43 thoughts on “Rand Paul Boxes Tapp Jakers Face In On Foreign Policy

  1. Really The US government, Israel and the Bitches in saudi arabia created ISIS. Jack ass taper should be on the front line.

  2. Yeah, he was in Pakistan right next to their biggest military base.. And THEY were considered our "Allies" LOL and here's Take Jappers ranting about pulling out with-out letting our allies chime in?! :O-

  3. wow rand paul really doesn't know much on foreign policy. isis has be around way longer than that. ISIS has been around since ronald reagan times. but he is still right about trying to get u.s out.

  4. Yeah, it was a flawless victory, but when you think of it, it is just a morally and ethically normal stance. There is no other valid opinion on this that doesn't require extensive rationalizations.

    Nobody asks if Germany, the UK or France for example should be all over the planet "defending human rights and proper values". Well, maybe some in the UK do, but they wouldn't if the UK wasn't always tagged along with the US and if they just had to go as the United Kingdom.

  5. How do these CNN corporate war monger fucks sleep at night? Send your kids to fight these wars for profit Jake Tapper.

  6. I hate to say it, but if only Bernie had a fraction of the guts Rand Paul has to call out the American empire. Sure, Bernie is better on domestic issues, but when compared to Rand, Bernie is a mealy-mouthed lightweight when it comes to these illegal wars.

  7. You losers are still arguing left/right politics! Pathetic.
    Rand would put a schmeckel in his mouth if he was told to.

  8. Trump is a criminal domestically. As a state, the Jew's Ass (the US) is a criminal state for supplying military weapons to world's reknown terrorists. Their friend states, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are two of the world's most rogue, criminal states.

    From the head of the state, to state itself and to its closest allies, the Jew's Ass (the US) is clearly mother of all criminals.

  9. Rand Paul would be phenomenal if his economic policy was on point. I loved his father's foreign policy and his social policies, but his economic policy was deregulate and cut taxes on the filthy rich.

  10. Jake and all CNN reporters and hosts stick with Israel's line and ideas about Syria. They like to see US troops there for good and always try to find a pretext to stay. Jale did not ask for example General Wilkerson about the troops and wars in the Middle East. Israel tries to outsource wars in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen because Israel cannot create these wars, Israel has been losing against Hamas and Hazab Allah. So, they like to see US pays the blood and funds for these wars but they like to sit and eat honey and Libana. Jake and CNN and all other Media are sticking with this line. Trump has been sticking with the same line as well. All, they have forgoten that sooner or later occupiers including US occupiers will be defeated in the Middle East. Jake has no dignity because he wants to see troops there but he cannot see the cost on the American people. This cost has been very high and has been disintegrating the US economy with all its components. Wars and troops deployment are ways to chaos and hell. But for him he gets his check and does his religious duties on time with his family and friends. It is really good life for him to support militarism and wars. The senator is correct and and right on the money. We need to have more from him.

  11. Unbelievable, he used "OBAMA IS THE FOUNDER OF ISIS" as a valid point. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

  12. Jake Tapper just has a look on his face like he is only concerned to hear a response that can support what he says and anything else is not even processed into his brain no matter how logical someone else sounds.

  13. Why donโ€™t you just say it like it is.
    First you attack an country as an aggressor for the wrong reasons.
    Force NATO allies into your battle.
    Leave the country you attacked in chaos.
    Europe, Canada and others are left to solve the chaos you made.
    Leave Europe with an massive refugee problem coursed by your behavior.
    Thanks a lot US.

    BUT OUT AND DONโ€™T COME BACK. Your war mongers

  14. You seem to be misrepresenting what he is saying. He isn't saying that we should stay there. He is saying that we shouldn't just rush out. What you have to keep in mind is that we don't just go into these countries and help. Often a big part of what we do is go in and convince locals to take up arms to help us fight their oppressors, etc. That is a HUGE part of any deployment in countries like this. Yes, we could still go in on our own and do it without their help, but it would almost certainly be a TON harder and more dangerous to do. If you suddenly just leave those people to defend themselves then it takes away a ton of our credibility in situations like this. And while that might be good for us in the short term it will have dire consequences for troops in the future.

    Bottom line, even if it is a good time to leave, you still need to do it in an orderly fashion so your allies don't feel they are being abandoned mid battle. And even if you leave abruptly, the LEAST you can do is try to sell it as an orderly departure so you minimize the hit to your credibility/dependability.

  15. The USSR was in Afghanistan for 9 years and that was probably a major factor in bankrupting them. We have been there 18 years and it is starting to hurt. We need to be gone from there, this is not a good use of our people and treasure.

  16. "i hear what your saying" ..but my cnn bosses need me to keep pushing war …um… more.. bomb.. kill…

  17. What a dumb ass rant for socialism and theft. If the rich earn their money legitimately, no filthy thief should be allowed to steal it. Venezuela was one of the richest nations per capita on earth until they decided to adhere to your idiotic Marxist principles. Read a fucking book.

  18. I enjoy how these fake progressives have to keep turning to conservative Republicans for a voice against endless war

  19. Rand made the Tapp look like a complete lackey for the military industrial complex and the multinational corporations he ultimately represents. What a bitch.

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