Reaction to Marcelito Pomoy on America’s got talent Champions! | SO AMAZING!

Reaction to Marcelito Pomoy on America’s got talent Champions! | SO AMAZING!

hi guys welcome to my channel it’s me
DKCOLTY and today we’re gonna be doing some reaction so I just saw this one on youtube called marcelito pomoy and I know him… I know him?? I mean he is popular in our country so
yeah I thought it’s a clickbait but then I think it’s not so I guess lets start its on America America’s Got Talent Champions? I guess its uhh…. uhh…… like a worldwide winners that will be competing each other better that’s it yeah let’s start
my name is Marcela top Amoy hostile bitch oh yeah I do I am Joanne for Moya
and we’re you both from we’re both from the Philippines my husband you know he
has very hard life in the Philippines but then he want the Philippines Got
Talent did he win yes what year 2011
when I was seven years old my mother she left me and my father was in jail I was
over family and living the street for many years I try to find my family when
I was scared I was seen I didn’t know that one day I saw the
show Philippines Got Talent I thought that’s
the way I can find my family I was hoping they would see me sing it’s
really different the whole country was trying to find my
family – my family is there it must be greatest moment of my life because my
family is there my life changed overnight I went from
leaving on the street so now I’m a king Sausalito boy became a
trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines the whole country around was
talking about me but the best part I met my wife John you
know we have a daughter I’m going to cry against America’s Got Talent is the
biggest stage in the way I know she have so he had already I feel so very and
feel nervous already had our very I want to show up the world I am a winner
are you here to win it yes good at the prayer that’s his Oh their shop in helped us to be it’s very early in style Oh bad movies Judas – boys – we do it’s much better just just love it just love it doing so unique you are a beautiful wonderful
singer with a young woman trapped inside of you I want to see something this
something unique and muscle eater you just gave that to us it was this is one of the craziest things I’ve
ever heard in my entire life your voice around your salad is just so out of this
world people love them
I think it’d be amazing you are so worthy of the golden buzzer and I think
you’re one of the most incredible singers but this is a very early in the
night and I can only choose one so I’m gonna keep my golden buzzer but I are
super fans and I hope they vote you through that was what I call 1/10 as
simple as that later that the superfans will put you through to the next round oh that’s pretty it um
yeah everybody loves them and they were amazed by his voice and yeah I didn’t
like America’s Got Talent will make champions edition so yeah I thought this
was a quick bit or something but yeah it’s really real add a video squid just
said other charges still in all imposed it and I said yeah I think that’s all if
you guys like to be to make sure to hit the subscribe button and also the
notification well for my videos to do um and I’ll see you guys next time by

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  1. Sorry for my Audio sometimes it got muted or something but ill fix it in my next video
    but still I recommend you to on the subtitle so you can read what Im talking about on the video
    Thank you Guys For watching! 🙂

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