R6 Funny Moments w/Foreign Policy!

R6 Funny Moments w/Foreign Policy!

maybe it's the first time II do all the for kids it's not we're gonna introduce ourselves a street the building for headed pulse if if anyone takes work we're shooting that armor okay hey I would pay to see that personally I don't know listen guess what I saw two days ago though remember that video I said you go I told you sitting on the stairs drop that boy on stairs right quick dan out of place gave me so long it's been like two days that's right Dave you know I stayed dipped in water gonna fuck up with your buddy I'm gonna place it down and then when they're picking it up just break it I'm not voting for that I'm not voting for that he's done for it he's done for he's done for Sheila sex armor he's not what's the call he didn't wait just love you some my armor I'm reviving fuck you I'll kill you I'll kill you stop stop you'd kill me you're dead I don't care I have nothing to lose I don't even like life it's not I swear if you do I swear if you don't look I mean again Omar oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck no get rid of the armor get rid of the armor get rid of the armor let me pick it up first pretty good son let me get some let me get some stop stop stop never stop [Laughter] what oh my god come on Wow we're trash we're really really trash Eliza here smacking us right now bro oh wow we could read they're literally just slap though this guy's name is nigga Tony 5000 bro oh hey could this nigga kick man there's no way there's no way let's make a smarter bro fuck that nigga damn oh if his name was just Dan somebody walk but imagine his name is Dan he's got this she's got this well did you get a hole aids mo well if he gets an ace right now I'll be surprised as hell why surprising he just got three people in the same ride right no rush by like six people six body by 6 oh that's one for the record books by that's for putting him in it I'm put in a minute he's level 27 I'm putting in the middle party I want to be our fifth if we had my boy that's the cherries in the nuts we went on I just want the nuts but these soundcloud rappers really need to stop like they're not doing anyone any favors like I'm literally just stop it Oh fax like literally what what what what the hell is this cult methods you bro like comb method seen out of everything cold Methos een I can't we need more Jake hold it back so that as bro best rapper out there right now she on for something shield you saw it I do too you saw that video of him on whooping today he's the scene Bronwen he was hoping with Trey yung shue other huge lake with two other players I forgot who were broke he was keeping up he was splashing like literally never missed I'll check downstairs Sileo says they're downstairs they got mute [Laughter] they're downstairs the jaegers downstairs you gotta mark god go pullin he's right now pull the knees for the boys real quick a devil there was a head behind you more right now breath if you pull this right you do up in bodies oh I think he's not sick hold up check the cameras all dance downstairs with these downstairs I mean shit let's watch other skippers get the camera get the camera get the camera blow blow recorded other side for the other side no way bro bro literally the most bunch of plays bro holy I'll lick his side bro I was expecting you to get it this way you should have blown i feel abused daddy father took me I'm gonna kill him I'm gonna kill him just watch Oh God don't do it don't do it don't do it don't do it don't get killed but the means don't don't this is one if you do you're a bitch if you do you're a bitch if we're going to get here about if we're gonna get a vibe done okay everybody get with Oh went away you in the way that's game that's game it's over fuck I can't I have yes Oh more killzone dur together yeah we good Hey so all fuck that's not nice all the public oops I'm in guys I got a shower with us what good is good bad the book I wish I don't which one yeah that beats knock down on I didn't a large dream in a minute because I'm trying to figure out how to post it all my voice live shit all on Twitch yeah see I don't do it on Twitch I'd I'd do it on our YouTube channel if we did it yeah I don't know how to do it I gotten hooked up that'd be live-streaming and all my place outside anybody got that covered what he come from where is he was it going on what the hell nice Oh what this dude's company with some seafloor bro [Applause] literally standing there ready to shoot him I hate you I lost because I didn't have any more ammo Daniel I didn't have ammo Daniel do you feel proud are you proud of yourself cuz it's you fuck you as much I shocked him I fucking shocked no I wouldn't have I've had wins I guess I did I just didn't reload in time I was going up here to punch him and you just took the kill and just fucking finesse that's I really wish you did too because I don't want to be in the situation right now okay we got this Dan truce we're done all we do now is break the bar but we don't break each other oh okay if you say so if you want to really isn't that cute a woman so fast like butter flips it on he's really about to kill me in a plane you multiply 30,000 by three right and it's just you multiply 30,000 by 3 you get 90,000 so that means by technicality you want to know how much you could see oh that means you can see 18 miles out there's no way in hell that you can't see that the earth is flat 18 miles out like there's no way so it's just not possible so you're telling me the the earth is 18 miles motherfucker what that's what you see I know where I got 90 well I'm – taung calm without shit shit Gabe I'll fucking shooting okay speak hey what's up for hatch to the upstairs still you in bed Omar one more for kids you need to reload reload reload reload oh that's that's good that's nice this place oh you should take class right now oh go get his ass go get his ass hell yeah there's no fucking way or Omar if you watch this I promise you can see the studio or sit there find you yup he's moving there but you still gotta watch on this one shut the fuck up Daniel Scott found a base stairs stairs stairs stairs I just saw him at stairs I just saw him I'm with them yup yup other way yeah my trap my trap then if you love me right now please don't kill me I'll be blitz so you can move easier no deal look I'm lit so you can move easier no please do you really want to waste your bullets on my bitch ass I felt pressure dude yeah man no no two oh you have to do it because I have [Laughter] [Laughter] okay I'm taking blitz and I'm going ham yeah okay we got to check for traps this time okay when I'm with my child I eat her ass in fuck I'm kidding guys I'm sorry what nothing what nothing this does nothing not necessarily just a little I'm

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  1. Ay I just found your Chanel and was curious if u would want to collaborate in the future since we both play rainbow

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