Rahu 1st House/Ketu 7th House Axis in Vedic Astrology

Rahu 1st House/Ketu 7th House Axis in Vedic Astrology

at the end of this video you will know a
lot about Rahu and Ketu into the first and seventh house axis Rahu in the first
house and k2 in the seventh house so keep watching namaste and welcome to
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section rahu and ketu
in the 1st and 7 axis of the horoscope but before that what is Rahu and Ketu
and why they are important and what do they signify in your chart let’s talk
about this Before we jump into Rahu and Ketu placement into the first house and
7th houses Rahu and Ketu have certain similarities and certain differences
Rahu and Ketu are always 180 degrees away from each other and they always
move in the retrograde direction Rahu and Ketu
are the polar opposite each other Rahu and Ketu are the elements or the agents
of change they bring in the extreme changes Rahu and Ketu are all about the
chaos Rahu and Ketu are about the irresponsibility and compulsive behavior
these are the forces these are the forces which brings in change
instability and also certain kind of chaos so this was so these are the
common characteristics or the way of operation for Rahu and Ketu now let’s
talk about the differences in Rahu and Ketu Rahu
is a futuristic planet Rahu is futuristic k2 is all about the past life
and the things which you have already achieved in the past life so k2 is like
a flag about the things which you have already achieved and Rahu is an
obsession about the things so Rahu is always looking up and in the future and
k2 is always looking back Rahu is about the unorthodox things unusual things
things which are taboo things beyond your culture foreign things and k2 is a
Orthodox conservative planet Rahu amplifies the things and K to intensify
settings Rahu is all about looking up and out with open heart and k2 is about
closing your eyes and internalizing all your energies towards yourself so these
are the differences of Rahu and Ketu rahu and ketu are like armies rahu is an
army which goes out and conquer the unknown territory and Ketu is a army
which stays at the castle and saves the castle but eventually we have to go to
the rahu house here is a thing about Rahu and Ketu k2 are the things which we
have already achieved and we are comfortable with but the problem with it
is we always feel that we are not good enough because we always seek the
perfection and that’s what frustrates k2 so wherever we have k2 placed in that
house is going to fail us that house is going to frustrate us and how we can
improve that house most definitely we can improve that house by going into the
Rahu house don’t try to work on the k2 house be easy on the k2 house and be be
focused about the Rahu house but you will be afraid to jump into the Rahu
house you will feel comfortable at the k2 house but don’t do that jump into the
Rahu house and that will improve your k2 house before we go further we have to
understand Rahu and Ketu astronomically earth is revolving around the Sun and
Moon is revolving around the earth earth is revolving around herself while Raval
revolving around the Sun now when the path of the moon’s orbit intersects
Earth’s orbit around the Sun on the north side it is called as the Rahu and
when it intersects while revolving around the Sun on the south side it is
called as the k2 so if you look at it Rahu and Ketu are not
planets they are the grahas who can grasp the consciousness but they are not
the planets and these are more like ascendance where the the orbit of moon
around the earth intersects the orbit of Earth around the Sun on the north and
south what is ascendant we always talk about
ascendant as the Rashi on the eastern horizon of your horoscope but more than
that astronomically when you look at the ascendant ascendant is a certain on the
basis of East Point and what is the East Point East Point is an intersection of
the Prime Meridian to the horizon of the earth okay so and on the basis and on
the reference of that East Point when the ecliptic path intersects the horizon
we can see the Rashi on the East Point and that becomes our ascendant and in
this scenario your earth is your body so your ascendant becomes your body and
that determines your physical experiences on the earth but when we are
talking about Rahu and Ketu and when we call them as an ascendant they are more
of our about your consciousness your journey of consciousness okay and that’s
why Sun and Moon are involved what is Sun Sun is your soul your light your
vision your this is the significant of karma and what is Moon Moon is your mind
your manners and when the intersection of these two planets come in they create
Rahu and Ketu so Rahu and Ketu not planets they are more like ascendant
k2 is like an ascendant because we are familiar with the k2 things we are
familiar with the k2 significations because we are carrying those things
with us from the past life we have already achieved that we have already
put in effort into that that’s why we feel good about it we can rely upon the
k2 things in our life but Rahu is about the seventh house and if you look at the
seventh house in the local space it is the horizon where in sunsets in
but it is always illusionary you will always find illusions so Rahu is about
the seventh house k2 is more like ascendant things which we are familiar
with our body and seventh house is the house of other self other people public
foreign things and that’s what represented by Rahu we’ll talk about
this in detail later in this video but just remember Rahu and Ketu are not
planets they are just the mathematical points like ascendant ascendant is
important but ascendant is not planet Rahu and Ketu are important but they are
not planets they are like the mathematical point of intersections like
ascendant and ascendant to understand more about Rahu and Ketu we must go into
the methodological story of the creation of Rahu and Ketu that is interesting
story I love the might illogical stories behind Rahu and Ketu Rahu and Ketu we
always talk about Rahu and Ketu are one and the same we are going to understand
this why we call it there one it would be interesting to know more
about the origin of Rahu and Ketu the might illogical story behind the
Rahu and Ketu there was a celestial demon called surah bottom who did the
sadhana and Lord Brahma appeared in front of him and he asked the boon that
he should be given the status of a planet then during the celestial
churning of the ocean the Kira Sagara on the back of the kuma with the help of wa
suki and manda berwitt the churning of the ocean started and demons and gods
have the fact that whatever comes out of this will be divided equally in demons
and gods when the churning of this ocean started the first thing came out was a
hollow hollow which is a dangerous poison which Lord Shiva drank after the
Halal many useful and valuable things like plant animals and many other
valuable things come out of the churning and then that monetary the celestial
physician come out with the pot of nectar and demons forget the agreement
that everything which comes out of it will be divided in gods and demons
equally and they wanted to drink the nectar so that they will become immortal
Lord Vishnu did not want the demons to become immortal so he took the form of
mourning Mohini started to serve the nectar to everybody and she started with
the gods the plan was to finish the nectar within the gods themselves but
swear upon you could see this and could manipulate and could enter into the rows
of God’s other demons were captivated by the beauty of Mohini Lord Vishnu was
aware the boon of Lord Brahma so he overlooked
the soir Apollo and surah Banu drank nectar and become immortal Sun and Moon spotted swara below drinking the nectar
and requested Lord Vishnu to kill him but now before that he has already
consumed that nectar Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan chakra and cut Serrano’s
head the head become the Rahu and that body become the key to so Rahu and Ketu
are not two planets or two things but they are the Polar’s they are the poles
of the same swaha no that’s why when we talk about Rahu and Ketu we always talk
about them in axis we always talk about them in polarity and they are never
different than one another it sounds weird that they are not different but
when we dive deep into it we’ll know more about it okay so this was the
methodological story behind the Rahu and Ketu now let us talk about Rahu in the
first house and k2 in the seventh house Rahu in the first house what is Rahu
Rahu is unusual and the first house is about the personality the planet of
unusual and out of the box unorthodox things is coming into the
house of personality so the person with the Rahu in the first house is way ahead
of his time is a new and if the degrees of the Rahu’s are
exactly matching to the degrees of ascendant then there will be something
which is noticeable about the appearance like he may be a taller guy unusually
taller maybe something to do with his face which is unusual which is a Rahu
thing Rahu is the planet of amplification the planet of
amplification comes into the house of personality and self so this person
might have an amplified self-esteem which can turn into ego on the negative
side but otherwise these people become confident Rahu is the planet of
abundance and the first house is the house of self so this makes the planner
of abundance comes into the house of your physical strength so this person
have tremendous stamina the person with the Rahu in the first house has a
next-level stamina or physical vitality you cannot imagine or beat that ok the
planet of the foreign things comes into the house of personality so this person
has that element of the foreign things Rahu is a planet of future and the first house is the house of your
personality Rahu is also the planet of the illusion and first house is the
house of personalities so all in all the first house Rahu max person energetic
gives stamina strength and evolved or amplified self-esteem they had to be
careful not to allow this amplified self-esteem into ego k2 in the seventh
house seventh house is the house of partnership and k2 is the planet of
perfection the planet of perfection comes into the house of the relationship
Rahu and Ketu Rahu and Ketu always work in polar opposite each other they always
180 degrees away from each other so when Rahu is in to the first house k2
will always be into the seventh house and this is the challenge they have
faced in this lifetime they have to go to the Rahu side they have to move to
the Rahu house but k2 house will hold them let’s understand how exactly this
happens when a person have k2 in the seventh house these people have a great
inclination towards the relationship these people attract relationships quite
easily they enter into the relationship very early in their life but if that
person is moved away from them they enter into another relationship if that
doesn’t work they enter into another relationship if that doesn’t work next
now it might sound like a great placement that they are getting into
relationship quite easily but the person who is going through this finds it
frustrating the key here is the person with the k2
in the seventh house always want to be in the relationship and the purpose of
this lifetime is to become the individualistic to go to the first house
to know yourself the person with the k2 in the seventh house is ready to do
anything to make their relationship work they are ready to put in effort they are
ready to put in the time and do anything to make the relationship work but that
won’t work why because they have to put work in themselves if they can put work
into themselves if they work on the Rahu if the work on their self their
relationship will improve they lack the sense of self the Rahu would the first
house person lacks the sense of self yes they have the amplified sense of self
yet they are confused about who they really are so they cannot attract the
partner they want instead they keep working on the seventh house things they
keep working on how they can make the relationship work how they can keep that
person how they can keep the seventh house person in their life they feel
that as long as they are into relationship they can they can live
their life but the problem with the K 2 is K 2 is perfectionist K 2 wants
absolute K 2 doesn’t like anything below the perfection and perfection does not
exist there is no perfect partner there is only compatible partner or non
compatible partner we all have flaws we all have good things as well as bad
things so we are compatible to some some people and
we are not compatible with some people but the person with the k2 in the
seventh house was that perfect partner wants that great partner wants that
perfect partner who has everything which they have in their mind which does not
exist and here comes the Rahu so when these people work on themselves when
these people go towards the Rahu house and work on themselves try to find out
who they really are their relationships improve and that’s what I was talking
about first house and seventh house might seem different like if you want to
improve the relationship you will work on the relationship but know if you can
improve yourself you will attract the better partners the partners which will
resonate with you and you will have a fulfilling relationships
that’s how first axis and seventh axis work so in order to work on your K two
axis you have to work on your Rahu house excuse to work on your K two house you
have to work on your Rahu house so first house and seventh house are not opposite
they’re one and the same it’s like you are ready to work for others but you can
work for others only if you are in good health if you are in good shape if you
are in good state of mind if you are good then you can do something for
others and that’s the harmony we have to bring in with the first and seventh
house axis of Rahu and Ketu don’t try to work on the seventh house
instead work on the first house try to be individual try to find out yourself a
Rahu in the first house is challenging especially for the male natives the man
with the Rahu in the first house experiences a difficult time with a
relationship because Rahu is a female planet first house is a kindred house
thermometry corner house and prominent house of personality and now the
illusion comes in here the illusion of the self comes in here so they are so
the person with the Rahu in the first house need to work on their identity
need to work on their self they don’t know who they are and how they’re going
to attract a partner before you even think about the partner work on yourself
before you work on the k2 house work on the Rahu house and your relationship
will improve so yes this was Rahu and Ketu in the first and seventh house exes
I know you have questions about it just put your questions into the comment box
I read all the comments and I try to reply to almost all the comments and
don’t just limit your studies to just what we have discussed in this video
Rahu and Ketu is whole lot than just this video so explore Rahu and Ketu and
if you have any question share your question into the comment box I read all
the comments and I reply to almost all the comments what to watch next if you
are new to Vedic Astrology go and watch how to get started into Vedic Astrology
or you can go and watch the ascendant series or you can go and watch the
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and you start exploring the fascinating world of Vedic Astrology sending you
tons of positive energies sending you high vibrations see in the next videos
love at peace

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