100 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow: We Just Don’t Know How Impeachment Will Play Out

  1. Where are all the shows when russia gate happened? Media is all about the drama and not policies. so happy about my team is winning who cares.I dont have good health insurance and live in the ghetto because i have a felony and make 50k a year.i cant carry because im a felon.i cant vote because im a felon even though i pay taxes.

  2. I love how incredibly humble and down to earth she is! Especially how she is true to herself and wears her casual clothes!

  3. The only redeeming quality about Stephen, nowadays, is his love of Tolkien and LOTR. He is completely blinded by his hatred for Trump and political partisanship. The guy has totally lost the plot, unfortunately.

  4. Rachel Maddow said it so it's the law! She is the great explainer! She explains things to the left agenda..thats simple. And your simple minded if she is your news source.

  5. Trump can just deport the impeachment and say it was the great deportation ever.

  6. What's going to happen to Giuliani? He will contradict himself under oath, be charged with lying to Congress and with any luck, will be disbarred. Lord knows he's incompetent enough.

  7. Ive been watching Rachel for 10 years, she’s awesome!!!

    Rachel, I’d like to see a story about the status of the investigation of the mystery of the disappearance of the Washington Post reporter and DonJR’s close ties with the Prince during that same time?!?!

  8. It's very simple. Being impeached by the United States Congress is the red hot branding iron of scandal and he will NOT be re-elected. Democrats get a SPINE!

  9. Dividing the Country with Lies!! I don’t watch you no more! Russia’s Happy your peddling There Lies💣

  10. Spot on, just like her other reports. Not really. I like to balance what I watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0krkHRBaVI&feature=youtu.be&a=

  11. Should I trust what she says? guess not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qe7A58TEms I want objective reporting. No wishfulness. Lost credibility.

  12. 4 decades of corruption, it's time to drain the swamp, cq cesspool and Trump is doing it! Any time Impeachment is mention, more people donate money to the Trump organisation. 53.000 more supporters for Trump!

  13. "Everybody cares about what's going on right now" Mhmm I don't, I'm going to make the amount of money regardless of who's in office. They all have the same damn donors democrat or republican anyway. I'm going to get the same 3.5% – 5.5% raise at the end of the fiscal year as always. To be even more honest I feel like if TV didn't exist, I'd never be able to tell that an election took place between the last 3 presidencies. It almost feels like it doesn't really matter. Put my pants on the same way…go chill at the bar..pay the bills. Why do even have a president if nothing actually changes for the upper middle class. I'm not trying to be a dick or anything but it HONESTLY feels no different. You could elect a can of rootbeer as president and everything would still function roughly the same. If you're poor you don't feel the difference because most aspects are handled on a state level anyway an also what difference is 4 vs 5 dollars. and if you're well off you don't feel the difference because whats the difference between 100,000 and 115,000 dollars . The problem I have with this system is that if you want to feel like you have a voice you have to be in a very slim margin of the population.

  14. Fact is there are treaties between the USA and these countries allowing "co-operation" in exposing potentially criminal corruption. Your "so simple" analysis is total bullshit. Trump was not simply "breaking the law". Asking foreign governments to help in exposing corruption, is not only legal, it’s moral. Stop being the propaganda arm of the deep state Rachel Maddow, and Steven. Politics is not a team sports fest, them against us, we are dealing with real life here, not just who "wins". Time to lay aside your petty partisan concerns, and deal with the media corruption shown by your own bias, clearly supported by your bosses, and "your" own party's deep corruption.

  15. I just realized how much Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson bear such an uncanny resemblance to each other.
    The way they both close their eyes and do that stupid laugh when they are lying.

  16. I'm English and have been following the whole Trump thing since the beginning just waiting for his downfall…… I follow this more than the whole Brexit debacle.

  17. Russia collusion for 3 years…now another 3 years of Ukraine collusion. No one cares about Politics in the USA except the Fake Media and Hollywood.. CAN WE STOP TALKING ABOUT TRUMP FOR 5 MINS AND DISCUSS WHAT POLITICAL VALUES THE LEFT HOLD AND HOW THEY WILL WIN #2020.

  18. That shoe tho! Simple yet beautiful!
    Loox like a cross between Adidas and Converse All star.
    What's the name of that model?

  19. Talk show hosts are for entertainment not a political VIEW. UKRAINE like most of the world now is not PRO LEFT.

    It is rooting now on mr Biden & Son antics, IT just the way it is. 2020 is open boarders vs protectionism 3.5 BILLION live on $2 a day FOLKS taking in a few Million does ZERO for overall problems.

  20. Man, can’t we have another “Stormy Daniels “ impeachment series? This current storyline is boring already. What’s gonna be arranged next if this Ukraine b.s. doesn’t pan out…. how bout another series of mass shootings, so we can blame Trump. Notice how they’ve died down since we’ve got this new line of b.s.

  21. But Hillary and the DNC paid foreigners to get dirt on her opponent, Trump, when they paid for their "dirty dossier" ! But the grey men will forever neglect that FACT. After all – nowadays, good subjective feelings beat arguable objective reasoning. This is the Age of the Unreasonable.

  22. Political hack, liar, inciting violence, defamation expert.
    Morally Delusional.
    Social Tyranist.
    Psychological Totalitarian.
    Little Ricky Maddow is the problem.

  23. Elected Democrats have said they want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, do away with the Electoral College, stack the Supreme Court, stop the use of fossil fuels, tax people for being successful, deny the presumption of innocence, ignore due process, and apply different standards of justice. If they attack the President enough maybe voters will forget this. Those not fooled by the 'Destroy Trump Media' support our President.

  24. Rachel madcow is just another crazy socialist,I am still waiting to hear the evidence that she said they were going too release,for two years she said this,has she no decency,no wonder her audience is collapsing,the sooner she is gone,the better for America.

  25. Maddow stick to the comedy routine, while you aren't funny you are better suited for comedy than reporting news. Well I guess for you the two are the same.

  26. President TRUMP is running AMERICA like a corporate Boss not a limp wristed , beta male , libtard Democrat politician whom has no vision for his country.

  27. yes Stephen…reporters asking and conjecturing about quid pro quo adds confusion and likens this to the Mueller report..to nuanced for the average American. He asked…it was wrong, he admitted it…Impeach Him…#next

  28. Question: So if a sitting President asks another country to investigate if one of the American Senators (past or present) had inappropriate political relations with their government…it is an impeachable offense? Or is it just an impeachable offense because it will expose a political party for its underhanded dealings? If information JUST comes out about something inappropriate occurring, and a sitting president says to the other country…"you guys do the investigation" THAT is an impeachable offense? I know some people have read into this request a bunch of other comments that have been denied by both the sitting President AND the foreign country…. So, WHY is it an impeachable offense, again. Because people WANT it to be?

  29. Wow this lying sack of shit, Russia Gate anyone? I'm no Trump supporter by any means but this truth bending corporate shill is as bad as Hannity

  30. Delicious watching these losers getting all worked up again. Even better when you see their faces after their hopes are shattered.

  31. but is it "digging up dirt" ? or is it looking into potential corruption, which is his duty as president to do afterall. Biden is on tape lol

  32. From Morning Joe to Brian Williams, every MSNBC show has a host and a panel of guests. They go around the table and take turns, each pundit gets a chance to tell us how bad Trump is. I can’t defend Trump, he’s a clown, but he’s popular because his enemies are even more obnoxious than he is. Rachel Maddow? I don’t hate her, but I wish she had the self-awareness to see how obsessive-compulsive she gets over trashing someone who would lose if his enemies would STFU.
    It’s the Democratic Party that has to change and stop serving Wall St. Stop running away and denying it every time anyone accuses you of Socialism. This is the party of FDR. Grow a pair.

  33. WOW, one world leader called another world leader. What a crime. Thanks to your stupidity, Trump will be re-elected and there will be no impeachment.

  34. Stephen Colbert and Rachel Maddow two of the biggest corporate stooges ever. This show couldn't get any dumber. They both pretend to be on the working classes' side while raking in about 50k per day. Doling out dumbness like an opiate. Both have been sucking up oxygen for two years with their RussiaGate and now the Ukraine BS as if something is going to come of it. Meanwhile the planet is melting, countries are failing, people are rioting everywhere and the banks are secretly building their escape tunnels before the entire monetary system implodes. I know exactly how this will play out….badly.

  35. Premier failure listen up libs..the president can communicate with any foreign country.. one more news flash how many times has this hack been wrong. First she laughed at him getting elected saying no way he’ll be president then collusion and now impeachment.. next??? Please..

  36. Do you really think she is educating anyone ? She makes millions, she is only going to keep the masses glued to the tube, long enough to sell product.

  37. The problem here is that we do not live in 1973 anymore. This is a much different America from the Vietnam world of Nixon's Watergate.  

    It is not an America dominated by liberal WASP Baby Boomers tired of the conservatives of the 1950s, the world people like Maddow, Colbert, and I grew up in.  

    It is an America of 70 million first generation immigrants, many of whom are not from Europe, and many of whom do not share 1960s "culture war" values.  (Most of them did not experience WWII and the Great Depression (if at all) as WASP Americans did.)

    It is an America dominated by 25+ years of Roger Ailes Fox News.  This network has bolstered the idea that Americans got it wrong with Nixon and the MSM got it wrong by assuming that every American held its liberal 1960s values.

    It is an America that no longer has a labor movement that dominates the left, and moreover, what is left of that labor movement feels completely abandoned by both political parties.

    It is an America that due to its multiculturalism, and an endless variety of resentments (religious, cultural, social, and other) can no longer unite around anything except an obnoxious fake corporatist popular culture/technocracy. Corporate consumption is now the main uniting nationalist force in Americans lives because dealing with the fact that few Americans in this post-Immigration Act of 1965 America share any of the same assumptions is too threatening.

    It is an America still with a fairly large number of people that do not feel like impeaching Nixon was "being on the right side of history."  

    It is an America with a large number of people who will vote for Trump just as an FU to all the wealthy elites on television who lecture at and scold them on an hourly basis seven days a week.  

    It is an America who knows that if Trump is impeached, nothing will change. The corporate kleptocracy and and all of its mechanizations will remain firmly in place no matter who is in office.

  38. How many Nothingburgers can she feed you Libtards before you realize like her the burgers are full of shit. The rest of the world is laughing at you.

  39. OH MY FVCKING GOD! How can it be? why so many swallow her lies? She deserves back all the pain she inflicts…
    What an awful millionaire person…. Rachel Baddeed

  40. PREMIRE explainer indeed. Learned so much from Rachel for so long. Her comments and interview of guests is outstanding.

  41. The game is over, RETARDS! Solomon: Investigation into Hunter Biden's Ukraine company began prior to Trump's call | @t

  42. She makes for one really weird little boy man she tries too hard to be. Every time I see her I can understand why people would vote Trump.

  43. Thanks Rachel and thanks Stephen for ask her that question about why are journalists asking that stupid question.

  44. I like how you can lie for three years straight and people will still love you. Trump is really bad like that too.

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