Rail Nation Tutorial – Lizenzen / Licences

Rail Nation Tutorial – Lizenzen / Licences

Hello and welcome to our new Rail Nation tutorial video. Today we’ll focus on the current update of the game,
namely on the “New Licenses”. We’ll show you how the licenses are covered now. With me is Andy,
who’ll give us an understanding of this topic, since there are still people out there who know
more about this game than I do. And he’s one of them, and you guys (probably) too. But let’s get started.
Where do we find the licenses now, Andy? As usual in the “Planning office” and on the tab “Licenses”. Looks a little different… Yes. So what is the main principle, what has changed? The main principle is: Instead of waiting for
the right moment to click “Buy” you place bids. Okay. So you can see the highest bid? No, that’s quite different. These are hidden bids. I’ll place the minimum bid of $85,000 now.
You can see it here. Cool! And now you can see the current bidders here –
right now it’s only me. But it’s not mentioned how much I bid. Okay. That means, if others place their bids too,
you could see their names, but not their bidding amount. I see the names and the prestige.
So I can evaluate if someone could outbid me. … If it’s a high roller or a beginner who would be chased
away with $100,000 or $85,000 already. So, we have 3 minutes left now
and afterwards we’ll find out who’s on top. Who’s on top in the end, yes. Okay, can you do changes until then? Yes, I could place a higher bid if I want. Ah, in little steps. In little steps of $1,000. By using these arrow buttons. That means you don’t confirm your bid right now, but you can
play around and it will be logged in as soon as the time is over. Right. But if I start to bid, the minimum of $85,000
is definitely in the pool (later we have other values too). Now I can raise it by $2,000 and this money shows up in my bid. Alright. So, what would happen in 2:38 minutes now?
Someone will get the license? Do you see who received it? You can see who got it and you can also see all bids in the end. You’ll also receive a message in your inbox. Suppose you place your bid of $87,000 now
and the next higher bidder placed $90,000. Will he have to pay $90,000 or your $87,000 + $1? He pays the full amount of $90,000. That means, even if he raises excessively, he has to stump it up. Yes, he has to pay. Okay. And your money?
You put it in the pool and it’s lost too? Well, sometimes there is more than one license to purchase. Okay. Depending on how many people bid and how
many trains deliver these goods right now. So it’s depending on the demand of the license.
If there is a high demand, you’ll get a license in second place too. Right, you could get one in second or third place. Okay, so there won’t be a shortage, if 100 people
want a specific license during the end game. Right, up to 20 licenses can be available at the same time. Okay, that’s an improvement. It was only one before. Right. Awesome. One more important thing. When I have the feeling that
the other bids aren’t that high, I can reduce my amount. Oh, you can reduce it? For example if someone cancels his bid…
But wait – can you cancel your whole bid? I can’t leave completely. Okay, the minimum bid stays in the pool. The minimum bid stays, but if I don’t get a license,
I’ll get the money back. Alright. Nice. Sounds wise, new and funny and it’s no longer a
“wait for the last second – eBay gambling”. Right. Awesome. If you guys have any questions, feel free to
leave a comment, call us (but I won’t give you the number), or write an email to [email protected] Let us hear your feedback. Thanks Andy! You’re welcome! See you!

2 thoughts on “Rail Nation Tutorial – Lizenzen / Licences

  1. das neue system gefällt mir ja um einiges besser, sehr schöne idee mit den verdeckten geboten, freu mich drauf!


  2. Ist denn die Zahl vor der Ware nicht die Anzeige, wieviele Linzenzen wirklich ausgegeben werden? Oder ist eine versteckte Anzahl an Lizenzen enthalten, die man so dann ja nicht erahnen kann?

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