to invest in the gospel no we the Church of the Living God are the resource of the gospel and God uses what we have to fund what he does so whenever I take an offering I make it very clear I don't tell people that if you give this is going to happen unless God truly speaks to me what I say is if you give will use your support to help fund the spreading of the gospel which is it's it's it's direct it's straight talk it's very transparent and I believe in doing in that way and again let me be very clear I believe God wants to prosper you financially I believe in Supernatural sowing and reaping I believe that that when you fund the gospel God does something supernaturally for you I believe all of that and I believe God will even bless you for sowing financially however I also recognize that that's been horribly abused so we have to separate what the Bible says from how men abused what the Bible says so you can kind of tell when people are doing then you got to use your discernment but those principle our biblical and true now I'm not going to be able to read the entirety of the context but in Matthew chapter number 25 we see the parable of the talents and this is a demonstration of the first key to financial breakthrough and this is stewardship here's the problem some people are so superstitious that they think they can drop five dollars in an offering basket continue spending their money with horrible spending habits and then suddenly see a prosperity it's God's church is not a wishing well the truth is the reason God blesses let me tell you how the dynamics work there it's not that oh I dropped five dollars in the offering basket God saw it and he's those magical powers on my checkbook and on my checking account no that's not at all how it works the way it works is that those who consistently manage well what they have God blesses with more and in fact it also is very practical there's a supernatural element where God brings certain opportunities your ways certain job promotions your way certain investors certain donors certain resources your ways and then there is the practical element that proper stewardship automatically attracts to itself because that's how God set the laws in motion it's the law of stewardship if you treat what you have like it's what you want then God will bless you with more Jesus said that if he can trust you with a little that if you can be faithful with the little that you'll be ruler over much and we see that demonstrated in the parable the talents there are those who say we should take from those who have a lot and give to those who have a little that's not the way God thinks in Matthew chapter 25 he says from those who have little because they've been so awful with stewarding what they have I will take what they have and I'll give it to the one I can trust and so when you sow into the gospel when you're a good steward of what you have then God is able to bless you with more and it does you no good to come to a church service PO $5 superstitiously in the offering basket if you're going to go home and get yourself in debt if you're going to go home and buy buy go out to eat every night when you can't even afford to pay the rent you're going to constantly buy Starbucks when you can't even afford to pay your bills if you owe people money but go out shopping for yourself I know I'm getting into some issues right now but you need to hear this this is the truth you owe people money yet instead of paying them back you go and spend things spend on things that you don't really need now I understand we all hit financial hardships and I expire myself have experienced seasons where I've been challenged but let me be honest with you if you're not a good steward of your finances if you don't manage well what God gives to you he's not going to trust you and more so there's that very first practical element again I told you this lesson was going to be practical cuz I actually want to see you get out of financial debt I actually want to see you find financial freedom those who abuse you they don't want they don't care whether or not you get out of debt they promise you get out of debt if you give them money but that's not what I'm doing here I'm telling you that the first key is stewardship it's practical stewardship can God trust you with abundance you'll know whether or not God can trust you with abundance by how you handle the little and if you handle and managed a little well then God will give you more now number two is generosity Luke chapter 6 verse 38 give and you will receive your gift will return to you in full press down shaken together to make room for more running over and poured into your lap the amount you give will determine the amount you get back I like the way that proverbs chapter 10 verse 22 puts it when it says the blessing of the Lord makes a person rich and he adds no sorrow with it God wants to give you abundance God wants to give you overflow you know what because it's in his nature God doesn't want you living in lack God doesn't want you living in pub poverty is not spirituality some people think and again this goes back to works based legalism they think that if they punish themselves they take on punishment it's almost like a whipping of the self I'm taking on poverty on myself and it makes me godly know it makes you ineffective to support the gospel when you live in poverty you're you're taking what could otherwise be a fountain of supply a fountain of resource for the Gospel message and you're instead becoming someone who's in constant need Jesus met the needs of those who follow him in fact Jesus had so much wealth had so much coming in that he had to have a treasurer Judas who managed the money we're talking about people who would come to the feet of Jesus and they would pour out on his feet a year's worth of finances now some say well Jesus said I don't have a place to lay my head okay well Jesus didn't have any real estate investments but Jesus most certainly had finances flowing and because of those finances that were flowing he was able to bless people it doesn't say he fed the thousands only by miracles every court at the time as he did that but he was constantly feeding people he was constantly helping people and God wants to turn you into a resource instead of a need God wants to turn you into a blessing instead of a prayer and if you're constantly living in the place where you're in LAC where you're in need where you're in frustration that is not how God look that is not in his nature think about the vastness of who God is the one who formed the universe the one who gives all supply the one who's into multiplication and largeness God is a big God put your big faith in a big God and see big results in fact put your small faith in a big God and see big results he wants you to trust him for more and I believe he wants to break that frustration some of you are watch there's somebody watching me right now you've been in frustration you've been in lack you've prayed and you've prayed and you've prayed and you've given but I'm about to show you how you're going to really come out of this and you're going to find that breakthrough so number two is generosity you have to be able to so in order to receive you know you're looking at me right now and I'm here at our television broadcast studio we've probably all close to $100,000 worth of television equipment yes that's what it costs to do what we do is again we don't just do YouTube we do television as well almost $100,000 worth of television equipment and you say well that's a waste no it's not we're using it to leverage and do more than we've ever been able to do before we can reach more people now than we ever have and never could before now here's the truth when we give god bless Jesus said give and it shall be given here's the problem we say Lord bless me and I'll give he says given I'll bless you you see you have to take the first step you have to be the one to step out and receive you have to be the one to take him at his word and trust that he's going to bless you now it's not just giving a loan that does it remember that first component stewardship is very important some people they have stewardship but they don't give and they could be much further along than they are right now and some people they have the generosity but they don't have stewardship when they find themselves constantly lack and wonder why it's because you're not a good steward you may be generous but if you don't steward well well being generous you're gonna find yourself in lack there's a friend of mine actually one of our ministry supporters his name is Paul Pimentel and he was one of the big backers that helped us fund on the studio and he wrote a book called God's not broken in the book he talks about how a plane takes off to fly now when a plane takes off to fly there are hundreds of things that have to go right in order to give that ton or whatever it weighs to take off and go into the air now that amazes me every time I get on an airplane and I'm flying I cannot believe that I'm in something so large so having that is flying there are hundreds of things that have to go right in that engine and in the engines of the plane to cause this thing to have lift and go up into the air but if one or two things go wrong if one or two things are off it can bring the whole thing down this is what financial prosperity is like you may be doing just one or two things right but if you're not doing all of the things that bring it together to give it flight you're not going to take off anywhere you're going to stay on the ground you need to bring all of the components of biblical prosperity together and I'm giving you today three of those keys so the first one is good stewardship you have to manage your money well you have to budget you have to plan you can't get yourself in debt you can't go buying things you cannot you don't need God is not going to bless that God will not bless a mess god only blesses what is well organized and what is orderly you have to present him something to bless he watches for how you do secondly as generosity and that is an important component you can't just have one and not the other you have to have both good stewardship and generosity toward others and toward the gospel the scripture says that he who refreshes others shall himself be refreshed that's what the Bible says and the truth is that I've experienced this in my life you know I mentioned the hundred thousand dollar equipment and I want to get back to that story now this didn't start right there I started doing broadcast on the internet with a two hundred and fifty dollar camera and then I upgraded to a twenty five hundred dollar camera you know what I did with that I sewed it and God blessed me and when God blessed me he upgraded us to about twenty thousand dollars worth of equipment and that equipment was enough to get us onto public access television we did cable television public access and cable think we were like 60,000 homes in one city wasn't a big reach but we did the best we had with that and then what God told me when we were doing television we did it for about two years the Lord told me this he said take all of this equipment that you have and I want you to give it away I want you to show it to other ministries I said Lord are you sure for me at the time as a televangelist televangelists giving away his TV equipments like a pastor giving away his church building I said lord I need faith for this help me the Lord help me I sewed all that camera equipment and it was no it wasn't that much later when I finished sewing all the care equip maybe a couple weeks after I sewed the last piece of equipment into other churches I get a call from a man who was willing to put up half of the cost for everything that we're doing and we raise the other half in six months and God met the need we're talking going from fifteen twenty thousand dollars worth to reaching our about a hundred thousand dollar goal at the time I want you to think about that it's a multiplication effect and each time you go God will test your generosity we go from glory to glory from faith to faith God is constantly stretching us so maybe when you were broke it was a challenge to give five dollars but you did that and you sewed it and God blessed you and now it's a challenge to give a hundred dollars but should do it and God blesses you and you so and then you grow and then it's a challenge to give a thousand there's friends that I have were multi millionaires some of our biggest supporters for this ministry multi millionaires and they're out there tell me it's kind of the same thing they said Lord why don't you ask someone else to give $10,000 I had one of my what is tell me I said why don't he said why don't you ask someone else to give $10,000 to the ministry and the Lord told him fine I'll bless someone else with the million so the truth is that to whom much is given much is required at each level we need to demonstrate our faith finally number three is faithfulness now I don't think I need any scripture for faithfulness we all know because we found it in Matthew 25 that the good and faithful servant gave but faithfulness is doing these things consistently some people will be good stewards and be generous for a week or two and when they see no financial breakthrough they say ah see I got a stop and they hold off on their giving and this is fear it's a fearful poverty mentality they call ministry to say we have to stop giving because we had a little problem here and I had some problem my finances or maybe we lost an income and they the first thing people do usually is they cut their support to the gospel that's the last thing you should cut is your support to the gospel I can tell you this because I live it myself and I've been in very tight situations where I said lord I have no idea how you're gonna get me out of this and the Lord will tell me to sew and I sew and heal something to be faithful and unfavorite he tell me to manage well and I manage well and all of these three things these three components will help to bring about financial breakthrough number one good stewardship manage well what you have number 2 generosity don't let fear get the better of you trust your God so generously put your faith in him first and he'll bring about the blessings next and the number three is faithfulness you can't just do these things for one or two days one or two weeks one or two months or even just a year you have to be faithful and consistent to be a good steward and to be generous and if you faithfully and consistently do those things remember it takes a long time to have faithfulness you can't have faithfulness in minutes days or even weeks it takes months and years to have faithfulness and you want to be faithful and you will do it God will bless you you do those three things good stewardship generosity and faithfulness that is it for this edition here on the teaching and I want to pray with you now let's pray that God will begin to speak to your heart and that God will use you I know you I know that in your heart you're saying God if I could just find financial breakthrough I would fund this ministry in that ministry in your heart I know it look I've been there I know the people of God you want to give to the gospel you want to be a research you know why God wants to bless you not just for the gospel he wants to bless your family he wants to bless your grandparents and your parents and your children people will be blessed through you I declare it in Jesus name I don't care how much you get your in I don't care how hopeless it looks if you'll apply what the Bible says if you'll do what the scripture says to do and I want you to go and do it and you'll find that you will receive breakthrough I want to pray with you now let's pray that God would give you the courage to do what he's called you to do and I God will inspire you even right now whatever difficult situation you might be facing and let's pray for breakthrough come on join your fave one you know he promised before we bread he promised he would rebuke the Devourer we're gonna rebuke the Devourer God's gonna make you a blessing just watch you're gonna be a resource center for the kingdom join your favorite mine right now father in Jesus name I pray for that one watching who is struggling with finances in the name of Jesus I bind the spirit of fear right now and I speak to that one watching let faith come alive in you in this moment I speak right now faith come to life I speak faith I speak life I speak hope I speak generosity Lord we rebuke the Devourer right now in the name of Jesus father forgive us for being poor stewards of our finances forgive us for withholding out of what you've given us and forgive us we're not being faithful and consistent with good stewardship and generosity and father I pray for that one watching right now who's struggling who's frustrated who's scared who feels like they're up against the wall I pray in the name of Jesus war that you would supply or the God who supplies all our needs according to your riches and glory father you are the source you are the god of abundance so I pray precious Jesus that you would bless Lord I speak right now in the name of Jesus job promotions breakthrough in business we call forth new clients Lord we call forth favor in the name of Jesus I pray over those finances Lord Lord I pray that they would see a turnaround in your timing and then you would give them the courage to do what you've called them to do in Jesus name you know I want to encourage you say Amen say with this amen you don't know with this year homes you're coming out of it your ligament you're gonna receive your breakthrough you're gonna get breakthrough in this area just do what the Bible just do what the Bible says well I want to welcome now the new members of Spirit Church there you are up on the screen we welcome you we love you we're praying for you we're glad we're so glad you've joined the spirit church family there are your names look at all of these names they're coming from different cities different nations and I am just so excited about how fast Spirit Church is going at the time we're recording this we are over 600 members of the Spirit family which is just incredible and we get several more joining every single week we get about 50 members a week or more that's minimum now if you're watching this and you're blessed by the program and you're a member of Spirit Church set up here's what we're asking and I'm going to read your comments in just a moment but we're asking that those who are spirit church members if you consider spirit trip to your church join our automatic giving plan using the information at the bottom of the screen or clicking on the link that just appeared overhead join up for our automatic giving plan to give your tithes and offerings now if you're watching spirit or your member spirit church but you also have a home church don't sell your tithes and offerings here I want to make sure I stay in order and I respect and honor the local church so don't sow your tithes and offering here if you have another church but if you are a member of spiritual asking these members to consider becoming a partner for $30 a month so maybe you can't sew your ties and offerings but you can do $30 month pledge that would be incredibly helpful to us okay now to your comments here's the first comment oh and just so you know these comments are from the video three keys to clearly hearing God which is one of the more popular teachings here on the YouTube channel at least this week Frankie Mendoza writes I love you David you're anointed thank you for letting the Lord use you to help the church I could fill the Lord's power right through my phone thank you Jesus why I love you too we're praying for you we want to bless you and I'm so glad you're blessed by the YouTube channel here's the truth we get a lot of comments from people who say that they can feel the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit from their phone from the computer just by watching the videos and we're blessed because that is one of the distinctions on this ministry and we're so very excited that people are experiencing that with the Holy Spirit and so it is that distinctive presence of the Holy Spirit that we are striving for and that really marks this ministry the next comment this one's from Sandra Chow thank you David I wish I can be like you one day to get so close to God well I want to encourage you Sandra you absolutely can and here's what I learned from our pal Sid Roth and I loved it when I heard him say it anything I can do you can do better and I truly believe that you're gonna walk in the closest with God and that goes for everybody who's watching this that is why we put these videos out because you can do this too you can walk in the power of the Holy Spirit I truly believe that and that's why we put these teachings out thank you for your comment the next comment Lily Smith writes this is life-changing well thank you for your comment Lily and Lily is right and I can say that because it's coming from the Word of God I really encourage you to watch that teaching it's going to bless it's going to help you clearly here without any doubt without any second-guessing the voice of the Holy Spirit our next comment comes from Regina borghi who writes thank you once again for this new lesson I learned thank you man of God you are truly blessed and thank you for the channel for spreading the Word of God by watching your channel it helps me a lot to increase my faith well again that's why we do it thank you for watching we're so blessed to know that you are blessed okay so here's one from ang messenger Oh what profound teaching especially the reference to the three voices the secular the satanic and the spirit well thank you for your comment and if you watching want to know what they're talking about the secular the satanic and the spirit then go ahead when this video is done watch that video three keys to clearly hearing God's voice and we got very specific we got very practical and you're going to know what the Satanic the secular and the spirit are so now I want to go and transition now don't turn off the video I want to talk to you real quick you know this ministry is all about souls that is our why that is our purpose we're evangelistic we're twofold we evangelize the loss we edify the believer but really edifying the believers a means to an end we edify the believers so that we multiply our efforts to evangelize the loss so we carry out this very simple vision to win the lost through a very practical plan and that plan is carried out not with many things done in mediocrity but three things done with excellence and that is international events that's where we take the gospel message all around the world signs wonders miracles the power of the Holy Spirit my team and I go select a region we'll go in and we'll host an evangelistic event people get saved people get healed the believers get baptized in the Holy Spirit they get a fresh touch of his power and that's powerful but that's just one aspect then there's our global discipleship media you're watching it right now these are things like our website our blogs our podcasts Spirit Church which is our internet program and then there's encounter TV which is worldwide television so spear church and encounter TV are different from one another spirit church is YouTube but encounter TV is all over the world on actual television not internet we're talking cable satellite and the like so we carry out again our simple why which is to win the loss through our practical what which is international events global discipleship and worldwide television and we do this so that we can win the loss that is the most important thing that that's why I've been put on this earth that's why we exist as a ministry that is our ultimate goal and you can help us do it you're tired of and you're frustrated with seeing the way the world is going let me be 100 percent clear together and I can change the world I believe that because the gospel has the power to change the hearts of men so if you're tired of the things the way things are going in your nation or our nation you're tired of the way things are going with your generation if you're tired of the way that Hollywood and secular culture and the media and the secular music industry are putting out messages and ruining people's lives through the darkness that they spread if you're tired of people being broken and living in the darkness of sin and you want to pierce their darkness with our line then stand together with me help me change the world when you and I gathered together with we have over a thousand supporters from all around the world when you join your support together you're joining your resources maybe you could only give $5 $10 $20 but when you do it you're joining your five ten or twenty dollars with someone else's five ten or twenty dollars and we collectively together are taking the gospel message and spreading it all around the world so here's my challenge to you this is what I need you to do consider today a one-time gift of ten twenty or thirty dollars consider also some of you can consider a one-time gift of a hundred five hundred or even a thousand now here's where you really could help us out consider also prior fully consider becoming a partner with our ministry for $30 a month $50 a month or even $100 a month so you can do $10 a month but do something on a monthly basis and this helps us plan we're looking for a thousand new $30.00 month partners we need to double our support and we want to do this by the end of the year so that in the beginning of next year we can launch with the new plan the new vision that God has given to me and I want to share that with you in the coming months so do that today don't delay don't say I'll try I'll think about it go right now click on the link that just appeared over my head do it right now you could even leave the video click on it and go and help and support this ministry do that do they do what God tells you to do and I know God will bless you for it well that is it for this edition of Spirit church until next time remember nothing is impossible with God hey guys Steven Moctezuma here and if you enjoy the content you see here on encounter TV then don't forget to subscribe like comment and share you can listen to the messages and teachings by David Egan Hernandez and experience the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit I also want to encourage all of you out there to join me on my worship playlist here on encounter TV thank you guys for watching god bless

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