Rainbow Six Siege: The Six Decisions That Made Siege | Ubisoft [NA]

Rainbow Six Siege: The Six Decisions That Made Siege | Ubisoft [NA]

is a worldwide phenomenon, played by over 50 million
people and heading into its fifth year with
even bigger and bolder plans. It’s easy to think that it was
always destined to succeed. But every game
has those moments, those key decisions that can
either make it or break it. [EXPLOSION] And with “Siege,” breaking
it is where it all began. When this iteration
of “Siege” started, it started with
Xavier Marquis working with a team that was making
the destruction engine. So the only prototype they had
was a prototype of destruction. So the first premise
of making “Siege” was build around destruction. I think we have cut everything
but the destruction. Level designing went have half
of this wall destructible, half of this wall indestructible. So people were really confused. Artists were really confused on
how do I make this realistic. How do I make this believable? In term of take– because you want
destruction, but you want to be competitive,
especially on consoles, so you want to still
maintain the 60 FPS. Usually, those two things are
mutually exclusive, I believe. But in “Siege,” we were
like, hey, you know what? We want both. So there’s a lot of
constraints that stacked up I don’t remember any moment
where we felt like destruction would be impossible. But there were a lot of just– OK, gauging how
much can we do this. The first element that– So I think it was the first
element that Ubisoft ever. When we realized that one
bullet was making one hole, and you could get shot or kill
someone from an unseen place, it was perfect. Destruction brought
a lot to the game. It made the game, in fact. One of the other difficulty
was to find the right balance between how much you can
destruct versus how much we [INAUDIBLE] given
with the designer. I think this is where
a lot of other people, it was difficult for them. Because of the talented level
design team that we have, they managed to find the right
balance that still have a map, you still have level design,
and there’s still this feel of infinite combination. Year after year, you still find
new line of sight, a new way to approach a site. [EXPLOSION] NARRATOR: Sledge,
Caveira, Ash, Thermite, these names are synonymous
with “Rainbow Six Siege.” but these unique operators
weren’t always intertwined with the game’s DNA. So they had some
internet tournament. And there were a
lot of tournament. Since this tournament was
open to anyone in Montreal. I got to participate even
though I was a foreigner. At that time, it
was a class system. And I remember the days
it took the decision to move from the class system to
a unique, big, open [INAUDIBLE] system, a lot of
[INAUDIBLE] shooter people were like, [GASP] this is crazy. This is the worst decision ever. What is this game? A shootout? Well, I can choose my weapon. People really didn’t understand. It took a lot of time
and convincing too. It took prototyping for sure. And even that, it
wasn’t difficult because I think
the whole concept of having operators
or heroes only start showing its potential
when you have enough of them for the
whole choice thing to start being meaningful. So Xavier Marquis came with
the idea of adding operator. He wanted everyone on
the team to contribute. So I gathered all level
designer in the room, and split them into team. And they had to come up with
three different operators. Which one, I remember, there
was an architect on the team. He designed the first
iteration of castle, how to reinforce doors,
how to reinforce windows, and everything. GAME DESIGNER: I think that’s
a strength of the stylist, not just a game play thing. It is, for sure, a
game play thing first. But it’s also this
whole universe potential behind it is immense. Amount of fan loves that we
get around the [INAUDIBLE] is pretty cool. The ideas that I had,
it was the negotiator. He speaks in a speaker phone. And he says, think of your mama. And everybody starts crying. So they don’t see. They don’t see. So to me, this was what kind
of operators I would see. But no. Now they’re way
better than that idea. MAN: I like that. NARRATOR: “Rainbow
Six” is a franchise built on taught action
and tense combat encounters, which
historically have played out in single-player campaigns. For “Rainbow Six Siege,”
Creative Director Xavier Marquis wanted to write
a different story. Yeah. Xavier decided to go
to the HQ and present two projects that was
completely [INAUDIBLE] focused. And I think it was
scary for a lot of us. All the prior were
all narrative driven. Focusing on PVP was
really stressful. Even for an Ubisoft
game, there was no game at that
time, if I recall, that were only PVP
driven [INAUDIBLE].. So having this was a huge
guts move from the team. So I think this was kind
of scary for a lot of us. We had doubts of– OK, is this actually
going to fly by? Are we going to get
validated, or are we going to get killed
because of that? So it was scary. It’s not just convincing
the people that it’s true. It’s like so many actors
that revolve around the game production. You have every people around the
business and marketing, people who are used to sell
games a certain way. It’s not easy for sure
convincing all of these people that this is a good way to– this is a good
strategy for this game. It was very, very clear
that we were making choices. And I like that. I like having the courage
of making choices. The full effort of the team
was concentrated on the PVP. Not having to develop AI or
characters behind, or even support a narrative
throughout the layout, it was super important
to help us release great content, strong content. NARRATOR: Do you ever
think of how easy it would be for
“Rainbow Six Siege” to be a completely
different game? One word, respond
could fundamentally alter the game as we know it. And it almost did. I knew someone at Ubisoft
who’s a very high creative position who said, oh, this is
the first things that’s going to get cut when this is
[INAUDIBLE] The first things that are going to
cut is this one. And I’m really happy
that he was wrong. But it gives an idea of
how people felt about it. It felt like something that
would never pass the gates. It would never be validated. When we started playing
with no response, the way that people
moved, looped around them, listened to what was happening,
everything changed immediately. We could see that
the relation we had with our character
and our surrounding was completely different. The moment where you start to
hear the explosion, everything shaken up. And it’s insane. I had the feel of,
OK, I’m in the movie. I feel this momentum. Oh, shit. Everything– the
tension was instant. And I was like, if I knew
that I would have a choice, then I would probably have
just sprint around, exploring the map, maybe get shot. But I don’t care. I come back and stuff
like that, where here, I have just one life. It matters. It creates instantly the tension
that you were searching for. Super, super decision. We have new people that come,
want to say, we love “Siege,” but we want to make it even
bigger and stuff like that. The first elements
that come back is that we should not respond. Because then you will see
it’s easier for newcomer, for [INAUDIBLE] to be
happening for more people and stuff like that. And every time, we have
to go back and explain why it’s a fake good idea. You see what I mean? Because yes,
clearly– and I won’t deny that– the game
with [INAUDIBLE] are more accessible by nature. It’s made you more
appealing, less scary, and stuff like that. But also, the taste and the
experience that you have is not with the
same [INAUDIBLE].. You don’t come back as
you come back on “Siege.” NARRATOR: “Rainbow
Six Siege” is now played at a professional level
by players around the globe who compete for glory and lucrative
prize pools on the world stage. But how do you take your
game from development and launch to the grand
stage of eSports competition? The answer is you
don’t do it alone. From the first competition
that we did internally, it was a goal. Everybody wanted to
be in the eSport game. The legends of this
internal tournament that they had between
the devs, that’s when they knew they had
something really good going on. There was no big crowds. But they saw how people reacted,
and how people got excited, and how we have
something really solid. This can happen. The reality though is that you
cannot say it’s an eSport game until it’s accepted
by the community. So everything was based on the
competitive aspect of the game. And even though we were not
able to say it out loud, it was always a focus. I mean, the first SI
was that first moment of, we have teams from all sorts
of places around the world that are quite excellent,
honestly, that play at a much higher level than we imagined. Yeah. It’s hard to describe
what really makes a game ready for this, because
nobody’s ever ready for it, I think. The community wanted it. ANNOUNCER: Team Vitality! Gameplay first is
always the rule on “R6.” It needs to stay like they. It will always stay like that. So everything is made for
the competition, the fun, the appeal of an operator. But it needs to
be an eSport game. ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE] The
others were now [INAUDIBLE] be looking first. He’s the one. We will head to overtime. Because we really
maintained, I think, a virtuous circle
between the community, the professional scene, and
how competitive the game is, and the game, it
just contributed to what the Sixth
Invitational is today, which is going
from 300 people to 5,000. NARRATOR: They say if it
ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But there was a time when
“Rainbow Six Siege” was, well, if not broken , then certainly
in need of a tune up. With growth comes the need,
I think, for a team to adjust. It was very
important to say, OK, what we’re delivering is
not at the level of quality that it should be. A lot of what we were
doing was not scalable. We were based on
problematic tech. Ubisoft always wanted you
to have this kind of game, live games that last forever. “Siege” was the first
one to [INAUDIBLE] a limitation of how we were
making game before that. And that means on the way we had
to learn and we had to adapt. [INAUDIBLE] There
was a moment where the team had a big
discussion with the company, said, OK, so now
we are on the way to be what we
always wanted to be. That means the games
that last forever. But this comes with a cost. This comes with a
technical decision that we need to make, a
technical framework that we need to redo. So this is a moment where
you can walk the talk and then walk the talk. And they let us do that. And this was a turning
point because this is where we were able
to modify our ship to be like this big
everlasting ship that “Siege” is going to
be for the next 10 years. Yes. The decision is very hard when
it comes to those moments. But the community is driven. We’d rather fix our shits
instead of having six months and we lose everybody
because the game is broken. People understood
quickly when we started communicating
that this wasn’t by any means a sign of
the game’s death. On the opposite, it was
a sign of us investing in the future of the game. Because people saw the
[INAUDIBLE],, right? People saw that every
time we released a patch, when we
fixed one thing, we broke three other things. So that just wasn’t sustainable. Anyone paying
“Rainbow” could see it. Overall, it was one of
the best decisions that was taking on a project. Yeah. The reality is that
the game now is– I don’t spend half of my
time waiting for a match. It also allowed ourselves
to revisit how we communicate with our players and to
refresh what we do creatively every season. You’ve got to make sure
you never escape here. We are talking about
the things that won. But there were also some
[INAUDIBLE] that didn’t win. They had to make some concession
to be able to build this game and ship it in time
and stuff like that. And what is coming
in the near future is a realization of this
vision, of this premise. And I will give you
a concrete example. If you look at the prep
phase of this game, from a distance standpoint,
you can see your promise. This is a moment where I will
be able to get some information and build a strategy around. When you play “Siege.” you can select for technical
constraint, technical reason that typically, you already
have committed to your operator before doing the prep phase. Why? Because first, you
choose your operator. And then we have to load them. So we load your operator. You play the [INAUDIBLE]. You get the [INAUDIBLE] But you
can do nothing because you’re already committed to your play. And to me, this is one of the
things that we want to change. So prep phase, we
want to give you opportunity to really
adapt your gameplay and your playing
based on information, based on the
information that you gathered during these phases. And you know, it’s something new
because clearly, [INAUDIBLE].. But if you think about it, it
was here since the beginning. Even in the name
prep phase, it just like for technical [INAUDIBLE]. There’s a lot of reason of why
we ended in this situation. But now after four
years, it’s time to reopen and to
finish, to execute the vision of Xavier Marquis. This is, to me, the
future that is coming.

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