Rail Nation | Update – PLUS Account

Rail Nation | Update – PLUS Account

Hey railway fans, Update 4.2.0 is approaching with big steps. So, we’ll have a closer look at the new PLUS account. With Update 4.2.0, the PLUS account becomes more expensive for the first time. The price increases from 100 to 150 gold. But do not despair! There is now also more content. Each scenario receives the full scope of the new PLUS account. Save schedules, servicing filter and the guaranteed bonus video are available right after the update. The detailed prestige overview will be enabled when the game world starts into a new round. We do not raise the price immediately! Until the end of October you can buy the extended PLUS account for 100 gold to get to know the new content at no extra charge. In the game, you can see green markers at several points. These could hide one of the new features. For example, at the engines button. And up there we find one of the new functions. With this option, I can save all current schedules of my engines and load them later. This comes in handy at competitions for example. There’s currently one running here in Detroit. I will save the whole set. And quickly delete the old one. Now I switch to coal for the competition and later I can load the whole set and send all Engines back to their previous schedule. Very comfortable! You can save the whole set or individual schedules as well. For example, if I deliver required goods with integration to a city, I save the schedule. If I then want to switch to profit, I change the schedule and reload it afterwards. The next new function is the servicing filter. I am currently sitting another account and the locomotives are already a bit broken. Here it is only 5, so it’s easy to overview. Now I choose the option for servicing multiple engines and then the filter is displayed above. Here I can quickly enter a number. Remember that the best time for servicing varies depending on the engine. I think I don’t need to explain too much about the guaranteed bonus video. With the bonus video you can win helpful items. For example, I always look forward to additional research points at start of a new era or wagon vouchers later in the game. There could even be the bonus engine in a free ticket. With the new PLUS account you will now always get a bonus video and thus one of these items. Last, but not least there is the detailed prestige overview. We have often received requests, that players would like to know exactly where their whole prestige comes from. With the new PLUS account, you can now click on the prestige button as usual, but then each category can be broken down further in the overview. If you’re an ambitious ranked player, this is a valuable tool. That’s the new PLUS account. Here we see the complete package again. In the next video we will take a closer look at what you can do with the new widgets. Travel safely!

5 thoughts on “Rail Nation | Update – PLUS Account

  1. you can't even guarantee a normal video, so how can you guarantee a bonus video? you need to fix your videos before i will start paying extra for plus either that or i will claim back every payment i make towards it as false advertising.

  2. Na toll! 🙁 Dann habt ihr ja ab Oktober 2017 weniger Spieler!

    Videos: Tausendmal so nervige Teile wie "Antibrumm", "Edeka", "die drei Damen vom Mandelhain" usw., dazu noch in Dauerschleife. Null Abwechslung. Und natürlich noch nur über YT abspielbar. Was meint Ihr denn, welche User sich das überhaupt noch ansehen? Ihr verdient an jedem gesehenen Video, wozu soll der User dann noch extra dafür bezahlen?! Blöder gehts eigentlich kaum noch!

    Und was soll dieser Quatsch mit den detaillierten Prestige-Übersichten? Das braucht niemand.
    Einzig die Fahrplanspeicherung ist noch halbwegs sinnvoll. Aber dafür 150, anstatt 100 Gold?!
    Nö! Es gibt zum Glück noch andere Browserspiele. Bye Bye Railnation.

  3. "Ihre Meinung ist uns ganz wichtig" – so sagen Sie immer. )) Das klingt wirklich laecherlich. Es sei denn alle Spieler anstatt 100 Gold woechentlich, 150 Gold fuer Ihre Vodeo ausgeben wollen.
    Neue Wartung Moeglichkeit und detaillierte Prestige-Übersichten braucht niemand. Videobonus bringt nur die Moeglichkeit ein Ticket fuer GOLD zu erwerben.
    Also, wenn unsere Meinung Ihnen echt wichtig ist, muss Plus Account 100 Gold kosten. Sonst kriegen Sie unzufriedene Spieler, die weg laufen.

    Und meine Bewertung ist total negativ
    Das Spiel wird schlechter und teuerer.

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