37 thoughts on “Race & hate: Russia's rising nationalism | Journal Reporters

  1. Nationalism is a healthy type of anti body in a society. Illegal or many immigrants are a threat to the well being of a nation. You don’t give your apartment to strangers. Why would you do that with an entire nation?

  2. Why is this a surprise? Russians(includings ones from former satellite states of USSR) are responsible for majority of racial attacks even in other countries(where they are immigrant themselves). It’s not about nationalism it’s about them(Russians) considering themselves superior than persons of colour. Such strong feeling against immigration in a country where everyone themselves wants to be an immigrant(Russia and Poland has the highest emigration/per capita) is outrageous. Russia and Russians are evil, and US will wipe them out.

  3. How did I know it was a cucked brit that was narrating this video. You pos, you are giving your country away. Russians r smart enough not to do the same

  4. Who is stupid enough to emigrate or immigrate to Russia or USSR? They are the worse cartel mafia in the world! How do you suppose Putin became 200 BILLION DOLLAR RICH!???
    Moscow police is just another civil forfeiture, RICO version of money mafia. They round up the immigrants and steal their cash and belongings! Magnitsky Act!

  5. WOW and to think that I was planning to visit Russia for a vacation, no WAY it's going to happen.

    Somebody told me once that Russians were very racist towards non white people I didn't believe that I guess they were always right. I am white myself but this is absurd.

    Russians are the ancestor tribe of all us Europeans, they were the first, they migrated from the Caucasus mountains to Russia today.

  7. Problem is many of central asian sell drugs, and may rob you when you are returning home from work in evening, its not racism.

  8. What do the Russians expect, they ruled over the Central Asians for 70 years. They use to be part of the same country. When the USSR existed, the Russians destroyed the environment in some of the Central Asian countries and they can’t grow food in some areas.

  9. Your point on stirring up xenophobia makes no sense. They find illegal immigrants and they get deported or fined. The only xenophobia being stirred is by the producers of this film.

  10. I find it interesting how the left used to love Russia back when it was communist, and now they hate it for being a nationalist country.

  11. English ( west european media) always report antirussian propaganda. This time backfired because most westeuropeans are witnessing migrant invasion , media manipulations and its consequences so they support Russians instead.

  12. Racism…blah blah…xenophobia…blah blah…refugeeees…blah blah…doing the work russians wont…blah blah…economy needs them…blah blah…birth rate…blah blah…THE CHILDREN…blah blah…always the same baloney.

  13. Russian birth rate is low . It's true . But if Russia need more manpower then all Slavs in Russia should make more children (4-5) . Russia is just for Slavs . They are true Russians .

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