Reacting To User Messages | Tree Planters Meet Ecosia Users

Reacting To User Messages | Tree Planters Meet Ecosia Users

Hello Ecosia partners! Hi Ecosian tree planters, I’m Tom from Australia. Thank you for all the hard work you’re doing.
We really appreciate it. Hi from the rainy Netherlands. Hi Ecosians, I’m from Peru. Thank you for planting more and more trees. And I want to thank you for all the hard work you do. And lots of love for all of you all the way from Lebanon. You’re uplifting communities
and you’re saving the environment which I think is amazing, so thank you.

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  1. I love this video and it's good to see that just using your search engine really helps. I've only had it for a couple weeks but I've already done over 100 searches on it I love the counter and never realized how much I search stuff up. And knowing that by searching I'm helping to plant trees where it's badly needed feels great. ^_^

  2. Yay~!! Thank you so much for this!!! <3 And, thank you for having such a fantastic initiative! I reccomend ecosia to my friends whenever environmental issues come up. It's an honor to be able to contribute to something good with such simple actions!

  3. Its very nice of you all to plant trees. It really helps the earth, but not only that because it helps us too!
    Thank you so so much to everyone who helped. Its oh so very so kind of you all to do all of this this. You all put in all the effort that you possibly could and it really did help. Thank you so much ecosia!

  4. It's so great to hear the opinions and about the hard work that the tree planters do themselves. Remind us that there are actual people helping us and working hard everyday for this.

  5. je suis français et j'ai pris ecosia au départ pour aider les indonésiens 🙂 tant mieux si ça aide un peu partout dans le monde. Si google prenait exemple la planète serait toute verte :p

  6. this is so nice, brought a tear to my eye to see my small contribution making a difference in the world and the hearts of those working with Ecosia!

  7. Great! Thank you for sharing. That said, strange that they chose people to only speak Wolof. French is the official language of Senegal and all my Senegalese classmates spoke flawless French. Keep up the great work Ecosia, and please don't forget to IMPROVE the website. I got 30 "trees" — the icon — (short of 15, I know) only yesterday but the results aren't what they should be and many times I was forced to go back to Google.
    Can't you please display results like Google without having to click anything and sift through the bad websites? Example: searching for a historical figure's DOB or "age", the results should be displayed in a top box, like Google. Many more flaws so please don't just plant trees: IMPROVE the searches, please! And, of course, keep up the great work planting! (Can't you replant trees in the Amazon? That seems critical right now!)

  8. What is more extraordinary is that Ecosia doesn't beg for money like the dubious wikipedia etc. Compare that to the MILLIONS that the CLINTONS stole from USA citizens' aid to Haiti. Why aren't those thieves in jail? Entire family is crooked. Why wasn't there a class action lawsuit against the clintons??

  9. ive been using ecosia now for 2-3 weeks. I searched 300x so still not much trees but im trying to search us much as i can (:

  10. Thank YOU all so much!!! You are planting our prayers! Blessings to you all! Love to you all! NoH8! Live long. Share, create, live, laugh, love and prosper!

  11. Great job Ecosia!
    Since you guys planted trees in the amazon after the fires, can you plant trees in Australia after the bushfires are over?

  12. I'm so proud of this community. Each one of us is doing his part. I sometimes hear people say that individuals can't win against the system mankind has built over the past centuries. Well, I had a dream. You had a dream. And all together we dreamt. People started to notice, to care for our future. Ecosia amongst other beautiful projects was created. You and I are not alone. Millions of people are taking action. Some of them are demonstrating, some of them are planting trees or raising awareness. And it isn't just about the climate crisis. It's about bringing more peace, compassion, love into this world. Fight for what is right. For what is right for everyone. Next time you see yourself in the mirror, don't lose hope. Hope comes from action. We want our leaders to take action; but everything starts from there, from the people. Your voice deserves to be heard as well. Thank you Ecosia, and everyone doing their part.

  13. Many thanks to all of those involved. My heart and soul feel at ease knowing there are still people in the world with empathy.

  14. It is so amazing to see these reactions. It actually made me cry; however , I have a tip for this amazing search engine. Can you guys advertised the app as well. I have had Ecosia as my search engine for more than a year and I did not know that you guys had an app for mobile phones. I thought of looking for it, but never really got around it. I think you guys need to promote the app more somehow. oh!!! and thank you for all you do!!

  15. Amazing thing some people are doing. We should show this to everyone so they can see that people do really care about other's life. We love you Ecosia.

  16. Amazing thing some people are doing. We should show this to everyone so they can see that people do really care about other's life. We love you Ecosia.

  17. Saudações do Brasil!!
    Trabalho incrível realizado por vocês! Se o mundo todo pensasse assim, seria maravilhoso. Por mais trabalhos como o de vocês, abraços e muito obrigado

  18. Un grand merci à vous, acteurs de ce mouvement qui donne de l espoir tout autour du monde… Vous êtes merveilleux !

  19. I'm so glad I got Ecosia. This helps me in a lot of different ways, and I can only hope you guys are proud of your work, because you are saving a lot more than the environment. ^^

  20. My money is nothing compared to the work these people put in with their bodies. I know it takes both, but they make the difference. <3

  21. I am crying so much watching this… :"] It gives me much hope that we CAN realise we are all connected in this world and should help one another (for all our sakes). <3

  22. Please plant in Rajasthan also.. large land .. bit less population.. thanks . India's delhi not does it as many politicians there only want want .. no giving near them

  23. I don’t under that people put a thumbs down 👎 on this vid. This is what I say: 👍👍👍👍👍👍 to all Ecosia tree planters

  24. The Ecosia tree-planters are the real heroes behind the search engine. Thx so much for saving the planet, because the rest of us are too lazy to do so.

  25. What an absolutely wonderful initiative! Thank you so much for helping to replace the forests that have been cleared. It is a wonderful way for us to have a small part in replacing them when we could never have dreamed we could previously. I know a lot of us felt helpless to do anything to help….until now!

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