Real life HUNGER GAMES – children of Donbass ask Jennifer Lawrence AND Katniss Everdeen help!

Real life HUNGER GAMES – children of Donbass ask Jennifer Lawrence AND Katniss Everdeen help!

Dear Jennifer Lawerence!
We want to congratulate you on the success of your new “Hunger Games” movie! We are
big fans of the movies, and have read the books. Unfortunatly we don’t have a chance
to watch the last chapter of the trilogy, because we are in Donetsk – a city besieged
by Ukranian army. Donetsk too was part of Ukraine, but when
we didn’t agree with a nationalist coup in Kiev in 2014, and peacefully came out to
demand that new “revolutionary” government respects our legitimate democratic rights.
But the new, supposedly democratic government responded by bombing our cities!
Honestly, we feel just like the Districts in “Hunger Games” – we dared disagree
with the Capitol, and they unleashed the full force of the army to wipe out any dissent.
Furthermore, our Donbass region is known for its coal mines – just like District 12.
When our brave volunteer soldiers stood up to Capital’s forces, and stoped the onslaught,
the Capital chose a different tactic – starving our two repuclics – Donetsk and Lugansk
to death. They froze all kinds of payments, including pensions for people who worked all
their lives for Ukraine. They also imposed a total blockede – we cant get any food
or medicine from Ukraine – a country, that always claims they are fighting for us, but
in reality tries to starve us They declared all of us – millions of people
young and old – separatists and terrorists, just because we came out to demand our rights
be respected. Your media in the West tells you of Russian
aggression – but the people fighting for us are all locals. Western media has painted
anyone who objects to the official narrative of this war as “Putin’s trolls” – but
we are here, we are real people, and we just want to live in peace, and not have real life
“Hunger Games” in our cities! We have tried to get our truth out to the
world, but it we haven’t been able to get throught the wall of lies about our conflict.
So, when the real world ignores our suffering why not try our luck with fictional heroes!
We in Donetsk and Lugansk are just like District 12. Kiev is just like the evil Capital. We are
being killed. We are being starved to death. Help us, Katnis!

19 thoughts on “Real life HUNGER GAMES – children of Donbass ask Jennifer Lawrence AND Katniss Everdeen help!

  1. Давай друг снимай и показывай всю правду и за это низкий тебе поклон от россиян.

  2. Namaskar, hope you all can dig down deep to Know you'all Inner nature. Know your Inner Treasure, which is your Spirituality. mak yourself Strong from the Inside out. Practice a Spiritual Awakening Science such as Ananda Marga Yoga to Self Realize and do Service to Humanity! BNK

  3. Nice way to do propaganda – use kids who read up from paper, brainwashing their heads from early childhood and making them read up staged text. Russia has always been so low that I should not even be surprised.

  4. Freedom of press for the western world. The people of Donbass are suffering for the goals of neocons in Washington. Orwellian thought control in the western six corporate media that controls the entire western MSM is allowing these teenagers and the people of Donbass to suffer. The US neocons are using the divide and conquer tool to destroy Ukraine. The neocons have successfully destroyed the middle east from Libya to Afghanistan with extremism ( the favorite divide and conquer of the US empire).  Wake up Ukraine, you are being destroyed for the one percent. The US empire doesn't care about the 99 percent in Europe, US, Ukraine or anywhere in the world. The US empire thinks of the 99 percent as cannon fodder or collateral damage. The US empire only cares about the one percent.

  5. Real life HUNGER GAMES – children of Donbass ask Jennifer Lawrence AND Katniss Everdeen help!

  6. Real life HUNGER GAMES – children of Donbass ask Jennifer Lawrence AND Katniss Everdeen help!

  7. Доклад комиссара ООН по правам человека подтверждает преступления, совершенные украинскими силовиками и добровольцами – убийства, расстрелы без суда, пытки, мародерство и грабежи, заявил постпред РФ при ОБСЕ Александр Лукашевич:

  8. Ukraine is indeed trying to STARVE Donbass. They blockaded ANY Humanitarian Aid from coming, even to Government-Held territories. When Russia steps in with their Humanitarian Aid Convoy Trucks, Kiev and the West claim them illegal, that they are delivering weapons. To schools? I have translated video proof uploaded that the Illegal Russian Humanitarian Trucks reach schools and deliver them aid. Why is Russia doing this despite criticism from the world? Because nobody else is sending any Aid to the PEOPLE! Only Russia is. Not even the Red Cross is sending any aid there.

  9. I do not know all truth, but I think "president" poroshenko not stop war, because he see opportunity to steal money on war..its first, he get power after illegal coup d'etat which his men cleverly created at the right time, promising people a better future..and he scary and destroy all people who dont believe his lie

  10. Hi from nz. You young people should get yourselves to NZ. We'll look after you until Ukraine is fixed up and peaceful again.

  11. Wow hope more people spread the word of what's happening.Keep doing what your doing people are hearing you just need people the people that can and will help.God Bless take care.

  12. I say Ukraine should become independent but not join the EU but the Ukrainian revolutionaries and mainstream media are just autistic and should gladly kill themselves.

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