Rebeccah Heinrichs | Trump's Foreign Policy is Preferable to Obama's (5/6) | Oxford Union

Rebeccah Heinrichs | Trump's Foreign Policy is Preferable to Obama's (5/6) | Oxford Union

I now look to Rebecca home Rex to close the case for the propositions light if you begin with the premise sees that it is good for sovereign nations to join together to form alliances based on common goals and to defend against shared enemies with a clear-eyed assessment of who those enemies are and to rank them in order of priority and that treaties and agreements are not goals in and of themselves they are tools means to an end to further US security and the security of our alliances and if you agree that America is a better steward of the mantle of global superpower than say the People's Republic of China then allow yourself to be persuaded that the Trump foreign policy is in fact preferable to the Obama foreign policy the opponent's object and say the Trump foreign policy has caused upheaval by pulling out of critical arms control agreements and cons that constitute an underpin the liberal international order take the INF treaty that as so many people like to remind me was negotiated by a President Ronald Reagan an instrumental in ending the Cold War it prohibited a particular category of missiles that would threaten Europe decades later Putin's Russia if you're concerned about Russia has been slowly violating that treaty and more so brazenly as time goes on first by testing then by deploying and meanwhile China has been building up a massive missile arsenal including 80% at least that would violate that treaty had it been party to it building up a massive missile gap first the United States in the indo-pacific the INF treaty only serves today to restrain the United States and no other nation and yet the Obama administration was quiet about it for years until it finally in 2014 admitted that yes and Russia was violating that treaty liberal international order indeed and so the Obama administration remained party to it while the Trump administration not only announced its withdrawal it effectively rallied and persuaded our NATO allies some of whom were unconvinced of the violation or unwilling to call the Russians out persuaded our NATO allies to not only support the United States but acknowledge Russia's cheating and endorsed the United States his move but opponents will say Obama was kinder to NATO and Trump is course and critical of the alliance to the point of fracturing it well I won't bother disagreeing on the first point Obama was smoother a Davos man and Trump is a real estate developer a New York man from Queens full of vinegar and tweets but NATO's fractures have been there for years and the Obama administration did little more than whisper about them and in critical ways even if intentionally deepened them the foreign policy of the Trump administration will not permit NATO to hobble along anemic divided over matters as basic as should we deter or empower Putin's Russia Chancellor Merkel NATO has been ineffective and necessary alliance it deserves more than to coast while wreath real threats internally and externally threatened its members is the American presidents chastising Chancellor Merkel for enabling Russia's Putin with Nordstrom to more offensive than her enabling Russia's Putin with Nordstrom to preposterous and yet the chattering class clutches its pearls when the American president merely says aloud what all of us know and say privately no sir NATO is perhaps going through growing pains but coming out stronger more commitments to military spending and strong cooperation on other fronts including musculus shows of force and cooperation in Poland we America are best able politically and militarily to assist our noble allies that demonstrate the spiritedness necessary to help them selves and whose policies at the very minimum do not enable the countries that we seek to deter which brings me to my next point the Trump foreign policy is predicated on a long overdue clear-eyed assessment and prioritization of the threats to Americans and our way of life and it recognizes these diverse and complex threats from rogue actors yes but also from great powers Russia the United States Nuclear Posture review our strategy during the Obama administration was predicated on the premise that the Russians were no longer an adversary of the United States no more the cha an and to compete with the Chinese an unapologetic and to compete and deter and defend against these peer competitors the United States under the trump foreign policy presents an unapologetic insistence that the United States remain the best the best military and the best economy the Obama administration is responsible for leading the Congress to pass the disastrous budget cuts of sequester that hobbled our ability to invest in the necessary military capabilities to finally face and deter and defend against a multitude of threats but the most important ones which have been stealing American intellectual property to leap over American military investments and that is the People's Republic of China now the US economy is booming and when the American people are flourishing we can wield the swords of sanctions and the threat of military force to compel our adversaries and deter conflict deterring Wars is far more desirable than fighting them and the best way to deter them is to prepare for them and as we strengthen deterrence so we empower our diplomats and entice our adversaries to choose a new path we are now doing that with dangers that have been festering on North Korea the Obama era permitted Kim to speed up its nuclear missile program Kim jong-un tested more missiles than his father and his grandfather did combines missile flight tests are what advanced the missile program what was President Obama doing when it Tet when what was President Trump doing when Kim jong-un recently tested that short-range solid-fueled ballistic missile exercising restraint keeping economic pressure on keeping negotiations going while the Obama foreign policy sought to bring Iran into the fold of responsible Nations by enriching it without requiring Iran to earn that privilege the Trump foreign policy withdrew from the Iran deal a deal so bad it had to be negotiated outside the treaty process because the United States Senate would not have ratified that treaty President Obama himself admitted the deal if followed which is a big if would delay a nuclear breakout by a mere months a deal that flooded the regime with cash cash that has been used not to help the Iranian people but to prop up Assad in Syria fund terrorists and the Houthi rebels in an effort to solidify a proxy state in Yemen but the Trump foreign policy seeks to reaiise too late the regime compel it to alter its destabilizing behavior through alliances with the Israelis and with the Gulf states the Saudis yes the Saudis were providing a counter to Iranian malign influence Iran's ambitions are checked sanctions against the terrorist state are now causing funds to dry up for Iran's most powerful proxy Hezbollah whereas the Obama administration differed and then failed to act in enforcing the red line in Syria when Assad used abominable chemical weapons the Trump administration enforced that red line in concert with our allies Britain and France and then again the u.s. under Trump came down hard with sanctions and by expelling Russian officials when the Russians Russians used chemical weapons in an assassination attempt on UK soil you want an administration that's been tough on the Russian Federation without unnecessarily antagonizing it the Trump foreign policy and we are finally seeking to face with clear eyes great powers China and Russia we are building a stronger millet with emphasis on advanced capabilities to outmatch China and Russia and to retake the advantage where we have begun to slide no longer is outer space considered say coursing because the Russians and the Chinese do not consider it so we are finally engaged it is a war fighting domain and we view it that way now yes the foreign the president is the irreverent perhaps if it reverence breaks up the groupthink and wakes us up from a slumber I think we can more than manage put mag aside for just a moment thinking rethinking finding allies bolstering allies finding new political alignments that is great again nations strong sovereign nations that band together for common interests are supported there is no idolization of international bodies and treaties as ends in themselves they are tools to serve a desired outcome the Trump foreign policy perhaps bumpy and uncomfortable has grabbed the reins and pulled us all back from a language rift rooted in a dangerous cocktail of confusion and naivety I suggest less feeling and more thinking the previous administration failed to recognize and tackle the hard problems and uncomfortable truths that free nations must reckon with we are doing that now and it is because of that that the Trump foreign policy is preferable to Obama's vote for the motion you

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  1. Watch the full debate here:

  2. I like the Ron Paul policy .. Non-Interventionist and Non-Impererist, arguing the better of 2 evils is NOT an argument !!

  3. The bottom line is Obama was not a warmonger. Realistically President Obama first with an precise strategy had to patch up the holes of a sinking America the President George Bush hand it off to him. True President Obama Legacy. President Trump is reaping the smooth sailing Rising economy of America. Obama did to work pass it on to President Trump. Now we have a Down syndrome orangutan pirate trying to take President Obama credit but better economy.

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  6. Love him or Hate him but there's never been a US president in human history been to North Korea soil & tried to make peace. That's a fact.

  7. Radical jushi terrorist organisation break UN regulations more than 6. Now this terrorist organisations attack us government Donald trump suxesfully. 👹🇮🇱🇺🇸🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇱👹🇺🇸🇺🇸👹👹🇺🇸👹🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇱👹🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸👹👹👹🇺🇸👹🇮🇱👹👹

  8. Mmm, Young lady I do believe you need to listen to your words over again….Your words are making NO sense. As a NONE member of your Elite I question your motives……….

  9. Releasing billions of dollars to Iran and selling weapons grade uranium to Russia are not an America First policy. Worse than Munich 1938.

  10. We might want to remind the world about the bloody path, that Obama's administration imposed on the world. His diplomacy on the world is akin to a screen door on a submarine, useless. Uprisings and/or wars that are still being fuelled today, in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Syria, and Turkey. Did I miss any? Bomb now ask questions later was his policy. He also helped the biggest rip off of the world, the Sub-Prime Scandal, I refuse to call it a "debacle", because they knew what they were doing. He deported more people than any other president, and his administration passed laws to make immigration more difficult, views they are conveniently against today. Obama sold out his country to foreign doctrines, that Trump thankfully pulled out of, because he knew how ludicrous they were for American prosperity. To compare Obama's foreign policy to Trump's, to me, is seriously inane. Whether you like President Trump, or do not like him, shouldn't waive your views on Obama's psychopathic 8 years in office.

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