100 thoughts on “Rand Paul: Socialism breeds ‘thuggery’

  1. Socialism equals violence, hunger, poverty and genocide. If anyone is a socialist, this person shall get medical treatment & mental help.

  2. these idiots dont grasp the Scandinavian has SOCIAL PROGRAMS they are not Socialist politically.
    we do the same thing here..
    but they wont be happy until everyone is equal…in the breadline..
    food for me but not for thee ~ the left

  3. There is no end to the list of things wrong with socialism. It's nothing but a naked power grab allowed to happen only by uneducated fools. In spite of their lies, socialists NEVER have good intentions.

  4. What the Hell does the "View" know about socialism? They live encapsulated in a make believe world where they always get their way.

  5. The 1000 US soldiers from Syria are not ‘’brought back home again’’.

    They are relocated to IRAK. Trump lies 24/7 and makes Russia, Iran and ISIS great again. 😳

  6. Those people on the View are like black women that all talk at once, getting louder and louder until the loudest has finally shouted everyone else down.

  7. If you want to know more about the fundamental differences between socialism verses freedom, read this novel, Anthem by famous author Ayn Rand, released in 1938. Many public libraries and some book stores have it. A short book, can be easily read in one day.

  8. Whoopi looks like one of the albino twins from the Matrix movies……in black face.
    Edit: And the only thing that disappears are her eyebrows. What kind of power is that?

  9. Does anyone on the red commie side understand the difference between socialism, communism, totalitarism? I guess not? We already have socialism! Just like the Scandinavian countries. It’s a mixture of capitalism, socialism, and democracy.

    What do ya think the police, schools, military, fire dept, road repair…….socialism! The masses pay taxes for the benefit of all! Kinda like social security. You know! That thing you old red, commies are counting on? Have a good day! Go read about the different government types!

  10. Socialism is OPM always runs out on “other peoples’ money.” You run out of rich people to tax. The consumers outweigh the producers. The incentive to start a business is destroyed in Socialism. Economic growth is stagnated in Socialism. You wonder why people keep trying this all over the place. It will never work because it rebels against God’s Word in Genesis 3:19. Someone has got to pay for it.

    Socialism and Communism plans can never work according to the Bible. Communists and socialism use 'justice’ to steal someone’s harvest or livelihood and refund it to themselves and institutionalize that. America was not started on that
    model. It was started on true, biblical economic justice. Socialism and Communism don’t work anywhere. It’s a rebellion against Genesis 3:19.

    Socialism is an acceptance that the government owns you. You are simply a number. It is a demonic system that will tax the people who work hard. Somebody has to pay for socialism. Socialist leaders don’t donate, it's you and I donate.

  11. TRUMP was also pressured by GOP members for his ‘’Doral’’ decision.

    There is a limit to the amount of TRUMP corruption GOP members can defend.

  12. Yeah Rand because White Neo Nazis who march with Torches and burn black churches and Synagogues are all Socialists are they not ? You lying corrupt piece of crap

  13. Very disappointed to find you voted against our commander & chief withdrawing troops from Syria.
    This is another "undeclared" war and therefore not a war. Only congress can declare war. You and your friends in congress should have been honest and clear about what you were in fact voting on – a declaration of war. That you chose instead to vote AGAINST withdrawal without declaring war makes you appear as disgusting as the low lifes on the view.
    Blame someone else for not taking an action you yourself should be responsible for: Declaration of War

  14. Socialism, like Trickle Down Economics, is a bad idea. Sure. It really works good – on paper. The problem is when it's put to use. It ignores a key factor. That being the initiative of the individuals it's applied to. But unlike Trickle Down Economics, where the elites hamper the advancement of the lower classes, socialism tries to eliminate the incentive of the lower classes to advance altogether.

  15. Green new deal 😂 Only a total idiot would stand behind that crazy woman 🤬 did you see her at the Antifa protest with a black mask on🤦‍♀️

  16. Mate, why would you put yourself through that with that horror from the view? You must realise by now – you cannot reason with a democrat.

  17. But why is whopper Goldberg wearing an industrial Mop on her head? Is this like some stupid challenge craze like eating washing machine cleaning products or something ?

  18. Very disappointed to find you voted against our commander & chief withdrawing troops from Syria.
    This is another "undeclared" war and therefore not a war. Only congress can declare war. You and your friends in congress should have been honest and clear about what you were in fact voting on – a declaration of war. That you chose instead to vote AGAINST withdrawal without declaring war makes you appear as disgusting as the low lifes on the view.
    Blame someone else for not taking an action you yourself should be responsible for: Declaration of War
    I do not support a Declaration of War but our chickensht congress was in fact trying to declare war while making the president responsible for it.

  19. And Paul is a free trade globalist thug. He loves the fact that we can buy lots of cheap crap at Walmart and Old Navy subsidized by the Chinese government at the cost of American jobs.

  20. They need to be reminded that if the producers have no foundation, then no one will survive. Send them to study physics, and explain to them that they need to support and accelerate energy research, if they want inexpensive utilities and free food.

  21. Ana Navarro and her family overstayed their visa in 1982, when Ronald Reagan granted amnesty in 1986 she won the golden ticket and was allowed to stay magically becoming a U.S. citizen with all rights and privileges ,how unfortunate for us

  22. She is an emotional illiterate a problem to big to ignore anymore.
    an emotional illiterate
    judges and scrutinizes……personality and attributes ….rather than knowledge or conveyence of knowledge. above all things the, emotional illiterate, detests…..development in conversations like Pual was engaging in.
    the emotional illiterate even when it benefits them, or at least the

    seeks to stop the promotion or conveyence of knowledge over emotional
    opinions…..lloll. its a growing problem shes an emotional illiterate.

  23. We will assume then that Mr. Ran will relinquish his SOCIAL Security, Medicare, any FEMA benefits and will not drive the nation's highways or otherwise take advantage of its infrastructure.

  24. Socialism breeds equality. It allows for society to grow intellect. Capitalism breeds criminality…money causes those people at the bottom of society to fight for the scraps left by the wealthy. Capitalism creates a class which (the wealthy) which don’t benefit society, but just themselves. This is criminal.

  25. There is a portion of the population, about half, for whom life is little more than an endless scramble for free stuff. We call these good folks Democrats.

  26. I live in Norway, it is not a sosialist country …..The Norewegian wealth is created by oil and capitalism. But we have a main stream media that makes CNN and MSNBC look fair.
    The level of leftist sosialist propaganda is unbeliveble.
    I dont think we have fox news in Norway, not one of these tv and internett companies have fox as an option in their package. I pay 36% tax to the goverment, everyone pays about that…give or take a few % depending on life situation. I get absolutely nothing back , This means for me: i cant afford to buy a place to live, i have to rent, so when i get old i have to use all my money to continue renting, i know now that i will be a poor old man. i have chosen to not have kidds because i cant provide everything that it takes to be a parrent(economicly).
    And her comes the fun part…..All the imigrants that come to Norway are given all these things i can not afford, that i can not achive by a lifetime of hard work. And their party is paid by me…..the horrible white man.

  27. Rand Paul posits that all the Real money is in the middle class. This is BS; the wealthy class right now have 90% of the real money in society.

  28. I wouldn't even give the view the time of day look how disrespectful the shrill Banshee I can't stand her is to him how disrespectful socialism breeds thuggery in you lady honey are a thug on TV. I am 47 years old will then act like it you child

  29. The Soviet Terror that murders millions of Ukrainian peasants ,priests, and Christians, during peacetime, was administered by Jewish Bolsheviks, Trotsky, Molotov, Beria, yagoda, and making up 85% if the 1st Communist Congress, 90% of the Secret Police.
    Bernie honeymoon ed in the Soviet Union when the Gulags were still operating.

  30. Well republicans love expensive war. Trump deployed troops to protect Saudi Arabia oil fields and caused a huge deficit under his presidency

  31. Scandinavian countries are not socialist they are capitalist with a Capital C it happened to have some socialist programs that are supported by the tax money of the capitalist system this is what Bernie needs to tell his constituents but he doesn't because they lie with facility

  32. Looking at what socialism did in eastern europe and my home country Yes its true Socialism makes Thugs out of people. Even today after some 30 years you will still see the effects of socialism on eastern europeans. This is way when i see young americans saying they want socialism I just want to slap them hard.

  33. Why would he even go on the view? He had to know all he was going to get was some bitchy women talking over him the whole time.

  34. Lack of accountability breeds thuggery.

    Lack of morals breeds thuggery.

    Lack of honesty breeds thuggery.

    Lack of oversight breeds thuggery.

    It isn't the "system" that causes thuggery. It is the people within the system. Just as there can be moral atheists and immoral evangelists. Have all the televangelists imprisoned and all the defrocked priests taught you simpletons nothing?

  35. I want the ones for socialism to go live in a country that has collapsed from it. Live there a year. No half a year. No a month. And then come back and tell me how great it is. These people are idiots. Rand Paul didn’t you vote for money not to be appropriated for the wall? You republicans help our President out just a little. He’s doing a great job without most of you but it would be nice for him to get your support.

  36. Man opens business through capitalism. Man makes millions. Man becomes popular across the nation. Thieves see man has daughter and plans a kidnapping for ransom. Hey guess what capitalism just created Thuggery.. lmfao

  37. If your only understanding of what Socialism is comes from what Fox News tells you, then you are horribly misinformed.

    Fox is a propaganda outlet.

    You can't complain about out-sourcing of jobs and still call yourself a capitalist because that is what capitilists do. They look to maximize profits and limit loses.

    China didn't come into our country by force, kidnap all of our CEOs and force them to move their manufacturing operations to their country. They made a business deal: We give you cheap labor and access to our market, you give us the technology to make your products and a way to ship it around the world. And they did.

    And also, this whole segment circles around Denmark but I have never heard Bernie say it was a socialistic Utopia. He cites Denmark for having better social safety nets for workers to alleviate some anxieties from life.

    And Denmark has always stated they are not a strictly socialist country. Even in 2016:

    "I would like to make one thing clear," Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said recently in a speech at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. "Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy."

    But it's a market economy with government investments in it's people. Instead of giving tax cuts to corporations who don't need them, they offer free services for their middle class to make their lives better.

    Look, if you're attacking people who are lower down on the economic food chain than you, you're probably being manipulated by somebody higher up on the economic food chain than you.

    Stop watching Fox and actually read about socialism, communism and capitilalism.

  38. Isaiah 3:9 King James Version (KJV)
    9 The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

  39. You don't understand that in Europe left doesn't just mean agaisnt conservatism, it means money.
    Do you want higher taxes or not.
    And there are parties who wants higher taxes. IN US some candidates wants that and they are considered radical.

  40. Radical WHITE domestic terrorists are America’s greatest national security threat! Make America safe again: REPORT far right extremist activity!!!

  41. Rande Paul is a Globalist snake in the grass🐍 he can never ever be trusted ,he is not like his father at all and voted for GMO Foods 🇺🇸

  42. There is so much wrong information coming from Sen. Rand Paul I don't know where to begin. First, neoliberalism hit the traditional socialist countries in Scandinavia and Europe 40 years ago. Over the decades, just like here in North America (Canada and USA) , the social services safety net has been seriously eroded. Matter-of-fact, Sweden, once deemed the leader in Democratic Socialism (which means a mix of free enterprise and socialist programs) has moved so far to the right that it is in the forefront of neoliberalism now, not socialism. Again, Americans are confused about what socialism means, especially the kind which has been a nourishment to our capitalist countries since Roosevelt's New Deal. Why isn't Rand Paul talking about Hoovervilles? The lack of democratic socialism in countries all over the world means high income inequality, poor pay for workers, little if any affordable housing, homelessness, higher crime rates, higher suicide rates among the young, higher mental illness (anxiety and depression, sociopathy), the erosion of social values where greed and selfishness and corruption makes more sense for survival than common welfare. That is where his libertarian economics will take us, no different than extreme laissez-faire capitalism (its definition matter-of fact). Want a kinder, gentler world? Remember how happy the general public WAS in the "golden years" of the fifties and sixties, when wealth was more equitably distributed and the disadvantaged were taken care of. That is Democratic Socialism at work. Read Animal Farm again or Dickens. The fight between the haves and the have-nots has been going on since our time on earth began. We have learned something, that the small numbered strong and elite must be harnessed otherwise they run roughshod over everyone else.

  43. Healthcare in America is capitalizating on other people's misery. They are scaring you into being a corporate slave instead of a good Christian. Narratives around socialism are designed to make you feel hate for a policy that protects the American people instead of the corporations.





  45. "THE VIEW"? Really? "THE VIEW"? What else did you expect? They're insane socialists themselves. Of course they're anti-USA and pro-communist.

  46. Hell yes we're going to take your last breath and your last heartbeat legal American patriotic citizens good luck trying to survive!!! Beto Democratic tyrant 2019!!!

  47. Socialism always devolves to the worst. Here in Norway even the more main stream Labour party used to sing about killing. "We shall fill our bathtubs with Young Conservative blood." (Vi skal fylle våre badekar med Unge Høyre blod.) And this even on Utøya.

  48. What would change 'things' a lot would be an in depth analysis done on every Socialist attempt, and all the promoters of socialism within the society that propagated Socialism.If the youth of America actually understood that the professors promoting Socialism… would be some of the first people removed from their jobs under a socialist State, and why, the Kids might reconsider Socialism. If the Kids understood after Socialism is installed, they will not be allowed advocacy, won't be allowed dissention, won't be allowed to go back before Socialism, will get stuck on a 'Allowance'- assured little to no advancement. The Kids think that life as a child was great, can be replicated as a adult but no one tells them the actual historical outcomes of Socialism… just that all those outcomes can be avoided.. THIS TIME!"There's a sucker born every minute" became a widely known phrase because every person born can be suckered easily during growing up, sadly it is taking longer and longer for people to grow up… to where today, many people don't want to at all.

  49. Socialism is unconstitutional, and will not be tolerated in the USA!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!! Move to where they will tolerate it.

  50. Americans need to read the great book about reality of real (!!) socialism —- " Archipelago GULAG" by Alexander Solzhenitsin. I am from former USSR , I know all about this awefull regime ! Nothing is ever free in socialism, there are no freedoms in socialism, you don't own anything and everything belongs to the government ( and thats why everybody around steel everything they can!) including your life and life's of your children, and if you open your mouth to critisize your government — you go to prison for many years or die.

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