REAL HISTORY: Mussolini was just a Marxist with a twist

REAL HISTORY: Mussolini was just a Marxist with a twist

D’Souza: Ultimately, Mussolini decided
that what Marx got wrong is that, for Marx, the sole dividing line was class.
Whereas, as Mussolini saw it, people are not so much attached to their
class as they are attached to their country. Mussolini saw that in World War I, the
German socialists fought for Germany, and the French socialists fought for
France. And so, Mussolini said there’s only one kind of socialism that will
work in the future, it is national socialism. It is socialism that marries people’s deep
attachment to their country with socialist, left-wing, redistributionist,
welfare-state ideals. And that is where Hitler got the idea
that his party should be called the “National Socialist Party,” because it
was an attempt to rescue Marxism from its historical failure by engrafting
onto it the new idea of nationalism. D’Souza: Lincoln was elected to
unite a country and stop slavery. Democrats smeared him, went to
war against him, assasinated him. Now, their target is Trump.
[Protestors chanting] D’Souza: They say he’s a racist, a fascist.
But who are the real racists and fascists? A nation dies when its
people are not free. It’s now up to us to save
America a second time.

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  1. Lincoln spoke out in his first inaugural address in favor of the Corwin Amendment which would make slavery constitutional law in the south and wanted it to be irrevocable. I'd like to see Dinesh respond to this.

  2. Truth…a two edged sword indeed. It often times cut the speaker as well as the receiver, BUT, if we take that truth and use it to take a good loooong look at ourselves; that's when the magic happens and THAT'S when real change occurs. I was never really a leftist, but until I was 17 (over thirty now) I believed things that were simply not true. It was a bit difficult to break away, but God as my witness it was a great necessity. Hopefully someone sees this video and think about their positions. Great job Dinesh. God bless!

    -Mr. B

  3. You gotta love how many far right wing talking heads have adopted the "fascism is a leftist ideology" mantra – in the face of it's myriad of errors. ALL fascist dictators are nationalistic in the extreme, yearn for a select array of traditional cultural qualities and racial preferences and adopt social welfare types of programs for those who fit their notion of proper citizens/patriots. Having socialist programs doesn't exclude an ideology from a proper right wing characterization, as those social programs are only for those elites who deserve elevation above the inferior races, national origins, religious beliefs, etc. Further, industrial assets in Italy and Germany were not owned by the state – although were beholding to them in rather clear ways – and those that were viewed as essential to the fatherland/motherland/whatever received heavy subsidies.

    It's the extreme nationalism/cultural purity that makes these sorts of regimes (national socialists is the innocuous title they tend to apply to themselves) to be properly designated as extreme right wing. The current extreme right wing's convenient desire to distance themselves from Mussolini and Hitler on the basis of the highly selective socialism of these fascist, right wing ideologies is ludicrous – but understandable. If it walks and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. If it's proponents create policies and practices in line with those of Hitler and Mussolini and there is some overlap with the policies and practices of Mao and Stalin and Pol Pot – does it really matter whether you focus on the social programs (which weren't the problem) or the hateful "eliminate those with whom we disagree" programs (which most definitely were the problem)? No, … it doesn't.

    So I guess you could say that D'Souza is just a Mussolini-ite, or a Stalinist, or a nazi, … with a twist.

  4. The National-Socialists (wrongly called Nazis) and the Fascists were against Marxism, Communism, Bolshevism and Globalism (formerly known as Internationalism).

    Even though I'm a Libertarian-Conservative, we would be better off under Fascism. Here's a good video on the subject: The Kommandant 2018-05-03 Freer Under Fascism

    [email protected]

  5. Mussolini was not a marxist, but a socialist. Not the same thing. When you try to educate people, get the fact straight first. And yes, Clickbaiting count too…

  6. So, according to this simple breakdown, Mussolini was in fact correct. Nationalism is the key component in a society. Funny thing to see the left weeping and wailing at every hint of Nationalism, and to see the so-called right falling in line with demonizing them as "Nazis". Like Trump, and our Forefathers, I am a Nationalist…but not a Socialist. Given previous statements, how about we stop blurring the lines between the two, Dinesh? Neocons are a repulsive lot.

  7. I just discovered your speeches recently, and I'm extremely impressed with your intelligence and how articulate you are when confronted with questions from the racist ignorant Left. The Democrats are the party of blatant racism, from owning black slaves, created the KKK and are constantly referring to people by their race, gender and other petty differences. Republicans freed the slaves from their Democrat owners and fought hard for their civil rights, despite wide opposition from the Democrats. The far Left go hand in hand with socialism, globalism, fascism and of course racism, using divisive race and gender baiting in their tactics. They often falsely call Conservatives and Republicans "racist", "White Nationalist" and other such utter nonsense to disguise what they are themselves. We must not let them get away with their false narratives any longer.
    Mr. D'Souza, you are a true Conservative Patriot, and I have subscribed to your channel. Please keep up the good work you are doing in enlightening people with irrefutable historical facts, and how they pertain to today.

  8. 'Dineshed' is what happens when you smoke from the Neo-Con "DemoKKKrats are the real waycists" meth pipe for too long. I wonder if Dinesh mentions the fact "Honest Abe" & Karl Marx were pen pals during the "Civil War"?

    If you're interested in knowing what Italian Fascism was/is, you can start by reading Ezra Pound's "Jefferson &/or Mussolini", Giovanni Gentile's "Doctrine of Fascism", & Julius Evola's "Fascism Viewed from the Right".

  9. Dinesh provides the education, morality/ethics is in your hands, however Both Are required: the active deception/denial contingent of population is primarily liberal/democrat, the types that imprisoned Dinesh such as obama. Both sides going after the shades of grey that populate the 'middle' from it's core to outer edges.

  10. Ehhh Dinesh is off when it comes to this stuff, if you read the Doctrine of Fascism, its main goal is to make sure degeneracy and liberalism never exist due to the population working for the state…its a much better system than in America, where corporations run the show. Also, Abraham Lincoln sucks, he invaded the southern states who did not want a war, and thanks to him the US is full of shitty blacks.

  11. How retarded can one person be? Literally all you said is wrong. You do realise that Mussolini even thought about calling the ideology corporatism instead of fascism? What you are saying is because the state did something and socialist also did something there's a connection. You have no idea about the history of the national socialist party at all judging from this video, as you would know that Hitler was never a fan of adding the word "socialism" in "national socialism" but he did so to attract German working class youth. Ever heard of the night of the long knives? That was Hitler completely disassembling anything socialist that existed in the party. When will you all realise that Germany was neither capitalist nor socialist? This political con game of accusing the opposition of things you oppose at the expense of the truth must end!

  12. He's very intelligent ,,he's just wrong on all levels and seems misdirected…still he has a gift, great communication skills, great lecture but simply wrong about the subject that he's talking about in this video.. he's perspective needs tweaking and he's understanding oif Marxism, faciscim etc..needs to be re-taught to the poor guy lol


    Such a conception of life makes Fascism the resolute negation of the doctrine underlying so-called scientific and Marxian socialism, the doctrine of historic materialism which would explain the history of mankind in terms of the class struggle and by changes in the processes and instruments of production, to the exclusion of all else.

    That the vicissitudes of economic life – discoveries of raw materials, new technical processes, and scientific inventions – have their importance, no one denies; but that they suffice to explain human history to the exclusion of other factors is absurd. Fascism believes now and always in sanctity and heroism, that is to say in acts in which no economic motive – remote or immediate – is at work. Having denied historic materialism, which sees in men mere puppets on the surface of history, appearing and disappearing on the crest of the waves while in the depths the real directing forces move and work, Fascism also denies the immutable and irreparable character of the class struggle which is the natural outcome of this economic conception of history; above all it denies that the class struggle is the preponderating agent in social transformations. Having thus struck a blow at socialism in the two main points of its doctrine, all that remains of it is the sentimental aspiration, old as humanity itself-toward social relations in which the sufferings and sorrows of the humbler folk will be alleviated. But here again Fascism rejects the economic interpretation of felicity as something to be secured socialistically, almost automatically, at a given stage of economic evolution when all will be assured a maximum of material comfort. Fascism denies the materialistic conception of happiness as a possibility, and abandons it to the economists of the mid-eighteenth century. This means that Fascism denies the equation: well-being = happiness, which sees in men mere animals, content when they can feed and fatten, thus reducing them to a vegetative existence pure and simple.

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