44 thoughts on “Rabbi Weiss Rips the Ideology of Zionism

  1. To all my brothers and sisters in Christ I ask that you remember what the gospel said would identify His people… FRUIT.
    This mans pain comes from a place of reverence to God and loving others.

  2. I believe in the state of Israel because the Torah said Israel belongs to the Jews not because of Zionists.

  3. Rabbi wise is against the Torah and there no such thing as a Palestine state the Palestine came from Saudi Arabia the Palestine are not the indigenous peoples of Israel or Palestine that a fact the Arabs annex Palestine in The year 646 AD. The rabbi is against the Jews 100%.

  4. No rabbi David wish is wrong even prophet Elijah said they will be a state of Israel he said in in year 1945-1946 to a holocaust surviver. this rabbi David Weiss is against G-d.

  5. As I am understand these god-beings in the heaven, wanting the "real Jews" not Zionist; to live all over the World to know all the different people by their cultures and religious beliefs, and then they "the real Jews" will be considered the chosen people to lead the World; Zionist can never be leaders because they are lacking the experience of the World's people, this is common sense to human understanding, and surely applies to the higher source. Based on this, I embrace the "real Jews" and reject the Zionist. Zionist beat the crap out of real Jews, and Jesus cursed the Jews with Zionist mentalities. Zionist don't want to pay their dues, while the real Jews are willing to pay the price ask of them!

  6. The smirk of the self-righteous Leftist. Nothing worth value here. Should be shipped and time-shipped, back to Nazi Germany where his self-righteous smirk will do him lots of good.

  7. I am not religious…at ALL… but work very hard to to understand others' beliefs. But Zionism. ??? Stand next to Nazis.? Be Inclusive !.. Except nothing less. A Singular idea is So Fucking Dangerous. # History

  8. I found this video seeking more information about the evil Zion Jew ideology, and I find this great man, Rabbi Weiss. Thank you for the great video, and thank you Rabbi Weiss.
    Good information.

  9. I love Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. He is who brought me the truth and real history of the the real Jews

  10. What an idiot.
    He doesn't represent and shouldn't represent any of the Jews. He clearly knows nothing about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict just like every other extreme anti-Israeli.

  11. This guy represents less than 3% of the "Haredim", and just like other BDS supporters and anti-Israeli he makes no sense.
    "We can't live in other countries because were Jews" Yeah that's the point of Zionism smartass.

  12. Ask a Rabbi, what’s $500 + $799 – $375 = he will give you an answer, before you can finish. But ask a Rabbi, Is Jesus the Messiah, and he will curses and spit on you.

  13. I used to have bitter feelings about jews as an arab but watching these true jewish kind people is great i would definetly consider these people my friends and help them when they are in need goes to show every coin has more then one side

  14. population per day
    Paliz. + 75 …
    Detroit(black) + 50 …
    Detroit(white*) – 300 …
    Rwanda. – 6000 …
    Armenians. – 1500 …
    (During discussed
    time frame ddtf)
    (murder aside)

  15. Revelation 2:9 KJV
    I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
    Zionzm judazm diametrically opposed

  16. Jews will also pretend to be on your side while they stab you in the back, this isnt new, Zionism isnt new, Jews have been hated for over 2000+ years by every civilization.

  17. now
    Moses in all movies even Japanse directors of movies if they are busy with some old movie from middle east they come not to Israel to take look how today's rabbis are dresses
    – one like other one
    – and for anyone of them Prophet Daniel where stupid
    how is in gods name possible in anyone logic to declare you upon prophets who have said to you whole religion
    – all folk has prayed at time but has not existed publishing houses to print some books for anyone
    – how they have done who care
    (they have invented for them selves own religion who is not related with nothing in Torah)
    – have nothing from whole Torah except alliance with Abraham
    do not matter for me until they remain in own borders and give to Palestinians Syrians Lebanese some peace
    has you forgot there are not plans to working with me
    – you shall be now have in country some bright right person
    – my own private spokeswomen who would be your Queen
    have wanted Bar
    – they have wanted not because she is not some high morality women but a easy women (anyone who asking has get)
    – now have said offering someone other
    – and you have get Ayelet Shaked Minister of Justice
    wtf but she where even more worse then anyone Bar
    – Bar where not fascist has not killed humans is become last time fascist
    now difference
    – is not porno movie
    – one whore she is guilty on Gods laws does not have morality
    – but still no one whore has killed humans
    – fascist womens are able to killing humans
    at first sight have refused
    – I have to your to much offering
    – and once I have sworn on my name you get never ever nothing from me
    – now Bar married have children is hard evidence about treason
    what you can get do not matter what
    – nothing only what is Bar able to take from me
    – huge issue now
    – Bar is not tamed to be in function has my spat in face
    – want not now Bar done with her because I known Oraščica is not able to made anyone prophecy but is able to love world
    – where able
    – perfectly tamed women
    anything what I have ever said to her
    – she has never experienced as commandment but has see as love as game as ours game
    – has fully enjoyed with me in love has wanted to be married to me
    – has accepted and where almost happens
    only you are humans
    – you nothing understanding about womens not love
    – testing them at last I do always
    look this
    – at one date
    – now now you love you want be married to me
    – ok we would be
    – you are in love so so let`s see
    – she standing or sitting near me
    – i have said something so softly almost not to hear
    – she has reply
    guess what where is that related
    – that love ins`t always fully focused on you
    – and have said to my selves this is truly one right women to be married
    can not be done guess what why
    – because of your maniacs
    – do not made wars leave other humans iin theirs peace
    – stay in your own borders and do there inside what ever you want
    I`m not more focused on yours
    – have never searched here for some riches gold status etc etc
    always same dream
    – you can nothing to me offering
    – which one gold or money or status can produce or give to me back such some girl women
    – exist not has not existed and would be not existed
    – love
    – happens spontaneously or happens not
    – only at yours is some difference
    – you shall be not able refuse what I say
    but you have refused everything whole 15 years long (at last)
    – not you not bar not nobody in country
    – so Bar does not need to love me
    – but a some fire for own religion also where enough
    have a nice day
    is not allowed to maniacs "to get source"
    – and now
    – enjoy in me and oraščica
    – at last if you are not fascist
    – and there are many many songs worldwide I guess some 1.5 billiards
    and this one went somehow ultimate stupid
    – some my imaginable LADY OF JUSTICE
    – and you have get Ayelet Shaked Minister of Justice
    – instead of have wanted to made also happy Palestinians
    – she has wanted to using small nukes upon them
    – no single one my gril ever where so much "idiot"
    and and I`m a some hard core difficult
    – they offering
    – ok would be used but still it say to me nothing

  18. God bless you courageous man! Muslims dont have problem with jews. True jews are people of the book and hence respectable to us. But not zionists.

  19. Iran is next; for zionist. In Iran there are 24,000 Jews living peacefully in Iran. But the Zionist will say the Jews suffer in Iran and Iran wants to nuke Isreal.

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