48 thoughts on “Rebranding White Nationalism: Inside Richard Spencer's Alt-Right

  1. It's OK to be white.
    It's OK for whites, just like everyone else, to protect and preserve their own homelands.

  2. Fact, White Europeans founded and created the USA, the Free World, the greatest nation ever built on earth. Americans have never been okay with flooding our Country with 3rd worlders. It’s about all Peoples having a right to exist free of invasions and replacement populations. This DOES NOT EXCLUDE WHITE PEOPLES! To suggest such is completely RACIST! 1965 immigration Act SWEARING it would NOT CHANGE THE DEMOGRAPHICS, it would NOT flood our Country with a million 3rd worlders annually, DECEIVED and betrayed the European American Peoples and did EXACTLY EVERYTHING it promised not to do. This treasonous Act was basically established to eventuate the genocide of of the founding stock of America, White European Americans. 1960’s was a series of death blows to America, our demographics, family, culture, and Civilization. America has been going down hill every since. POC’s who’ve immigrated SPECIFICALLY to benefit from the successful makings of White Europeans now demand our demise and yet have the audacity to call us racist as their justification? This reality is totally sick and demented. POC’s demand the replacement of White peoples feeling an entitlement to turn America Brown yet this isn’t recognized as RACIST? Seeking the genocide of the very Peoples who created the Nation for which “they” not “we” choose to immigrate to, is quite literally the definition of genocidal RACISM. Makings America White again, is quite literally the only thing that will save America, Europe, Canada and Australia from turning into the 3rd world sh#thole just as the Homelands from which these delusional, racist, entitled POC’s have come from. The only thing separating Western Nations from the 3rd World is the ever decreasing population of White European. Europeans irrelevance to geography, has repeatedly proven the only stock of Peoples capable of building 1st world Free Civilizations no matter where they go. No other race of peoples have ever proven such a capacity even within their own Homelands. If your Peoples lack the capacity to create an equally successful and Free Nation, you surly don’t have the genetic stock, capacity nor necessities to be a beneficial contribution in maintaining the same levels of success AND freedoms within a 1st world European Country. The global inequalities of outcomes within different countries is evident. It’s not geography, it’s genetic.
    The ever increasing negative effects of 3rd world populations flooding Western Countries such a America has had a direct impact of decaying and DECREASING the Founders fought for Liberty passed to their Ancestral European Descendants. The very freedoms, rights, cohesion, strength and sovereignty we’ve fought for and maintained as a Country until 1965 and before the the 3rd worlders flooding in devolving the very FOUNDATION and principles that created the successfulness which drew them here to begin with. They can’t help but bring themselves and all that implies destroying the very things they wish their own peoples and homelands offered whereby in effect destroying ours. ONLY WHITE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES are being TARGETED FOR GENOCIDE through mass immigration as though our Civilizations were on the chopping block, a free-for-all for the takeover available to all Non-Europeans as some sort of entitlement. If what is being factually being done to White Europeans was also being done to the Mexicans in Mexico, the Chinese in China, the Africans in Africa, the Japanese in Japan, the Indians in India, the Arabs in the Middle East, the Thai in Thailand, ETC., ETC., it would be Globally recognized as an unacceptable human atrocity against a race of peoples. Yet this is being done to White Europeans and this is somehow seen as virtuous? It’s repugnant, demonic and unacceptable. The same human rights of preservation belongs to all peoples across the globe and Whites are NO exception.

  3. By the way, the alt right is not just men :p Spencer, give me a call if you're single. My God, I would get my hands on this man

  4. A little bit of the original "white nationalism": Canada's: https://downwithhate.wordpress.com/

  5. Whites annihilated Native Americans then went off to Africa and dragged blacks form their continent to America and enslaved them for a 150 years and this fucking guy thinks he's being discriminated against. Go F*** yourselves!

  6. I'm not with racist shit but after watching..it is not a bad thing to want your people and heritage to do good…but don't promote hate ..if there promoting life that's fine

  7. Get off the race shit..its 2019..grow up and do something with your life…I'm a white male saying this by the way

  8. dude’s a fucking nerd lol imagine feeling discriminated as a fucking white person in america when you slaved an entire race of people for centuries and on top of that are the main cause of corruption in america. lmao fuck this guy and anybody who supports him.

  9. Idiotic race supremacist principle on the rise in US. The big question is why do they hate different race is America original people whites if not then stop this idiotic effort of supremacy ideology it won't work. And in fact nobody lives to more than 200 years old cause in reality whites or any race are no superhumans.

  10. Good job Leftists. You oppressed a group of people hard enough to force them to organize to survive. "No fascist USA" huh? Look in the mirror and close your soy mouth. You made this. And people like me, who are Roma, are getting caught in the crosshairs. Fuck you Leftists. It's a dark day when I identify more with a group that hates me than the American Left, who hate me and every other minority even more than Nazi Germany ever did

  11. >Black Nationalist- a proud black man standing up for his race
    Palestinian Nationalism- an oppressed people standing up to "western Imperialism"
    Jewish nationalism – a fine example of An oppressed people banding together as a community
    White nationalist – RACIST HE'S A RACIST, A RACIST REMEMBER WWII etc.

  12. I find It hilarious that the antifa scumbags are heinously violent and the right side is cleverly composed !#spencerforpresident

  13. I'm sorry to tell you this but you want an all white state go to Ireland it's called white man's land for no reason

  14. I think they are actually right and I’m Hispanic, they have the right to preserve who they are and keep their countries a majority like them

  15. Fuck you Richard Spencer you racist piece of shit!!! Theres only one race and thats the Human Race Fuck you and your white privilege movement!!

  16. As a black man, I hate the Left a million times more than these whites-first folk. The Left is actively trying to chew up and spit out black folk, aborting us by the millions and poisoning the black race with evil teachings via hollyweird, the media, and the hypnotic music industry. While I do respect whites defending blacks in the Left, they need to also understand how the agenda kills blacks' minds and bodies. Spencer's movement is cold, heartless, and results-driven, and while they want to send us back to Africa or elsewhere (very inconvenient), it's a far cry from the slick demonic crap coming from the Left. BLEXIT!

  17. Bunch of stupid inbred snowflakes. Go back to Europe and stay there. Make Europe your safe heaven. MAKE AMERICA NATIVE AGAIN!

  18. More whites are joining fringe groups. They've left us NOTHING but that. The government has destroyed us. The media has destroyed us. So….this is the result. Let that sink in.

  19. When whites marry another culture and bring that partner into their society, they should assimilate to the society that welcomes them in as individual's. That is completely distinct from mass immigration of a group, call it multi-culturalism and use FAKE NEWS propaganda to convince us that it is a successful societal model. It is not successful, it is a disaster. Acceptance and tolerance of diversity is not a strength because ult left say so, it is weakness. If an elite athlete runs the hundred in record time, see how he runs with a thorn in his foot but tell him tolerate this thorn and run the same time. It's bullshit, it does not work. I married a Filipino woman, a Christian. She came into a Christian society, improved her Austealian and assimilated. She is accepted and respected as such. She works and contributes and does not ridicule the country that welcomed her and gave her opportunity to thrive, she is grateful and rewarded as such. These are the people we need to come to Australia, not the U.N. mandated social security economic refugees that the bullshit artists dictate we should take with the clear intent of destroying this society.

  20. Ive never understood why its bad to love your country and be white. Tell me why you can't do both?

  21. Liberalism is cancer. Whites freed slaves from Jews. We pay for their welfare sec8 food stamps and we take care of isreal. Time to fight those who take our money and backstab us. Can't call them traitors bc they've never been allies

  22. Since 2008 10000 white women have been raped and five thousand white women have been murdered by black males.

  23. These guys are so irrelevant, they can’t fill a minor room for a presentation.
    Why the media consider them so relevant?

  24. I don't support their views but support their right to free speech. The problem with my leftist friends is that they only support freedom of speech for the views they agree with. This is how the road to civil war is paved.

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