Rail Nation | Update – Performance

Rail Nation | Update – Performance

Hello railway fans, Update 4.2.0 brings some performance improvements for Rail Nation. Above all, loading times will be shorter. In some cases, there is no major difference, e.g. opening the station or the schedule calculator. However, there are serious differences elsewhere. For the sitter mode or actions that are executed simultaneously for several engines: servicing, installing upgrades or setting schedules. We did a few comparisons with an average PC and in this video, we’ll demonstrate it with two test accounts. With both accounts, 80 tracks are laid, 4 cities are connected and we own 20 locomotives including the career engine. We’ll compare version 4.2.0 with the previous version of Steam over Europe. Let’s go! So, this is definitely a significant improvement! The loading time is now only a quarter of the previous duration. Let’s see how long it takes to refresh the game. Go! Here it is only one third of the previous duration. This is a real improvement! What do you think? Write it in the comments section. Until next time. Bye.

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  1. Aber warum dauert denn dann das Ändern von Fahrplänen in RN Classic am PC nur 1-2 Sekunden und bei Steam over Europe auf einmal so viel länger?
    Aber da werde ich vermutlich nie eine Antwort von euch erhalten.

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