Rail Nation | Update – Widgets

Rail Nation | Update – Widgets

Hello railway fans, We’ll have a look at the widgets today. These are small but powerful helpers that will be introduced to US and Europe servers along with Update 4.2.0. So, what are widgets at all? I actually opened one already – the train widget. Basically, widgets are compact lists or overviews that provide lots of information on a particular topic. These windows behave like the new chat window. So I can scale, move and place them on my screen as I wish. The widgets can be displayed permanently. Many actions can be handled through them. But if such a window interferes at some point, I can also fold it. And another highlight: Everything I adjust on the widgets is retained even after leaving the game! I‘ll close the widget for now and show the whole process from scratch. If no widget has been created, you can find the function below, right next to the chat button. When I click on the plus, I see which widgets are available. At the moment there is association, cities, competitions and trains. More widgets are already planned. Let’s start with the association widget. I find that quite handy! Here I see all my association members at a glance. I can see who is online, but much better: I also get an overview of which station bonuses are collectable. AND I can also collect them directly. The videos can be started as well. To farm the stations of my fellow players, I don’t need to open another screen anymore. This widget becomes even more handy when you‘re leader of an association. This player is a new applicant and I can accept or decline him directly at the widget. When I first want to get some more info, I click on the box and get to the familiar context menu. Here I can check the player profile and get an idea of the player. In the widget window, I can also use these two arrows to change the sorting. In addition, I can update the information manually. If I minimize the window, I can unfold it down here. And on the far right there is more options. Okay, let’s move to the next widget. If I want to create another widget, I can do this with the plus button down here. But I can also add it here in the bar. Cities for example. All cities that I have connected are displayed here by default. I can quickly check the status of requested goods and which placement I have with deliveries. Then of course I can see the level of the city and can jump there immediately. I can add more cities to my list. Budapest is not connected yet, so this box has a different color. If I want to remove a city, I can use the X. I just added the City widget via the bar. I can now switch between the two windows. But if I want to see both windows at the same time, I have to separate them. To do this, I click on the icon, hold it a little longer and then drag it out of the bar. For example, I could now add another City widget and adjust the settings. To the next widget: the competitions. This is also very helpful, especially if you have several cities connected. Here I can see all the active and upcoming competitions together with the reward. I can register immediately and open the competition screen to set my schedules by clicking on the box. In the list I also see how many participants registered for this competition. Additionally, I can jump to the respective city. There is only one widget left: the trains. In this widget, I can choose between different views. It sums up the schedules, condition and profit of my locomotives. In addition, icons tell me that a locomotive is booted, got a mechanic or I forgot to install an upgrade. With one click here I can jump to the locomotive, with a click on the box I open the context menu. With the trains widget, I think it really makes sense to separate the windows from each other. I can now drag and drop my locomotives between the lists and create a city and a profit list, for example. Or I open a separate list for passenger transport. I can then also name them depending on the purpose. Now we know how to handle the widgets. I think they are a real enrichment to the game. What do you think? Or do you have ideas for more widgets? Leave a comment below. See you next time. Travel safely!

3 thoughts on “Rail Nation | Update – Widgets

  1. ein wirrklich benutzerfreundliches Design und extrem nützlich diese widgets weil sie indiviualität zeigen und jeder spieler nun selber entscheiden kann was wie angezeigt werden soll und wo er selber darauf zugreifen tut.

    auf dem PTR wurde im chat mit Bruno schon als weiteres Widget ein Lizens-Widget und ein Auktions-Widget vorgeschlagen.

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