32 thoughts on “Ralph Nader interviews Noam Chomsky: Foreign Policy and Activism

  1. Because who better to judge, ' US Foreign Policy '., than a career Linguistics Professor, with ZERO Real World Experience himself in Government, Military, Foreign Policy, International Affairs, or Intelligence, and whose criticisms all have the great luxury of 20/20 Hindsight-Right???
    UGH-It is a tragedy that anybody actually takes this ridiculous old man seriously! SMH

  2. Kevin T you guys don’t look at the bigger context , he is saying we were lucky that disaster was avoided by crooks like Clinton but we can’t leave out to luck . People are too damn quick to criticize without having understanding g of the big picture here . I don’t think you have read enough of chonsky . Every point one Makes does not refute everything else he said . Don’t miss the damn context . These keyboard critique has not even 1/1000 of the understanding good the broader scope here but quick to rush to judgement .

  3. It is sad that brilliant minds like Noam have to spend precious time with all this bullshit that ignorant idiots are causing.

  4. This so-called, "intellectual" mentions "gay rights". Talk about propaganda , the poor man doesn't appear to even notice that with his employment of this sad, childish, euphemism , "gay" in place of a honest identification of the condition ie "homosexuality"–it is he who has bought into the great lie.
    Why would any sane person unless they are brainwashed or just plain ignorant think that it is in the interests of perpetuating the human race to confer the "right" upon some individual or group of persons to celebrate, promote, glorify, sanctify, and legitimize the attempted mating of members of the same sex of the species

  5. Noam backed Bernie Sanders in the Presidential campaign and still supports his current policies. Bernie is working very hard rallying progressive voters, policy and up and coming candidates.

  6. Is it not a contradiction that "congress responds to a fraction of 1%" and "we should mobilize 10%" of the population outside congress to effect change?

  7. Wake up America, these two men are contemporary heroes and much better citizens than your typical corporate or political officer.

  8. I just wish Chomsky had debated Friedman. If only… 😭😭😭 That would've been the best debate ever! And Chomsky would've beat the crap out of Friedman.

  9. At 9:20 things start to pick up.  Bernie should have been our most powerful representative to the world.  No torture,  bizarrely bigger military arms when that money could go to education for free in the US.  So very much greater a movement.  University students should be in writing and marching for education.

  10. Kind of ironic that I listen to things like this all day at work, and the government is my employer…

  11. edward snowden came from intelligence/spying, chomsky from linguistics/teaching, nader from advocacy/consumer law
    MLK was a religious figure, Ali was a sportsman….yunus from banking….whatever you do…making your country better and more honest is always your primary job!
    dont wait for liars like trump and hypocrits like obama !

  12. what happens when one single person has both best mind and the best heart in the universe. he gets crucified

  13. You cannot get more serious Brain waves in one place than Nader and Chomsky, both have made our World that much better

  14. Well, the hero of this "interview" is Ralph Nader. His credentials should've been mentioned in the introduction, since Mr. Nader is just as distinguished, eloquent and well known intellectual who did a lot of work in the interests of the citizenry as an activist, political commentator and legal expert. He asked tough questions and professor Chomsky eluded for obvious reasons the real answers especially when asked why AIPAC has so much influence on congress. No amount of activism, writing to congressmen, etc. by the citizenry will change that and they both know it. Professor Chomsky's double talk reveals that he is becoming more irrelevant and ineffective in influencing political discourse.

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